tagIncest/TabooSons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters


Jim worked hard for a living, since his wife died. All he could do is work then go home to his twins and start all over again cleaning up after them, they where both at collage. He had to raise them by himself. He loved them but just sometimes he wished that he could have his own life back and have just his sexy wife to go down on him as always did before he fucked her brains out, Oh why she had to die I loved her so much.

Jim came home from a long hard day of work, as usual the twins had already gone out and left there normal mess behind them. Sarah had left a pile of clothes for him to wash, but he was far too knackered to do any washing and he pulled a beer from the fridge, then went up to his bedroom to watch a hardcore DVD. Soon his shaft grew in his pants to its masterful ten inches; he pulled it out, grabbing the head of his thick shaft, stroking it all the way down, as his other hand played with his balls. On the TV, the women screamed as she was fucked by a man while another was fucking her arse. Jim soon lost track of time, and fell asleep with his hard cock in hand.

Suddenly he awoke he looked at his bedside clock it was 4:30 in the morning, Sarah and Paul the twins had come home. They sounded drunk and they were never quiet when they had had a drink Sarah asked: "Where's daddy?"

"I don't know Sarah, why do you think I am a fucking mind reader? That friend of yours was frigid she would not even play with my prick let alone suck it. So I think you should make it up to me."

Paul pushed his sister to the floor and unzipped his Jeans. "Suck my prick Sarah, suck it now!"

Sarah screamed, "Get the fuck off me if you put that near my mouth I will bite it off."

Her brothers prick slapped both sides of her face as he waved around in front of her mouth: "!Get away from me Jeff I will bite it off now fuck off!" :Jim heard the screaming, and didn't have time to think what state he was is ran downstairs:

"HEY!! What is going on! Paul, dam it, get off your sister." Jim pulled his son away from his sister. his eyes looked at his son's hard shaft, "Put it away." by this time Jim had noticed his son sure did have a big prick then realised that his own member that he had been pounding with abandon was still sticking out of his trousers and hardening.

"Oh Fuck, get to bed the pair of you! I will deal with you in the morning." Jim turned and ran upstairs to the bathroom, leaving the twins, he started to wank hard and fast, as he came he let out a loud grunt that could be hear all the way downstairs, and he shot his hot, thick cum all over the bathroom sink: Oh god! But what was he thinking about was his sexy daughter on her knees just like his wife why did she have to look so much like her, or was it his sons impressive shaft just like his own just made to make a woman scream with lust as it buried itself into her warmest of holes.

The morning came to early for Jim, but it was the weekend and he woke with an erection that just had to be satisfied, but he was fed up with beating it himself, there was no noise so he knew the twins had not rose yet, Jim soon made his way to his daughters room:

"Hello Sarah."

"Hi daddy sorry about last night." Jim had a huge bulge sticking out of his pyjama pants, he grabbed his daughters hand and put it on the bulge, Sarah." You know what this is?"

"Yes daddy, I do."

"What is it then?" Jim Asked, smiling at the touch of his daughters hand on his shaft.

"Its your prick." She replied.

"No it's now yours, and you are going to take it out."

Sarah looked at her dad in horror, but put her hand inside his pants and pulled his ten inch prick out, it was thick, and hard as a rock, it stood straight up: Oh daddy, is it a new toy for me? Jim smiled as he took his daughters hand and stroked his hard cock with it. "Yes Sarah. It is all for you. Go ahead and play with it." Jim laid back on his daughter's bed, his huge cock sticking up, Sarah grabbed it in her tiny little hands and stroked it, "Oh daddy I don't know how to play with dicks." She said coyly.

"Its not hard baby, all you do is hold in and move your hand up and down, you can even suck on it." Sarah gave his cock a hard lick:

"Oh god, I cant take it anymore! You are so much like your mother." Jim ripped his daughter's Nightie off.

"My god!" he screamed then grabbed her and pushed her to the floor, and he lined his cock up with her tiny little arse, he gave her a hard smack on the arse, and shoved his cock into his daughters arse. Sarah let out a loud scream, "Oh daddy! Daddy, daddy it hurts! ahh! ahh Stop! Please not there." But Jim had watched his daughter grow into ever bit the woman his wife was, and he was going to make good use of every hole she had to offer.

Paul had heard the screams and ran to his sisters room, he saw his fathers dick sticking out of Sarah's arse. "Dad, what are you doing?"

"Shut up Paul, shove your cock in her mouth while I beat her arse its your turn next. You are not going to bite him are you now he said to is daughter as he pulled her head back by her hair." Sarah looked at her father and shook her head, as Paul shrugged his shoulders thinking that he was going to be fucking his sisters arse after his dad had loosened her up for him.

He whipped his cock out, he stood in front of his sisters face, and slowly pushed his cock into Sarah's mouth "It won't fit all the way."

"Shove it in! Son, she will get used to taking it down her throat or she will choke."

Jim, soon had his full ten-inch cock in his daughters tight arse, Sarah tried to moan, but Paul pushed his prick further into her mouth with each thrust.

Jim was close to cumming inside his daughters tight arse but he watched his son in his sisters mouth and pulled out watching her arse gape open and fell back on the floor ,his cock still rock hard and watched as his son pumped her mouth taking his full length.

Soon, Paul pulled his cock out, of her mouth, wanked off, hard, and fast, grunting loud. He shot his hot cum all over his sisters face then fell to the floor next to his sister. Jim grabbed his sons cock and stroked it, until he was hard again then tuned him over so his face was in front of his sister's pussy. "Now make her cum with your mouth."

Paul thought he was in heaven as his sister opened her legs and her dad pushed his face hard against her shaved slit.

Jim smiled at his daughters face as his son began to eat her out. Then the biggest shock of Paul's life happened. He felt his dads prick forcing its way into his own arse hole, he tried to scream but Sarah had got his head pushed hard into her wet cunt and Jim had his hand on his prick wanking him off as he pounded his monster prick into his arse the pain ripping through his body

Twenty minutes of pounding and Jim shot his load up his sons arse, then pulled out and pushed him to the floor next to his orgasming daughter who to his counting had cum at least four times

"Thanks kids, I loved that I will let you know when I want some more." Jim smiled and left the room, his prick still hanging out of his pants and hitting his thighs as he walked: Sarah climbed into bed and fell asleep, naked, with her arse and throat sore and raped, but pleasured by the relentless licking of her brother.

Paul went to his room to wank off again, his arse sore but as he watched his cum spew from his head, the pain subsided to lust and as he fell asleep, he dreamt of fucking his sister and not of his dad fucking him.

What happened next is another story.

Love Linnet

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