Son Controls His Mother Ch. 05


Ally knelt behind Ellie and tongued the woman from her pussy up through the crack of her ass. Ally's tongue danced across Ellie's nether hole and drew a sigh from the Joey's mother. Ellie remembered the first time Ally had done that to her and she thought she would cum on the spot. Ally continued to lick her pussy and her ass from behind until Ellie was dripping wet and squirming with desire. Just before Ally made the final assault on Ellie's pussy she spoke.

"Joey please get behind me and fuck me as I eat your mother's tasty pussy," Ally said in a sultry tone.

Joey didn't have to be asked twice and he was on the sofa in a flash. He pushed his cock into Ally's slick pussy and began to fuck her from behind. Joey loved her pert firm ass and he massaged it as he stroked his cock in and out of her pussy. Joey tickled her nether hole and Ally shivered as he did. Ally loved to be ass fucked and she loved having her ass played with. Joey probed her bung hole as he fucked her tight pussy and played with her cute ass.

Ally had Ellie moaning, gasping and groaning and her hips failed about as Ally licked her from her clit to her asshole and back. Ellie felt her climax mounting as her talented lover tongued her pussy and nibbled on her clit. One more nibble and Ellie went over the edge. She thrashed about as Ally tried to steady her hips and keep her mouth glued to Ellie's pussy. Ellie felt her body release her juices and she flooded Ally's mouth with a generous amount of female cum. Ally continued to lick and suck on Ellie's pussy as if to make her keep cumming and cumming. Ellie finally collapsed and fell to a prone position on the sofa. Ally stroked the lovely woman's ass as she too felt close to another orgasm. Joey had picked up the pace and was pounding Ally's pussy. Ally reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as Joey fucked her slick pussy. Joey stiffened and blasted his cum load into Ally's pussy and that coupled with her own clitoral ministrations sent her over the edge. Ally's pussy contracted and relaxed several times as she orgasmed and as it did it milked Joey's cock dry of his semen. The two of them collapsed on the sofa along with Ellie. The three of them remained motionless for a few minutes and then they slowly stirred and caressed one another.

"Now tell that wasn't great. That's what I am talking about," Joey quipped.

"God I can't believe that I still have my clothes on," Ellie remarked.

"Well at least you are without the most important piece," Ally quipped.

Ellie got out of bed and undressed so that she was as naked as her son and her shrink. "I need to get some lube? You got my ass so tingly that I need to have something in it," Ellie stated.

"I have lotion will that do?" Ally answered her.

"That will be fine, I want Joey to fuck my ass while I eat your pussy again," Ellie told Ally.

Ally got the lotion for Ellie and handed it to her brother Joey. Joey knelt behind his mother who had already taken up her position of all fours on the sofa. Joey's cock hardened in anticipation of fucking his mother's hot ass again. Ellie told Ally to get in front of her so that she could eat her pussy.

"I will eat you too as your son fucks your ass. I want to watch his cock slide in and out of your asshole," Ally announced.

Ally got into a 69 position with Ellie and slid her head under the woman's pussy. Ally opened up Ellie's labia and fingered her pussy as her son put an ample amount of lotion into his mother's asshole and on his rock hard cock. Joey fingered Ellie's ass as Ally fingered Ellie's pussy. Then Joey spit on his hand and mixed his saliva with his lotion covered cock. The effect made his cock very slippery and he lined it up with his mother's nether hole. Ally watched as Joey pressed forward and his cock opened up Ellie's rosebud and the cock head disappeared into her ass clearing the sphincter. Ellie gasped as she felt the cock enter her ass and sighed as Joey pushed it in to the hilt. As soon as he was nestled in her ass Ellie turned her attention back to Ally's pussy. She leaned and sucked on the labia and folded back the outer lips. Ellie pushed two fingers into Ally's pussy as she searched for Ally's clit. Ellie then locked her mouth on Ally's clit and tickled her asshole with one finger moistened with Ally's pussy juice.

Ally gasped into Ellie's pussy when she felt the girl's finger around her nether hole. Ellie moistened her finger with more of Ally's nectar and then returned the finger to her lover's asshole. Ellie probed Ally's rosebud and inserted her finger all the while she continued to suck and nibble on her clit. Ally liked the feeling of the small finger in her ass and she located Ellie's clit in the interest of returning the pleasure. Ally watched as Joey's cock slid in and out of his mother's ass just above her face. As she watched Joey fuck his mother's ass Ally reached up with one hand and cupped his balls. She could feel them tighten in her hand from the new sensation. Ally continued to eat Ellie's pussy and suck on her clit as Ellie reciprocated with Ally's pussy and clit as Joey slide his slick cock in and out of his mother's warm poop chute.

