tagIncest/TabooSon Controls His Mother Ch. 04

Son Controls His Mother Ch. 04


First off let me thank all the readers for their positive feedback on the preceding chapters. Your comments and voting have encouraged me to continue with this story. This is the fourth chapter. You may wish to read the first three chapters before you read this chapter. I know some readers do not like long stories or sequels so I will try to make each chapter short and capable of standing on its own. That way the reader can decide what he or she wants to read. Also some readers wait for the series to be complete so to that end I have drafted an outline of the proposed chapters. I hope this is to every reader's liking. If the comments are too negative and or the voting to low, I will take that as a signal to discontinue the story. As always I encourage reader feedback through the comment section or by e-mail. All characters in this fictional story are at least 18 years of age.


Chapter 1 -- Joey seduces his mother Eleanor.

Chapter 2 -- Joey and Ellie expand their sexual activities.

Chapter 3 -- Joey has a counseling session with Ally his mother's shrink.

Chapter 4 -- Joey shares his mother Ellie with his friends

Chapter 5 -- Joey's encounters include his mother Ellie and Ally.

Chapter 6 -- Ellie and Ally entertain Joey and his friends.

Chapter 7 -- Joey's final fling before he heads to college.


Joey was hanging out by the pool awaiting his two friends and their girlfriends. Sharon was away on vacation for two weeks with her family but Joey was satisfied with the sex he was getting from his mother and from Ally his latest conquest, his mother's shrink. Joey was mentally planning a get together with his mother and Ally Connors when his friends arrived. He had an erection just from thinking about his next adventure with the two mature women. His excited state did not go unnoticed by Amanda and Jackie as their eyes went right to his crotch when he stood up.

"Hey I'm glad you are here. I made a large batch of vodka slushes and I didn't want to have to drink them by myself," Joey said with a laugh.

"No problem help has arrived, bring on the vodka!" voiced Bobby.

"Make your selves at home and I'll go and get the drinks," Joey offered.

"Hey Joey, where is your mom today?" asked Kenny.

"Oh she's out on a bunch of real estate calls and she won't be home until after dinner," Joey replied.

Joey didn't know it but once his mother heard that he was having his friends over again she rearranged her schedule so that she could be home early. Ellie was hoping that she would catch Joey and his friends having sex again. She so enjoyed watching the youthful hard bodies go at it last time.

Joey returned from the house with the vodka slushes and let his friends help themselves to the drinks. They all kicked back in the lounge chairs with a drink in their hand and toasted one another. They talked about the summer and the upcoming college days and sipped one drink after another. Once again the combination of the vodka and the sun took its toll on the teenagers. Amanda and Jackie were getting giddy and the boys were slightly slurring their words.

Amanda then asked, "Joey since your mom isn't here is it okay for us to sunbathe topless?"

"Sure I have already seen your tits and Jackie's too," Joey replied and then added, "Hell we have already seen each other completely naked why not sunbathe in the nude?"

"Only if you go first," Amanda replied blushingly.

Joey stood up and stripped off his bathing suit and the two girls stared at his soft cock as it dangled in front of him. Bobby and Kenny were momentarily stunned by Joey's response and then even more surprised when Amanda slipped off her bikini.

"Come on Jackie get yours off too," urged Amanda.

Jackie stood up, slipped off her bikini and said, "What the hell, Joey's right we have already seen each other naked."

Kenny and Bobby were quick to join their friends and they slipped off their bathing suits. Now everyone was completely naked. The teenagers returned to their drinks and conversations. Once in a while they would take a dip in the pool to cool off. Amanda and Jackie were lying on their stomachs and the three boys took in their shapely bottoms. Joey thought it would be great if he got to fuck both girls in the ass. But he wouldn't push the issue.

Bobby moved over to Amanda and sat on her lounge along side her and said. "You wouldn't want these pretty buns to get burned would you?"

Bobby then poured a generous amount of sun tan lotion on Amanda's body and covered her back, legs and buttocks with it. Amanda shivered slightly when he poured some in the crack of her ass. Bobby massaged the lotion into her and he spent a long time on her ass. He then slipped a finger into her anus and worked the lotion into her rectum. Amanda tensed at first and then she relaxed again. Amanda had already had anal sex with Bobby so she was no stranger to anal penetration.

