Sommer Loven


Shaking his head, he caught a brief glimpse of his colleague's inner thigh as she lowered that ridiculously long skirt back into place. The woman might be too short for his taste but damn she had remarkable legs.

Why did intelligent women like Madison Tyler not utilize every weapon at their disposal to unnerve their opponent? Hell, when he had first started out, he had been more than happy to monopolize upon his boyish good looks. Was it his fault if his looks and charm caused his adversary to under-estimate him? Of course, it had not taken long for his reputation as a savvy attorney to negate that element of surprise. But damn, legs like Miss Tyler's would have no such expiration date in the courtroom or negotiations. These women though seemed to think it was demeaning to somehow use what the good Lord had given them to throw off the competition.

Not Sommer though. That woman had used her many talents to seal so many deals for him. And quick? That girl had a mind for business that would put most of the associates at Baker, Cotts and Evans to shame. She would know how to use those legs and the great set of tits this woman tried to hide beneath those stiff blouses and jackets to her advantage.

He had only ever seen this one let down her guard once though, but he would never forget it. She was the only one left when he walked into the small room that the interns shared. Her jacket was hung on the back of her chair and her shoes lay at her feet. But it was the soft swell of those magnificent tits that drew his eye. He had been admiring the change of scenery when he saw the small mole that sat above the white silk and lace bra that he saw peaking out from edge of her blouse.

His breath caught in his lungs as he remembered another woman, another birthmark that was almost identical. He had toyed with it, running his fingers over it time and again that night. He had used it as a distraction, to keep his mind from going places it should not, to remind his body that it was all an illusion. The peace and safety he had felt in her arms and bed was not real. But it was as close as he had ever come. None of the proper women that he had dated over the past decade had come close to giving him what he had found in her arms that one night.

But it was more than the great sex. Hell, you would expect unforgettable sex with a woman like Sommer. Strippers were after all just one step above prostitutes. What had enthralled him was the conversation, the easy laughter and cuddles that seemed so natural an ending to it all. When she had finally fallen asleep after dawn that morning, he had panicked at how right it felt to hold her in his arms. He had practically bolted from the bed when the thought of spending the rest of his life holding her slipped unbidden into his mind.

'Damn, boy, get your mind back to reality,' he reminded himself as he turned back to face her. He frowned. It had to be close to one hundred degrees in the tight space of their prison suspended hundreds of feet above the concrete jungle of Houston, but the woman still had that damned blouse buttoned to the very top.

"I said unbutton the blouse," he commanded.

She looked down at her bare feet and stammered, "I'm fine."

"No, you aren't. It's hotter than hell in here. What happens to that kid of yours if you had a heat stroke, Miss Tyler? It didn't sound like your mother was all that happy to be caring for the girl for an afternoon. How do you think she'd feel about raising the kid if you died?" He knew his words were cruel and betrayed her privacy, but something about this prime and proper little vixen had gotten under his skin almost from the beginning. And certainly from that afternoon.

He watched her cheeks redden even more at his words but she made no move to obey his orders. It infuriated him. Was her modesty and the excuse of professionalism worth more than her child?

For only the second time in his life, he acted without thought. He closed the distance between them, his hands gripped the edges of her blouse as he pulled it open. Buttons went flying as the material gave to his brute strength.

Her blue eyes went wide with shock as she stared up at him. He felt it to his core. Like a kick to his ribs from his mightiest opponent in the steel cage that was his secret passion. Not even his worse beat down had felt this painful as shock overwhelmed him.

His fingers laced through the old-fashioned bun at the back of her head, tearing that long blond hair free. He saw tears gather in the corner of her eyes and knew that he was hurting her. But damn it, not nearly as badly as she had hurt him.

Fuck it all, he thought as his hand in her hair imprisoned her. His other hand went about her waist as he drew her lush curves against his hard body. He recognized fear in those blue depths as he lowered his face towards her. He felt her push against his chest. Knew that she wanted him to stop.

