tagIncest/TabooSon Takes Care of Mom

Son Takes Care of Mom

byRohit Kapur©

I am a 23-yr. old guy and live with my Mom and Dad in a city of Seven Wonders i.e. Agra, where Taj Mahal is situated. My Dad has business of Arms and Ammunition and he is the biggest supplier to the Police Department in some parts of our country, India. My Dad is always busy as he wanted to make his business more profitable and for that he wanted to import some automatic weapons from Austria and UK. He got the approvals from the Ministry of Defense and the Home Ministry for that but now the tough job was to find suitable exporters in Austria and UK those who will be willing to deal with him. He was quiet happy after the approval from the Government and now he has to go on a business trip to Europe. He came and gave me a hug and said? Rohit, now when I will be away for a month, it is your responsibility to take care of your mom, House and Business?. I was aware that our managers are capable of handling the business so, I was least worried about that, and, moreover, I had a summer training camp to attend on behalf of my college and I was more excited about that than anything else. I listened to him without much seriousness.

I came back from New Delhi after my Dad took flight for Heathrow and started packing for the Summer Camp, which was in Mussoorie, a hill station in our state more often known as Queen of hills. My mom prepared some snacks for me and than wished me good luck by kissing on my forehead. Let me describe my Mom, she is in her late 40?s and carries a heavy body, she is very fair and her boobs are something which can make any one go crazy. I once got a chance to see naked when she was taking the bath and the door was not shut properly and I peeped from the crack, guys I can tell you that was the best view of a naked women I have ever seen. Her boobs must be more than 42 D and her nipples, areolas must be 2 inches in diameter, dark pink in color. I masturbated there and then. Since then I always wanted to see her naked but couldn’t get a chance to see those twin beauties again.

Well after taking my Bag Pack and other stuff I left for Mussoorie and after reaching there we had lots of fun among our colleagues and comrades. We have to hike the mountain everyday for at least 6 hours and within three days I was tired as hell. I reached home after four days and tiredness was well defined on my face. My mom she gave me some cold milkshake to drink and asked me took bath in cold water. I agreed but at the same time I wanted to sleep as soon as I can, after taking bath for almost 15 minutes I came out and asked my Mom to give me few tablets of Valium 5 as it will relieve me and I will able to sleep sound. My Mom resisted at first and asked not to take those pills, as I am too young to take sleeping pills. I resisted and then she gave me two pills, I took them in a shot and swallowed.

After that I went to my mom’s room to sleep, at that time I was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a loose polo shirt. As it was noon and a hot day my Mom also came next to me to sleep only after switching on the AC. I felt asleep as soon as laid myself on the bed, after about an hour I woke up with a terrible hard-on maybe because of the fact I didn’t masturbated for last five days. My hard-on was so irresistible that I took my dick out of my shorts immediately ignoring the fact that my Mom was sleeping besides me and in fact when I realized this I felt more excited about this. I decided that today no matter what happens I will show my Mom my 7-Inch Dick, I started stroking it gently and then I moved gently to pick a tube of Vaseline which was lying on the Dressing Console. I took a generous amount of Vaseline and spread it allover my hard dick and then I started stroking it again gently within few moments my dick was shining and looking monstrous and I decided to wake my Mom to see it. I closed my eyes and started moaning in low voice meanwhile I was stroking my big fat 7 inches dick just like; Bimbos do in porn movies. In two or three minutes, I realized that my Mom is awoke and she is looking at me, I still pretended to be in deep sound sleep with taking my breath slowly and steadily but at the same time my heart was beating as if it will come out in a minute. I continued doing that for another 5-6 minutes and suddenly I felt my mom’s hand on my shoulder. She pushed me for 2-3 times, a effort to make me awake but, I continued doing the act and the fact that my Mom looking at my hard dick makes me more encouraged in doing it.

After about fifteen minutes I left my dick and went to sleep, I wanted to keep it doing for the rest of my life but I guess those two pills started doing their job. In the evening I woke around 7Pm and my Mom was sipping a tea, she greeted me very softly and politely the extra politeness was understood and expected by me and I was happy to see that sometime the hard things makes people behave soft.

I decided in my mind that today is the day when I can do everything I want or else I have to forget those twin beauties. She gave me a cup of tea and asked did I had a sound sleep, I replied yes and further added that I had some wonderful dream which I don’t know what was it about, at this she smiled. She must be thinking that was a dream but she was not able to understand what was there in mind and it was intended.