"I don't think the sun shines in there," Amanda said playfully.

"Hey Amanda check out Bobby's erection. You should probably put some lotion on it so it doesn't get sunburned," Kenny yelled.

Kenny was already sitting on Jackie's lounge and he too was massaging the lotion into her body. Jackie rolled over and Kenny's finger slipped from her asshole. He smiled at her and began rubbing the lotion on the front of her body. Soon he was focused on her tits and her pubes and then he fingered her pussy. Jackie reached over and stroked Bobby's cock with the lotion. The two of them played with each other until they were ready to burst. The same scene had been played out with Bobby and Amanda. Joey watched his friends and he too became excited. His cock was throbbing and looked imposing to his friends.

"If you want to fuck then we have to go inside to the guest room," cautioned Joey before his friends took it too far.

They started to pick up their clothing but Joey told them to leave it and just head for the house. The five of them moved naked into the house and once again Amanda and Jackie checked out Joey's cock.

Amanda and Jackie were so horny from playing with cocks and having their pussies diddled that as soon as they arrived in the guest room they wanted to be fucked. Amanda, Jackie, Kenny and Bobby got in the twin beds. Kenny fucked Jackie while Bobby fucked Amanda. Bobby loved fucking the ever hot Amanda with her uncanny ability to massage his cock with her vaginal muscles, a talent that was rare.

Kenny enjoyed fucking Jackie and feeling her hot tight little pussy wrap around his cock. Both girls were grunting and groaning as the guys pounded their pussies with hard cocks. Joey chuckled at the horny foursome as he watched and stroked his own cock. Joey was in no hurry when Bobby was finished with Amanda but Joey had decided to warm up with her. He knew that she wanted to fuck him just by the look on her face. After fucking Amanda Joey would turn his attention to the other hot teenager.

Joey walked over to replace Bobby who had just rolled off Amanda. Amanda smiled at Joey as she spread her legs wide in anticipation of his big cock. Joey eased his cock into the hot girl and Amanda wrapped her legs around his muscular torso digging her heels into his buttocks. Joey started slowly but then picked up the pace as Amanda's pussy got wetter and wetter. Soon he was sliding all the way in and all the way out causing Amanda to groan in ecstasy. Bobby just watched in amazement as Joey reamed his girlfriend with his huge dick.

Jackie and Kenny also watched in amazement as Joey's huge cock disappeared into Amanda's cunt and then re-appeared again only to disappear time and time again. Amanda was thrashing and calling out to Joey.

"Oh yeah fuck me with your big cock. Let me have all of it. Let me feel your spunk shooting into me," Amanda yelled for all to hear.

Jackie was taken back momentarily by Amanda's outburst and she was a little embarrassed for Bobby. She had not seen Amanda so wild before.

"She does get into it doesn't she?" Kenny said to Jackie.

"Oh man, Jackie you are in for a treat when you have your tight pussy filled with this cock," Amanda called out to her.

Jackie stared nervously at the copulating couple and wondered if she would even be able to take Joey's cock. Would it hurt? Would he be careful? Just thinking of his big meat was making her pussy wet.

"Here it cums Amanda, oh baby!" Joey announced as his buttocks tightened briefly and he shot his load into Amanda's cunt.

Amanda's body rocked with orgasm as Joey filled her hot hole with his seed. The two of them then fucked each other slowly as if they were cooling down from an intense workout. Joey eased his cock out of Amanda's pussy and it was still hard and covered with a combination of his seed and her nectar.

Joey looked right at Jackie and said, "Let's take a break for now and then Jackie your next."

Bobby and Kenny were bewildered as they had not expected Joey to fuck their girl friends. Amanda obviously wanted it as she got into Joey's cock immediately. Even though Kenny, Bobby, Amanda and Jackie had switched partners many times it was strange with Joey joining the action.

Joey joined Jackie on the other bed and he watched closely as the beautiful redheaded teenager opened her legs before him. Joey thought to himself that he was really going to enjoy her. Jackie surprised herself with her comfort level of total nudity and open sex with the others. She never would have thought in her life she would be laying here in this situation. Jackie started to play with Joey's cock she loved holding the thick meat in her tiny hand. Joey smiled and caressed her tenderly. They hugged and stroked each other for quite awhile before Joey was ready to fuck but by then Jackie was so ready she almost came when Joey's cock head just touched her pussy.

