Sons and Lovers

byAlex De Kok©

"You are even more beautiful than I ever imagined," he said.

"My breasts are too small."

"Rubbish, they're beautiful. Your eyes are beautiful, your hair is lovely, your figure is a young man's dream." Todd grinned. "I think you've been sunbathing without any clothes, too."

"Good guess, Todd. Your mom and I, we topped up our tans when you and Joe were at the football match, and when you went off for your day's golf." Sue looked down at herself. "Still needs more though."

Todd laughed. "Not as much as me." Sue giggled - he was rather pale about the loins - but even mostly dormant, his dick looked to be a good size. She held her hand out to him.

"Come on, let's go face the others."

Almost as if it had been rehearsed, the bedroom doors opened almost simultaneously, and the four of them were naked together. Sue gave her son a quick, surreptitious glance. Shit! Fran was right, Joe's got a good-sized package! How'd I miss that? And Joe was giving her the quick once-over, too. She straightened, and caught his eye. "Look your fill, son. This might be a once-only if I get cold feet."

Joe grimaced. "Don't even think that, Mom. You and Fran will be the loveliest creatures on the beach."

"Definitely," said Todd, who'd been eyeing his own mother. He held out his hand to Sue. "Shall we?"

"You and Joe go on ahead. We're booked in under our own names, so any sexy goings-on must be kept for when we're private. So, if you see any good-looking girls act natural, and lust after them, or something, but your nights are for me, understand?"

Todd snapped to attention, and saluted. "Yes, ma'am!"

Sue laughed. "Get on with you, we'll be right behind. We'll bring some cold sodas, okay?"

Todd nodded, and he and Joe went out in low-voiced conversation. Sue turned to Fran, who grinned at her. "We struck lucky, I think. Either one of them looks like they're going to be bigger than any man I've ever had before."

"Sure did," said Fran. "I guess we better take any valuables with us, plus the key. Just in case. My big beach bag, I think, with our purses. Your bag for the sodas."

"Let's do it!"

Looking back on it after they were home again, Fran and Sue agreed it had been a fun afternoon. The beach was busy, but there was plenty of room. Todd and Joe played volleyball with some other youngsters, while Fran and Sue chatted with some older couples and singles, like themselves, but their tans testified to previous visits. Around five, the four of them made their way back to the cabin.

"You take the bathroom first, honey," said Sue. I'll put our things in the closet.

"You sure?" said Todd.

"Absolutely. Get all that sand and salt off, get nice and clean for later."

"Okay, but if you get the things in the closet, come share the shower with me?" Todd looked appealingly at Sue and her pussy pulsed. She nodded.

"You go ahead, get the temperature just right. There are only a few things to put away, so I'll just be a moment." Todd grinned, and disappeared into the bathroom.

They'd brought few clothes, reasoning they'd be naked a lot of the time, so unpacking was quick. Sue left a red shirt and flower-patterned skirt on the bed, and went to join Todd in the shower. He grinned when he saw her and moved across to free space for her, but there was plenty and Sue speculated that the designers had anticipated people sharing.

"Turn round, Sue, and I'll do your back," said Todd.

She giggled, surprising herself. "Wouldn't you rather do my front?"

Todd looked startled, but his answer was quick. "Of course, I just thought you'd like me to do the bits you can't reach, first."

"First, eh? Hmm. Okay, Todd, wash my back, pretty please."

His hands were a little shaky as he began, but as she just moved to facilitate his efforts, he steadied, and when he washed her butt it was more of a caress than a wash. She just stopped herself moaning with pleasure, then thought, 'fuck, why not?' and let the moan trickle out, feeling his hands moving down her thighs. She moved her legs apart, knowing he'd be able to see her pussy if he knelt, reasoning that that was exactly what they were there for. Finished her back, Todd stood, and she reached for the shower gel.

"Your turn, Todd." He turned obediently and she began to rub the gel into his shoulders and upper back, feeling him shiver as her hands moved down, over his taut swimmer's butt, fighting the urge to goose him. Finished, she turned him, handing him the gel, holding his eyes.