I looked at the clock and it was 7.30 PM and our maid come to clear the coffee table, after that she asked if she can take a early off as she has to go to attend her cousins marriage. My Mom nodded and gave her Rs.100 as a tip, the maid was happy after getting this generous tip and she left the room after wishing good luck for us. After another half an hour I felt like masturbating thinking about; what happened in the noon. I decided to take a bold step and took a porn movie DVD from my shelf and put it in a player and was ready to play. TV room was in the basement so I closed the door but left it without lock and played the movie. I knew my Mom would be there anytime to check because she was free from work and there were not many things to be done by her except watching a TV. I increased the volume and took my fat dick out from my shorts and started stroking again, just like I was doing in the bed earlier that day. Because I like to watch TV in dim lights I switched off all the lights except the table lamp and started waiting for my Mom. I was afraid of the act but more excited to take the risk. Suddenly, I felt someone was near the door and I knew it was she. My heart was beating so hard that I can almost hear it beating, on the screen, a big breasted bimbo was getting fucked by a hunk and she was screaming in ecstasy, her big breasts were moving with rhythm.
She came forward and asked me politely? Rohit, what are you doing? I carelessly answered? You know what I am doing? And then something came to mind at the speed of light, I stood up from couch and showed my fully erect fat dick to her and again started stroking it gently. She looked confused and turned back without saying a word, I swiftly went after her and hold her hands tight. She said? Rohit leave me you are gone mad, please let me go? But I decided that today I will fuck her the way she will remember for the rest of her life. I searched for her breasts and start squeezing them like crazy, meanwhile, she tried to freed herself from me. I forced her to turn back and within a fraction of a second I removed her Blouse and tried to put my hands inside her bra. She was just repeating the same old line “Rohit you are mad, please leave me, I am your Mother” but I have no time or intention to listen what she was saying. I almost dragged her till the sofa and pushed her, than I placed myself on her.

After that it was a battle won, I removed her bra, in fact tore the straps and now her big milky breasts were naked and her big nipples were staring at me. I instantly took one of her tits in my mouth and started squeezing the other, she was quiet now and with her closed eyes, I got the idea that her body has started reacting to my physical intervention. I almost sucked her boobs for 15 minutes by then her big nipples were more defined and prominent may be because they were sore now. I stood up with my erect dick and placed it over her cheeks, she moved her face away but after teasing her lips with the tip of my penis she finally took it inside and started sucking badly. Her one hand was holding my penis and other cupped my balls, she was enjoying sucking my dick and was performing it better than the bimbos in porn movies. I was in fact shocked a little bit & couldn’t believe my luck after seeing that she is the same women who was resisting me 20 min back and now sucking my cock so hard with full devotion. Guys - looking your Mom while she sucks your fat dick is the best moment one can imagine or feel.

Then I slowly removed her Sari and the petticoat, another thing gave me shock; she was not wearing any panties and the best part was she had clean shaved pussy. After seeing that I just couldn’t help but to took my dick from her hands that were still stroking gently (when ever they can reach my tool) and placed it between those fat, shaved cunt lips and without much effort, I entered her. By this time the porn movie was over but my movies started which starred my Mom and me. I was fucking my Mom so fast and roughly that her pre-cum and my juice were producing a sound, it was music to my ears, which I can never forget. My mom by now started enjoying the fucking and in between saying “Rohit bete aur karo, aur jor se karo, aaj mein pagal ho jayoongi” (In English “ Rohit, please do more, do more fast, today I will go crazy”).

That words acted like someone injected a whole bottle of aphrodisiac in me and in no time I came inside her and to my astonishment even after coming inside her my dick was fat and erect, it was still rock hard to fuck another time. I kept on pumping and can see mixture of my and her sperms coming out of those sleek, smooth shaved lips, in 5 min I came again, I still wanted to fuck her but this time my dick went soft and limp and I decided to fuck her later. But the fun was still left, I placed my tongue in between her labia lips and started licking them like crazy drinking all my cum and hers juice. I was licking her cunt by that time she released another stream of her juices and I drink it gladly.

After that we both laid ourselves on the carpet and kept caressing each other I was just not letting her boobs go out from hand and she, my penis. In five minutes my dick was rock hard again and she took it in her mouth without looking or saying anything. She licked it so hard using her teeth and moving her tongue all over it in a rhythmic manner, that I shooted my load deep in her throat. My load was too much for her to swallow and most of it came out from her mouth and find its way to her tits. I consider myself very lucky to fuck a woman with 42 D and Cunt lips, which will make any women jealous and makes me feel better when I realize she is my Mom.

I continued to fuck her on an average 5-6 times everyday, I fucked her so badly that her labia lips were more fat than before and her areolas were sore all the time. I planned to have group sex with her also but that I will write in my next submission, till then happy reading.

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