Ally was the first to cum and Ellie held her by her thighs with one hand as she pumped her lover's asshole with one finger of the other hand. Ally groaned into Ellie's pussy as her climax took over her body and she released her juices into Ellie's mouth. Ally went right on eating Ellie's pussy all the while. Ally recovered from her orgasm and focused on Ellie's cunt and her son's balls. Ally was nibbling on Ellie's clit driving her wild as she cupped and massaged Joey's balls. She felt Joey tense in her hand and Ally removed her hand and took his balls in her mouth. When Joey felt his balls covered by the warm mouth and Ally ran her tongue around them he went wild. Joey fired barrage after barrage of cum into his mother's ass as Ally sucked on his testicles. It was one of his best cums ever.

Joey's body stopped bucking and he pressed his cock all the way into his mother's asshole. Ally let his balls pop free from his mouth and she returned her attention to Ellie. Just a few more nibbles on her clit and Ellie went into spasms as her body was rocked with the intensity of another climax. Joey held Ellie by her hips and Ally kept her mouth glued to Ellie's pussy as her intense orgasm caused her body to tremble in her release. Ellie juiced Ally's mouthed with the tasty female nectar and Ally drink in every drop. Ally watched as Joey's cock softened and slipped from his mother's asshole and dangled just above her face. Ellie was contracting her anal muscles which forced Joey's cum to ooze out of her ass and trickle down over her pussy lips. Ally watched the semen move toward her face and she reached out with her tongue and gathered it in to her mouth tasting Joey's seed for the second time. Ally continued to lick Ellie's pussy and drink in Joey's spunk as it traveled from Ellie's ass across her pussy and onto Ally's tongue. When Ally was satisfied that the flow of cum from Ellie's ass has slowed, she then took Joey's deflated cock into her mouth and sucked it dry. Joey's body shivered with Ally's sucking action and he could only take it for a few seconds.

The three of them were well sated for the moment and they untangled their bodies and lay on the sofa with Ally in the middle. They were quiet as they recovered from their intense orgasms and then they began to chat with each other once again.

"It's time for another round of drinks and then we should take this upstairs to mother's bedroom," Joey announced.

Ally flopped on the bed with all her beauty, lay on her back and asked, "Who wants to eat my pussy first?"

Ellie looked on as Joey slid between Ally's legs and buried his face in her pussy. Joey knew what he was doing and soon had Ally panting with excitement. As he licked and nibbled her clit, he slid a lubricated middle finger into Ally's asshole and his thumb into her pussy. Ally was humping his face as she came quickly the first time. Joey continued to eat her and Ellie began to finger her own pussy as she watched the two of them.

"Ellie come up here and sit on my face," coached Ally. "Come on, I'll eat you as he eats me," Ally urged.

Ellie straddled Ally's face as Ally cupped Ellie's curvy ass with her hands. Ally soon had Ellie squirming as she ate her out. The two girls got their nut again as Ally creamed all over Joey's face and Ellie creamed Ally's face.

"Now bring that big dick up here and fuck my brains out," Ally ordered.

Joey slid between Ally's legs and pushed his big thick cock into her tight pussy. She was snugger than Ellie but she soon loosened up and Joey began to pound her cunt.

"Sweet Jesus, I love being this full of cock," Ally exclaimed as Joey filled her pussy.

Joey kept fucking her, keeping his cock in contact with her clit and Ally was going wild. She thrashed around and humped her cunt up at Joey. She had multiple orgasms and the last was vocal and violent as Joey creamed her pussy with his seed. Ally screamed for Joey to hold her as she thrashed around and seemingly lost her breath.

Ellie had never seen anyone else fuck Ally before and it was a real turn on for her. Joey kept fucking Ally slowly and amazingly he stayed hard. Ally pleaded with him to give her clit a break so Joey rolled her seemingly lifeless figure over on all fours and began to fuck her doggy style. Ally laid her head on the bed and had an absolute look of bliss on her face as Joey screwed his cock in and out of her pussy. Joey started to finger her asshole and Ally felt as if she had two dicks in her. Ellie lay next to Ally and started to fondle her tits and tweak her nipples. Ally was moaning as Ellie slipped her head under Ally's chest and began to suck on her tits.

