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Somewhere In Between


My name is James and I have been married to my wife, Cali for twelve years. All of those years we were very happy and we enjoyed being with one another. We liked the same types of movies and had lots of friends with whom we socialized. We didn't enjoy the same sports, but that was all right too. She loved baseball; I was into football.

We had parties with our friends. We had them over for dinner and played cards every couple of weeks. We even went on vacations with our closest friends.

I was a good provider; had a very prestigious job and we lived comfortably. We had never had children. But our love seemed to transcend that problem.

About two months ago, we started having problems in our marriage. We argued often and one or both of us would end up yelling or crying. It was really uncomfortable. We were starting to hate being together.

I wanted more from her in the way of asking for what she wanted and being assertive for herself.

She got angry every time I suggested that we change something we had been doing for so long that it was more mechanical than loving.

I wanted to try new positions; she wanted to be led and not really take any initiative in changing our love life. It wasn't that I didn't love her. She was and still is the reason I wake up every morning.

I just felt I needed a more aggressive partner. Someone who would take the lead now and then; I wanted her to be able to tell me what she wanted. I also wanted to try some new things.

The word rut was not sufficient enough to describe the state of our relationship. Crevice would have been a more appropriate word.

The missionary position was so boring and she never asked for sex. But she always gave into me when I asked. However, she refused to get on top or let me fuck her tight ass. I tried a few new things, gentler thing but they just turned her off. Even new positions upset her. "Where did you learn that?" she would ask, repulsed.

I told her, "I saw them in a men's magazine."

She asked, "Why are you reading those?"

Then we would argue and she would cry. So I finally just stopped trying to make things better and buried my life in my job.

Cali wanted me to be more understanding. I just couldn't do that. I was getting more frustrated by the day. I masturbated every night in the shower before going to bed and then I'd get just hard enough to push it into her slightly lubricated cunt.

Before we got these problems worked out, I was sent out of town for several weeks. I called Cali in the evenings, occasionally, but not with any real consistency. And I felt like a chasm had formed between us.

When I thought I would be going home, I received a call from my office and was informed that I would be needed in another area and that I would be gone for at least another six weeks. I called to tell Cali and apologized, for not being there to support her. I don't think she thought I was real sincere.

I felt relieved that I was going to be detained. As time went on, my calls to her became less and less often.

One night, I felt like I just needed to get out of my room. There was a small bar down the street from my hotel and I stopped in for a drink. I sat at the bar and the bartender feed me drinks while I complained about my life.

He plied me with alcohol and his words were encouraging and soothing. Just before I was ready to stumble back to my dismal hotel room, a beautiful young lady approached me.

She sat beside me on a barstool. Her eyes were emerald and her lips ruby. Her smile was bright and diamonds sparkled in those green eyes when she laughed.

I hadn't heard such an angelic sound in years. She seemed so enthralled with me and I was really turned on by her. I invited her back to my hotel room.

She feigned shyness but took my arm and I led her to my bed.

She took over once we were in the bed. She told me what to do and how to do it. She directed all of my moves. And if I didn't follow her instructions she slapped my ass.

A bit shocked, I realized that I enjoyed her aggressiveness in the bed. Cali had always been the passive one. She never asked for what she wanted. So I had to just guess.

Monica, on the other hand, knew exactly what she liked and she demanded that I give it to her. She really excited me and I discovered that I could fuck much longer than I had ever fucked my wife, Cali.

In the middle of this exciting adventure, my phone rang. I was reluctant to answer it. I didn't want to interrupt the rapture that exhilarated me.

Monica rolled off me and looked at me with stern eyes. I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I answered a bit gruffly.

"Hi Babe! I haven't heard from you in a few days. I was worried that there might be something wrong." Cali's voice broke the passion.

"I'm sorry, I've been rather busy with all this new stuff they have me doing. I come here exhausted every night and just take as shower and fall into bed. 'Don't even watch any TV, I'm so tired." I explained feebly.

"Well, I wish you would just call from time to time so I know you're alive. I worry about you so far away," she seemed to whine.

"I'll try honey, but I can't make any promises," I was getting aggravated. All I wanted to do right now was suck Monica's tits and lick her clit.

