tagIncest/TabooSon Controls His Mother Ch. 01

Son Controls His Mother Ch. 01


I am going to write this story in chapters. I know some readers do not like long stories or sequels so I will try to make each chapter short and capable of standing on its own. That way the reader can decide what he or she wants to read. Also some readers wait for the series to be complete so to that end I have drafted an outline of the proposed chapters. I hope this is to every reader's liking. If the comments are too negative and or the voting to low, I will take that as a signal to discontinue the story. As always I encourage reader feedback through the comment section or by e-mail. All characters in this fictional story are at least 18 years of age.


Chapter 1 – Joey seduces his mother Eleanor.
Chapter 2 – Joey and Ellie expand their sexual activities.
Chapter 3 – Joey has a counseling session with Ally his mother's shrink.
Chapter 4 – Joey shares his mother Ellie with his friends
Chapter 5 – Joey's encounters include his mother Ellie and Ally.
Chapter 6 – Ellie and Ally entertain Joey and his friends.
Chapter 7 – Joey's final fling before he heads to college.


Joey and his two best friends Bobby and Kenny were sitting around Joey's pool talking about their last year in high school. All three of them had been accepted to college and they would be attending different schools in the fall. The three of them discussed their final year in high school and the different girls they had dated. Then the conversation turned and the topic became who had the hottest mom.

They talked about the girls that they had dated and the girl's moms. Then they talked about their friend's moms and they ranked them accordingly. Each of the boys had a mom at the top of their MILF (mother I'd like to fuck) list. Kenny then spoke up about Joey's mom.

"Joey, don't get pissed at me but I have to say that your mom is the hottest of all," Kenny admitted.

Joey did get pissed off and replied, "Watch it you asshole, you better not think of my mom as an MILF."

Kenny answered him, "Joey I don't mean any disrespect. It's a compliment. Your mom is hot just look at her in her two piece bathing suit."

Joey looked over at his mother working around the pool in her very tasteful two piece swim suit. He realized that Kenny was right, she looked great. His mom was very fit and the bathing suit showed off her great legs, flat tummy, medium size firm breasts and her very shapely bottom. Joey just had never looked at his mother in that vane before.

"Kenny's right Joey, your mom is a knockout," interjected Bobby.

"Yeah she is pretty alright but you two guys better keep your thoughts to yourself," Joey warned.

The rest of the day the boys swam, bathed in the sun and discussed their plans for the summer. Every once in awhile Joey would catch a glimpse of his mother moving around the pool and took in her beauty. Kenny and Bobby eventually left for the day and headed home. That night Joey lie in his bed and his thoughts went back to his mother. He wondered what his mother did for sex these days since the ugly divorce from his father.

Joey pictured his mother in her two piece bathing suit and he imagined unhooking her top and peeling down her bottoms. Joey got an erection while he thought about the taboo act of making it with his mother. He stroked his cock to orgasm and fired a barrage of spunk up in the air that covered his abs with semen. Joey scolded himself for thinking such impure thoughts about his mother and eventually fell asleep.

In the other bedroom Joey's mother, Eleanor, Ellie to her friends, was also masturbating but she was using a dildo that was very much like a real cock. Ellie always got turned on when Joey had his friends over to use the pool. She imagined herself with the young men with their hard firm bodies and she imagined their rigid young cocks in her pussy. Ellie covered her mouth as she orgasmed. She did not want to chance it that her son would hear her moans of ecstasy. Then she too fell asleep.


Ellie was married at an early age of 21 to Sam Perkins who was just 22. She got pregnant right away and she had her son Joey just 13 months after her marriage. She and Sam were very passionate and they would set the nights on fire with their love making. Sam taught her about oral sex both giving and receiving. Then he introduced her to anal sex which Ellie really didn't care for at first but Sam was insistent. Eventually Ellie learned to accept anal sex and at times even enjoyed it.

Joey was 14 years old when Sam started to stray from the nest. He would be out late almost every night and he would hang out with the guys on the weekends. Often he came home drunk and many times he still smelled of sex. Ellie had had enough and she finally got up the nerve to divorce him. It was an ugly divorce but Ellie came out the winner and ended up with all the assets plus financial support. She was 36 years old when the divorce was final.

