tagGroup SexSonika Falls For Money Ch. 05

Sonika Falls For Money Ch. 05


"Never mind. I'm about to take a ride in the city, see an old friend. I'm sure he'd like you." Sonika smiled and touched Ramya on her arm, "You will come won't you?"

"I don't know." replied Ramya.

Sonika pouted her lips, then smiled again, "Please."

Ramya looked around the parking area in her colony, it was fairly dusk and her parents would return, she sighed, "Ok, just for the ride."

Ramya wanted to go with Sonika and ask her things, already she was treating Ramya like as if she was a part of her plans and this made Ramya a bit uneasy but also something else too, Ramya felt a sense of mystery with a sense of wonder and most of all, whatever was about to happen.

Ramya didn't want to miss out on it as they drove through the darkened city side. Either spoke little and of course nothing about themselves. Ramya tried to ask questions but Sonika managed to avoid answering them with anything but the vaguest of answers. Ramya couldn't help liking her even though Sonika was angry, finally they pulled in through some heavy gates and drove up to a large farm house. It was like a mansion, set back in long dark and unseen gardens, just the darkened trees showing against the midnight blue sky. They parked and stepped out.

Sonika walked ahead but halfway towards the door she spun round at Ramya. "Now remember Ramya," she said, "You can watch, or you can join in. It's up to you. Do what you feel happy with."

"I want to know what's going to happen." and Sonika laughed.

Ramya wore a worried face. "Nothing will happen to you if you don't want. I promise." responded Sonika.

Ramya followed her to the door and a man opened it as they stepped up, he looked like the housekeeper, in his late forties and he asked them to come in. He referred to Sonika as Mz. Sonika, so they were expected and were shown into a large room with a huge fireplace and various dark wood furnishing and in the middle in front was a large carpet rug.

On the sofa sat a man, dressed in a three-piece suit. He looked about forty too. He had that distinguished look about him, the sort that opulence and lots of money usually allows. He also was fairly attractive.

Ramya slightly felt out of place though she was used to all this after working and sleeping with Sonika Gill who by now had told her almost every bit of the sexaul life she had been leading. Ramya was wearing blue jeans and a dark green blouse. He smiled, "Ah this is the young pleasure you were talking about," Ramya glanced at Sonika but he went on, "My name is Prakash Loria, Sonika told me she had worked with a delightful young lady who she had got into love with. She said she thought you broad minded enough to come with her tonight."

This made Ramya shrug, and she replied "That depends."

They sat down and the housekeeper brought them drinks. For a while they talked all kinds of things when suddenly he simply looked at Sonika and asked if she was 'ready'. She said she was. "Then kneel on the floor please."

Sonika got up off her chair and walked over to the rug. Then she knelt down and leaned forward until she was on all fours, sideways on to the other two. She just stared ahead. He nodded at the housekeeper who then walked up and stood behind her.

Ramya gasped as the housekeeper undid his fly and pulled out his cock. It was large and thick, with a big head on it. He simply knelt down behind her, lifted Sonika's saree up over her hips and then pushed against her quickly. She gasped out loud as no doubt his cock slipped straight in.

Ramya just sat there, mouth and eyes wide open. He then proceeded to hold her by the hips and started to just fuck her, no other word will do, that's what he did. He slammed in to her again and again. Her head lolled right back, her eyes tightly shut, her mouth open, crying the erotic cries.

Prakash sat there and watched, sipping his drink. "Do you object?" he asked suddenly.

"No," Ramya blurted, "I don't."

He patted the sofa next to himself, "Would you like to sit here?" Ramya wasn't sure if she wanted to, but then on impulse got up and walked over.

Sitting down he put his arm around her shoulders and they sat there, watching. Glancing down at his lap Ramya could see his cock was hard inside his trousers. Meanwhile on the rug Sonika was still kneeling, with the housekeeper thrusting long hard strokes into her from behind. Her bottom shook each time his tummy and waist slammed into her. She seemed quite content.

Suddenly Prakash asked simply, "Would you mind if I undid my trousers?"

Ramya couldn't even look at him, "No." With his free hand he unbuttoned his front, revealing his bare cock, standing hard and proud. It was about 7 inches long, and Ramya could see a drop of pre cum on the head and knew what he wanted her to do, she waited for nearly a minute before slipping her hand over to it, then first with her fingers, and then with the whole hand she took hold of it.

Ramya gently moved the hand up and down, holding the shaft tightly.

Prakash continued to watch Sonika.

Ramya felt his arm slide down from the shoulder and he traced his fingers back and forth along the swell of her breast within the dark green blouse. "You are very beautiful," he said, "But I think you would look even better, naked." and Ramya stood up.

Ramya undid her blouse, then let it fall over her arms onto the floor. Standing in front of him, she unzipped the jeans and slid them down, bending low so he could see down the front of her sexy bra, see the hidden and cosily held breasts stuck inside there.