Monica smiled and rubbed her clit, trying to tease me as I talked to Cali. My dick started aching for her.

"Look, honey, I was in the middle of a report when you called, and I really need to finish it before I forget what I was saying. I'll call again soon," I promised and hung up the phone before she could say good-bye.

Monica smiled a devilish grin and grabbed my dick to make it hard again. She stoked it slowly at first. Then when the pre-cum made it to the surface she covered the head with her warm lips.

I caught my breath and pressed my hand on the back of her head. She pushed me off her. She continued to suck my cock but I could not hold back any longer. I exploded into her hungry orifice.

She sat up, a strange look on her face, and her cheeks were full of my seed. She spat the sticky fluids into my smirk.

Shocked, I didn't know what to do. I had never been with such an aggressive woman. But it intrigued me so much, I wanted more.

"Come here, baby, I want to fuck you crazy!" I commanded.

"What makes you think that's what I want?" she demanded.

"Well," I hesitated then tried to proceed, "You just gave me the greatest blow job I've had in many a year. I just want to give you as much pleasure as you just gave me." I explained.

"Okay, baby, tongue fuck me... and don't forget my clit!"

My dick stood at attention. She excited me so much that it tried to grow bigger than it was use to. I actually felt a pain of desire.

I opened my mouth and I slipped my tongue into her wetness. I loved the musky smell of her and I wanted to bury my face in her cunt.

Monica's hips rose to meet my tongue and she gyrated her hips so that my tongue would find all of the places she wanted stimulated.

Her fingers pushed her clit over my nose and she moved side to side to stimulate it as my tongue fucked her.

My dick grew hard again and I couldn't control my excitement. I spilled my seed all over the sheets.

Monica smacked my face! I was shocked. And it made me hard again.

"Oh yeah baby! I love when you take control like that. My wife would never show me what she wants. Let alone ask for it or get mad if she didn't get it. You make me so horny. I can keep an erection all night with you!" I cried.

Monica laughed and told me to turn over on my stomach.

Following her instructions, I did as she commanded.

She rolled off the bed and went to her purse. She took something out but hid it from me. She came to back to the bed and her smooth hand made circles on my bare ass.

"Pretty white ass you have baby. But I like red."

"SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" The paddle cracked against my bare skin.

I bit my lip not to cry out. My prick became hard again. "DAMN Bitch!" I cried.

"You don't like to be spanked?" she asked.

"Oh no, its exhilarating. I just wasn't expecting it. I've never had a woman spank me." I confessed,

"How long you been here?" Monica asked.

"Six weeks now. But I don't know how much longer I'm going to be here." I told her.

"Well, as long as you're here, you can be my man; and I teach you how to please your woman. You can do that?" she asked.

"Hell yeah, I like that a lot!" I told her. "I'm ready for an adventure that makes me a better lover!"

"Good, tomorrow you move in with me," she instructed. "You will not call your wife when I am around. And if you call her it will be from a pay phone," Monica directed.

I agreed to her directions and the next day checked out of the hotel. I would call Cali in a few days and tell her that I will not be able to call for a while.

**After a few days of playing around with Monica and getting to know her, I became very comfortable. I liked having an aggressive woman around who liked to take charge from time to time and who knew exactly what she wanted.

Monica liked to play a little rough sometimes. Paddles, Cat-o-Nine-tails; she loved toys. She also knew exactly how to ask for what she wanted. She knew how to bring me to my knees and keep me in my place.

Cali was very independent. She had never really needed a man. She just wanted one to support her. She was in love with the idea of marriage. She didn't seem too concerned when I called her and told her I would not be calling her for a few days.

"That's okay, I've been pretty busy lately. I had some friends over the other night and we had a good time. I miss you, but I'm doing okay. Seems my friends feel that they can keep me company while you're away."

"I'm glad to hear that. I'm just not sure how long this is all going to take. Seems every time I turn around they're sending me someplace else. It could take months." I told Cali a half-truth.

"That's okay, take your time, you know I love you," she said sweetly.

I was hanging up the phone when Monica entered.

"Whom were you talking to on the phone?" she inquired.

"It was my wife; I had to let her know it would be a while before I would call her again." I explained.