Ellie stayed away from men after her divorce and decided to wait until Joey was in college before she would even consider dating anyone. She had a friend of hers who had a psychiatric practice that she went to for counseling. Her friend and counselor, Allison had helped Ellie through some very tough times. One day Ellie broke down and Ally moved over to the couch with her and put her arm around Ellie to console her. As if was the most natural thing to do the two women kissed and embraced.

Ellie knew that Ally preferred women to men these days ever since her own divorce. Up to now Ally had never come on to Ellie and Ellie had never let on that she had been with a woman before. It was in college where Ellie had her female affair. As it turned out her roommate was bi-sexual and she had introduced Ellie to the beauty of female love. The two of them would often go out together and if they ended up with boys it was fine but if not they had each other.

Ally had looked deep into Ellie's eyes and asked her, "Have you ever been with a woman?"

Ellie just shyly shook her head no as she wanted Ally to seduce her then she whispered softly, "No I haven't I don't know what to do."

"Would you like me to show you, to make love to you?" Ally pressed on.

Again Ellie just nodded her head and uttered a soft, "Yes."

Ally got up and went to the office door. "Kelly I will be awhile with Mrs. Perkins. You don't have to wait I will lock up. I'll see you tomorrow."

Ally then locked the door and returned to Ellie. She looked down at her friend and patient as she smiled and spoke.

"Let me make love to you," Ally said softly.

Ally then lifted the cotton sweater over Ellie's head and then removed her bra baring her entire upper body. She lowered her mouth to Ellie's breasts and told her how beautiful her tits were and how delicious her nipples tasted. Ally than began her tortuous journey down Ellie's body using her mouth to taste and caress every inch of her skin. Ally unsnapped the clasp on Ellie's skirt and slowly pulled it down her hips. Ellie automatically raised her hips to make it easier for Ally to remove her skirt. Ally took it off of her legs and tossed them over with the sweater. Ally's hands then returned to Ellie's panties and she tucked her fingers into the elastic waistband and painstakingly slid them down and off of Ellie's shapely legs. Ellie was now totally naked on the sofa as Ally stood up to remove all of her own clothes.

Ally lay back down with Ellie on the sofa and their bodies came together. Ellie's breathing became shallow and her moans became loudly audible. As Ally's tongue circled Ellie's right nipple she became increasingly aware that it was not going to take much to make her cum. Ellie felt Ally's fingers stroke her wet mound locating her puffy pussy and then found their way inside her. Ellie moved her legs further apart trying to help Ally and soon she was fingering Ellie with soft, slow, tender probes.

Ellie couldn't take it any longer, she gently pushed Ally's head down and Ally nestled between her legs. Ally used her hands to slowly open Ellie's legs and placed Ellie's thighs on her shoulders. With one finger Ally traced the soft outer lips of Ellie's swollen pussy lips and applied gentle pressure spreading them open even further. Ellie felt the familiar butterflies in her stomach as she gazed upon the sight of her cunt moist lips inviting Ally's invasion. She put more fingers were inside Ellie and caressed her inner walls while Ally's thumb positioned itself on the tip of Ellie's swelling clit and lightly tickled it back and forth.

Ally moved herself slowly up Ellie's body as she continued to finger fuck her pussy she kissed and licked her way to her tits. Ally took turns holding each nipple between her soft lips sucking and flicking at Ellie's hard nipples. Ellie in turn reached for Ally's breasts and felt her hard nipples across her palms as she stroked them. Ellie pinched and rolled Ally's nipples between her fingers while Ally tongued her breasts. Ally whispered to Ellie that she had to have her and then kissed her passionately. They moaned into each other's mouth as their fingers and thumbs tickled their swollen clits. Ellie could feel the wetness of Ally's pussy saturating her thigh.

Ally broke off their kiss and smiled at her before descending toward Ellie's aching pussy. As Ally reached Ellie's wet mound she separated the lips fully opening her pink moistness and then Ally herself groaned with anticipated pleasure. The tip of her tongue touched Ellie's center and her sweet liquid gushed into Ally's mouth. Ally was unprepared for her gusher but none the less she licked at her silky lips, losing herself in the feeling of Ellie's beautiful hot body. She flattened her tongue and stroked Ellie's center up and down firmly enough that Ellie could feel it on her clit. Ally drove Ellie mad as her swollen clit twitched and ached for more attention. Ellie arched her back and pulled Ally's head to her mound trying to shove her engorged clit into Ally's mouth much like a man would shove his cock into a woman's mouth. Ally wrapped her lips around Ellie's swollen button and sucked it. Ellie gasped as Ally's lips sucked her clit in further and further causing a strong tremor to run through her whole body.

