tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 04

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 04


"Where is the Inspector?" the leader of the nearly twenty five strong crowd of people shouted.

"He is satisfying his sudden call of nature," Chagan answered, trying to sound serious. He knew very well that, watching the crowd arriving in the station, the coward inspector Londo had hid in the toilet ordering his assistants to give any pretext to the crowd.

"We'll wait until he has satisfied his call of nature, won't we comrades?" the over enthusiastic leader asked the crowd.

"Yes, why not? We won't leave this police station until our problem is solved," one man in the crowd said and the others agreed.

"But nature is showering disgrace on our Inspector, nowadays, so he'll consume more time in throwing waste, may be an hour or more." It was Chagan's next move to get rid of the crowd quickly and free his boss from the prison like toilet.

"Today no obstacle can prevent us meeting the Inspector!" The leader is leading from the front by his good performance.

"We'll sleep here if he doesn't come out until the evening," another said, sounding very confident.

An hour passed but Londo still busied himself or pretended to be busy in the toilet, regularly peeping through the crack in the toilet door to see if the crowd had gone or not.

"It's a very large call of nature. Let me see." The leader's patience was dying, so he trotted to the toilet and put his ear against the door. He heard a rubbing noise.

"Is he satisfying his nature's call or his cock's call?" The leader's mind had sown the seeds of doubt.

"He is habitually satisfying his cock's call after satisfying nature's call." Chagan tried to make things even.

The sound of flushing water was heard.

"He first rubs and then cleans his butt? How disgusting!!!" The leader couldn't join the odd threads.

Chagan and Magan wanted to guffaw but the toilet door was opening. Yes, the Inspector couldn't pass any more time in the toilet. He was defeated. The crowd screamed with joy as he came out.

"What's your complaint?" the Inspector asked as he sat on the chair.

"Sir, we're living near the "Five-Star" hotel. Actually it's not a hotel but a brothel. The customers come there only for the sole purpose of sleeping with the prostitutes. We all are from respected families and have children. Just think what they'll learn from these bad surrounding. We don't want to make them future prostitutes or customers. We hope that you will take the strict action and stop that business." The leader didn't pause a moment in his speech.

"Okay, it isn't an ignorable problem. We'll raid the premises this evening and close their illegal establishment."

"Thank you Inspector."

"There's no need to thank us. It's our responsibility to protect society from such evils." Inspector Londo was never behind in conferring fake promises.

The crowd was convinced and left the police station.

"It was my blunder to hide in the toilet. Have you seen how I pleased them in just a minute? I've some unseen abilities but sometimes I fail to unearth them." The Inspector's chest blew out with pride.

"So we're raiding the "Five-Star"?"

"Yeah...we are but not to solve their moral problems but to solve our cock's problem," the Inspector said lustily rubbing his crotch.


"Welcome, welcome...Hotel "Five-Star" welcomes His Highness the Inspector." The receptionist was somewhat surprised by this sudden arrival as the hotel had already paid this month's bribe.

"The pressure is building upon us to stop your illegal activities..." Before he could finish, the receptionist interrupted him sensing the seriousness of the conversation.

"Sir, please be seated. What would you like to drink, cold or hot?" The receptionist stood up and vacated the chair for the Inspector.

"I ain't come here to sit and drink. Your monthly bribes aren't now enough. If you want to run this establishment, you must gift us something more." The Inspector's tone was very sombre.

"Sir, just order us and it'll be presented to you." He tried to show joy on his face in anticipation of the next demand.

"We need...beautiful TIGHT cunt."

"Oh! I will provide you with the best chosen items."

"Sonia, not any others!" the Inspector spoke lewdly.

"It's my pleasure to serve you. She's ready in room no 3."

"Nice," said the Inspector and walked to room 3 with his two assistants.

Sonia was ready lying naked under the blanket waiting for customers with her moist pussy.

"Chagan and Magan! Drag her out to our jeep," the Inspector ordered.

Her reverie broke as Magan tossed her over his shoulder.

"It's fine and I can handle her myself alone," Magan said, tossing her on his shoulder.

"Why are you taking me?" she exclaimed, trying to balance on Magan's shoulder and cover up her naked body.

"We gonna fuck and make you come," the Inspector told her winking his one eye.

The mere imagination of three strong and fat policemen pounding her pussy caused her to experience a sudden orgasm.