Joey slowly eased his cock into Jackie's tight pussy. He pushed in a little and then backed out then back in and back out. Joey was gentle and took his time feeding his big cock to her. Jackie was getting more turned on by the moment and Joey felt he was going to cum before he got his cock in her. They were both so excited it took everything they had to keep from cumming prematurely.

Jackie caught herself holding her breath and then reminded herself to breathe. Her pussy was sopping wet which served to make Joey's entry a lot easier. Just when Jackie didn't think he could go any deeper he did once again taking her breath away. Jackie didn't realize that Joey was all the way in her pussy because she had felt so full for the past several minutes. Joey began to fuck her slowly and she continued to open up for him.

Once Joey's hips began to move with more authority Jackie realized that she had taken his entire cock into her pussy and she began to move with him. Joey was racing toward another massive orgasm and Jackie was like a dog in heat. They fucked each other as if they were racing each other toward an orgasm, which in a sense they were. Jackie's body shuddered and rocked in orgasm first and she held tightly to Joey, digging her heels into the back of his body. Joey stiffened as he always did and then fired round after round of hot cum into Jackie's cunt. Jackie could feel the force and volume of his cum shots and it turned her on so much that she continued to orgasm herself until Joey collapsed on top of her body.

Joey's cock gradually deflated inside of Jackie's pussy and slipped out with a trail of cum trickling on Jackie's inner thighs. Joey rolled to her side as the two of them rested as they recovered from the intensity of their recent orgasms. Joey's wet cock lay against the side of Jackie's thigh and she could feel the spunk start to dry on her skin. Jackie had the strangest sensation that Joey's cock was still in her cunt.

In the other bed Amanda was sandwiched between Bobby and Kenny. They had just finished with their double fuck session and Bobby's cock was still in her ass and Kenny's dick was still in her pussy. Both of the guy's cocks were softening and would soon slip out of Amanda's holes. The three of them also were exhausted and they rested as they looked at Joey and Jackie in the other bed.

The recuperative powers of youth were in play and Joey had Jackie ride his cock as he lay on his back. Joey played with Jackie's ass and toyed with her anus. Joey knew that Kenny had butt fucked her and he urged Kenny to fuck her ass right then. Jackie was scared as she had never had two cocks in her at the same time. Kenny moved in behind his girlfriend and slipped his wet hard cock in her asshole.

"Jesus, Joey I can feel your cock in there!" Kenny exclaimed.

Jackie was breathless as she was skewered with the two impressive cocks. She was glad that it was Kenny in her ass and not Joey with his monster. Jackie loosened up a little and the two boys developed a rhythm fucking her. Bobby was turned on by the scene and then he was totally surprised at Amanda's suggestion.

"Bobby, go and stick your cock in her mouth. I want to see her with three cocks in her," Amanda said in a sultry voice.

Bobby moved up on the bed and offered Jackie his cock. Jackie as if she were in a hypnotic state took Bobby's cock in her mouth. Now all three of her holes had cocks in them. Jackie had a string of orgasms one right after the other. Amanda watched as her girlfriend took on three cocks at the same time and then she had the strangest urge to play with Jackie's tits. Amanda knelt on the bed next to the foursome and she began to fondle Jackie's tits and tweak her nipples. Jackie was beyond any objection at this point as she was in an orgiastic state of bliss.

One by one the boys came in Jackie's mouth, pussy and asshole and when they were soft they pulled their cocks from her holes. Bobby and Kenny sat on the opposite bed and watched as Jackie rolled off Joey and flopped on her back. Joey joined the other two boys on the bed and rested. Amanda looked at Jackie's quivering body with the semen leaking from it. Jackie's red hair around her pussy was glistening with female and male juices and her vulva seemed to twitch on its own. Amanda moved her legs over Jackie's body and lowered her pussy to her friend's face.

Jackie panicked when she saw Amanda's pussy descend on her face and she cried out, "No, no Amanda no, don't make me do that."

But Amanda ignored her girlfriend's plea and lowered her pussy on Jackie's face. Amanda moved her pussy around on Jackie's face as she encouraged Jackie to eat her. Jackie finally gave in and she began to lick Amanda's pussy trying to copy everything she could remember from having her own pussy eaten. Jackie was successful and she soon had Amanda squirming around and cumming on her face. Amanda collapsed forward as she climaxed from her first female encounter.