Until the moment that his lips tasted hers. He was certain it was not possible but it seemed they tasted even sweeter than they had four years ago. When she moaned he used her vulnerability against her, his tongue swept inside. Deepening the kiss.

His hand moved from her waist up to cup and squeeze her breast. It seemed fuller and softer as his thumb sought the hard peak. He moaned into her mouth as she arched into his caress. But it was not enough. He tore her blouse open further until his hand could slip inside and cup the silky softness. His fingers brushed back the edges of her bra as he tugged and pulled at her nipple.

He knew that this was insanity. But he did not give a damn as he pressed her back against the mirrored walls of the elevator. He would straighten it all out later. Right then he needed to taste heaven one more time and hell be damned.

He cursed as he was forced to give up his hold on her delicious tit. His hand traveled slowly over her round curves until it rested at the back of her thigh. He tugged and pulled until he felt her leg wrapping about his back. Then his hand moved to the inside of her soft thighs, pushing her skirt higher and higher until it was bunched about her waist. His fingers ripped and tore at the scrap of lace that covered her sweet little pussy. He smiled against her lips as he felt the material give at last.

"Thyne, please," she whispered.

The sound of his name on her lips once more drove him even madder. He buried his face in the side of her neck. Her hair hid his face as he drew in the sweet smell of honeysuckle that he recognized instantly. He inhaled deeply as his fingers fumbled with the zipper on his trousers. He did not even bother with his belt or the clasp. There would be time for that later. Now all he needed was to be inside of her once again.

His cock sprang into his hand. It had not been this hard in years. Only the memory of that night ever got him this excited, this ready. But this time it would not be his hands moving over it as he masturbated to the memory of the tightness and squeezing depths of her body. This time it would be those welcoming depths that he plunged into as he sought release.

But just as he was about to plunge into that sweet forbidden heaven the elevator lurched to a start. The jolt sent him hurtling forward as the warm wetness enfolded his hard cock. She moaned and arched into his arms. Those breasts brushed against his shirt as she came.

He made some quick calculations and realized that they had less than two minutes for this descent and that included straightening clothes. It was not enough time, but it would have to be because there was no way on this earth or in heaven that he was going to stop now.

His hips moved quickly pounding into her welcoming body over and over, like a mad man, like a wild animal. His hands moved up and down her body, trying desperately to touch everywhere. His lips refused to release hers as she moaned and whimpered into the kiss. He sucked, bit and licked at them until he knew they would be red and swollen from his kiss.

That moment seemed to last forever. And end too soon as she arched arched against him. Her body pressed completely against his as she came harder than before. Her cunt squeezed and milked his cock until he knew that he would never again find satisfaction anywhere else. He allowed himself to come then. He felt it rising from his toes as they curled inside the damp leather of his loafers. He pushed as far inside her as possible as he unloaded spurt after spurt of hot semen inside of her.

His head pounded from the power of his release as it leaned against the mirror paneled. He knew that the security cameras might soon complete their reboot. If he did not pull back, withdraw and straighten their clothes, they would be caught.

"Madison," he whispered in a deep voice. "The power is back on. We have to get dressed. Now." He whispered against her ear.


Maddie froze at his practical words. What the hell had she been thinking? She pushed him back, staring down at her skirt that was wrapped about her thighs. She tugged it down quickly. But looking at her blouse she realized it was beyond repair. She wanted to scream. It had cost her twenty dollars even second hand at one of the better consignment shops where she found most of her clothes.

The truth was that her savings account that she had built up over her year as Sommer Loven was almost depleted and her grants, scholarships and loans barely covered the essentials for her and Jackie. But she supposed with just a couple more weeks left at her internship, it did not matter.

She giggled at the ridiculous nature of her thoughts. She had just had unprotected sex with the man who had impregnated her four years ago despite their careful use of condoms. A man who was now her boss. A man who controlled her very future in more ways than one. And she was worried about a blouse that she had bought used?

"I'm glad you've discovered a sense of humor, Miss Tyler. But if we don't manage to get semi-decent in the next thirty seconds, we're going to have an audience," he growled as he tried to shove his still erect penis back inside his pants.

