tagLoving WivesSometimes Love is Not Enough

Sometimes Love is Not Enough

byNight Scribe©

Gentle reader: This story contains coercion, cheating, divorce, and an attempt to rebuild a relationship. This story has been submitted in its entirety. Thank you. NS


It had been a good neighborhood party, so far. I was sitting at a heavy patio table talking with Adam, our host this Friday evening. Brent was quietly listening and staying completely out of our argument. We were currently discussing the finer points of bass fishing. My preference for a plastic worm or a Lazy Ike was being strongly disputed by Adam. He much preferred a Shyster for deep water or a Jitterbug for top water.

"Look, Jim, the bug floats and that means it doesn't get caught up in the weeds and moss just under the surface. The Shyster gets down there quick in deeper water and the flash from the whirly-gig attracts poppa bass like you wouldn't believe."

"Well, you might be right, Adam. Tell you what, I'll give 'em a try my next time out. If it works like you say; I'll have you and Abby over for a fish fry. How's that?"

He nodded in agreement and went into the house to use the bathroom. The argument, though friendly, was pointless. It was easier for me to just agree with him than try to convince him that I had learned to fish from my Grandfather. It was good enough for Granddad, and that was good enough for me.

I started looking around for Janice, my wife of five years. There was a small group further out on the patio and it looked like she was dancing with Carl. Adam's wife, Abby was there but I didn't see Beth, Brent's wife. There were three or four others missing but they were probably downstairs in the game room. The music switched to a slow number and Carl took Janice in his arms to dance up close and personal, but she excused herself and came over to sit with me.

"All wore out from dancing?"

"No, I just didn't think you would like for me to dance as close to him as he likes."

"That bad, huh?"

"Worse. He keeps his lower half up tight against my tummy and likes to keep both hands on my behind. I love dancing that way with you but I just don't feel comfortable dancing that way with him. Come on, dance with me. I feel like being stimulated tonight."

She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance area. We managed to undulate through four slow songs and then returned to the table. I guess I did a good job of stimulating her because her deep brown eyes had that 'Take me home and make love to me.' look. Adam wasn't back yet so we made our excuses to Abby, and left. Home was just a short walk away and when I unlocked the door, she started taking her clothes off. She left a trail of discarded items all of the way to the foot of the bed.

We did just what her eyes suggested. We made love for three hours. Slow, sensuous love. Touching, exploring, whispering endearments. Each of us was doing everything possible to please the other. I have no idea of how many times she called on the Deity of orgasmic bliss but I offered a short prayer of thanks, twice.

* * * * *

I woke up to a beautiful sight the next morning. Her head was on my shoulder and my chest was completely covered with shiny raven-black hair. The room was still permeated with the aroma of last night's activities. She was lying there, all funky looking, parts of her still coated with the remnants of our lovemaking. To me, she was absolutely, unequivocally beautiful.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted by the cutting sound of the phone. The damn thing sounded like a cricket on steroids. I managed to get it off its cradle on the third chirp and mumbled, "Hello?" I couldn't hear a thing. No one answered me back. Thinking it must have been a wrong number; I started to hang it up when I noticed I was holding it backwards. I had been speaking into the end that was supposed to be at my ear. I reversed the damn thing and tried again.


"Hey, Jim, this is Adam. How's it going this morning?"

"Not too bad, I guess. I'll know more when I'm fully awake. What cha need, Adam?"

"I just called the marina and the manager said the bass are so hungry that they're jumping into the boat to get at the lures. How about I pick you up in a little bit and we give it a try? You can give me lessons on how to fish with a Lazy Ike, and then I'm gonna stomp all over you with my Shysters."

"Okay." I laughed. "Better make it at least an hour though. It'll take me that long to make coffee and get my stuff ready."

"Great! See you in an hour."

The distinct click in my left ear told me the conversation was over. I needed to get up and get busy if I was going to be ready when he got here. The soft tongue caressing my right ear was sending an entirely different message. Janice was awake and she obviously had her own ideas about how this Saturday morning should be spent. I almost reached for the phone to cancel the fishing trip but was stopped by the invasion of a tongue in my mouth. I thought I was completely worn out from our antics last night, but her hand sliding down my body and grasping the excitement between my legs gave the lie to that thought.