"Now my front," she whispered. He poured gel into his hand, a hand that was shaking, and reached out slowly, tentatively, and she shuddered when she felt his hand touch her breast, the half-hard nipple instantly fully hard, heat in her belly, her pussy. His hands were gentle, and she reveled in the first touch of a man's hands on her body for two years.

"Does it feel good?" he murmured, and she grinned at him, nodding.

"You have no idea how good, Todd."

"Touch me?" There was a plea in his voice and she looked down, startled to see him fully erect, fascinated by the hard size of him, her pussy pulsing, anticipating the feel of it penetrating her later. She reached down, squeezing, feeling him hard and hot in her hand. The suds were running off them, and she caught a handful, reaching down again, sliding her hand along his thick shaft, caressing him, but he suddenly groaned, and he was jetting his semen into her hand. He looked at her, agonized, but she shook her head, smiling at him.

"I'm sorry," he said, his tone miserable.

"Don't be, because next time, when we're dry, and ready, and in bed, you'll take longer and we'll both be the happier for it." She squeezed his shrinking dick, and smiled at him. "Honest, Todd, best thing that could have happened. Well, maybe not best, because it could have been in my mouth, but good."

"You're sure?" he said, and she could see she'd startled him with her comment.

"Absolutely. Come on, let's get rinsed and dried, and dressed. We need fuel, if we're going to fuck all night." She grinned at his expression, raising her eyebrows suggestively, and he laughed.

"Okay, I feel better about it now."


Dried, they returned to the bedroom. Casually, she took her red shirt, and donned it. then slid the skirt over her hips and fastened it. She reached for the strappy sandals she planned to wear and slid them onto her feet.

"Right, I'm ready," she said, smiling at Todd, as he pulled a blue polo shirt over his head.

"You're going like that? Without, um," his voice trailed off.

"Yes, I'm going like this. Without, um," she said, laughing.

"Wow. why?"

"Anticipation, sweetie, anticipation. Plus, I'm trying to turn you on!"

He groaned. "Aunt Sue, you do that just by being here."

The others were waiting for them in the living room, Joe dressed like Todd, in chinos and polo shirt, tan and grey in his case, Fran in patterned blouse and wrap-around skirt. Like Sue, wearing sandals. She smiled to see them.

"Ready, guys?"

"Lead on!"

The drive was short, the restaurant had plenty of room, as it was still relatively early, and they got a nice corner table near the big window overlooking the ocean.

"Excuse us a moment, boys. Nose-powdering time. If the waiter comes, order some mineral waters, No wine, we want you boys ready to perform, later," said Sue. "Fran?"

"Absolutely," said Fran. "Back in a moment, boys."

In the ladies' room, empty but for the two of them, Fran grinned at Sue. "Well?"

"Well, what?"

"How are things going? My son behaving himself?"

"Absolutely. Mine?"

"The same. Any little incidents to report?"

Sue grinned. "We showered together, and Todd made a lovely job of washing my tits. Then he said, 'touch me'. I looked down and this monster was pointing at me. Couldn't resist, I took him, squeezed him, slid my hand along it a couple of times, and bang! He came." Sue grinned. "Poor baby was upset until I assured him that it meant he would last longer later, and that was what I wanted."

Fran grinned. "I think Joe jacked off. We showered separately, worse luck, but he was watching my every move when I dressed, and left off my bra and panties. He didn't say anything, but his eyes were yelling at me."

Sue laughed. "We're up to date. Shall we rejoin our gallant studs?"

"We shall. Lead on!"

They enjoyed the meal, but all of their thoughts were on what was to happen later, and conversation was desultory. Shortly after eight they were on their way back to the Cape, and by eight-thirty were back in the cabin.

"I see no point in sitting making small talk," said Fran. "We all know we're here to fuck, and I for one am raring to go. Joe?" Joe stood up, and Sue was startled to see the bulge in his chinos. He looked down, then across at his mother, giving her an embarrassed shrug, and a grin, but Sue just laughed. He grinned at her, and held out his hand to Fran. She took it, and turned to Sue and Todd. "We'll see you in the morning. Sometime. Probably. Of course, it may be afternoon, or evening. We don't care." Turning, she led a grinning Joe into the bedroom and the door closed behind them with a decisive click.

