tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 03

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 03


There is no connection between any chapters, except the same characters. So you can start with any.


"Rickshaw," shouted Sonia. She was standing by hotel "Five-Star" waiting for the rickshaw.

"Ma'am, where would you like to go?" asked the driver.

"Radhe-Krishna Temple." Sonia seated behind driver seat and he drove away.

Sonia's mind was also marching with the rickshaw.

"How nuts I am! I am on the throne of queen of whore and overlooked God whole year. I've achieved everything only because of Him. Oh merciful! I regret you with my kind heart!"

A huge brake in speed occured and broke her train of thought. She sprang on the sit with a jiggling chest and the driver enjoyed the view in his rear-view mirror. Second bump and second jump of tits.

"Whose face I have seen that I come across this bumps after bumps."

The third speed brake passed and the driver giggled. She noticed he was watching her jumping bubs through the rear-view mirror of the rickshaw.

"People pay me thousands of bucks to see me springing, and you get it for free," she thought.

"Stop here. I've some work." She ordered the driver.

The rickshaw stopped. She stepped out and walked to the driver. She held the rear mirror tightly and twisted it around. In a second, it was in Sonia's hand. The driver was shocked. She broke it into pieces by stamping on it.

"Go, my work here is finished. Now there no problem with how many bumps meet us."


She reached the temple. On both sides there were beggars. She opened up her purse and gifted dildos to each woman beggar and masturbators to men beggars. They looked very happy to receive her gifts. Sonia spotted a man of sixty years.

"I've decided to pick a lucky beggar to sleep with me and he's the right choice." She thought.

She proceeded to him and spoke, "Will you come with me for a night?"

"Why?" he didn't understand why this unknown lady was taking an interest in him.

"We'll play the whole night." Sonia showed him a lollipop.

"Which game?"

"A game which you have never played," and she held his hand.

She called for the rickshaw and both sat down.


Sonia took him in her room. He smelled very bad.

"When have you taken a bath last?"

"I don't remember." He was horrified alone with this whore. He observed the stuff aside him.

But Sonia's nose figured out that he hadn't had a bath in at least a year. The phone rang and the receptionist spoke,

"Sonia, I'm sending a customer."

"Don't dispatch. I have made up my mind to do a selfless service this evening."

"Sweeping roads or cleaning the overflowing gutter nearby hotel?"

"Shut up! I don't do these rubbish jobs. Never. What happened to my prestige?" Sonia was inflamed by the receptionist's guess.

"What's the job, then?"

"I've picked a sixty year man and am going to make him cum tonight."

"Wow! What an intelligent mind you have! The daughter of Einstein, huh...selfless service," receptionist scoffed and got off the phone.

"This cunt never understands my heart," sighed Sonia.

"Okay, stretch out on the bed, I must sprinkle the scent on you. Gosh! How badly my room smells!" She stood and unlocked the cupboard. She chose the most intense perfume which she specially used to get rid of overtime customers.

She emptied the whole bottle on the lucky beggar, but still the stink didn't wish to retreat. The whole room was affected by him and she felt like she locked in a warehouse full of rotten potatoes.

"It looks like fragrant water," he guessed.

"It's not water, stupid, but the most costly scent of my collection."

She found a large vessel and drained all the bottles of scent in it. She lifted it over her head and poured it on the lucky beggar.

"Hasn't the hotel had a single bathroom? You can shower me there." Spoke the wet beggar.

"Oi silly, I ain't bathing you. I wanna banish your..." She screamed and flung the vessel on the floor.

She sniffed, but the pong still reigned in the room. She called her regular customer as a last resort.

"Hey, Dick. It's Sonia."

"Sonia! How are you?"

"Not good, Dick - my lucky customer smells bad and I cleared all my perfumes on him but no result." Sonia delineated her situation.

"How can I help you?"

"My dear Dick. I know you manufacture fire extinguishers. Can't you compress five litre perfumes in it?"

"Sonia, are you mad?" said Mr. Dick, bewildered by her strange order.

"Not that I know of. Send your man here right now with a whiff extinguisher." She hung up.

"What did you say on the phone?" the beggar couldn't repress his curiosity after listening in on the talk.

"My room is burning so I've ordered a fire extinguisher." Sonia was losing her cool.

"Where is the flame? I can't see one..." he examined each corner of the room to search the fire.

"The flames are in my nose. Now, keep quiet and close your mouth." She cursed herself that how she was deceived. He couldn't understand why she was so furious.

Exactly fifteen minutes later, a knock came at the door.

"Come in." A smile returned to Sonia's face.

"I'm the fire fighter. Mr Dick has sent me," spoke the man attired like a fire fighter.

"Do your work now, or I'll go mad." Sonia stood and closed each window to gain a quicker result.

He opened the valve and sprinkled in every corner. It continued for an hour, until the room was packed with thick fog of perfume.

"Any special place you want watered?" the fire fighter asked, as he covered all places.

"Yep, insert the extinguisher's nozzle inside his ass; I don't intend to blight my ass-licking experience." She showed her presence of mind!

The fire fighter stretched the Lucky Beggar's pants and thrust the nozzle in the interior.

"And also between his legs," Sonia reminded him at the right time.

Fire fighter moved the nozzle out and shoved it in the front.

"What's happening? I haven't caught fire!" The beggar was still confused.

"Be quiet, I've committed a big offence in a past life that you are in my room," Sonia cursed.

The thick fog curled out his cuff. .

"Okay, ma'am, can I leave?" the fire-fighter spoke, winding up his work.

"Yeah," and she closed the door behind him.

She didn't open any windows as she feared the smell might return. She decided to take a shower after this tiring event.

Ten minutes later, she opened the bathroom door and appeared naked from head to toe. The beggar was already asleep in her bed. She neared him and unbuttoned his shirt. She only found a skeleton inside the thin body. She unbelted his trousers.

"Gosh! Where is his tool?" she strained her eyes to find a dangling banana but she couldn't. "I have to use a magnifying glass."

She stood and took out one from the cupboard. She held it upon the crotch and tried to search it like a lab technician finding a virus in the patient's blood. At last she found something like a little bean upon his nuts.

"Hurray! I've got it. Now it's my job to make it tight and straight." She was pleased with this discovery.

With continuous effort, she succeeded in gripping it between her lips. She concentrated, licking and sucking fifteen minutes. However it never converted from bean to banana.

"My god! I've committed a huge blunder. I may take a eunuch to fuck. But Sonia never loses. She always wins." She endeavoured to gain her self-confidence.

The beggar was still sleeping or pretending to sleep. She thought about another way to arouse him. "Viagra!" The bulb lit up in her mind. She unlocked her cupboard and grabbed ten pills. She opened his mouth and stuffed them all in, with a glass of water. She waited for an hour staring at his bean size tool. She lost her courage as her idea didn't produce a fruitful result.

"Hey, wake up and leave. Now!" she spoke to throw him out.

But he didn't. She put her ears on his chest. No pulse. "Have my social services converted into murder?"


"Hullo, Savita?" Sonia phoned her best friend.

"Yes, Sonia."

"Savita, I've committed the biggest sin." Sonia confessed.

"What have you done?"

"The lucky beggar has died. I've given him ten pills of Viagra to tighten his tool," and Sonia wailed with tears spreading on her cheeks.

"You've done nothing wrong. It's very noble cause to rejuvenate one's sex life. You've done your best and taking into account, you have booked your seat in heaven!" Savita consoled with her fake ideology and I couldn't imagine where it would have ended.


Starryeyedkitkat has edited it. He's very speedy in editing and a good critic.

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