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Sometimes Fate is Kind


Well, I think I'm getting better at driving on the wrong side of the road. England was a bit of a disaster, but I'm doing much better now. I haven't abruptly jerked to the right even once today, and it's been about forty-five minutes since anybody has made a rude gesture in my direction. A new personal best! It's draining, though - I have to pay attention to what I'm doing at every moment. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm supposed to do that anyways, but that's just not how we do things in America.

It's a beautiful drive, though. I had no idea Australia was so lovely. Had a great time in Brisbane, and for some reason I got the idea in my head to drive to Sydney instead of flying or taking a train. Big mistake. I was hoping for a scenic drive along the coast but the roads are mostly well inland. Now I have in front of me several hours of paying close attention to... nothing. Note to self -- next time, buy a map!

Now that I think I've got this wrong-side driving in hand, I'm feeling hungry. Sigh... it's always something. Hope there's a town soon, my stomach is growling pretty bad Oh here's something... Port Macquarie, hmm never even heard of this place, hope there's more than sheep and kangaroos. Okay dizzy girl, here comes the turnoff, keep left... left!

Slowly feeling my way through the sleepy resortish town, I do get a few exasperated looks but manage not to hit anything before I get downtown. Let's park this thing and get on foot where I won't do as much damage. Looking for a restaurant, here's one that looks nice, it's called Bliss. Maybe I'm just tired, but for a moment I get a feeling that the name is somehow premonitory. Nah, I'm just being silly.

It looks really nice, upscale ambiance and Thai-Australian fusion cuisine. The hostess regrets that there's no table available right now but I'm welcome to sit at the bar in the meantime. Oh good, there's outdoor seating for the bar, this is too nice a day to spend inside for even an hour. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either, the patio is so crowded. Just standing there looking for a table and not finding one, and I hear a voice in that delightful Aussie accent (not the broad thick one like in the Fosters ads: "Fawstahs -- Awstrayleen for beeah" Sure mate, pour me some beeah. And throw some shrimp on the barbie while you're at it!)

"Excuse me, I'm by myself, would you like to sit here?" At a table for two is a woman dressed in elegant business attire. She's stunning. Tanned and athletic of build, shoulder-length sun-blond hair in a wild side-part, and dressed smartly in a linen business suit and a silk blouse. There's an expensive briefcase under the table and papers spread before her on the table.

"Oh thank you so much," taking the seat. "God, I'm so hungry." Looking around for a server and ever so thankful for her generosity.

"So, an American in Port Macquarie," pegging my accent. "What brings you all the way out here?"

"Idiocy, I guess. I thought Brizzy to Syd would be a nice drive along the coast." The server brings me the menu and wine list, and I look them over, anything to avoid eye-contact.

"Damn, girl! What on earth were you thinking!" Setting aside her papers, at least she didn't say "crikey". "That's over 900 kilometers through shockingly bad road, and with your daft Yankee driving too." Giving me a knowing look, "Picked up a bit of Strine, have we?" Even though this stranger has just read me, there's something about her that puts me right at ease. She has such a kind and easygoing nature, and immediately I find myself opening up to her.

"More than a little," picking something from the wine list. "I was visiting a friend, from long ago. How's the Tintara Shiraz?"

"One of my faves. I'm Natalie, by the way."

"Hi, I'm Marie," as the waitress comes and I order a glass of the Tintara. Natalie orders a glass too, and some butter chicken skewers to go with our wine.

"So tell me about this friend in Brisbane," just to get a chat started. Her name's Elaine, she's originally from Singapore and her family emigrated to Australia when she was a kid. We met online. She works at the Mac counter at David Jones.

Our waitress arrives with the appetizers. Asking for another glass of Shiraz, I tear into one. God I'm so hungry. "You like the chicken, girl?"

"Mmm this is good chook" I'm so hungry Natalie chuckles a bit as I inhale the delicious appetizers.

"So you and Elaine met online? How?" and I know that this is more than I should be sharing with a total stranger but Natalie's so sweet and understanding. And without going into so much detail I tell Natalie about Literotica.com and its chatroom. We found each other and had a nice chat. We really connected so we exchanged emails and that led to occasional phone calls -- very occasional, very expensive!

"Oh I see! So... did anything come of it?" giving me a sly little look over her glass.

"Just for a little while." A flood of memories hit me, mostly happy. Elaine was in Vancouver on business for a few months and we got together for drinks, and that very night things really started. After she went back to Oz we tried to keep it going but it's as about as much of a distance relationship as it gets. So that was pretty much it, though obviously we're still really good mates. I'd normally never share these things with someone I had just met, but there's nobody in my life right now and lately things have been weighing on me and I could really use someone to help me with this burden. And I'm so grateful for Natalie being there and listening. My heart's not so heavy and my tummy is happy now. And the wine certainly doesn't hurt in lightening my mood.

Now that things have lightened up a bit, Natalie mentions that she's often in Sydney on business, and gives me some ideas of what I can do. Nice restaurants, fun places to explore, non-touristy things to do. She's so good to me and I'm having such a nice time, I wish I could stay longer but we've been a while and I still have to find a room in Syd.

