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Sometimes I Top


I am naturally a switch. While I gravitate towards submission and giving myself fully unto Ma'am, I also still have those dominant urges from time to time. Usually, it's channeled in the day to day. I'm loud and tend to give my opinion. Seizing control in classes, work and games because of my lack of patience and need for someone to call the shots.

Yet sometimes Ma'am enjoys that personality on the flip side.

Sometimes she enjoys to bottom.

And she had made a promise to me before we went to the store.

Tonight she was mine.

We got back to the house from her job at the park. She'd teased me all day. Fondling me when no one could see. Grinding against me when I least expected it. Teasing and taunting as she pleased. At this point I was lucky I didn't have a wet spot on the front of my jeans from the sheer amount of precum I was leaking. Her grin was so impish as she left to go take care of a customer.

It was just as impish as when the door closed behind us.

It wasn't so impish when she closed the door and turned to face me. I might have slammed her against the door. Breath left her lungs in a surprised gasp as I took her lips forcefully. She had given me tonight, had told me she wasn't sure if I could do it. My hands followed, unzipping her pants. Fumbling as I kissed her hard, my tongue dueling with her for control. She pushed her hips away from the door, into my waiting hands as we kissed. Her mouth was hot around me, driving me wild. But I couldn't stray off course.

My hands slid up her shirt, seizing her nipples with rough abandon. Pinching and twisting before soothing. Cupping and adoring as I swallowed her moans into my mouth.

I broke the kiss, sliding down the tights. Kneeling to help her step out of her tights. I needed her to walk or I would've kept them around her ankles. Pausing, I looked upwards my gaze landing on her gaze. For a moment I tried to show her every ounce of adoration in my gaze.

Then I leaned forward and slowly licked around the edges of her panties. I was rewarded with an oh so sweet moan. Pushing them aside, I slowly licked up the length of her slit. My tongue darting along her lips. Circling her clit and slowly sliding inside. Slow methodical strokes as my hands spread her legs wider. Giving me more access so I could get my tongue deeper inside her. She shuddered, those breathy gasps continuing.

Replacing my tongue with two fingers, I thrust harder inside. She loved it. She'd taught me her pleasure spots and I used every trick I knew. My tongue lapping just hard enough against her clit to please as my fingers stroked her insides.

She was so moist against my tongue. Readily gushing with a flavor that was distinctly her own. I kept teasing, licking, thrusting and eating her as fast as I dared until I could hear her climax in her voice.

Then I stopped.

Standing slowly, I grinned at the look of what the fuck. I kissed her slowly. Grinding my engorged member against her slit, separated by only the fabric of my jeans. I let her taste herself on my tongue. A hint of what I had in mind.

Something that would require her to get ready.

Letting go reluctantly, I told her to get clean. Tonight was the night, tonight I was going to take her ass as she wanted. I was going to pay for it later of course. I shivered in anticipation, Ma'am was clever in getting even. As soon as she left, I stripped, losing my jeans and shirt. sitting on the bed outside the bathroom. Waiting.

Minutes later she returned. Clothing gone. Her hips swaying, eyes bold as she walked to me. Her gait almost effortless. I was lost in that gaze, it was mesmerizing to see her like this.

But that wasn't the goal of tonight.

"Kneel," I ordered. Ignoring the slight tremor in my voice. She obeyed. Sinking to her knees, she waited. Looking up with me with a smile. "No hands," I said. She leaned forward, the wet slickness of her tongue teasing my slit. Pleasure tracing the edges of my mind as she took in the taste of my precum. My hands gripped her hair, fingers digging into her scalp as she slid lower onto my shaft. Her mouth drove me wild as she slid downwards, agonizing inch by inch. I enjoyed the slow descent. Letting her feel the hint of power as I moan inside her powerful mouth.

My fingers dug into her scalp, gripping her hair tightly as soon as she reached the based. Holding her still completely as my hips ground my cock inside her mouth. I waited patiently, her breathing slowly regulating after a short hiccup before I began to slide out. Keeping her head still as I slid everything out to the very tip of the head. Leaving it on her tongue for the barest of moments. Before seating myself completely back inside her. Long slow deep thrusts. Her tongue stroked around the edges of my shaft with every thrust.

