Son Controls His Mother Ch. 01


Joey and his mother sat by the pool quietly and finished the pot of coffee. A few hours later after basking in the sun Joey suggested that his mother make lunch for them. They both ate lunch in the house and then returned to the pool deck with the Sunday paper. They both read the paper and then Joey decided to cool off in the pool. He jumped in and swam around for awhile before telling his mother to join him. Reluctantly Ellie entered the pool. Normally she would not even think about swimming with her son but after the recent events she was nervous around him.

Joey swam over to his mother and grabbed her from behind. He started running his hands all over her hot body. He pulled up her swimsuit top and exposed her firm tits and rock hard nipples. Joey played with his mother's tits and tweaked her nipples. Ellie could feel his big erect cock pressing through the material of her swimsuit bottom into ass. Joey moved his hand down to her vulva and stroked it over her swim suit. He then pulled her bottoms to one side and pushed a finger into her sopping wet pussy.

"Please Joey, not again, we can't do this. I am your mother please stop," Ellie pleaded.

But Ellie's pleas were to no avail as Joey continued the assault on her body. Ellie decided that if she had to succumb to her son's advances again that it was best to do it inside. As much as she didn't want to Ellie could feel herself getting turned on again. Joey dropped his bathing suit and sat up on the edge of the pool. He pulled his mother toward him and as she moved in his direction her eyes focused on his huge erect cock.

"Joey please we can't do it here. If we have to let's go inside," Ellie begged.

"Nonsense mother it is very private here. No one will see us now get busy with your mouth. I am dying to cum in your mouth again," Joey said firmly.

Ellie reluctantly took her son's cock back in her mouth and her head bobbed up and down as she blew him poolside. Ellie felt him getting harder in her mouth and Joey massaged her tits rolling her hard nipples in his fingers as she sucked him. His cock was too big for her mouth, Ellie's jaw was getting tired because of her mouth being stretched so wide but she tried to keep as much cock in her mouth as possible. Ellie reached under her son's cock and found his cum filled balls and caressed them in an effort to bring him off quicker and end this session. As Ellie caressed Joey's big bloated balls she was startled by the first jolt of cum hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could but she had to spit her son's cock out to keep from choking. Joey shot his spunk all over his mother's face, hair and tits. It was like watching an out of control fire hose spewing liquid all over.

Joey put his cock back in his mother's mouth and Ellie sucked him dry as he massaged the semen into her face and tits. Ellie thought she could feel him hardening again and she thought, "Is there no end to this?"

When Ellie had sucked her son dry, Joey pulled his cock from her mouth and slipped back into the pool. Ellie ducked under water and washed the semen from her face, hair and tits. She was humiliated by the act but she was still at a loss of what to do about it. How would she ever get her some to leave her alone and gain his respect as his mother? Ellie couldn't believe how Joey had just taken charge and controlled her as if she was at his disposal for his personal pleasure.

"Mother you really suck cock very well. I love cumming in your mouth it is so erotic," Joey told her.

The rest of the day was spent in leisure around the pool reading the Sunday paper and make idle conversation. After enough time in the sun it was time to go inside and prepare for dinner. Joey and Ellie dined together and she let Joey drink wine with her over dinner. Then after they cleaned up the dinner table they adjourned to the family room and watched TV and enjoyed another glass of wine. Later that night when it was time for bed Joey came back into his mother's bedroom.

Joey walked over to the bed and sat naked on the side of it. He stroked his mother's shapely legs and luscious thighs. His hand drifted up to her mound and he felt that she was wet again with desire. His mother looked at him with lust in her eyes as he fingered her pussy and licked his fingers clean of her juices. Then Ellie opened her arms and welcomed her son into her body one final time before the weekend ended. Joey slipped between her thighs and slid his hard cock into her quim. Once again Ellie uttered an audible gasp as her son hit bottom. Joey began to fuck her slowly and eased his cock almost all the way out of her pussy before plunging it back in. Ellie was lost in the lust of the moment.

"Oh that's it fuck me, fuck me slow, fuck me good, fuck me forever," she whispered and then thought to herself, "My God what am I saying?"

Just hearing his mother ask him to fuck her was an incredible turn-on for Joey and he picked up his pace. Ellie threw her hips up at her son as if to try and get him deeper in her cunt. Joey felt his orgasm approaching but he didn't want to cum before his mother did so he tried to slow down.

"No, no don't stop, fuck me faster, I'm so close," Ellie begged.

Joey picked up the pace again as they both raced toward their orgasms. It was unclear who came first because they were so close but Ellie wrapped her legs around her son and humped him for all she was worth as Joey spurted his seed deep in her womb. They continued to fuck each other until they were drained and exhausted. Joey collapsed on top of his mother but she didn't seem to mind his weight as she held him and cried out.

"Oh thank you, thank you," she said over and over and again thought about what she was saying, "I can't believe that I just thanked my son for fucking me!"

Joey stayed in bed with his mother again that night and they cuddled together in a spoon position. During the night Joey got another erection and he slipped it into his mother's pussy from behind. He rocked slowly fucking her tenderly until he came in his mother's pussy. Ellie was half asleep but she realized that she was being fucked by her son again. She fell back asleep immediately after her son ejaculated in her. They awoke Monday morning in the same position.

The following week was a marathon of sex beginning with Monday morning. It was as if they were a couple on their honeymoon and they couldn't get enough of one another. It fact it was more sex in one week that Ellie ever had even on her honeymoon with her ex-husband. The typical day started with Joey fucking his mother with his morning piss hard-on and he would fuck her into exhaustion. Then Ellie would suck her son's cock either in bed or in the shower until he sprayed her throat with his spunk. If Ellie was working from home during the day Joey would fuck her or have her suck his cock. Then they always had passionate sex in the evening and Joey slept in his mother's bed all week.

Ellie still struggled with her mixed emotions about the incestuous relationship. She had never had better sex in her life and she loved her son's youthful recuperative powers. Her son was not selfish as he always made sure that Ellie orgasmed. He added enough variety and surprises to their sexual escapades that kept Ellie excited the whole time. However Ellie knew this was wrong and that she could not continue this incestuous affair. Yet she didn't know how to stop it, but stop it she must.

Ellie was worried that somehow someone would find out about her son and her. It was a social taboo and sinful for a mother to be fucking her son. Ellie decided that she needed help with her dilemma and the only person she thought she could turn to was her counselor Ally. Ellie decided to call Ally and ask for a special counseling session. Ally would understand and she would know what to do. It was Ellie's only hope at this point to stop the affair before it got out of hand.

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