Son & Nudist Mom Fuck Like Crazy!

byMR. Gibson©

"I think I prefer calling you Boom-Boom."

" Why Boom-Boom?" My Mom laughed.

"I like to call you Boom-Boom because of the way your amazing pair of tits bounce up and down when you strut Boom...Boom...Boom." I answered happily.

"So Boom-Boom it is!" My Mom said laughing happily, making her mammoth jugs jiggle.

I then watched my Mom prance very sexily on her tippy toes towards the kitchen, as she looked back at me smiling, staring flirtatiously at me for me to follow, as she pumped up her hair.

"Ready to go Boom-Boom right up Mommy's fucking pussy son?" My Mom said giggling as she continued to prance sexily to the kitchen.

As soon as my Mom said this to me I nodded my head happily and followed her to the kitchen. My rock hard, throbbing cock leading the way as my eyes followed the rhythm of her sweet swaying buttcheeks.

I tell you my burning eyes were staring at my Mothers fantastic ass so intensely I could of burned a hole right through her ass.

My Mom then hopped on the kitchen counter and got doggy style as she wiggled her shapely ass sexily in my direction.

"My throbbing pussy needs some working and I know that you have just the right tool to fix it judging from that huge cock of yours!" she gushed excitedly.

When My Mom did this I felt just like a hungry dog who had just picked up the sweet smelling pussy scent of a hot female bitch in heat and I was ready to pounce.... as I immedietly got on top of the counter with her.

I just couldn't wait to bone her!

Gee wiz! My mom looked much more to me like a very sexy girlfriend than my own Mother who I was just about to fuck.

I knew this was incest having sex with your own Mother but I did not care because this was sure one extraordinary looking Mother. My Mom looked like a twenty years old malibu Barbie for gods sakes!

I tell you if my Mom was Malibu Barbie I wanted to be Malibu Ken, as my cock soared to new heights, as I then positioned myself behind my Mother and entered her very willing pussy.

My enormous cattle prod went furiously in and out of my Mothers fuck hole. As I was banging away inside of my Mom She was making the most erotic cries of lust a lady could make while being fucked and would of sent most men in earth shattering orgasm right then and there but I managed to hold off at least for a little while, as I kept pumping away inside of her.

" OOOOHH! God Tommy! Yess baby! Yeessss! Fuck your big stacked Mama good!" she cried as I kept pumping away inside of her.

"My god! son, your dick is so enormous. I can feel myself coming already!" My Mom cried as she exploded wildly over and over and over again.

Seeing my Mom come this wildly triggered off my own orgasm as I came just as wildly into her. I was not done yet as I gently flipped her over as my Mom immedietly opened up her legs wide so I could enter her again.

When I was on top of my Mom banging away she latched her arms in the back of my neck and her legs and feet around my broad back as she started to kiss me passionately.

I knew if my Mom kept kissing me like this while I fucked her brains out we would both soon come in earth shattering orgasm in no time, and her continuing on with the most erotic, dick stiffening cries of lust did not help matters much either.

Before either my Mom or I knew what was fully happenning "Boom!" we both came together in a orgasm so tremendous it rocked both of our well toned bodies from head to toe.

After we had sex we got off the kitchen counter and walked towards the couch. I sat down on the couch first as my very stacked Mother then sat on my lap, crossing her very long legs sexily.

We were both very slick with sweat and My Mom looked particularly awesome with that golden brown tan she had, her whole body really seemed to shine, animating her already spectacular body parts even more so!

My Mother then looked at me.

"Tommy," she said tenderly, all your prodding for me to lose weight has finally gotten me to listen. Now I have totally turned into a new girl!" she said as she reached inside a nearby drawer and took out an extremely, fat picture of herself in a bathing suit as she then ripped it to shreds in front of me.

"That was the old Mom heres the new one!" My mom said as she then showed me a burning hot picture of herself.

This picture showed the way my Mom looked now posing sexy and nude beside our family swimming pool with just "fuck me" platform heels on. My mom was totally gorgeous, all smiles with huge tits everywhere. My mom looked fantastic and she knew it!

" Tommy, You can't imagine how much good you did for my well being. After I divorced your father who abused me I was so hurt and angry, and understandably, I lost all interest in men and sex. I am so glad you, my own son has woken my heart and reminded me that I am a women that needs a lot of attention to make up for all the wasted years with your father." My mom replied as she put the hot picture of herself back in the drawer and closed it.