"Well Natalie, thank you for the appetizers," I get up and offer my hand "This was a lovely treat." I hate for this to end but I got to get driving.

"Going somewhere?" she looks incredulous.

"Yeah I still got a ways to go before Syd." That is, if I even remember where I parked.

"Not after all that Shiraz, you don't," She's right, I am feeling a bit woozy. "Come back to my house. I'll fix you a proper dinner and we'll figure out where to put you up. There's a few nice hotels in Port Macquarie where you can stay."

"Oh Natalie, that's awfully nice of you, but I don't want to put you out..."

"Don't be silly! I'm having a wonderful time chatting you up. And aside from pensioners, we don't see too many new faces around here."

"Well okay, but what about my rental?" I'm parked in an hourly lot.

"No worries luv, I'll drive it. My car's in the company garage and it's paid monthly." She calls to our server for the ticket and hands him a bill.

"Okay then. But let me make dinner for you, you're being so kind." Handing her the keys, I fumble with and drop them. As they clatter on the table I realize Natalie's so right. I'm in no shape to drive after all that Shiraz -- especially with me being a silly Yank driver. I couldn't help myself, that wine was delish!

"Only if you sober up during the drive. C'mon let's go find your car." I think I remember where I left my rental. Happily there's only one or two wrong turns before we find it. About half an hour of diving through the twisty turny streets of an upscale neighborhood and we arrive at a beachside house. It's not terribly large, but comfortable enough, and palatial compared to my flat.

"Natalie, this is beautiful." It's so spacious, with windows allowing lots of natural light, and done up on soft pale naturals.

"Let me show you around." Draping her jacket over the sofa, Natalie leads me around the house. My God , the kitchen alone would engross me for hours.

"You never told me how you afford this place."

"My husband and I are attorneys. Civil stuff mostly, a little criminal here and there."

"Will he be coming home later?" I'm figuring I could repay Natalie's kindness by fixing them a nice dinner... and getting to play in this magnificent kitchen is a tidy little bonus for me!

"Oh, probably not. He's more interested in work and going to the club with his mates." That's too bad, no playtime... was that a tinge of regret in Natalie's voice? Oh Lord I sure hope I'm wrong about that...

"C'mon, let me show you the porch." We step outside and walk around back, where the grassy lawn slopes into a broad sandy beach. Then up the stairs to a deck overlooking the ocean.

"Oh my... this view is stunning!" Off to the left there's a little knot of land, tree-covered and a little elevated. The view of Part Macquarie must be splendid from there. The beach then stretches off to the right into the horizon. The deep blue of the ocean and the pale blue sky merge in a pale blur. There's a warm gentle breeze coming off the ocean, blowing the surf in and billowing my sundress.

Natalie and I just stand there at the railing, enjoying the moment in silence, no sound but the surf pounding the beach. I'm feeling particularly blessed right now; when just a few hours ago I was vainly railing against cruel fate. Hungry and tired, amidst a desolation of scrub and dirt, my mind in a tizzy from the unfamiliar driving environment. And now I'm enjoying a perfect mid-spring day with a beautiful, lively woman who has shown me such kindness, and all for not even knowing me. Just taking in this perfect moment, ever so thankful for my good fortune, at peace for the first time in I've lost count how many hours.

My reverie is interrupted by a soft glowy tingly feeling on the side of my hand, warmth spreading up my arm and nudging my heart. It skips a beat when I realize it's Natalie's hand brushing up against mine. A touch so soft and tender and warm, sending little sparks jumping between us and making me all shivery inside. Skin so soft and tender warm. I hook my pinky finger around hers, just barely clinging. There's a tiny electric tingle that glows between us, growing as Natalie laces her fingers with mine, gently squeezing and I squeeze back. Turning my face toward her, only now do I realize that she's been gazing at me all this time. My cheeks flushing crimson, I suddenly feel shy and try to avoid her gaze. She turns to face me fully and I can't. Looking up into my eyes, her expression allays all my anxiousness. Her face betraying such kindness and trust and desire. Another palpitation in my chest. She's so beautiful, the setting sun catching her wind-tossed hair. I feel so much desire welling up in my heart, and I fervently pray that Natalie does too. Taking her hand in both of mine and clasping them together as if in prayer, I raise her hand to my lips, looking deep into her eyes as I kiss the backs of her knuckles. Soft little pecks on her fingers, so strong yest so delicate, as I fumble with unfastening the button at her wrist. Then leaning my cheek against her hand, my lids fluttering shut. Losing myself in the moment, I feel her fingertips stroking my temple, oh that feels so nice. Then her lips brushing against mine. They're so warm and petal-soft and they bring the most delicious warm tingle that starts at my lips and spreads to my heart... and lower...

Now Natalie is holding both my hands, a playful little smile on her lips. She leads me through the door and into her bedroom. It's open bright and airy, with a full-length window overlooking the ocean. A fresh breeze is billowing through the open panes, the salt smell infusing our noses. The sun has nearly set, and the full moon is just peeking above the horizon. We pause for a moment, holding each other loosely as we watch the moon climb. The brightest of the stars are coming out now, sparkling like jewels in a deep blue velvet sky. The rhythmic crashing of the surf is soothing, almost hypnotic.