The tongue went away as the covers were hurled off to the side. She straddled my hips, raised herself slightly, positioned my very hard member at her opening just so, and then slowly slid down the entire length. She must have been having a wonderful dream because she was dripping wet.

She would occasionally wake up like this and it was something I looked forward to. I knew I was in for a ride, and a wild ride it would be. All I had to do was lay there and enjoy. She started by slowly undulating and rolling her hips. These early morning sessions were the only times she didn't give any thought or consideration to my wants, needs, or pleasure. She was riding strictly for herself. She remained sitting straight up, head slightly back, eyes closed, lips parted, and her fingers gently teasing the nipples of her breasts.

I loved it when we made love like this, although lust might be a better term to use. I didn't think she would maintain this slow pace for long, and I was right. Her movements slightly increased in speed and the dreamlike expression changed to one of deep concentration. Her eyes snapped open, staring up at the ceiling. She starting mauling her tits and her hips sped up. I was barely able to match her movements. She began her prayers to the Deity of orgasmic bliss, begging for his blessings of release and fulfillment. He must have been in a charitable mood this morning because her prayers were answered immediately. Her hips slammed down tight and she went off into a world of her own. Her internal muscles were quivering and drawing me as deeply as possible into her.

I wasn't quite ready yet and that was a good thing because I knew the ride had only began. Her reaction was opposite of what most people would think. Instead of relaxing after such an intense release, she increased her efforts ten-fold. Her hands slammed palm down on the middle of my chest. I reached up and grabbed her by her shoulders. She gritted her teeth, her mouth twisted into an ugly snarl, and her eyes were wide open, staring intently into mine. Her hips went into overdrive and there was no way I could possibly keep up with her now. I elevated my hips as much as I could and hung on to her shoulders for dear life. Her hunches and undulations were so rapid that all a camera would show would be a rapid blur of movement.

Her language changed. The ears of the Deity she so lovingly prayed to a few minutes ago had to be going up in flames. The world narrowed and closed in, focusing on just her. She had now engaged the afterburners on her hips and they went supersonic. All I could do was try to hang on and prey to her Deity for a safe landing. Her eyes crossed and then rolled up into the top of her head. Her arms collapsed and I drew her to me, hugging her tight to my chest. Her legs straightened and came to rest on the inside of mine. I hooked my heels over her ankles and held tightly as convulsions rippled up and down her body. My own afterburners kicked in and with a few rapid thrusts I exploded deep within her, starting a new wave of uncontrolled contractions.

We went limp at the same time, neither of us able to move. Both of us were drenched with sweat and gasping for air. The almighty Deity of love and lust had blessed, and almost killed us again. I looked up at the ceiling and offered a prayer of thanks. A glance at the clock revealed that my hour of preparation had diminished to twenty minutes. I jumped from the bed and dashed to the shower .... Strike that. I slid out from under Janice, struggled to an almost upright position and staggered to the shower, banging into the doorframe only once.

The shower was short and it only took a couple of minutes to climb into my fishing grubs. Somehow, Janice had made it to the kitchen and had a cup of instant coffee ready for me. I found my fish pole and tackle box in the garage and was walking toward the end of the drive when Adam and Brent stopped in front of the house. Janice came running down the drive and handed me a small cooler with a six-pack of Coke and a blue ice can cooler inside. She added a quick kiss to my cheek and we were off to the lake.

Chapter 02

I generally like to give praise when praise is due. Adam had a first class bass boat. There was more than ample room for the three of us. He was up at the nose where he could run the small trolling motor. Brent was on a post seat by the console and I was on the rear deck. We had been fishing for over three hours and so far, Adam had two keepers, Brent was still trying to figure it out, and I had five keepers. It was obvious to me that Brent wasn't a fisherman. He was a likeable guy and he was a lot of fun to be around, he just didn't have a clue about how to catch a fish.