" I am still overwhelmed by all of this Boom-Boom, but I am glad things happenned the way they did. I have always been proud of you and I am glad that you are my Mother." I said smiling to her.

" I think that you are the most beautiful woman with the most spectacular bod that I have ever seen in my life!, and when you slipped off that bathrobe for me and got completely naked, that really did the trick."

"I knew I just had to fuck you right then and there and just go Boom..Boom..Boom right up your Pussy!" I chuckled making my Mom chuckle as well.

My Mother then put both arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately. When we stopped kissing she looked at me again smiling.

"Did you enjoy the sex we just had together on the kitchen counter?" My Mom said glowing happily.

My Mom knew that I did because I answered her by giving her a very long passionate kiss back as she could feel underneath that fantastic butt of hers, my cock growing rapidly, soon becoming a rock hard, throbbing monster, as she snuggled against me more enjoying my long kiss and how enormous she was making my cock grow.

"I love you so very much Tommy." My Mom said to me when we stopped kissing each other.

"I love you too Boom-Boom." I replied as we then continued to kiss passionately on the couch.

I then began taking in turn each of my Moms massive jugs in my hands and sucking them with great relish in my mouth.

"OOOHH! Tommy! don't stop! don't stop! You really know how to turn your Old mama on!" she moaned in great pleasure as I kept on sucking her breasts.

"Your just thirteen years older than I am ma. You are thirty one and I am eighteen. You are not old at all and nobody will ever think it with that gorgeous face and body that you have!" I answered back.

"As a matter of fact people who don't know us will think you are my sexy older sister or hot looking girlfriend than my mother." I replied smiling.

"Thanks son, you were always the charmer!" My mom replied smiling as I kept making love to her.

" Your welcome. Hey! Boom-Boom why don't we go upstairs to your bedroom so I can fuck you all over your water bed!" I said very turned on.

" I am ready when you are mister and judging from that enormous very erect cock of yours I think that you are ready too!" my Mom gushed, as she quickly uncrossed those long sexy legs of hers, and sprang to her feet with more energy, grace and agility than most much younger woman would, as she then turned towards me.

" My god son is that monster cock really all for me?" she teased as she stared at my donkey cock, throbbing madly with excitement, which was pointing towards the ceiling.

"It's all for you Boom-Boom so get to your room young lady!" I commanded.

"Do I have too?" My Mom teased some more in a baby voice.

" Yes, and that's an order young lady!" I said trying not to laugh.

"Yes, sir!" My extremely, stacked Mother replied like a marine, standing ramrod straight and saluting me with a serious face before bursting out in great laughter, as she then bolted for the stairs to her bedroom.

Before My Mom reached the first step of the stairs though I ran quickly after her scooping her up completely off of her feet in my massive arms and cradled her like a baby and carried her up the stairs, my massive cock bobbing up and down with excitement.

And why shouldn't my cock get this excited? I had a total babe of a Mom who was built like a fucking brickshithouse!

My Mother stared at me in surprise at how quickly I had caught up to her.

"Boy! son, you are certainly the romantic type carrying me all the way up the stairs this way. I love to be swept off my feet by my great big hunk of man!" she said.

"Never lose your romance for me son" My Mom continued to say.

"Never!" I replied back as I started to kiss her passionately on the lips.

My Mom then began to kiss me all over my face, neck and chest as she then felt up my huge biceps. When she did all of this I blushed greatly as my cock instantly went like rock, as I continued carrying her up the stairs.

When I was carrying my very voluptous Mother up the stairs to her bedroom for another fabulous fuck session, her swinging right foot accidently or not so accidently, brushed against my mammoth cock, almost making me come on the spot. Again, I held off from coming because I wanted to save all the sperm I had for her up in the bedroom.

My Mom easily surpassed even the hottest girlfriends I have ever had in the looks and body department. My Mom's sexiness was unmatched. I really had to use all my will power not to come all over the place when I was carrying her up the stairs.

When I got up to my Mother's bedroom, my Mom repositioned herself when I was still holding her up off her feet, as her legs now straddled my back and both of her arms were in back of my neck.

"Now bang your Mother good son with all the unbridled energy, intensity, and passion that your father could never give me." she whispered hoarsely in my ear in obvious sexual arousal.

