tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 05

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 05


"Londo, it's me," Londo's wife called him.

"Oh sweet heart, where are you?" Londo spoke to show how caring he was.

"In the prison, with my rights-deprived culprits."

"Darling, you've sacrificed your whole life for them. What a noble wife I've got!" Londo's chest puffed with pride.

"Londo, a problem has arisen." The sound became pitiful

"Shoot it at me. I'd solve in a second." Londo was never behind in exhibiting his confidence.

"It reveals that prisoners are living without their underwear." His wife came to the point.

"To wear underwear is their most vital right of the human beings." He showed his cleverness.

"That's why I called you. Please manage to collect at least a thousand," the wife pleaded to him.

"Believe that it is done," and Londo's mind switched on to resolve the crisis.


"Hotel Five-Star. How can I help you?" the same receptionist spoke, unable to sense the future disaster arriving in his hotel.

"It's inspector Londo."

"Sir what made you phone this poor hotel." He tried to be normal but Londo's name created goose bumps on his skin.

"My wife is the director of the Prisoners Rights Organization and it's been discovered that jail inmates have no underwear to wear." He directly came to the point without digression or description.

"Hotel hasn't started any hosiery production yet." He knew that the sentence was risky but came out.

"Bastard I knew! Hear me. I'm coming there to fetch all your whore's panties." The bomb was hurled at the receptionist.

"It means you'll give them women's panties." He pinched his palm to confirm that it wasn't a dream.

"Yes, why not?"

"Sir but what about fitting?" He began murmuring god's name, who, his mother said, helped mankind when the devil appeared.

"Prisoners aren't supposed to be lingerie models. We just want to cover up between their two legs." The Inspector saved himself from the receptionists trap.

"First you have to give us s formal letter for permission then we ponder over it." It was his last attempt to protect the panties!

"You must permit me right now. If you deny me, I'll use my authority as police inspector." Londo bullied him to drag him onto the right path.

"Sir, please try to understand me..." but Londo cut the connection.


The receptionist saw the jeep of inspector parked in front of the hotel. Today he was firm that he wouldn't allow them to steal his employer's panties. He stood in the entrance door like the China wall.

"Clear our way," ordered Londo seeing the entrance was blocked by the receptionist.

"Never. Either you have to leave this hotel now or walk over my dead body." He sounded like a soldier who was ready to die to protect his beloved country!

"Chagan and Magan, arrest him and tie him on the chair with rope. We launch this charity drive by stripping him of his briefs." Londo charged his assistants.

"But sir, we only accept panties, not briefs." Chagan didn't grasp the sudden transition of Londo's mind from panties to briefs.

"Shut your mouth and do what I have said." Londo shouted to him.

As his assistants tied the receptionist, Londo wrote on the hotel board,

"We are observing a holiday today for a good cause. All customers are requested to use their hands to quench their itch instead of the cunts."

And he hung the board on the main entrance. He closed the door. At the same time Chagan and Magan succeeded in fetching receptionist's briefs and tied him in the chair.

"Soldiers, let's march ahead." Some unknown power was guiding Londo towards the kingdom of goodness.

Londo led his assistants to Sonia's room. Her noble heart didn't hesitate to offer support for this good cause. She even took the responsibility to organize the function to gather all whores of the hotel in the main hall.


In a ten minute, the employees congregated in the hotel's hall. The stage was honoured by Mr. Londo, his two assistants and our Sonia. Sonia inaugurated the function by giving a welcoming speech. Then the charity was unveiled as Sonia took off her panties. The clapping of other whores and spectators echoed in the hall. She invited inspector Londo, to speak some words on this humble occasion. His speech is like this:

"I've waited for this moment for ten hours. My wife made me aware of the underwear dearth in the city jail yesterday. Suddenly I remembered Sonia. Today, my loving sisters, you can see how she takes the initiative without thinking a moment. I want every girl of India should learn from her and try to follow her path. If it'll happen, one day Indian women will become famous for their strength and unrivaled confidence. Sonia, I can't tell you how much I'm grateful to you. These panties spread happiness on poor prisoners' face and at that time, my soul will speak,

"My heart leaps up when I behold the panty clad prisoners!!!"

His eyes became wet hearing the loud applause of the whores. He concluded and took his seat. Sonia showed gratitude to Mr. Londo's sentimental and emotional speech. She announced,

"Chagan and Magan will come to each of you, please donate as much as you can. If not the whole flower, then the petals, but don't miss the golden chance to serve the Almighty. I promise you that if you donate ten panties, god will bestow you twenty, and strengthen your claim to be in Paradise after your death."

As she ended her speech, Magan and Chagan walked to the audience with sacks. The whores contributed nicely, even some donated their whole lot, plus which they were wearing at that time.

Later the two sacks were checked and the audience departed completely satisfied with their noble charity. Londo and his assistants also headed off to the hotel without a word and an indescribable joy on their faces, not caring about the tied receptionist who was making futile efforts to free himself!


I'm thankful to Hkf999 for editing it in a day!

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