We had talked about almost everything three guys could think of, except women and sex. That subject had come up about ten minutes ago. Adam made a long cast and, intently watching where his lure had splashed down, asked, "So, Jim, ever thought of adding a little variety to your love-life?"

That was a loaded question if I ever heard one. Should I be honest or should I lie to him? Not wanting to lie, and then have to make up another lie to cover up for the first one, I decided to tell the truth.

"Yes, I have."

"Really? How does your wife feel about that?"

"I don't know. We've never discussed it."

Adam was still looking at the spot where his lure had splashed but he wasn't turning the crank on his reel. Brent was carefully looking at the knot he was trying to tie but his hands weren't moving. His head was tilted slightly as if listening intently. Adam's next question just about knocked me off my seat.

"Why don't you talk to her about it? You know, find out if she would go along with it."

Whoa, stop! This conversation was going in a direction I didn't like. It was getting way too personal. I wasn't sure exactly what was up. We were kind of new to this neighborhood and I did want to get along with these guys. It was time for me to ask a question.

"Tell me, Adam, just exactly what is it you're leading up to?"

"Well, a few of us get together a couple of Saturdays a month and have what you might call an "X" rated party. We swim nude, play strip poker, and sometime during the evening the women draw straws or something to see who sleeps with whom for the night. Brent and I were thinking that you and Janice might like to join our little group."

Well, there it was. I now realized I had been woken up early and dragged out here to the lake for the sole purpose of having this little conversation. It sure wasn't because the fish were biting. Seven fish in three hours? Right. The only fishing going on here was for something that I didn't think I wanted any part of. It was time to be firm, but tactful.

"Thanks for the offer, guys, but Janice and I aren't interested."

"But you just said that you've thought about it."

"I know, Adam, but let me explain. There have been times when I have seen a beautiful woman walk by and wondered what she would be like, but that's human nature. I would never act on that thought. You're sitting in this boat with a husband that's one hundred percent faithful to his wife."

Adam just couldn't let it go at that. He had to push one more time.

"But, Jim, if both partners agree to that kind of an arrangement, then being faithful, or unfaithful, has nothing to do with it."

"Look, guys, I'm not sure I could stand the thought of Janice sleeping with some other man. As for me sleeping with some other woman, that would break her heart. I love her too much to do that to her."

The discussion of that subject was over. Adam started reeling in his lure and Brent finished tying his knot. Brent said something about how hot it was getting and that pretty well ended our fishing trip.

They dropped me off at my drive about two in the afternoon. Janice's car was in the garage but she wasn't home. A note on the fridge informed me that she was shopping with a couple of the girls.

Chapter 03

Janice didn't get home until after six. She gave me a peck on the cheek and went straight to the kitchen, telling me that supper would be ready in about an hour. She evidently found the pan of fish I had brought home and cleaned so I wasn't surprised that the meal was fish and fried potatoes. I was surprised at how quiet and thoughtful looking she was. Normally, I would be forced to re-live her shopping trip, in all its glorious details. Then I remembered she hadn't brought home a single package. This was highly unusual, to say the least. She was either sick, or had something on her mind that she didn't want to talk about.

I retreated to my home office/den after supper. I was a structural design engineer, a construction coordinator, and very good at my job. The room had been designed as a large family room but since we didn't have a family, I had converted it to a workroom. I had a normal sized writing desk and the latest model computer sitting beside it against one wall, and a very large worktable against the other wall. The computer on the worktable was custom designed for my work. Janice and I shared the computer by the writing desk. She didn't pay any attention to the one on the worktable because the programs on it weren't any good for e-mail or surfing the Internet.

I finally closed down a CAD program and went to the bedroom. Janice was already there. She was laying on her back, hands behind her head, staring at the ceiling. I knew she had something on her mind but I wasn't sure what. As an icebreaker, I asked what I thought was a neutral question.

"Who were you shopping with today?"

"Abby and Beth called not too long after you left and I spent the day with them."

