tagIncest/TabooSon Controls His Mother Ch. 02

Son Controls His Mother Ch. 02


This is the second chapter. You may wish to read Chapter 1 before you read this chapter. I know some readers do not like long stories or sequels so I will try to make each chapter short and capable of standing on its own. That way the reader can decide what he or she wants to read. Also some readers wait for the series to be complete so to that end I have drafted an outline of the proposed chapters. I hope this is to every reader's liking. If the comments are too negative and or the voting to low, I will take that as a signal to discontinue the story. As always I encourage reader feedback through the comment section or by e-mail. All characters in this fictional story are at least 18 years of age.


Chapter 1 -- Joey seduces his mother Eleanor.

Chapter 2 -- Joey and Ellie expand their sexual activities.

Chapter 3 -- Joey has a counseling session with Ally his mother's shrink.

Chapter 4 -- Joey shares his mother Ellie with his friends

Chapter 5 -- Joey's encounters include his mother Ellie and Ally.

Chapter 6 -- Ellie and Ally entertain Joey and his friends.

Chapter 7 -- Joey's final fling before he heads to college.


The incestuous affair had been going on for more than a week when Ellie decided to finally call Ally for an appointment. Ally had a full schedule that particular week but she agreed to meet at her home in the evening. In fact Ally was looking forward to it as she planned on sampling Ellie's feminine charms after the counseling session.

Joey's friends Bobby and Kenny continued to stop over during the week to use the pool and hang out with Joey. They told Joey that some of the girls were asking about him and what he was up to. They also asked Joey if they could invite the girls over to the pool someday.

"Joey, Sharon keeps asking up you. She is dying to go out with you and I know that if you took her out you could probably fuck her. She really has the hots for you," Kenny told him.

"Yeah what's up with you Joey? You don't seem to be interested in chicks anymore," Bobby asked and immediately regretted his choice of words.

Joey scowled at his friend and then replied, "It's just that I'm seeing someone right now and I'm kind of busy."

"Really who is it?" Kenny probed.

"I can't tell you as I am sworn to secrecy and I have to be discreet. I will tell you that she is a little older than me and she is really hot but that is all I'm saying," Joey told his friends.

Kenny and Bobby went crazy trying to find out who Joey was dating. They kept throwing names at him and he kept saying no to each name he heard. Finally his friends had exhausted their list of known girls.

"All right I give up but can we at least invite some girls over? Kenny asked.

"Sure why not it would be fun to see some bikini clad bodies around here," Joey replied with a snicker.

"Kenny and I are going to invite Amanda and Jackie but I know that Sharon will want to join them. Is it okay if Sharon comes too? Bobby asked.

"Sure, I'm okay with that, Sharon can come too," Joey said approving the request.

"Great I can't wait to tell the girls," Kenny blurted out.

The rest of the afternoon the guys, sun bathed, swam and drank a few beers. Kenny and Bobby would throw new names at Joey as they thought of them in hopes one would be the girl he was seeing. Joey just laughed at their futile efforts but he knew they would be shocked out of their jocks, if they knew it was his mother that he was banging.

The guys left after dinner. Joey had called out for pizza since his mother was on a real estate appointment. It was about 8:00 PM when Joey's mother arrived home. She was professionally dressed in her tailored suit and she looked stunning with her shapely legs on display below her mini-skirt. Ellie walked over to Joey and asked him how his day went.

"My day was fine I hung out with Bobby and Kenny today. How was your day? How did the appointment go?" Joey asked his mom.

"The appointment went great and it looks like I have a buyer for the property," Ellie replied.

Joey smiled at his mother and then slid his hand up her leg. Joey felt her tremble slightly as they had played this game last week and his mother knew where it was going. Joey let his hand ride up and down her stocking covered leg for a few minutes. Then he let his hand wander above her knee and past the top of her hose. Ellie shivered as her son's hand touched the bare skin of her thigh. Joey caressed both of her thighs and he could tell that she was getting hot. The back of Joey's hand brushed against his mother's panty covered pussy and he could feel that the panties were soaked with her excitement. Ellie moved her legs wider apart causing the skirt to tighten around her shapely ass. Joey rubbed her inner thighs between her legs and flicked his fingers over the material covering her vulva. Ellie jumped involuntarily when she felt her son's hand on her pussy.