I feel Natalie's hands on my waist, turning me into her. Our bellies and our breasts grazing and pressing together. Pulling my girl in close as i rest my head on her shoulder, burying my face in her hair and little kisses on her neck. cradling my face in your hands, kissing me again. Oh Natalie, I love the way you kiss me with such tenderness but with such growing passion. A soft little moan escapes may throat as Natalie's tongue parts my lips, the tip skimming the edge of my teeth. Her fingers stroke my hair, reaching behind my head and pulling my ponytail out of the scrunchie. I shake my hair loose, and Natalie laces her fingers in my hair. She pulls close and we kiss fiercely this time, her tongue slipping behind my lip as I nibble on hers. Catching our breath after a while, she slips off my glasses and sets them on the dresser. My lids flutter shut as Natalie kisses what she whispers are the bluest eyes she's ever seen, I can feel in my cheeks how bad I must be blushing.

The moon is climbing the sky, reflecting on the water and filling the bedroom with soft pale silver light. Gathering Natalie in my arms, I just gaze at her, spellbound by her radiance. Our kiss goes on forever it seem, and yet all too brief. I can feel her gaze wandering all over me, enveloping me taking in all of me. I can feel her shiver a bit as my hands wander up and down her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts. Her hands are wandering lower, ever lower down my back, the hem of my dress creeping up my legs as you knead at my bottom. My God, I'm getting so hot and needing you so bad. My need is so great it's making my head buzz. I can't concentrate. I'm dimly aware that I might ruin Natalie's expensive blouse as I clumsily unfasten the buttons. It doesn't help my concentration now that her hands are skimming up and down my back and my legs, dragging my dress up my body as they roam Hating to let go of her , nevertheless I raise my arms above my head, and Natalie slips the sundress right off. Uncharacteristically, I'm not the least bit self-conscious as I stand before this lovely woman, naked but for my flesh-tone summer lingerie. Taking me in her arms again, somehow I manage to unbutton the blouse without making a mess of it. A swish of purple satin joins my dress, discarded on the carpet. Her skirt, my sandals, her pumps, all in a heap on the floor.

I feel her hands close around my wrists, and we're tumbling on the bed. We're beyond tenderness now, our gentle caresses have built into needful clutching and pawing. Where once our lips brushed together so delicately, now we're feeding off each other, stealing breath and leaving faint pink marks on fevered flesh. Stoking raging fires in out hearts and between our legs. Tussling, tugging at each others lingerie, wrestling on the covers. Fingers and tongues exploring every inch of our craving incendiary flesh. My dear sweet Natalie, I love every bit of you!Everything about this woman amazes and arouses me. The way her hair brushes over my skin. The little noises she makes when I explore inside her warm wetness. The smell of sweat, perfume, and her liquid arousal. The feel of her weight upon my lap as you straddle me and clutch my head to your breasts, both commanding and begging me to lick and bite and nuzzle.

"Dear God, girl, what have you done to me?" You've made an monster of me, a creature of pure animal lust. I'm possessed of a primal need to utterly own her, to pursue and capture my quarry and satiate the hunger that is consuming me. To pounce upon Natalie and bring her down, pushing her back down on the bedlinens. The falling back myself, throwing my leg over hers. Her body intuitively understands mine, as she seizes my hips and savagely pulls me up against her. Like two pieces of a puzzle, we fit together perfectly. Twisting our hips off the covers, we lock tight and compete each other as our pussies melt into each other, making warm wet squelching sounds. Holding onto each other, sex to sex, clinging desperately as we squirm and thrash and muss up the covers. Calling out to each other as soft gentle orgasms slowly build within us, wracking our bodies and swelling our hearts. Over and over and over again, I'm losing count of how many times I feel my beautiful sweet Natalie tense up against me and collapse upon the sheets, only to hold me even closer and begin again.

The full moon shines upon us from high in the sky, as Natalie, my sweetest Natalie and I lay together, wrapped in each others arms, happy and contented. Catching our breath, cooling our overheated bodies. Cradling Natalie's head in my arms, I brush away the hair plastered to her forehead and her cheeks, kiss away the droplets of sweat. Oh sweetheart, is that a tear streaming down your temple? Praying that it's one of joy, with such tenderness I kiss it away and you murmur something that I don't quite hear. I somehow don't think it matters anyway... you're speaking directly to my heart. I think I understand. Do you hear what my heart is saying, hon? That perhaps deciding to drive to Syd wasn't such a bad idea after all?

Drained and exhausted, my mind dizzy with delight, I'm dimly aware of Natalie pulling the silk sheet up around me, stealing a glance at me as she does. Gently kissing my forehead

"I love you, Natalie."

"I love you too, Marie," as she spoons against me, draping her leg over mine and wrapping her arm around my waist. There's no sound but the ocean washing ashore and our breathing. I can feel Natalie's heartbeat against my back. I feel so loved and wanted and at peace, and ever so glad that I made that silly decision to drive. Sweet dreams, dearest Natalie.

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