Ellie's hips lifted off of the sofa as Ally sucked on her clit flicking it back and forth as her fingers probed deep inside Ellie. Ally worked her fingers in and out slowly at first and then with more intensity as her tongue firmly, methodically pressed again and again against Ellie's erect clit, which was now totally exposed from its hood. At this point Ellie's groans became very loud, her body was rocked with her second orgasm and she ground her pussy into Ally's face which was totally covered with Ellie's sweet love juices that gushed as the dam broke.

Ally continued to lap at the hard clit as Ellie's body convulsed and with one orgasm after another. Slowly Ellie relaxed after the last of one of the most intense climaxes she ever had. She lay back on the sofa as Ally moved up to her lips and covered them with her own mouth, kissing Ellie tenderly, deeply and letting her tongue slip past Ellie's lips so she could taste herself. Ellie kissed Ally eagerly in return, loving the sweet taste of her own pussy. They lay on the sofa cradled in one other's arms without saying a word savoring the feel of a woman's body in each other's arms.

The two women recovered and then they dressed slowly. Ally did not push the issue as she felt that Ellie had had enough for one day. Little did Ally know is that all she had to do was to ask Ellie to return the favor and Ellie would have complied. Ellie would have been all over Ally if asked but she decided to keep Ally in the dark a little longer. The next session would be different.

At the next session the two women were naked once again when Ally opened her legs and guided Ellie between her thighs. Ellie looked right at Ally's beautiful pussy and she leaned forward and slowly stuck out her tongue. Ellie didn't let on but she knew exactly what she was doing. Ellie took one, slow lick as she flattened her tongue on Ally's swollen mound. It felt so smooth and warm and Ellie knew she had achieved the desired effect from the moan she know that Ally enjoyed it. Ellie loved the taste of pussy and she kept licking and eating Ally. Ellie pointed her tongue and burrowed into Ally's pussy as it parted the labia and her tongue was rewarded with the exquisite taste of Ally's juice, soon Ellie was licking and lapping up as much as she could as fast as she could.

Ally was obviously enjoying what Ellie was doing as she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for Ellie's tongue to explore her pussy. Ellie's tongue explored all of Ally as her mind took notes of what seemed to turn Ally on. Ally was breathing rapidly and she moaned softly whenever Ellie got near her hard pearl. As Ellie searched out Ally's hard clit, still just barely hidden, Ally tensed and began to quiver.

Ellie burrowed her tongue as deep into Ally as she could and then she just sort of licked and sucked her way up. When Ellie got to Ally's pearl she used the very tip of her tongue to push back the little hood. Ellie was truly amazed at its size as she flicked her tongue over it once and then used the tip to explore the folds of flesh on either side of it. Ally was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her pearl stuck out even further like a little cock. Ellie nuzzled it with her nose taking in Ally's scent and she licked it once more before she took it between her teeth and gently nibbled it.

Ally went wild and started bucking and calling out Ellie's name. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled Ellie's head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. Ellie sucked Ally's clit as deep in her mouth as she could and Ally humped her face for all she was worth. Ellie didn't know exactly how many times Ally came but finally she finally went stiff and then collapsed on the sofa, her body in spasms.

"That was beautiful you were marvelous Ellie. I cannot believe that it was your first time with a woman," Ally sighed.

"I guess you bring out the best in me," replied Ellie.

"I guess so. Now I want you to experience something else," Ally said as she recovered.

The two women stretched out on the sofa with their heads at either end. Then Ally opened her legs and in a scissor position moved her pussy in contact with Ellie's pussy. Ellie had done this before but once again she played the novice role. The two women rubbed their pussies together until they were humping each other like crazy in search of another orgasm. They both came on each other's pussy and then they collapsed on the sofa.