Amanda wasn't allowed to rest for very long as the three boys were all over her. They arranged Amanda in a position straddling Joey with his big dick buried in her throbbing twat. Bobby then entered her ass which had become his most favorite position and Kenny fed his cock to her mouth. Jackie watched in awe of Amanda as she handled the three dicks at one time. Amanda just seemed consumed with getting triple fucked.

Amanda had the unique ability to clench her vaginal muscles and her anal muscles around the two cocks in those holes. Her cock sucking ability was second to none so no matter which cock was in which hole, the guys were satisfied. However fucking Amanda in the ass was special as Bobby could watch her marvelous curvy ass in action. Bobby loved to fuck Amanda in the ass but he always came quickly because of the eroticism of being in her lovely backside. Amanda felt the three guys cum in her holes. She loved the feel of cum filling her ass and pussy as she swallowed her friend's load. Jackie watched Amanda as she took each of the cocks back in her mouth and sucked them dry.

Ellie had watched the two teenagers take on the three boys at the same time then she quietly went back to her room. Just as she had planned she had arrived at home in time to catch her son and his four friends having sex. Ellie couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. The two girls were experienced in sex beyond their years. Ellie thought back to when she was 18 years old and it was a big deal to let a boy squeeze her tit or rub her panty covered pussy. Now these girls were taking three cocks at a time.

Ellie's pussy was overheated from watching the youthful bodies in action. She closed and locked her bedroom door and took off all her clothes. She retrieved her favorite dildo and lay on the bed fucking her self with it. Ellie thought about the triple penetrations that she had just witnessed as she ran the fake cock in and out of her hot twat. Ellie at that moment wished that she was alone with Joey or with Ally. Then she thought about the three boys and what it would be like to have all three cocks in her at the same time. She imagined that she was being triple-fucked by the three young hard cocks. Ellie had an incredible orgasm and her body lifted off the bed as she drenched the dildo with her female nectar.

Ellie left the fake cock in her pussy for a few minutes as she recovered from the intensity of her orgasm. Then she slowly pulled it out and briefly looked at the glistening rubber shaft. Ellie then did something she had never done before. She took the fake cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of her own juices. She imagined that she was sucking one of the boy's cocks and tasting her love juice. Ellie had watched Amanda suck all three cocks clean and she now imagined that she was doing the same thing.

Ellie then heard the five of them leave the guest room and head back out to the pool. She got up from the bed and watched them from her bedroom window. She watched as Bobby held Amanda's hand and Kenny held Jackie's hand as they followed her son Joey back out to the pool. They walked naked over to the Jacuzzi as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Ellie felt her body stir again from watching the beautiful youthful bodies in all their naked glory. Then she went back to bed and decided to take a nap. She fell asleep thinking about the five teenagers.

In the Jacuzzi the five friends were drained indeed. Each of the boys had cum four times and the two girls had had countless orgasms. They kicked back in the spa and let the jets soothe their achy bodies. Amanda found a jet near her bottom and she positioned herself so the water would shoot right into her asshole. It tickled her and felt good around her stretched anus. She told Jackie about it and then Jackie found a similar jet and the two girls giggled as they said they were getting a spa enema.

After a good hour in the Jacuzzi the five of them got out and lay naked on the lounge chairs. After awhile it was time to go so they got dressed and picked up their bathing suits and bikinis. After Joey's four friends left for the day, Joey went in the house and poured himself another drink. He then stretched out in the family room and turned on the TV. Before long he dozed off in the easy chair.

That night after dinner Joey and his mother sat around watching a TV movie and relaxing with after dinner drinks. Sex was the furthest thing from Joey's mind at that point but his mother was secretly hoping that he would come to her room that night. Ellie was afraid to initiate anything since she was still struggling with the incestuous relationship. She couldn't on one hand tell Joey it was wrong and it needed to stop and then on the other hand ask him to fuck her. So when Joey said goodnight and went to his own room, Ellie turned to her rubber friend again. Once again Ellie fantasized about the three boys fucking her as she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy. After another intense orgasm Ellie fell asleep with the fake cock next to her in her bed.

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