tagHumor & SatireSonia's Adventures Ch. 06

Sonia's Adventures Ch. 06


Inspector Londo was in bed sucking his wife's big tits. But his wife's mind was wandering somewhere else.

"Honey, I'm in great trouble."

"Just shoot me. I can solve anything," he answered and again busied himself in his sucking activity.

"You know, I'm the director of the Prisoner's Rights Organization. Our team visited one jail yesterday with a doctor for a monthly check up. We've found that at least fifty prisoners are suffering from malnutrition. The price of milk is so high that we can't provide milk to them and the government funds never reaches them." She explained the root of the problem.

"But I haven't any cows," again he stopped his activity.

"I know, don't be foolish. I want you arrange for milk." His wife spoke slightly irritated by his husband's indifferent answer.

"Okay. Just leave it to me. In two days two cans will arrive at your organization." Londo uttered with an air of confidence.

"My dear Londo. What a good husband I have!" she felt the lack of conceit to praise him.

"Darling just a minute. I'll come in five minute," and Londo got off the bed.

He quickly arrived in the drawing room to phone his assistant Chagan.

"Chagan, its Londo."

"Yeh, I know."

"Have you finished your fucking?"

"What? Sir, why are you asking this?" Chagan perplexed like unspooled thread.

"Listen, my wife has discovered that the city jail has a dearth of milk and you know the price."

"So what is the connection between sex and milk?"

"I'm telling you. This night don't waste you and your wife's cum. Gather it in a bottle," Inspector Londo advised.

"Doesn't it sound weird, Sir?"

"Don't think too much. You have to give me 500 ml of cream tomorrow. It's very nutritious for humans." Londo was becoming hot.

"But sir how can it be possible, in a night, 500 ml of cream?"

"Now its 8 p.m... start fucking now and until 8 o'clock in the morning, you'll have more than 500 ml." Londo spoke like he was telling him to gather water.

"If one fuck creates 5 ml, then I have to do 100 fucks. It's impossible." Chagan put the equation.

"It's Londo's order and you have to follow it at any cost or I will sack you from the job," he threatened Chagan and disconnected the line.

The second victim of this social service was Inspector Londo's second assistant Magan. Londo called him and gave him no chance of resistance. Magan had to accept.


On the next day's morning, inspector Londo reached the police station. The Clock said 9 o'clock in the morning, but Chagan and Magan weren't seen.

"They may still be gathering the cream." Londo guessed.

At exactly 9:30 both appeared in front of their boss Londo. They looked so tired and loosened like their bodies were made of empty sacks, which was the consequence of their night duties with their respective wives in bed.

"Where is the 500 ml of cream, your night's homework?" Londo couldn't wait a second.

"Sir, here are our bottles." Both took the bottles from their bags full with yellowish cream and handed them to Londo.

"Well done, my boys. You've done a really good job," Londo praised them staring at the bottles. He continued, "However, it's not enough. We need two big cans."

He took the receiver after mulling over the solution and phoned the hotel Five-Star.

"Hotel Five-Star. What can I do for you?" Londo heard the receptionist's gentle voice.

"It's me, inspector Londo"

"Give the order to your servant," flattered the receptionist.

"I'm in need of your hotel's whore battalion."

"Can I ask why?" The receptionist sensed the upcoming troubles.

"No, you can't. Londo never bear the question." The conceited fop Londo uttered.

"Sir, but only two are available right now, Sonia and Savita."

"Where are the others?"

"They are affected by AIDS and treatment is going on." The receptionist played the trick.

"Didn't they use condoms?" asked Londo as the answer from the receptionist failed to digest in his mind.

"How? We're suffering a great lack of budget, so we couldn't afford them." The voice said in a pathetic tone.

"I am not talking about gold plated condoms." Londo showed occasional spark of his wit.

"You've no idea, how we've lost money in this business. Recently we've sold all the beds to feed our batallion." Londo heard the sobbing voice of the receptionist. "All perform their job on the floor." The receptionist darted one last arrow.