The policemen walked out of the hotel, carrying their prize. She was thrown on the back seat of the jeep.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed. The blanket slipped and uncovered her pussy and tits; she complained. "Don't be angry. My ass hurts."

She tried to cover herself whilst she massaged her ass. The jeep was started and in about two minutes it was parked in front of the police station. The trio went inside, pulling their prize along. There was a table with files, ball pens and papers on it. Photos of Gandhi and Sardar Patel hung on the wall. The table was the closest thing to a bed in the station, so everything was cleared off it and dumped on the floor under the table.

"Everything is ready. Who wants the first turn?" said the Inspector concerned more about his assistants than himself.

"I can't control myself. I have to go first!" said Chagan and began to undress. "Oye, put the blanket down and lie on the table," he ordered the whore.

She did as she was told, and he jumped on her. One kick and his tool was deep inside her already wet pussy. She rocked her head back in extreme pleasure.

Anticipating his turn, Magan started unbuttoning his shirt and said, "Make haste; our cocks desperately need her," as both watched the fucking couple.

Each pound made their cocks tighten. Both men rubbed their crotches to lighten their aches but not to the point of release. The table legs were creaking with the weight of the two moving bodies. Sonia started to moan wildly, and a continuous flow of cream from her pussy was watched by the policemen.

"She is really hot. How she enjoys this!! I never get to watch this type of slut." Inspector Londo's lusty voice emerged from pussy like lips.

"Yes, see how she grips his tool in her snatch!"

"He's increasing his speed and hitting so hard, he's going to cum!"

A second later and Chagan filled her mound with cream. He dropped heavily off the panting whore, pulling his softening dick out dripping with aftercum.

"I'm ready," Magan said, as he removed the last clad brief from his body.

"Don't suck or lick. I'm dying," cautioned the Inspector, whose turn was last and was now cursing himself for having given the first chance to his assistants

Now the bear like Magan was on her. Sonia wanted more every time and now her dream was coming true. She opened her legs wider to adjust to his large body. He hit his aim the first time like a gold medallist archer in the Olympic Games and filled her dripping snatch with his fat cock. From the first pound his speed was so fast. When he pushed inside her for deeper penetration, she lifted her ass to get the feel of each atom of his dick. Each slap created a splashing noise made by the flowing of juices. Her tongue was hanging from her mouth, whilst contracting her pussy the more to feel his cock.

"Please go fast or I'll cum watching you both," the Inspector complained.

She needed a harder pounding so she cupped his ass and added more strength pressing it against her pussy. Inspector Londo was becoming insane as he watched this.

"It is going to be the best fuck in my whole life," he said, as he rubbed his tool to make it even more ready.

Magan started trembling, which suggested he was near to shooting his load. He soon came hard, and left the table free for the third policeman. Sonia had two men's cum inside her and the outside half of the table was coated in white cream.

The experienced fucker Londo squatted next to the table and examined her pussy. Each successive fuck made it loose. He tasted the juicy mixture. He found it so yummy.

'I ought to fuck her ass because her pussy lips are not tight,' he thought to himself. "Lie on your stomach," he commanded Sonia, as he cupped the juicy cunt to catch the honey.

As she turned, it poured on his palm like a water bottle being emptied. He used his fingers to fill her black asshole with the honey, and pushed his fingers deep inside. He gathered more of the cream on his palm from her pussy, and rubbed his tool with the juice.

The preparation was finished, and her wet ass hole was waiting to be filled. He took aim by holding his dick in one hand as he gently pushed inside just a few inches. Sonia screamed with this new feeling. He backed out and tried a second time for deeper penetration. Soon he succeeded in penetrating her all the way to the base of his dick. She wailed loudly as he filled her asshole with his cock. Both soon caught the rhythm. To get more tightness, he slipped a finger into her oozing cunt. As he fingered there, she tightened her hole around his pounding cock. He thrust three fingers deep to tease her. Now the tightness was satisfactory and soon the table surface became slippery with loads of her cream produced by successive orgasms. When he pounded, her breasts flattened against the table and she screamed in joy. A squeezing force built on his tool, and the Inspector used his whole strength to shoot cum inside. The whore was at last satisfied with three fucks. The police station regained its peace after half an hour's loud screams.


Though Zebra2001uk was busy, he didn't deny editing it. I'm always grateful to him.

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