I closed my eyes in pleasure. Her mouth was Nirvana and I could feel my balls seizing after a whole day of being kept on edge. I couldn't have stopped myself if I wanted to. My thrusts became harder as I lost myself, pleasure short circuiting my brain as I was going go crazy on her mouth. Short wet sloshing in tandem with my moans as my hips seized and I shattered.

My hands relaxed on her hand, giving her a bit of distance as I flooded her throat. Just enough distance so she could breath. I relaxed, a whole day of cum filling her stomach as I drove myself wild inside her. Once I finally had stopped, I gripped her shoulders and pulled her to her feet. My hands cradling her shoulders as I kissed her then. My tongue invading her mouth and tasting myself on her tongue.

We kissed then, my softening member grinding into her pussy as I teased her mouth. Kissing her with every ounce of passion that she deserved. We were just warming up.

"Bend over darling," I said, patting the bed.

She was still a little breathless, but obeyed. Calmly bending over the bed and arching her back just slightly. Highlighting her perfect ass to my very lustful gaze.

I couldn't resist. My hand collided with her left cheek with a hard smack. "Count," I ordered.

1 become 2. Then two became twenty in a flurry of hard smacks interlaced with softer gentler blows. Leaving her skin red and tender in my hands. Soothing her skin with my hands I followed with my tongue, soothing tender skin with my lips and tongue. Showing my devotion with every lick.

Nipping her left cheek, I spread her legs with her hands. Her lips were dewy with moisture. My tongue traced downwards teasing her anus before sliding along her lips. Her unique flavor was filling my mouth as I gathered her nectar. Teasing the edges of herself. My hands spread her legs further. Pressing my tongue all the way inside my angle. Tasting, teasing. Slowly massage sensitive flesh as I ate her pussy like I had all the time in the world. My hands held her steady as her legs began to quiver. My tongue working her clit with absolute adoration as my fingers slid inside her. Wetting my pinkie finger, I slid it slowly inside her anus. Slowly, letting her get used the sensation.

I kept my tongue glued her her clit as my two fingers entered inside her. Pain and pleasure combining in a potent cocktail. Her moans echoing in the room as I teased and worshiped her at my pace.

Reaching to the stand next to the bed, I grabbed a butt plug. It was small, with a widely flared head meant for spread, less for actually staying inside her. But it was her choice. On the end there was a beautiful jewel, perfect for showing off in the right times.

My tongue left her clit as I replaced my fingers with my tongue. Tasting her anus as it mixed with her juices. Pushing as much of my spit inside her, lubing her with only just my spit for now. I didn't want to make it completely uncomfortable for her.

"Push for me," I whispered, withdrawing my tongue. Putting the head of the dildo against her flesh, I pushed slowly. Her cheeks tightened, but I was gentle. Taking my time to push the toy inside her. She gasped as her body fully accepted the plug. Letting it seat it's self completely inside her.

She was gorgeous, plugged, her skin tightening and her ass ruby red still. The very sight of it stirring me back to life with a gusto.

Not wasting a moment, I lifted her back to a standing position and turned around. Seizing her lips for a kiss and pushing her back onto the bed. Her legs wrapped around my hips and the head of my cock pressed against her slick entrance. I teased the head inside and she gasped. Her eyes holding mine as I once again entered her, this time with my cock. I felt the toy brushing against me as I took her. Pushing against the underside of my shaft.

She tightened around me, her walls milking me as I sank inside her. Claiming her as I finally rested my hips against her own. A slow withdrawal was followed by a gasp. Slow long strokes drove electricity into my veins. Her heat would've made me cum if I hadn't before and I would take advantage of it.

I picked up the pace, her gasps enunciating my thrusts inside her. My weight pinning her into the mattress. The only sounds were the slapping of my hips inside her and our moans. I took her neck, sucking and nipping, leaving marks on her skin in a primal claiming. Then I paused.

She whimpered in need. The most beautiful noise I had ever heard in my life.

Grabbing her legs, I lifted them over my shoulders and pushed down on her. Effectively making her helpless beneath me as I resumed my pace. Jack hammering my cock inside her tight pussy. Every thrust she gripped me, milking my shaft as I took her mouth once more. I lost myself in it, my only focus on driving her wild.