That didn't sound good. Could they have had the same conversation with Janice that I had with their husbands today?

"I noticed you didn't bring any packages home with you. You must not have done much shopping."

"We didn't. We spent most of the day just talking. Honey, I kinda agreed to something without checking with you first."

No, she wouldn't do that, would she? She surely didn't agree to join the sex parties. Damn, I didn't like the sound of that, at all. How could she possibly agree to something like that?

"Sis called right after you left. Her husband kicked her out and she doesn't have any place to stay. I told her she could stay with us until she finds a place of her own. We are to pick her up at the bus depot tomorrow morning. I'm sorry, honey, she's my sister. I just couldn't turn her down."

Well, that was a relief. Maybe I should find out what she's talking about and not be jumping to any conclusions. Her sister, Sue, would be an inconvenience but I could live with it.

"So, how long is she going to stay this time?"

I thought that was a fair question. She was with us for over three months when her first husband kicked her out. I never did hear why they got a divorce. Now that husband number two had given her the boot, I was beginning to think maybe some people just weren't meant to be married.

"I don't know how long she'll be here. She was crying and I couldn't get any details from her. You're not mad, are you?"

"No, of course not. I'm just thinking she'll kind of put a crimp in our nightly antics is all. I wouldn't want to embarrass her."

"You mean you don't want to be embarrassed. Don't worry, I'll put her in the far bedroom upstairs. She won't overhear too much up there." It sounded like she had given things a little thought but what I was really thinking about was our sex-play during breakfast. I was also thinking about the fun we often had when I came home for the noon meal. We took extra long lunch breaks every Tuesday and Thursday. We would rush home, she would hike her skirt or dress up around her waist, pull the crotch of her panties aside, and I would dive in tongue first. She would somehow manage to get me unzipped, my cock out, and start swallowing me. This would last for about five minutes and then she would either ride me or bend over a piece of furniture and we would fuck like bunnies. We would both return to work wet and well fucked. With Sue here, our sex life would definitely suffer. Hopefully, she wouldn't be here for three months this time.

She was evidently thinking along the same lines as me because she smiled and said, "Don't worry, honey, I'll rent us a room at that fancy hotel next to the convention center. I'm sure I can negotiate a monthly rate with them."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Now then, tell me about your day with Abby and Beth."

"Well, they did have a lot to talk about. They told me Adam and Brent were going to talk to you about the same thing. It seems they belong to a swing club and they were wondering if we would be interested in joining them. What did the boys have to say?"

"They told me that everyone swam nude, played games and then the girls would have a drawing of some kind to see who their sleeping partner would be for the night. I basically told them I couldn't stand the thought of you sleeping with someone else and I wouldn't do it because I didn't want to break your heart."

"Oh, honey, that's so sweet. Thank you. Is that all they told you? The girls told me a lot more than that."

"That's all that was said. They changed the subject when I told them how I felt. Tell me everything the girls told you."

"Oh, they went into a lot of detail. Sometimes they have a poker night. Everyone starts with the same number of clothes on. When you've run out of clothes, then you have to start doing forfeits. On swim night, you draw for your partner and then each couple jumps in and the couple that undresses each other in the fastest time wins some kind of a special treat from the losers. Abby said that the last time she won, she made five guys please her at the same time. She said that the last time Adam was a winner, he had several of the women pleasing him at the same time. They have all kinds of contests to see who can fuck the longest before the man comes. Sometimes the girls see which one can make her partner come the quickest. It sounds like they have a lot of fun at it. Beth told me that they even have a little girl-on-girl action once in a while. Can you believe that?"

"Yeah, I can believe that. It's just a life-style I've never considered. Tell me, Janice, have I misread you? Is this something you want to do? You seem to be kinda enthused about it."

I didn't get an immediate response. She started staring at the ceiling again, as if in deep thought. I had lain down beside her and was also staring at the ceiling. I rolled to my right and raised up on my elbow looking at her inquisitively. She shifted her gaze to me, started to speak, hesitated for a few more seconds and then asked, "How would you feel about sharing me with other men?"

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