"You are a bad boy! What am I going to do with you?" Monica cried.

"I'm sorry, baby. You knew I was married when you asked me to move here!" I tried to explain.

"I don't give a fuck if you're married. I just want you to learn that you are living under my roof and you will do as I say!" Monica exploded.

"Okay, let's not loose it here. What is it you want? I'll do anything you want baby," I pleaded.

"Oh, yes, yes you will," she agreed. Now come here and please me!" she spread her legs apart and I could see her mound glistening there before me.

"Mama's pussy needs to be licked deep inside. Mama wants you to suck out all that stuff in there." She pouted.

"Mmmmm, baby, let me at it. I love the taste of your pussy!" I whispered as I crawled between her legs into her wet twat.

My nose smelled the musky scent and my dick got hard again. I seemed to always be hard when she was around. She didn't have to show me her stuff... I just had to know it was there.

I opened my mouth wide and licked into the liquid hidden in that valley. It was sweet and salty. I licked deep. I sucked her hard clit and my fingers pushed in and out of her ass as she moaned with pleasure.

"That's it my good boy, clean momma up, then she'll let you make her dirty again!" Monica whispered as her hands pushed my face deeper into her wetness.

One afternoon I returned to the apartment and Monica was gone. She had to this point always been home when I arrived. No note, just gone.

I went down to the pay phone on the street and decided to call Cali. It had been about a month since I had talked to her.

After three rings it was answered by a male voice.

"Hello?" he said.

"Is Cali there?" I asked.

"Nah, man! Wanna leave a message? She went to the grocery," he asked.

"Who is this? I asked.

"Ethan," he said, "And who's this?"

"I'm James, her husband!"

"Sorry man, like I said, she's gone to the store; I'll tell her you called." He hung up the phone.

I was furious! How dare she cheat on me! Then I remembered I was also cheating on her. She hadn't asked to be left alone for three months. She'd probably never take me back either.

When Monica came home, she instructed me to clean the house because there were some friends coming over for dinner.

"I got you something to help you through the night," she said.

I became anxious, "Really? Something I'll like I hope?"

"Maybe not at first, but you'll get use to it," she was vague. "Come, let's take a shower together and afterwards, I'll give you your gift."

She ran hot water and I stepped in after her. The water splashed on my face and Monica wrapped her fingers around my hard prick. She squeezed hard deflating my erection.

"Bad boy! I don't want to fuck you tonight. I want you to be my guardian tonight. I want you to see how I like it. And if I need you, I want you to take over."

"Anything for you baby!" I kissed her neck and pulled her hips close to me.

Monica pushed away. "I said I don't want to play with you tonight and if you don't be good, you'll get your present earlier than I planed," she scolded me.

We stepped out of the shower and I dried her off as she always expected me to do. Then she sat on the toilet cover and pulled me close to her by my balls.

"Damn! That hurts!" I protested.

"Poor baby! She laughed. "Get use to it."

She reached beside the toilet and came up with a box. It read "CB-3000."

I remembered seeing that somewhere but couldn't remember right away. Then she opened the box and what she brought out looked like a torture device. It had a clear piece of plastic that would cover my penis with a cuff ring and lock that wrapped around my shaft.

"Wait, wait! What the Hell are you doing!" I demanded.

"Why honey baby, I'm just preparing you to play tonight. Don't want you to get too excited, you know. Have to keep you under control." She explained soothingly.

"Why do I have to be chastised?" I complained.

"Well, sweetheart; I'm not going to fuck you tonight and I want you to stay calm. So I'm putting you into this so that you don't get too excited. You just can't give me what these men can give me baby. But you can watch and learn."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I protested; "Give me that key!"

"Hell no! By now you should know whose the boss around here. Now get dressed and help me find something that will drive you crazy for the next half hour." She walked into the bedroom and lay on the bed.

She spread her legs. "Come lick me baby, show me you still love me."

I licked my lips and felt the weight of the chastity she had placed me in. I crawled between her legs and lapped at her musty cunt. My bishop pushed against the restraints and then deflated.

"Good boy, you're a fast learner. That's how I want you all night. Then, if you're really good, I might let you clean up." She whispered.