Sue turned to Todd. "Seems like a good idea, hon. Shall we?"

Todd nodded, then groaned. "Gods, yes, Sue, please!"

In the room, door closed, drapes closed, Sue turned to Todd and beckoned. He came closer, and she put her arms around his neck, drawing him down into a kiss. A long kiss, a hot kiss. A kiss that explored, that investigated, that approved, adored. A kiss that when they broke it left them both breathing hard, staring into each other's eyes. A slow smile spread across Sue's face, and she leaned back slightly in Todd's arms.

Undress me?" she murmured, delighted by the sudden hunger in his eyes, the slight tremble in his hands as they came up to unbutton her blouse, the feel of his hands on her breasts as he gave them a swift, but careful, loving, caress as he pushed back her shirt. She straightened her arms and let it slide to the floor as he loosened her skirt, sliding the zip down over the curve of her ass. She gave a shimmy, and the skirt slid to the floor, and she was naked before him again. Ready, this time, hot, wanting.

"My turn," she said, and went to her knees before him, loosening his belt, his waistband, lowering his zip carefully over his growing bulge, fighting a giggle at the sight of his obscenely-tented boxer shorts, losing the fight against the giggle when they realized they'd both forgotten about his sneakers. A few moments unbalanced struggle, and Todd wore only boxers and his polo shirt, and Sue reached, took careful hold of his waistband and lowered his undershorts carefully over the obstruction of his now almost fully-erect dick. Deep red, swollen, the veins proud, pulsing with his heartbeat. She took a deep breath, leaned forward and he was in her mouth, filling it. She let her mouth move the length of his dick, as far as she could before the gag reflex hit her, hearing his deep groan above her. She'd never been able to deep-throat, but she wasn't worried, as she knew that most of the sensitivity of his dick was in the head.

She let him slip from her mouth with a soft 'pop', and stood, taking the hem of his polo shirt and pushing it up, and off over his head, her nipples, her hard nipples, brushing his chest, the shirt falling free, and then they were kissing again, hot, hard, pouring their want into the kiss, each trying to show the other the extent of their desire. At last, gasping for breath, Sue broke the kiss, staring into Todd's eyes as he held her.

"I guess you'd like to fuck me now?" she said, a half-smile curving her lips, pressing herself against the evidence of his arousal. Todd grinned.

"Yes, I would, you know I would. Very much."

"And you will, but not yet." She hid a smile as his face fell.

"Oh? And why not now?"

"You're excited, aren't you?"

Todd laughed. "Yes, I'd have to admit to that, I guess. The evidence is kinda obvious," he said, pushing gently with his hips, his erection hard against her.

Sue laughed, low, soft. "So I can tell. But if I let you fuck me now, you'll be too quick, and we won't get the best of it."

Todd smiled. "Ah. You have an alternative?"

She nodded. "Yes, I do. Step one, I get you off with my mouth. Step two, you get me off with your mouth. Step three, because I think you'll be hard again by then, step three, we fuck, and this time it lasts. Does that appeal?"

"Aunt Sue, you minx, you know it does!"

"Okay, then, Todd. On the bed, on your back, and let me at him!"

In moments, Todd was on the bed, his head propped up with pillows, with Sue kneeling between his spread legs. She took a gentle grasp of his hardness, and Todd's breath hissed in as he felt her fingers on him. She looked up and blew him a kiss, then bent, letting his hardness slip between her lips, knowing that soon, probably very soon, she was going to have a spitting monster in her mouth.

He was hot, hard, his skin smooth over his resilience, silk over rubber over steel, and he was big, big enough to fill her mouth, too big for her to deep-throat him, even if she could. She contented herself with taking him as deep as she could, then lifted her head, lips pursed in an 'O' around him, letting him almost slip from her mouth, then down again, not so far this time, concentrating on the sensitive area around the swollen mushroom head of his dick, hearing him gasp as she moved over the sensitive area. She lifted her head for a moment.