"Your panties are very wet mother. Would you like me to take your panties off you?" he teased her.

Ellie nodded and gasped, "Yes, please take my panties off."

Joey eased her panties down over her buttocks, past her thighs and then let them slide to her ankles. Ellie stepped out of them and Joey put them on the end table. Joey returned to fondling his mother's ass and thighs and he soon had her squirming with desire. Ellie moved her body as if she were trying to get Joey's hand near her pussy so he slid it between her legs and stroked the outer lips of her labia. Ellie squirmed under the touch and emitted a soft groan. Joey started to push his mother's skirt up but she stopped him and then she took it off. She had it off in an instant. Ellie looked so sexy standing there leaning forward slightly with her hands on the coffee table. Her cute ass was framed by her blouse and her thigh high hose. She actually looked hotter with just her blouse and hose on.

Joey ran his hands all over his mother's ass, thighs and pubes feeling her wet pussy. He slipped a finger into her vagina and then added a second one. He took juices from her pussy and he pushed between the cheeks or her ass and massaged his finger into her nether hole for the first time. Then he fingered his mother's ass and pussy at the same time. Ellie was going wild with the double penetration and cried out to Joey.

"That's it finger me, play with me. Make me cum, please make me cum," Ellie pleaded.

Joey continued to work his mother's ass and pussy and within minutes she had her first orgasm. Ellie held onto the coffee table with both hands as her body jerked and spasmed with her climax. Joey worked his fingers in and out of her holes as she clenched and relaxed her vaginal and anal muscles tightening herself on them. Joey pulled his fingers from her holes and he stood up behind her. Joey took off his shorts and briefs and pushed his rock hard cock against her buttocks. Joey let it rest against the hot flesh of his mother's ass and then leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"What do you want first today? Do you want me to eat your pussy or do you want me to fuck your pussy first?" he teased her and then licked her ear.

"Eat my pussy first and then fuck me. I want you to cum in my pussy," Ellie murmured.

Joey ate his mother's pussy first bringing to a mild orgasm then eased his cock into her pussy and fucked her from behind until Ellie orgasmed once again. Joey continued fucking his mother for a short time until he unloaded his semen in her pussy. His mother looked so hot leaning over the table with his cock sliding in and out of her pussy from behind that he just couldn't prolong his ejaculation any longer. Joey leaned over her and exploded in her cunt. Joey's cock seemed to keep firing round after round of semen and he could feel the warm liquid surround his shaft as the semen mingled with his mother's cunt juice. Ellie milked his cock dry until it softened and popped out of her pussy.

Ellie grabbed her panties and held them against her pubes so that the semen didn't leak on her carpet. She turned to go upstairs and told Joey to follow her. She headed straight for her bathroom and then returned to the bedroom with a smile on her face.

"That was quite some load," she sighed.

"I have been saving that all day for you," her son replied with a laugh.

"Now I want you to really make love to me in my bed this time," she said as she sat on the bed.

Joey sat next to his mother and caressed her breasts, neck and arms, teasing her skin with his fingernails and tongue. Ellie made a low, drawn out sound. Deciding that he'd teased her enough for now Joey pulled up her blouse and started on her naked breasts. He remembered that licking her nipples had got a good reaction from his mother last week. As he sucked her warm flesh into his mouth and rolled it between his teeth, his mother let out a moan of pleasure.

Ellie gently took hold of her son's cock and took him into her mouth, rolling his cock around and getting it wet with her saliva, while her hand worked his shaft up and down at the same time. Seconds later, she pushed Joey back on the bed to straddle him. Her hand wrapped around her son's now slippery cock and Joey felt the tickle of her pubic hair just before her soft flesh nudged his helmet. Then it was suddenly engulfed by the heat and tightness of his mother's pussy.

Ellie grabbed hold of the top of the head board on either side of her son's head as he held onto her hips. She rocked her hips back and forth, pressing downwards and working the walls of her pussy as Joey slid into her further. The next motion of her hips caused her to gasp in pleasure as her son's full length penetrated her. Ellie began to work up and down, back and forth as she moaned in pleasure. She felt particularly tight in this position and the unhurried pace felt sensuous and wonderful. Ellie continued to ride her son at a slow, even pace as he relaxed and let her take charge. As she fucked herself on him, Joey could hear the smacking and sucking sound of her pussy as his cock moved around inside her.