"Go find me a dress you love me in!"

I got her a dress and she made me dress her. She made me brush her long, silky hair, spray her derriere with her favorite fragrance, and then she slapped my ass and told me I could not touch her the entire night unless she gave me permission.

She checked the security of my CB-30000 and made me put on a pair of boxers; she would not allow me a shirt.

At six o'clock, the doorbell rang. "Answer that," Mistress commanded. "And you get my guests drinks as they arrive. The bar is open so you will have no problems finding what they desire."

Embarrassed, I followed her orders and opened the door. Before me stood two young men, both taller than me and from the tightness of their jeans also better endowed than I, as well.

"Where's you're mistress, boy?" one asked.

"She's in the bedroom," I replied.

"What was it you just said, boy?" the man asked.

I started to reply with the same answer, but then I realized that I had better watch what I said.

"I'm sorry, Master; my Mistress is just finishing up and she will join you immediately. Won't you have a seat?" I groveled and invited them into the living room.

"Would you like a drink while you're waiting Master?"

"Scotch rocks!" he said as he turned his nose at me.

"Yes Master and I scurried to the bar and made his drink.

The second man wanted Gin.

I put the drinks together and served them on a silver platter.

Within minutes, Monica came out and was stunning in her see through blue silk dress. The deep slash of the bodice showed her beautiful milky breast and the dark circles of her nipples made both men show their appreciation in their crouch.

"Hello Kenny, I'm so glad you could make it. And I see that you're glad that you did." She walked up and kissed him. Her lips were full and red and left a stain on his mouth.

"Chuck, I like your new suit. You didn't have to dress so elegantly though," she also kissed him.

As I watched, both men's hands found their way to Monica's voluptuous breast and hips. Each of them pulled her close, their stiff dicks showing their appreciation of her body.

"Have you met my boy, James?" she cooed as she turned and pointed at me. They never took their eyes off her.

"Yeah, let's go get started!" the one named Kenny responded.

"Good idea. James, go prepare the bed." Monica directed me.

I ran into the bedroom and turned down the bed. I fluffed the pillows and then returned to announce that the room was ready.

"You stay here for now James, I'll call you when I'm ready," she instructed.

"Yes, Mistress, as you wish." I bowed to her as she passed and patted my head. Once they entered the bedroom, I sat on the couch looked at my caged, throbbing prick. I wondered how I had ended up out here and was no longer allowed in her bed.

I sat on the sofa; my cock pressing against its new restraints was painful. I wanted to be the one in there fucking Monica. Thoughts of why had she decided that I wasn't good enough to please her kept running through my mind. But those thoughts couldn't stop my dick from trying to reach hardness.

I wanted to talk to Cali. I wanted to tell her what had been going on and why I was avoiding coming home. But I knew she wouldn't understand. Besides, Mistress Monica would punish me more if I called Cali.

And it seemed that Cali had a friend to play with anyway. Why would she break her vow to always love me? Why would she give up on what we had shared for so many years?

My musings were interrupted by the words; "James, come here now!" The call from the bedroom was one of desperation. It took my mind off of those awful thoughts out of my head.

I jumped up, zipped up my shorts and ran into the room.

Mistress Monica was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. Kenny had his dick in her mouth.

Chuck was knelling beside her. He was stroking his prick; his balls had pulled tight to his body. He was about to spill his cum over her breast.

My choad pressed against my chastity device. Seeing her that way made me crazy. I wanted to fuck her or pull on my on rod. I could do neither.

"Yes, Mistress, how may I assist you?"

"James, lick my pussy clean then suck my clit. I wanna be fucked again, but can't until you've gotten out the last deposit. Lick it up baby." She directed me.

This wasn't what I had bargained for but in a strange way it really turned me on. I loved the way she made me do things I would never have done before.

I crawled onto the bed and between her legs. I took my fingers and spread the hairy lips of her cunt and stuck my tongue deep into the hole.

It tasted salty cum and the musk of her sex drove me mad. I buried my face in her wetness and my tongue darted deep inside her searching for the salty sticky cum left by her lovers. My nose devoured the mixture of scents and my heart raced as my prick tried to expand.

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