Maddie could not help smiling at his predicament as she discarded the torn blouse and reached down for her jacket. Pulling it on, she buttoned up a couple of them. She tried to put her hair back in order, but it was no use. In the end, she resorted to running her fingers through it. She stared at her reflection in the mirror in shock. The woman that stared back at her was far closer in visage to Sommer Loven than studious, focused Madison Tyler. She swallowed at the revelation.

And wondered if he noticed. In their brief interlude, he had given no indication that he recognized her. As unlikely as it seemed that Miss Tyler would illicit such wild abandon in this man, she held onto the hope like Jackie grasp her favorite doll tight to her chest each night. She watched him in the mirror as he finally managed to zip his trousers.

He stood up and smiled at her in the mirror. "We might look a bit disheveled, but we can always blame that on being trapped for hours in an elevator."

Maddie nodded as she felt the elevator slow and come to a halt. She drew in a deep breath and smiled as the doors opened.

"Hector," she said in what she hoped was a casual tone. "Is everything else all right?"

The elderly guard smiled and nodded. "Si, Senora Tyler. Es bueno. Are you and Senor Jackson all right?"

Thyne stepped up, "We're a bit worse for wear I'm afraid, Hector, but we should be fine. Was anyone else trapped? Any trouble otherwise?"

They began walking back to the main lobby as he explained, "There were a couple of your associates that had to walk all the way down the stairs and a few other stragglers. But since it is late on a Saturday, there were less than a dozen people in the building. Somebody threw a few rocks at the glass, but they moved on when it did not break. Over all, I think we made it through pretty well."

Thyne slapped the smaller man in the back, "Thanks to you, mi amigo."

Maddie rummaged in her purse for her phone, pushing the torn shirt aside. When she finally found it, she was disappointed to see that there was no signal.

"Hector, can I use your phone please? I need to check on Jackie," she explained.

"Lo siento, senora, but the phones and security system are still rebooting. It could take an hour or more." Thyne winked at her behind the man's back at this news.

"Damn," she cursed. "I told Mama I would be home as soon as the power came back on. I left my car at the park and ride by her house. I know the buses aren't running anymore, but you think I can find a cab around here somewhere?"

The man shook his head. "I am afraid that the policía have the city locked down pretty tight, senora."

"Damn," she cursed again.

"I'll give you a ride to you car," Thyne said.

The idea of being locked into another long drive with this man was not very palatable but the idea of leaving Jackie with her mother for one moment longer than necessary was less so. So she nodded and simply said, "Thank you, Mister Jackson." What choice did she have?


Thyne tried to focus on the roads. It had not been that bad in central Houston and the freeways were clear enough, but the moment they had exited Highway Ten he had seen the damage. Looters had torn through homes and businesses, taking what they wanted and abandoning whatever they could no longer carry all along the way. He had been forced to swerve twice to avoid television sets and computers.

He took his eyes off the road for a moment to look across at her. Sommer. Miss Tyler. Madison. Maddie. Whoever the hell she was. What he saw was another blow to his still tender mid-section.

Terror and panic. Her hands were at her swollen lips as she chewed on already short nails. He wondered if she missed the long red nails that she had once worn. He remembered well how they had felt that night as she clawed and scratched at his back. Then again he could be thankful for his shirt or those short ones might have done their own damage. He cursed as his half hard cock thickened inside his pants.

He should be mad as hell at her. At the lies. The deception. As it was, he would make damned certain that the firms investigators looked a little deeper into Miss Tyler's background. Of course, he knew that the firm always did an investigation upon all its employees, including the interns. But his own secret passion proved that those investigations were not infallible.

Truth though was that the fear he saw on the woman's face was eating away at any anger or doubts he had. "I'm sure they are fine," he tried to console her. She just nodded and continued to stare out the window.

"How about we go get your kid at your mom's then I'll take you both to your car?" he offered.

She shook her head wildly. "No, that's not necessary. You don't have a car seat or anything." Her look of utter panic at his words caused alarm bells to ring in his head.

