tagBDSMSometimes Submission Sucks

Sometimes Submission Sucks


I slept terrible last night but when the alarm went of I still crawled out of bed and started our day. As my dominant husband showered I chugged down an "instant breakfast" shake and made his pancakes and sausages. I served it exactly on time and exactly how he likes it. I showered as he ate listening to the radio program he prefers to morning chit-chat.

I was dressed in my cuffs and maid's uniform waiting by the door with his briefcase and lunch when he kissed me good-bye and reminded me of today's chores. I wanted to beg a pardon for the day. I was tired and cranky and sore all over but something inside me said that this was the day I proved my submission wasn't a game. This was the day I proved I could do this for real. I wished him a safe drive and as I closed the door I looked around the house... I certainly had my work cut out for me today.

I cleared the breakfast dishes and wiped down the table before starting on the kitchen. The pans were still sitting there from dinner and adding the breakfast dishes made it look like a huge pile. I started the water and noticed the dish towels were gross so I took them to the laundry room and fetched some clean ones from the linen closet. By the time I got back to the kitchen the sink had overflown and made a huge puddle on the floor. I quickly turned off the water but it was everywhere. Sighing I let a little water out of the sink (spilling more water), then I mopped up the water from the counters with the dish towels (spilling even more on the floor), and then mopped up the floor. I glanced at the clock as I emptied the bucket... a whole hour and I was finally back where I started.

I took some steaks from the freezer so they could defrost in the fridge for dinner and again, went to the linen closet for some clean dish towels. I got the dishes done and kitchen clean without any further trouble but I was feeling horrible. My head hurt, my back hurt, even my arms and legs ached. I just wanted to curl up in a warm little ball and sleep for a week, but instead I pushed on. I got the laundry going and started dusting the living room. A few time I caught myself staring at nothing and eventually decided I needed to do something less boring. I went into the kitchen to make some cookies. I figured they'd make a great desert but I couldn't find the chocolate chips anywhere. I was certain we still had a bag but they were nowhere to be found. I decided to make a quick call to the office to see if he remembered where they were.


"Hi it's me. I was just wondering if you knew where the last bag of chocolate chips got to?"

"Are you okay? You sound a bit off."

"I'm fine. I just need to know where the chocolate chips are and if you want carrots or corn with your steak tonight."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yep. No problem Boss. I'm good. Totally fine."

"Okay... The chocolate chips got moved to the freezer so they wouldn't melt and I'd love some carrots with dinner."

"Gotcha. Have a good day."

"You too. Bye."

"Bye Boss."

Sheesh. I try to do something nice and he won't even give me a straight answer.... Crap. I just forgot what vegetable he said.


"Hi Boss it's me again. What vegetable did you say?"

"Carrots. It's not like you to be so forgetful. What's up?"

"Nothing Boss. Just getting my chores done."


"May I go now Boss?"

"Yes, you may go. Bye babe."

"Bye Boss."

I put the carrots next to the steak so I wouldn't forget them later and found the chocolate chips in the freezer. I got everything out to make the cookies when I heard a car in the driveway. Before I could get to the door I was confronted with a very concerned and slightly angry face.

"Why didn't you tell me you were sick this morning?"

"I'm not sick Boss, I'm just tired and ... and a little dizzy."

He put his hand on my forehead, "You're grey as a ghost and you've got a fever. March upstairs this instant young lady."

When we got upstairs he ordered me to strip and climb in bed, "I'm going to bring you some soup in a bit but you're not to move from the bed except to use the washroom til you're well. Do you understand me?"

"But Boss I was going to make you an awesome supper and even cookies for desert and I wanted you to be so proud of me and - "

"Hey! I'm the Boss, right?"


"So I get to make the rules, right?"


"Well I say you're staying in bed so get used to it."

"Yes Boss."

As he left to make me some soup I crawled into bed and thought, sometimes submission sucks.

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