Ellie was totally carried away and slid further down to lick Ally's twat as Joey's dick fucked in and out of her. Ally was going wild and she was approaching another mind blowing orgasm. As Ally impaled her cunt on Joey's cock and Ellie nibbled on her clit Ally was in ecstasy. As Ally thrashed around in orgasm, Joey removed his cock from her cunt and positioned it at her asshole. With Joey's pushing and Ally's thrashing his cock was soon buried in her ass. Joey began to slowly fuck her in the ass and Ellie continued to lick Ally's twat. Ally then realized that Joey was in her ass again. She adjusted well and was soon enjoying the feeling of his big thick dick in her asshole.

"Oh yeah, fuck my ass, fuck it good. I want to feel you shoot your load in my asshole," Ally exclaimed.

Ellie alternated between Ally's pussy and licking Joey's balls, which accelerated his orgasm. Ally felt Joey bury his cock in her asshole, stiffen tense up and then fire a barrage of cum into her ass. "Oh I feel it, I can feel it, I'm so full," Ally carried on.

Joey's cock slowly softened in Ally's ass and eventually slipped from it right into Ellie's waiting mouth. Ally's ass made a popping sound as the cock cleared her asshole. Joey's cum trickled down between Ally's ass cheeks over her pussy lips finding its way to Ellie's mouth. Ellie sucked Joey's cock clean, lapped up Ally's cunt and accepted Joey's cum as Ally kept pushing it out of her ass. The three of them collapsed on the bed and lay cuddled together for several minutes before the silence was broken.

"It's my turn again, Ally come and eat my pussy," Ellie ordered as she positioned herself on all fours.

The exact same scene was repeated as Ally ate Ellie's pussy while Joey fucked his mother in the ass. Ally would alternate sucking on Joey's balls and licking his mother's pussy. After Joey came in his mother's ass his cock slipped out and Ally was there to suck it clean. Then Ally returned to Ellie's pussy and sucked on it until Ellie had another orgasm. Ally drank up every drop of female nectar that Ellie released. The three of them finally drained and exhausted collapsed on Ellie's bed. Ally and Ellie dozed off quickly so Joey went to his own room to get some much needed rest.


Ally woke up Saturday morning to a movement in the bed. She opened her eyes and looked over toward Ellie. Ellie was groaning as her son Joey pounded her pussy with his big cock.

"Joey stop, please stop. I can't cum anymore," Ellie begged her son.

Joey looked over at Ally and saw that she had awaken, "Look who's finally awake. Okay Ally it's your turn," he announced.

Joey pulled out of his mother's cunt and moved toward Ally with his big erect cock glistening with cunt juice. Ally lay back on the bed and spread her legs to receive the teenage cock. Joey slid his cock into Ally's hot cunt and started fucking her with his morning piss hard-on. Ally had no idea what she was in for but after countless orgasms she too begged Joey to stop fucking her. Joey pulled out and then left the two women in his mother's bed.

"I'll put the coffee on after I take a piss," he told them.

Ellie and Ally stayed in bed for a few more minutes resting their well fucked bodies as Joey went downstairs and made the coffee. The two women eventually got out of bed and made their way downstairs to join Joey for coffee. Ellie loaned Ally a robe and they were naked under the robes as they sat in the breakfast area.

The three of them had a light breakfast and then Joey suggested taking the coffee out to the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi was a welcome thought to Ellie and Ally as their bodies needed a rejuvenation. The three of them sank into the spa's warm bubbling water and totally relaxed with another cup of coffee. Joey still had not cum yet that morning so he had Ally and Ellie give him a sandwich blow job. Neither woman had ever done anything like that before so it was kind of a turn-on for them. Joey sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi as Ally and Ellie ran their lips up and down the shaft of his cock. It didn't take long for Joey to cum and his first shot went into Ally's mouth. Ally then passed his cock to Ellie who took her son's second shot in her mouth. The two women passed Joey's cock back and forth between them letting him cum in their mouths until his cock was dry. Ally then kissed Ellie initiating the exchange of cum between the two of them.

After Joey's ejaculation into the women's mouths he slipped back into the Jacuzzi and relaxed in the soothing jets. The rest of the morning was spent relaxing and cleaning up. After lunch they sat out by the pool totally naked at Joey's suggestion. The back yard was totally private and the security system was set so they would know of any unplanned visitors. Joey made up some vodka slushes for everyone so they enjoyed their drinks, swam in the pool and played little foreplay games. They took turns covering each other's body with suntan lotion. Joey would tease the women by fingering their pussies and assholes. The women stroked Joey's cock with the lotion. Ally and Ellie ran their hands over each other's body, caressed each other's tits and fingered each other's pussy and asshole. By the time they finally went back in the house they were so turned on that they couldn't wait to get back into bed. Joey told Ally to bring her sex toys up to the bedroom.