Her firm medium sized breasts jiggled as his mother picked up the pace. Ellie pushed her hips down until their groins met and then lifted up until just the swollen tip of Joey's cock remained inside her. She seemed to know just how far to move so that her son's cock never slipped out of her pussy. His mother's thigh muscles felt firm and tight under Joey's hands as she worked her body on him. The speed of their groins slapping together increased as they fucked faster and harder. The mother and son really had a rhythm going now and Joey thrust up into her as she lowered herself on him. Her pussy contracted around her son's cock as her eyes fluttered and she emitted a high pitch scream. Ellie grabbed onto Joey's shoulders as she rode out her orgasm. Joey ejaculated into her again flooding her cunt once again with his spunk as she collapsed on top of him.

Exhausted and sexually drained the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms. When they woke up the next morning Ellie was still clad in her blouse which was pushed up over her tits. She mused at first at her condition but then she reflected on yet another taboo act that took place between her and her son. She seemed powerless to resist his advances and she was enjoying the sex way too much to end the incestuous affair. That evening she would be meeting with Ally and hopefully she would have some words of wisdom.

Ellie's thoughts were interrupted when Joey woke up and rolled her over on her back. He nestled between her legs and slipped his morning erection into her pussy. "Here we go again!" she thought to herself.


Ellie arrived at Ally's house and for the next hour she described the activities with her son. Ally could not believe that Ellie was actually fucking her son but she got turned on listening to her friend's account of the affair. Ally was curious about Joey now as Ellie described his take charge demeanor and told Ally about his big cock. Ally had not been with a man in a very long time but all of a sudden she was curious about Joey's cock. Then Ally cleared her mind of such thoughts and put her counselor's hat back on.

"Ellie you must end this immediately. This is headed in a very dangerous direction and you certainly do not want a scandal," Ally told her.

"Yes I know Ally but each time I tell myself to end it, I fail to do so. Joey is so controlling and I can't resist him," Ellie admitted.

"My God Ellie, you're his mother. You're the one in charge. You have to take control," Ally scolded her.

"You're right, I'll try," Ellie said unconvincingly.

"Ellie you have to stop it. What's next? Will he share you with his friends?" Ally challenged.

Ellie had a fleeting thought of what it would be like to be in bed with the hard bodies of Bobby, Kenny and her son at the same time. Then she regained her senses and replied, "He would never do that Ally, he's my son."

"Ellie if it's about the sex you know I am here for you. We have had some incredible sex and if we need to get together more often, let's do it. I love your company and our sex together," Ally proposed.

"Maybe that would help," Ellie admitted.

Later that evening the two women ended naked up in Ally's bed. Ally turned to Ellie took her in her arms and kissed her. Ally then pulled back a little looked into her beautiful dark eyes, then kissed her again with a little more feeling. Ellie's eyes closed and she returned the kiss. Ally slid her tongue out slowly and gently slid it along Ellie's lips. Ellie's lips loosened and Ally pressed her tongue a little deeper. She felt Ellie's teeth and pushed a little causing Ellie to emit a low moan as her mouth opened and let Ally's tongue into her sweet mouth. Ally slid it inside and her tongue met Ellie's and they probed and explored each other's mouth. Ally pulled her closer and their firm breasts met and pressed against each other. Ally could feel Ellie's hot body press against her hard nipples. Ally stroked Ellie's warm back and her skin felt like velvet. They finally broke apart to catch their breath. They just looked at each other and smiled

Ally stroked Ellie's face and put a hand behind her head pulling Ellie against her and kissed her. Ally slid her tongue along Ellie's lips causing her to tremble slightly and it felt wonderful. She stroked her friend's arm gently over and over as they kissed. Ally pushed her tongue into Ellie's hot mouth exploring every inch of the interior. Ally could actually feel her own pussy tingle and her juices begin to flow in anticipation of what was to happen. The same thing was happening to Ellie and her body trembled slightly.

They kissed for a long time, sucking on each other's tongues. Ellie lay still, not moving except to press her head forward toward Ally's lips. Ally stroked her hair and felt its smooth surface running through her fingers.