Ellie and Ally continued their affair but they moved their encounters out of the office to Ally's condo. Although every once in a while they would have a quickie of the sofa in the office. At Ally's condo they tried various compilations and used sexual toys as well. Ellie was introduced to anal beads, strap-on dildos, and double dildos. Ellie and Ally really enjoyed their time together as it was only once a month and it never got old or routine for them.


Joey went out with quite a few girls in high school. Most of them would let him feel their bare tits and some would let him finger their pussies. Most of the girls shied away from intercourse but they would give him a hand job and some would actually blow him. Joey would take out a girl that was known to put out from time to time just so he could fuck someone. He was actually a little frustrated with the senior girls.

Joey was struggling with one of his subjects and he sought extra help from his teacher. Miss Carrie Foster was a very attractive high school teacher and she was the youngest on the faculty. Carrie knew that Joey just was not going to get the subject matter so she tried another approach.

Carrie Foster was probably the dictionary definition of a nymphomaniac. She could never get enough sex either male or female and it had gotten her in trouble at her last job. She had tried her hardest to avoid putting any moves on students but it was a losing battle. With all the hard young flesh around her it was a lost cause. Sometimes after class she had to run to the bathroom to stroke her pussy she was so hot for the presence of all the handsome young studs.

Joey was frustrated as he stood next to her desk while Miss Foster explained the subject matter. His eyes drifted toward her sagging blouse and he looked right down her blouse and saw her bare tits. Miss Foster was not wearing a bra and Joey stared at her small firm breasts. Carrie knew that Joey was looking down her blouse and she was hoping for a reaction from him. She looked at Joey's crotch and she noticed the erection forming in his pants.

"Wow this boy is hung!" she thought to herself and then she asked, "Joey, what are you thinking right now?"

Joey blushed but reacted quickly, "Oh just that this is really a tough subject for me," he said covering up his real thoughts.

"Oh that's too bad. I was hoping that you were thinking about putting your hand down my blouse and playing with my tits," Carrie countered.

Before Joey could reply Carrie stroked the erection in his pants and said, "You know Joey there are other ways to pass this class. Are you interested in learning about them?"

Joey just nodded in the affirmative as he was totally caught off guard by the turn of events. Carrie got up and went over to her classroom door and locked it. Then she led Joey to a location in the room where they couldn't be seen through the door window. Carrie sat in chair and had Joey stand in front of her. She reached up and unzipped Joey's fly, unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers. Joey sensed that Miss Foster had obviously down this many times. Carrie then pushed his trousers to his ankles leaving him standing in his underwear. Then she slowly pushed his briefs down his legs allowing the waistband to snag his cock. As she pulled his underwear further down his cock sprung out and bobbed in front of her face. Carrie always got some sort of pleasure from a cock getting caught in the waistband and then springing free.

Carrie took my throbbing cock in her hand and said, "You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy pleasuring you."

Joey grabbed the back of Carrie's head as she devoured his cock. She took him deep into her throat and swallowed around his cock. Nobody had ever done that to him and Joey gasped in amazement at Miss Foster's cock sucking skill. He loved the feeling of his cock being squeezed deep in her throat. Carrie slid her mouth up and down his cock while keeping her lips wrapped tightly around it. Her throat remained opened as she deep throated Joey over and over again. Joey could feel his semen begin to rise as his sperm boiled in his loins.

Carrie cupped his balls with one hand as the other hand grabbed a cheek of his ass and she held him close against her mouth. She looked up at him and saw the look of lust on Joey's face as he groaned continuously and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet. Joey was close and Carrie knew it. She let go of his balls and grabbed the other ass cheek. With both hands on his ass she pulled him as close as she could and drove his cock deeper into her mouth. Joey's cock slipped back down her throat and he could feel her throat muscles massaging his shaft.

Carrie began to swallow around his cock and then Joey lost it. He groaned softly as his seed gushed up from his balls and exploded deep into Miss Foster's throat. She kept his cock in place as she swallowed again and again milking every drop of semen from his shaft. Carrie was out of breath and she slowly let Joey's softening cock escape from her throat. As his cock deflated she continued to suck it until it was almost out of her mouth and then she held it in her hand as she swabbed it with her tongue searching out the last remaining drops of semen. Joey realized then that he had curled my toes in his shoes as if grabbing the floor for balance. Joey relaxed his feet as Carrie looked up at him and smiled.

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