Joey saw the anal beads and he wanted to see Ally use them on his mother. He watched as Ally pushed the lubricated beads into his mother's asshole. Then he watched Ally eat his mother's pussy until she started to orgasm and Ally popped the beads out slowly one by one. Each time a bead popped out of his mother's asshole she would shake with another tremor. Ellie had a mind blowing string of orgasms as the beads were slowly pulled from her ass.

Next Ally showed Joey the strap-on dildo and how it fit her body. She fastened the harness to her and paced the vaginal and anal plugs in her holes. Then she was ready to fuck Ellie. Joey had a different idea he wanted Ally to fuck his mother in the ass as his mother rode his cock. Ally showed Ellie the strap-on dildo and then fucked her in the ass with it as Ellie straddled Joey with his huge cock in her pussy. It was Ellie's first double penetration fuck with a woman and Joey could feel the fake dick through Ellie's thin membrane separating her cunt and asshole. The three of them came again, Joey in his mother's pussy, Ellie allover her son's cock and Ally from the double penetration of the two plugs.

Ellie then put on the strap-on cock and fucked Ally's ass as Ally sat with Joey's cock buried in her cunt. Afterward, Ally produced another toy this one a two headed double dildo separated by a pair of balls in the middle. Ellie lay on her back as Ally inserted one end of the dildo in her pussy and then Ally placed the other end in her own cunt. The two women began to fuck each other with the double dick. Joey knelt behind Ally and eased his erection into her bung hole for the second time today. The two women fucked themselves through multiple orgasms and Joey fired another barrage of cum into Ally's ass.

Joey rested briefly as the two girls rolled over so that Ellie was on top fucking Ally with the double dildo. Joey worked his cock back to a hard state and then moved behind Ellie to fuck her ass once more. The three of them collapsed after a very intense session. This time all three of them fell asleep in Ellie's bed. During the night Joey woke up and then returned to his own room.

On Sunday morning Joey walked back into the bedroom naked. Ellie smiled at him as she lay naked on the bed next to Ally. There were no preliminaries Ellie just wanted Joey to fuck her with his big dick. Joey got between her legs and slid his dick into Ellie. She was sopping wet just from anticipation so he entered her easily filling up her twat with his rod. Joey fucked her royally keeping his cock in contact with her clit the entire time. Ellie went wild imploring Joey to fuck her forever. She had multiple orgasms again and again until she pleaded with Joey to stop. Ellie was exhausted and could not handle any more contact on her clit.

Joey rolled her almost lifeless figure over on all fours and entered her pussy from behind. Ellie liked the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her without touching her engorged clit. Ally moved her pussy to within range of Ellie's mouth and encouraged her to lick her pussy. Ellie gladly sucked on Ally's cunt as Joey fucked her from behind. Joey stared at Ellie's beautiful ass and then began to caress her lovely ass cheeks. Ellie cooed into Ally's twat as Joey lovingly stroked her ass. Joey tickled her asshole and then inserted his middle finger into her asshole.

Ellie liked the penetration and Joey's finger was about the size of a small cock. Joey grabbed some lotion nearby and coated Ellie's asshole with it. Joey then put another finger in her ass this time and although Ellie uttered a little grunt she went along with the anal probing. Joey played with Ellie's clit as he fucked her doggy style and fingered her asshole. Joey's fingers were buried in Ellie's asshole as he tweaked her clit and fucked her. Ellie could feel another orgasm coming on and she started to tremble and shake her hips. Ellie began moaning in Ally's pussy as Ally held Ellie's face to her cunt. Ellie's hips were thrusting with the intensity of the orgasm.

Joey took advantage of Ellie's state and slipped his cock from her pussy to her asshole. Between his hardness and Ellie's gyrations Joey's cock easily cleared her sphincter. As Ellie started to recover from her orgasm she realized that Joey's cock was in her asshole. Ally held Ellie by her ears so that she couldn't move her face from Ally's pussy. Ally was turned on as she watched Joey slide more and more of his cock into Ellie's tight little ass.

"Yeah fuck her, fuck her tight ass, stretch that asshole and fill it up with your cum," Ally urged.

Joey continued to fuck her and soon his entire cock was disappearing into her asshole. Joey could feel his orgasm building and he knew he would blow his load soon. Ellie felt him tense up and knew he was about to cum in her ass. Joey fired a barrage of cum into her tight asshole and Ellie's ass almost with a will of its own milked his cock dry. Ellie could feel his cum backing up in her ass and running down over Joey's cock over her pussy lips.

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