" Come on Baby, I know that you can do it!" she continued whispering, urging me on.

"OK, Boom-Boom!" I answered my Mom joyfully.

I did not need my Mom to ask me twice as I held her tightly in my arms and started banging her pussy silly. Up and down like a jack N' the box my Mom went on my cock. Judging by her face my Mom was obviously enjoying the sex and so was I.

"Ooooohh honey, that's it baby. fuck your Mother harder, harder! yessss! baby! Yessss!" she commanded tossing her head back in lust as she went up and down on my mammoth joy stick even greater, her unbelievable huge knockers jiggling.

"I love to be filled by your massive cock son. yessss! baby! yessss!" My Mom continued to cry still tossing her head back, as I passionately was kissing her neck while fucking her.

Then I saw my Mother give her blonde mane of hair a very sexy shake as she smiled at me and held me tighter as she started to kiss me passionately with that maneater mouth of hers.

As soon as my Mom started to kiss me passionately on the lips, we both lost total control coming in explosive orgasm.

After we finally stopped shuddering in orgasm I then lay my stacked, Mom gently on the bed.

"Now let me get you good and hard son." she said as she took my limp dick in her right hand and then put it in her mouth, quickly sucking my dick off to another mighty erection.

"Wow son, that is some monumental pole that you have and now that you have banged my pussy so well downstairs in the kitchen, lets us now see what you can do with my ass." My Mom said happily as she quickly got doggy style wiggling her shapely ass at me.

"Bang my fucking ass with all that you got baby. I just love your huge, meaty cock up my ass!" she cried as I wasted no time and did what my Mother told me to do.

My Mom's ass was so tight I knew I was going to come mightily in only a few short strokes.

" OOOHHH baby! yesss! yess!" My Mom cried in long abandoned screams of lust as I kept pumping away inside of her.

"Don't stop baby! Fill your Mom with that enormous, fat cock of yours. I love it!" she groaned as I pumped away even harder.

"That's it baby! That's it! Keep it coming. yess! baby yesss!" she cried as I shot an enormous load of hot, steaming spunk inside of her.

I knew my Mom was soon going to cum explosively in orgasm too because when I was banging her she was fingering her pussy feverishly with her fingers.

" My god! son you really know how to fuck a woman. Don't you?" she cried as I continued to bang away.

"Yess! Tommy, Yesss. Your dick feels sooo goood. I can feel myself going over the edge now!" My Stacked Mother cried as she orgasmed mightily over and over and over again.

After my Mom came mightily she turned facing me again as she spread her legs open wide as she then spread her pussy lips open with her hands.

"My pussy needs some more of your attention honey. So lick my cunt baby!" she commanded happily as my talented tongue pleasured her pussy.

" Jesus! Tommy, you eat my sweet pussy like a fucking pro!" My Mom said in wonder and pleasure as she tossed her head back.

"Believe me, with a Mom who looks like you it is easy!" I replied as I kept licking inside her pussy lips with great vigor as I saw my Moms large clit spring up instantly with joy like a large cock would.

"LIck my pussy son, get it in there. yess! honey! yesss! lick it baby! lick it!" My Mom cried excitedly as her body shuddered in a terrific spasm, as she exploded white steaming hot come straight up in the air like a geyser as it fell down like confetti on my head.

My Mother then did a mini head stand on her bed as she pointed her fantastic butt straight up as she commanded me to lick her cunt again. I was so talented with licking my Mothers pussy she soon shot like a geyser again this time hitting the ceiling with her great spunk.

My cock quickly went like rock seeing my Mom come this mightily in rapture again as my mom then faced me with her legs wide open and I entered her pussy once more.

" Ohh baby! fuck me! harder baby harder! Don't stop baby! yess! baby yess!" she cried as my horse sized dong filled up her pussy completely and spread it out real wide as she groaned in pleasure coming over and over and over again.

It was fun watching my Mother, Boom-Boom burst into a violent orgasm repeatedly, oozing out fuck cream, her narrow pink walls gripping and contracting around my tremendously huge cock.

My Moms cum was long and hard, pounding through her very naked body, making her cock stuffed fuck hole ripple around the probing length of my prick.

I kept on fucking my Mom as fast as I could, my meaty cock growing to total stiffness inside her soft belly as I heard her groan in pleasure and shudder mightily again as she hit another earth shattering orgasm.

"OOOHH Baby!" My Mom murmered "You are the greatest lover!"