"No, it's fine. Just take me to my car. It's only another mile or so," her smile was forced.

"Where is your mom's house, Miss Tyler?" he demanded, determined now.

He watched her wring her hands as if contemplating throwing herself from his car and making a run for it. Then he saw resignation as her shoulder's slumped and she nodded those tangled tresses. "Turn right two street up," she whispered.

He turned his attention back to the road for the couple of moments it took to complete the journey. They were soon pulling up in front of a slightly weathered wooden frame house. Maddie was out of her seat belt and opening the door almost before he fully stopped the car.

"Thank you, Mister Jackson. I don't want to keep you any longer. I'm sure my mother will take me to my car later," she explained as she tried to close the door.

Thyne had the reputation of a bit bull when it came to contract negotiations; when he set his teeth into something he did not let go. And this was no different. He had parked the car and caught up with her before she was even half way up the walk way.

The woman paused at the door as if considering whether further argument might prove more successful. He flashed her one of the grins that had become notorious, the one that let his opponents know that he knew he had won. She raised her hand to the shabby screen door and knocked.

"Mama, it's me. Open the door," she called out.

There was a long wait. He began to wonder if perhaps the woman had not heard them. Or perhaps she had taken the child and fled to a friend or neighbor when the looting started? He even mauled over the possibility that it was a rouse on the woman's part. Although to what purpose he was not certain.

But finally the heavy wooden door behind it cracked just a bit. He could barely make out a knurled hand but the cracking voice proved they indeed had the right house.

"Well, it took you long enough. I was trying to get that hellion you call a child to bed but she won't go down. She wants a bedtime story. She needs a glass of water. Don't turn out the light, she's afraid of the dark," the woman's distinctive British accent carried more than a note of disapproval for what seemed normal enough behavior for a child.

"I'm here now, Mama. If you don't mind, I could use a ride to my car at the Park and Ride. Then Jackie and I will be out of your way," she explained nervously.

The door cracked open a bit more and an elderly woman peered out at the two of them. He knew that Madison Tyler was a bit older than the other interns, but only a couple of years. This woman appeared old enough to be her grandmother rather than mother. Obviously a late in life baby.

The woman caught his assessing gaze and returned it, scanning him from head to toe and back again. Then she opened the door an inch more and stepped out onto the small porch, looking over at his late model SUV parked in front of her house.

"Madison Louise, seems to me you have ride enough to me. It is almost nine o'clock and I've had that child since two. I'm tired and you know I don't like to drive after dark." Looking him directly in the eye, "I'm sure your gentleman won't mind a few minutes with the hellion."

He nodded, "Not at all, ma'am."

The woman turned and called over her shoulder, "Jaxon Renee Tyler, your mum is here."

He heard a squeal and the pounding of tiny feet. Then like the blur of a late summer tornado, this tiny creature was propelling herself at Madison Tyler. In the haze only two things registered deep green eyes and a mop of reddish-blond curls. Thyne felt the blood drain from his head as if an opponent had landed a knock out kick to the side of his head.

"Jackson," was his whispered response.


Maddie held tight to her daughter even as she watched the revelations dawn. This was her worst nightmare, all of them rolled into one. Her mother's condemning voice, warning her about spoiling that little brat, rang in her ears as she watched every ounce of color drain from the man's face. Through it all, she held tight to the only thing that matter. Jaxon.

Choosing to ignore them both, she smiled at her daughter. "Mommy's sorry I was late. But I got stuck in an elevator with Mister Jackson. Almost all the way to the top. Can you believe that?"

The little girl's eyes went wide, "But you're all right now, right Mommy?"

She nodded and squeezed her child tighter. "Just need a few extra cuddles maybe."

Her daughter looked over at the man. Maddie's throat tightened when she realized that it was the first time in her child's life that she had ever seen her father. 'Would she even remember this night? This man?' she thought.

"I'm a Jaxon too," the child smiled as she held out her tiny hand to him. "Jaxon Renee Tyler," she pronounced each syllable carefully with pride.

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