"So sad. You've melted Inspector Londo's iron heart. Anyway send Sonia and Savita."

"Both will there in fiver minutes, sir"

Londo finished the talk.

"Magan and Chagan, go to the Modest Electronics store of Mr. Cocky and take two electronic motors."

"Bucks?" asked Chagan.

"What have I said, take it and produce it in front of my eyes. It's the work of charity and Mr. Cocky won't deny you." They realized the futility of the talk and left the police station.


"Welcome, welcome," Mr. Cocky said as he saw the two policemen step into the shop. "Please give me a chance to serve you."

"Give us two electronic motors."

"Oops, very costly service" cocky muttered to himself. "Boy, two motors." He ordered his servant.

Soon a boy came with two motors in his hands.

"Take your items. Ten thousand." Mr. Cocky finished.

"Ten thousand? We're gonna use them for charity. Contribute in this good cause." Chagan opposed, Magan still feeling too weak to utter a single word.

"How will the ELECTRONIC MOTORS be used in charity?" inquired Mr. Cocky.

"We are collecting the cream for malnourished prisoners of our city jail."

"Forgive me, but you're making things more complicated. I can't comprehend the co-relation between the cream, the malnourished prisoners, and the electronic motors."

"You need not understand this. Just tell me do you want to contribute or not." Chagan hated the troops of questions marching in Mr. Cocky's mind.

"If inspector Londo knows you've denied us; start counting how many motors will remain in your shop." At last Magan gathered the strength to speak a sentence.

"Oh, don't take it to heart. I'm just asking. When there is Mr. Londo, no question of hesitation arose in my mind" Mr. Cockey tried to bid farewell with but couldn't at the thought of the loss of ten thousand dollars.


"Very nice. Now acquire two long sticks and attach them to the motors." Londo saw the motors in his assistant's hands.

"Yes sir," both spoke in unison.

"Sonia and Savita have already turned up. Both are waiting for fitting of the motors." However it didn't give Chagan and Magan the slightest idea of what would happen.

In fifteen minutes both had finished the work. The setting was like this. There were two chairs. In front of them, two motors tied with sticks were placed.

Sonia and Savita arrived naked with boobs dangling without any support and black busy triangles between their thighs.

"Sir, what are we supposed to do?" Sonia spoke up.

"Nothing. Only sit on the chairs with widened legs and Chagan and Magan are gonna insert the sticks inside your pussies." Now the process was clear.

The ladies grabbed their seats. Chagan and Magan did as Londo instructed. The switch was turned on and the sticks started to move to and fro with the help of the motors. Both moaned and drops of precum appeared between their legs.

"Take two bowls and positioned them under each one's cunt." The instruction came from Londo.

In ten minutes the snatches streamed with the incessant rivers. Magan and Chagan were hurriedly emptying the filled bowls in the cans. Watching two whores fucked by sticks, Londo couldn't stop rubbing his tool. He held one bowl and threw his cum in it whispering,

"Everyone should contribute in this cause."

An hour later, both cans were full with cream. Chagan turned off the motors and pulled the sticks out of the dripping pussies. The whores stood up, off their chairs.

"Sonia, I'm really grateful to you. Without your support our goal of two cans of cream couldn't be achieved." The Inspector thanked her.

"Inspector sir, it's our duty to give back to society what we have taken from it." Yes, it's the words of Sonia, the whore.

"What a noble mind you possess!!!" Londo couldn't control himself and tears rolled down his cheeks.

The ladies departed after putting on their clothes. Londo wiped his eyes. He watched Chagan and Magan licking the floor like dogs where some drops of juice were left.

"Let them lick. Poor guys, let them recharge themselves after their exhausting night duties in their beds." Londo was traveling in the realms of forgiveness.

He phoned his wife to relate the good news.

"Darling, your cans are ready."

"Oh my dear Londo!!! I've no words to say. I'll be there in a few minutes." Londo hung up.

After many years he was experiencing peace in his heart. "It's only owing to my charities. It'll be doubled when I see a poor and diseased jail bird sipping it."


Editing is done by Hkf999.

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