My Mom was going to say something else flattering to me but the thought was lost as she climaxed again with another earth shattering shudder of pure sensual lust. She screamed her pleasure loud, abondoned piercing screams.

I then saw my Mom stare directly at me with that sly smile on her face again.

" Now Mommy is really going to make you blow your nuts honey!"

As I watched her put her middle finger in her mouth, coating it heavily with saliva. Next thing I knew, she reached around my waist, found my asshole and slowly slipped her finger in. I thought I was never going to stop coming.

After I finally stopped coming, which took a while, my Mother and I then started to kiss each other passionately with me on top and her on the bottom. After this I then looked into my Mothers baby blue eyes.

"Wow Boom-Boom with all the sex we are having I sure hope you are on the pill." I asked concerned.

"Don't you think you should of asked me that before we had sex son?" my Mom laughed as I looked down ashamed.

"But of course I am on the pill, but I don't blame my son at all for not thinking of that and wanting to jump my bones when he came home from college, especially with the way I look now!" she answered back smiling making me smile as well.

" I am on the pill and we are not going to have a baby.... But anythings possible!" My Mom said with that sly smile of hers as we began kissing each other passionately again.

"I love you Mother!" I said happily.

"I love you too son." My Mom replied gushing.

"Mother, real soon I will take you out on a great date." I said smiling.

"Like we are girlfriend and boyfriend? A real regular couple?" she asked.

"Like a regular couple Ma!" I responded smiling.

"That would be great son. I cannot wait." My Mom replied.

"That would be great Mom. I can't wait to take you out to a fine restaurant with violins playing romantic music while we eat." I responded.

"Wow! that would be fantastic son." My Mom replied.

It will be even more fantastic after the date when I start fucking that beautiful bod of yours again Mother! I thought lecherously to myself.

"But one thing Mom please wear clothes when we go out to this particular fine restaurant huh? Don't strut in there nude ok?" I replied.

"OK, Tommy. I will wear one of my body hugging mini-skirts along with my "Fuck me" sandal high heeled shoes on my feet but I will lose my bra and panties for you. How about that!" my Mom replied as I nodded my head in agreement.

"Tommy, I don't want you to wear any underwear either because I want to take my sandal high heeled shoes off and tease your dick with my talented bare toes making it grow like crazy under the fucking table."

"That sounds good Mother!" I replied smiling.

"Tommy, when I do this to you we will both probably end up naked anyway because I will make your dick shoot straight through your fucking pants because I have to warn you son I sure have some very talented toes!" My mom replied laughing making us both laugh.

"You know what mother I have an idea. When we go out to this fancy restaurant we will enter the place wearing clothes. Then when we sit down we will slowly strip them all off and give the patrons a real eye-full in showing off our spectacular nude bodies.

"Now you are talking mister, That sounds a whole lot better. What the hell, who needs clothes anyway right?" my Mom replied smiling.

"Right!' I answered back returning her smile.

"Come her baby!" My Mom then said as she held me tighter kissing me passionately again.

"Mother you are my girlfriend now. You are so beautiful and I love you so very much." I said to her once we stopped kissing.

"I love you so very much too Tommy." My Mom replied gushing as we began to kiss each other even more passionately rolling all over her water bed that was now our water bed!

"Gee Mom, I am so glad dad is gone now because he was so mean to you and now I have your hot body all to myself." I said happily.

" Yes, Tommy wouldn't your father get a kick out of the way I look now and seeing you fuck me this way wouldn't he be soooo jealous!" my Mom responded smiling.

"Yes, Mom!" I agreed.

"Now Tommy, be quiet and fuck me up the ass with that horse sized dong of yours." she said sweetly. " You know how I love to be fucked in the ass by you!" My Mom gushed excitedly as I collapsed onto my Mother, ramming my cock to the hilt inside of her as I proceeded to bang her silly, feeling up her whopping boobies with my hands as I did so.

"OOOHHH! god baby! fuck me honey! fuck me! Your cock is so enormous I feel like you are splitting me in fucking half!" My Mom cried in lust as she fingered her pussy wildly before lightening exploded in her brain as she came once again in earth shattering orgasm as I then soon followed with my own mighty orgasm.

I do not know where this relationship with my Mother and I will lead but I do know we will sure have some great fun getting there because we have a long lifetime ahead of us of being naked together.

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