He raised his hand and gestured at the bra. Staring straight at him Ramya reached behind her back and undid the clasp and held the cups to her breasts for a second, not certain, and then let go and the bra fell to the floor in front of him and her, she then hooked her fingers into the panty and tugged them down.

Stepping out of them she sat down on the floor with her back to the sofa, next to his leg. Sonika had turned her head to look at Ramya and smiled.

Half turning Ramya rested her arms on his leg and stared straight at his cock. She knew that she wanted it. She knew that she wanted to suck it and lick it. and finally reached the top of his cock with her lips.

Ramya rubbed them around the head and then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out which she then swirled around his cockhead. He watched her intently as Ramya could taste the pre cum that had built up.

Once his cock head was all wet, she slid her lips down, running over the rim until they reached a way down his shaft and then is when felt the head of his cock in her mouth, touching the back of her mouth inside, feverishly Ramya bobbed her head up and down on the shaft keeping her lips tightly wrapped over it.

Suddenly she felt something warm touch her between the legs and was surprised to see Sonika who had crawled over with the housekeeper still very much attached.

Somehow she had managed to get all her clothes off, and was completely naked. Her face was pushing against Ramya who could feel her tongue licking along the pussy. Ramya went back to sucking the cock in front of her as if nothing had happened.

She felt hands gently hold her head, caressing her hair, touching her neck and running around to the throat. Without any warning whatsoever, she suddenly felt his cum shooting into her mouth and stared up, he was simply watching Ramya intently still, as if nothing was happening.

The first shot threw on her, it suddenly filled her mouth from nowhere and Ramya had no choice but to swallow as quickly as possible.

He then shot two more loads, both less then the first and some started leaking out of the corners as her mouth maintained it's up and down movement and finally she felt his cock pull back a bit before jerking upwards and another shot of cum spilled out into Ramya's mouth.

Ramya pulled her lips back over his shaft, letting the cum flow out around the corners of her mouth and run down his cock and looked down at the head, all covered by cum, wads of it, thick and creamy, running down the sides, messing into his hair.

She licked at the head, pushing the cum with her tongue over the head so it ran down the sides. Then she just rested her cheek on the pool of cum on his belly while Sonika continued to give Ramya's pussy long hard licks along its length.

Ramya could feel the cum against her cheek, still warm and sticky and very wet. Sonika's tongue was driving into her- bit by bit and was having the desired effect. Ramya twisted her head burying her mouth into the Prakash's belly, half biting him; half-moaning as she felt herself build up.

Suddenly it was there and she howled like a woman 'possessed', Sonika held her hips while her tongue danced inside the pussy as she shuddered and shook to a climax rarely experienced.

Sonika smiled at her and turned to face the housekeeper who was now standing behind her head. Straight away she took his cock into her mouth and with one hand squeezing his balls started to suck at it.

Ramya slipped down behind her and cupped her breasts from behind in her hands and began to roll the nipples between her fingers and gently bite into the side of her neck, licking and teasing with her tongue.

Sonika's long black hair hung down and Ramya could see in every detail the large cock of the housekeeper as it slid between her lips.

Ramya watched as her fingers played with his balls, pushing them around within the sack that hung low. By now the housekeeper was steadying himself with his hands on her head and Ramya guessed he was also close to shooting his jism.

Ramya mauled Sonika's breasts and bit hard into the side of her neck to make her moan.

Prakash Loria sitting behind Ramya got off the sofa and knelt next to her and slipped his hand down under her bottom and between her legs.

She jerked slightly as his fingers started to do their magic. Something splashed on her forehead and in front of her she could see the housekeeper's cock shooting spurts of thick cum directly into Sonika's face, splashing all over her nose and cheeks and lips, which she was keeping closed.

The housekeeper came over and over, tons of cum landing all over her face, dripping down her cheeks, running off her chin, creaming over her lips, hanging off her face and dripping down on to her breasts and Ramya's hands.

Sonika started to moan and jutted her head forward, engulfing the housekeeper's now half limp cum covered cock in her mouth. Sonika pushed straight down to his crotch, the hair around his balls pushing into her face, his balls against her chin. Her eyes were tightly closed and she moaned over and over.

Ramya continued to maul hard at Sonika's breasts, biting and licking her neck, meanwhile Prakash's arm was moving really quickly, almost like he was fucking Ramya with his fingers. Finally Sonika released the housekeeper's cock and slumped forward.

Ramya let go and Prakash withdrew his hand. The housekeeper zipped himself up and marched out of the room and they were led outside and up the large staircase and to a door where Prakash showed them into a huge bathroom.

Prakash undressed quickly and then got in behind Ramya. "Now I want you on all fours Ramya," he told "facing Sonika." Ramya did as she was told.

Taking up the soap he soon had a creamy lather in his hands. He then began to slowly work this into Ramya's bottom and hips with both his hands and it felt lovely. He massaged her bottom and hips, then worked his way along her back.

Ramya could feel him kneeling behind her and sometimes his cock rubbed against her bottom. It was semi-hard. In front of them Sonika moved closer, her face near to Ramya. She opened her mouth a little only to make Ramya lunge forward and stuck her tongue out. She did the same and their tongues played in mid-air with each other. It felt warm and soft unlike a man's tongue.