I don't know how long I had her pinned, but out of the blue, her body seized around me. Gripping me tight. She nearly screamed with pleasure as she flooded me. Her relentless gripping making my balls seize up. I couldn't see, my legs locking as my whole body seized up. Spraying deep inside her with everything I had.

Then I kept fucking her. Using every inch of my erection to keep thrusting. Which made her cum again.

And again.

Soon we were both coated with our respective juices. Panting, I relaxed, letting go of her legs before sliding downward. My tongue snaking into her pussy and laving her juices. Her cum and my own teasing my tongue. I licked, swallowed and cleaned off her skin. Impishly I slid my tongue inside her. Laving her warm walls as far as I could. She came hard, spraying my face with her pleasure.

Smiling I slid back upwards. Kissing her once more, sharing our juices between us.

We took a short break there, holding each other until I was ready once more. There was one more act for us to complete.

It was that toy from the toy store. The monster dildo that was placed on the chair inside our kitchen. The suction sucked it to chair and keeping it steady as we positioned it. Facing away from me, Ma'am slowly slid down the dildo. Taking her time as she straddled the chair, sinking down onto it until her hips were pressed against the chair. She gasped with pleasure. Shivering as it took her completely, sliding inside with ease from our cum.

"Ready," She said with a grin, her head turning facing me.

"Good," I replied, sinking onto my knees behind her. I gently gripped the plug inside her. I kissed her left cheek and pulled slowly. Letting her get used to the now dry plug being removed from her. Taking my time, easing it in order to not hurt her. Doing my best to make sure she was ok. She whimpered a bit with discomfort, but it came free easily enough. Leaving her anus slightly open and vulnerable to me.

Uncorking lube, I took my time. My fingers gently sliding inside her, teasing her vulnerable entrance. I started with one, working my digit inside and slowly maneuvering so to prepare her. She had had the plug and it aided in my efforts, making her tunnel more pliable. Still, I didn't want to rush. I added a second finger, well aware of her tension, praising her gently as I continued to thrust.

While I'm not super long, I'm thick which meant I needed to be careful if I wanted her to enjoy it. I took my time until she easily accepted my fingers, short thrusting easing her open for more.

"Ready?" I whispered, spreading lube along my shaft. Coating my cock completely with one hand for a second. Easing forward I pressed my shaft against her. Letting her feel my width. She tightened for a second before relaxing.

"Fuck me," She stated impatiently.

I pushed, the head of my cock pressing against the resistant ring, which only held for the merest of moments before giving in. My cock pressing deeper inside. She winced and I halted. She was tight, agonizing so as she gripped the head of my cock.

"Touch yourself," I ordered and she did, one hand reaching down to frantically rub her clit. Her body relaxed once more and I slowly pushed again, ignoring every instinct to thrust as I took her slow as I could. In what seemed like an eternity, I finally was completely inside her. My hips pressed against her ass and leaving her completely and totally full with me.

"Oh god," she whispered, "so full."

I took my time there, leaning forward and pushing her into the bed as she got used to my size. My hands kneaded her breasts, massaging her nipples as I kissed the back of her neck. My hips undulating with careful movements as I worked my way to turn pain into pleasure.

"More," she finally gasped.

I felt the whole dildo pressed against me, pressure against the underside my shaft. She was so tight and hot around me. I began to slide out, slowly to leave an impression.

Leaving only the head.

Before slamming completely inside. She gasped. Pain and pleasure in her voice. "More."

I complied. Long deep strokes as I claimed her virgin hole completely. She trembled around me as I took her. My shaft taking her again and again. I nipped her ear and she looked at me. Eyes dazed with pleasure as I took her mouth. Kissing her desperately as she was taking in two holes. I had cum twice already, but she was so tight that she milked my shaft.

I gave her everything I had. Hips slapping as we moaned into each others lost with pleasure.

My thrusts.

Her moans.

Her walls gripping me like a vise.

Her lips on my tongue.

I lost it.

I came hard. Spewing deep inside her. My cum had been inside all of her holes tonight. I held her as I withdrew, completely exhausted. Shortly afterwards in bed together she smiled at me, "You had your night boy, Tomorrow, you're mine."

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This is so good

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