Ally ran her hands down Ellie's arm, then moved it to her hip and then slid it upward over her chest. Ally felt her friend tremble as her hand came near Ellie's breast. She stroked Ellie's velvet skin and felt the small rise of her breast causing Ellie to moan. Ally watched her hand move slowly over her friend's firm breast as she wanted to make this moment last. Ellie lay back and her breast seemed even smaller as Ally ran her hand over it and slid it over her nipple. Ellie moaned softly and her thighs rubbed together as Ally was making her hot. Ally was making her self hot too.

"Do you want my hand down there? Do you want it on your pussy?" Ally asked already knowing the answer but wanting Ellie to tell her that she wanted it.

Ally's hand stroked Ellie's stomach and then Ally moved her hand down a little and felt Ellie's pubic hair tickle the tips of her fingers. Ally was on fire with desire and own pussy tingled.

Ellie's breath rushed out as she gasped, "Oh, please! Please! I need it there! You are setting me on fire," she moaned.

"Are you sure you want it, want me to make love to you? Do you want my finger inside you?" Ally asked teasing her further.

"Oh! Yes! Please Ally, please! Do me. You are killing me!" Ellie cried out.

Ellie spread her thighs a little as Ally slid her hand down and cupped her friend's pubic mound, curling her fingers down between her lover's thighs. Ellie's hips thrust forward against Ally's hand as she just held her hand there, feeling Ellie's hot pussy against her fingers. Ally kissed her again and Ellie's tongue thrust out to meet hers and their lips slid sensuously together. They breathed into each other's mouths as Ally cupped her friend's sweet pussy and their hearts seemed to be pounding a mile a minute.

Ally rubbed Ellie's pussy mound up and down before she let her middle finger slip inward. Ellie was very wet and Ally's finger slipped between her pussy lips effortlessly and found her friend's hot inner flesh. Ellie moaned into her lover's mouth as Ally rubbed her finger up and down Ellie's slit slowly, then curved it and slid it into her hot and very tight pussy. Ellie's hot flesh surrounded the finger and Ally slid it in and out slowly, fucking her pussy gently. Ellie's body trembled slightly and her eyes went wide as Ally pulled her very wet finger out a little and ran it upward feeling for Ellie's clit. Ellie gasped as her lover found the firm little nub. Ally rubbed her finger up and down over it the way she liked to pleasure herself. Ellie pulled back from Ally little grunts came from her wide open mouth.

"Oh God yes, please! Just like that! You're driving me crazy!" Ellie cried out and Ally was glad.

Ally ran her finger in little circles over Ellie's firm clit causing her to moan and sob in ecstasy. Ellie's body grew taut against Ally and then she screamed out unintelligible moans and cries of pleasure as her sweet face became distorted with passion. Ally rubbed faster keeping the same amount of pressure on Ellie's clit. Ellie's hips shot up and her head flew back as her throat muscles were wire taut and she screamed over and over as she climaxed. Ally's finger became a blur as she stroked her lover's clit. Ellie finally gave one last long scream and her body went limp. Ellie clamped her legs together pinning Ally's hand between her thighs and then she pushed her lover's hand away.

Ellie lay there gasping as Ally took her finger and brought it to her nose. Ally sniffed Ellie's nectar and then she slipped it into her mouth and tasted Ellie's juices. Ally loved smelling and tasting Ellie's pussy juices and she almost came herself. Ally reached out and stroked Ellie's pretty face as she lay there gasping for breath.

"Oh Ally, that was fantastic. I've cum before from a finger but it was never anything like that," Ellie finally managed to say between gasps.

"The only thing I did was stroke your clit!" Ally replied smiling.

"I know, but you got me so hot kissing me. Then it was just the thought of you making love to me," Ellie explained.

"I know and we have the whole evening," Ally promised.

"You gave me a fantastic cum, now I want to give you one," Ellie said with a tremor in her voice.

As Ellie kissed Ally her hand went to her breast cupping and fondling it. Ellie caught her friend's nipple and rolled it between her fingers, gently pulling on it. Ally loved it and pressed her chest upward encouraging Ellie to play with her tits. Ellie fondled and played with Ally's tits and nipples the same way Ally had with hers. Ally moaned and writhed on the bed and just when Ally thought she could stand it no more, Ellie's hand went down her body, stroked her belly then moved lower to cup Ally's pussy mound. Ally spread her thighs wide for her lover as Ellie slid her hand down a little further and pressed her finger inward.

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