Sonika's mouth closed over Ramya's and the tongue licked around inside her mouth. Then pulled back a bit she knelt up and offered Ramya one of her breasts and Ramya closed her lips over the nipple, licking and sucking at it, drawing it into her mouth, pulling away and then releasing it, watching her breast shake and quiver each time Ramya did that.

Prakash's hands had started to rub the creamy soap into Ramya's sides, she felt his hands close on her big boobs hanging down. His fingertips first brushed the sides until he moved his palms onto them. It felt so sexy to have his hands roamed and slipped over her breasts. Ramya could feel the creamy lather being massaged into her skin and her nipples by now were rock hard.

Then cupping both her breasts he moved his hips against her and she felt his cock slip into her pussy. It felt so natural and easy, and he began to thrust in and out of her ever so slowly and gently. She felt the water lapping at the back of her legs and with that her virginity was gone- hymen broken, and with his waist bump into her bottom with every thrust, she was now a fully opened up woman.

In true disbelief, Ramya sank her teeth into Sonika's breast, pulling and chewing at her nipples while Sonika's hands were holding Ramya's head to her. Sonika knew this was the 'moment' and Ramya was now into the true path of 'depravity'.

Like her and Radha before, though reluctant, Ramya was now going to be the fresh slut in the market place. Shatir and Ripu would love to maul and fuck her from all sides and in all holes.

Prakash's hands were cupping and squeezing Ramya's breasts still, as she started to push her hips back into his groin, gently grinding against him as he thrust into her. His fingers trapped her nipples between them, squeezing them as he continued to thrust his cock into Ramya who had by now started to lick at Sonika' s breasts, then raised her head to kiss her open mouth.

Their tongues played with each other. Suddenly Ramya realised the bathroom door opened. In walked a boy, he couldn't have been more then 18 years old. He had a robe on which he let slip from his shoulders. Ramya just stared over Sonika's shoulder at him.

He was really handsome.

He was slim with such smooth skin. There was nearly no hair on him. His legs were smooth, his tummy and chest were clean like a slate and there was some dark hairs around his cock and balls, and other than his head, covered in long dark hair, he was totally smooth.

Sonika moved to the corner of the bath. The boy walked up and simply stepped in in front of Ramya and then he sat on the edge of the bath.

Ramya stared at his smooth legs, and just knew she could eat this boy alive. He looked so pure, so innocent. She reached for the side of the bath and held on to his hips and began to lick up the inside of his legs…and worked her way up along his leg until she got to the smooth ball sack and immediately began to lick that up and down.

There was nothing she wouldn't do, to get this young man of a boy and licked all around his balls and then traced a line up along his cock until she got to the head.

Ramya's lips slid over and engulfed it in her warm mouth, tongue swirling around the head. Behind her, Prakash continued to fuck Ramya slowly, his hands squeezing and massaging the big boobs. Sonika was kneeling next to the Prakash, kissing his chest and licking at his nipples.

It looked so exciting in the mirror on the side. The boy's cock was rock hard and was actually throbbing in Ramya's mouth when she slid her lips down the shaft as far as she could, pulled back and licked the head and then slid down again.

Ramya wanted this cock so much in side of her mouth and even in her throat and didn't know how to deep throat but this was the first time for her with so many cocks and of all 'such a young one'.

She took him as deep as she could but it wasn't comfortable, so she remained contented with sliding her lips back and forth over this lovely cock while her hands moved under his bottom, cupping the cheeks and pulling his groin nearer to her face.

His cock throbbed and then suddenly seemed to expand at the head. Within seconds he was pumping his cum into her mouth. Ramya swallowed as quickly as she could. There was so much of it, really thick and creamy. and she let some of it stay in her mouth swirling around his still pumping cockhead.

He must have pumped about six loads into her mouth until his cock became still, she wasn't letting go and continued to suck and lick at it, playing with the cockhead as it started to grow small in her cum filled mouth.

Finally she let it slide out of her mouth. He looked down at her and Ramya opened her mouth so he could see the cum still there coating her teeth and tongue, then she leaned her head back and swallowed it all.

Then she showed him the empty mouth.

The boy smiled and kissed her on her pretty pouty nose.

Behind her Prakash stopped thrusting into her and pulled his cock out. With one hand on her hips and the other shaking his cock, he started to spray Ramya's back with shots of warm sticky cum. Ramya watched it all in the mirror.

Sonika licked and chewed at his huge cum from Ramya's back while his cock continued spurting in front of her.

Ramya felt the cum land on her back in long stringy threads, warm and sticky being licked and eaten by Sonika in quick unison.

Finally he sat back in the bath. Sonika kneeled up and smiled at Ramya.

The boy remained where he was, watching them all with a smile on his face.

He was Prakash Loria's son, just out of college and was about to start his Bachelor in Enginnering at IIT Delhi.

What a way to start - enjoying the company of women.

He was blessed.

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