"Okay, hon?"

"Fuck, yes!" he moaned, and she grinned, her head going down again, moving, sucking, nipping, careful to keep her teeth well away from his glans, letting her lips and tongue do the work, hearing his breathing quicken, coarsen, until he was almost panting, and she knew he was close, feeling him tense, then cry out as his climax hit him, but she knew by then, as she was swallowing frantically, his semen filling her mouth, swallowing, licking, feeling the pulses ease away to almost nothing, only the occasional reflex twitch as her tongue moved over his sensitivity. With a last lick around the head, she let him slip from her mouth and sat back.

She smiled, fighting a laugh. Todd's breathing was still heavy, but easing. His head was back, his eyes closed, and an expression of bliss was on his face. As she moved, his eyes flickered open, and she blew him a kiss.

"Okay, honey?"

He took a deep breath. "You have no idea."

"Never been blown before?"

"Yeah, couple of times, but not like that! You are sensational, Sue, utterly sensational. And sometime, when I've recovered, which might be a long time, I would most definitely like to have you do it again."

"It's a promise, honey, because I enjoyed it, too. You felt good in my mouth."

"Can we rest, until I get my breath back, before I eat you?"

"Of course we can, sweetheart." She moved forward, laying herself half on him, stretching herself the full length of him, her head on his chest, hearing, feeling, the solid thump of his heartbeat. She sighed, content, feeling his arm come around her, just holding her. It had been way too long since she'd had any good sex.



"I think I love you."

Sue chuckled and blew him a kiss. "It's kinda mutual, Todd," she said, laying her head on his chest again.


"Yes, hon."

"Thank you."

She raised her head again, smiling at him. "Honey, it was for purely selfish motives, believe me. I remember reading an article somewhere that said young men should have older lovers in their early days, as a man peaks at eighteen or nineteen, and a woman in her thirties, and I wanted to know if the article is right. Well, on my experience so far, hon, I have to say a resounding 'yes'. Okay, maybe I'm a little past that point, but not you, you're right on the mark."

Todd laughed, his chest shaking beneath her, making her smile. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"You know this can't last, don't you?"

"My mind says yes, but my heart says never! I have to say, I'm in no hurry to end it."

"Me either, hon, me either."

He stroked her back for a moment. "Hey, lover, wanna be eaten?"

She raised her head. He was smiling at her. "You ready?"

"Yep. Are you?"

"Fuck, yes!"

Sue lay back comfortably, her head propped up by pillows, her legs spread, thinking that she and Fran shaving themselves clean had come into the category of Good Idea, although it was more likely, Very Good Idea. Todd lay on his belly between her legs. He looked up and caught her eye and she flushed, despite wanting this. She was a little embarrassed by the way Todd was studying her pussy, but relaxed when he looked up at her and smiled.

"Beautiful!" he said, then grimaced. "Sue? I never actually did it before. Give a girl head, I mean."

"I'm your first?"

"Yes, you are. I mean, I know what to do in theory, but ... " He shrugged, and gave her a wry smile.

"Good," she said, her tone positive.

He was startled. "Good? How?"

"No preconceptions about how good you are. You don't object to a few hints as we go, do you?"

He stared at her. "Are you kidding? All you want to give me, please!"

"In that case, let's get going."


"Now, honey. I want to feel that mouth on me. But first, just lean in and breathe. If you don't like the smell, you won't like the taste."

Todd laughed. "No kidding!" He wriggled around until he was comfortable, then leaned forward, breathing deeply of Sue's aroma. She waited, suddenly anxious, but he looked up at her, grinning. "Smells good, lover. Real good."

"Ready to taste?" Todd nodded. "Well, point that tongue, and push it into my slit!" He laughed, his tongue came out, and Sue waited, anticipating. She never needed to give Todd any hints, for he turned out to be a natural pussy-eater, kissing her, licking her, nipping at her with his lips, his mouth moving over her, teasing her, bringing her easily up the climb towards climax, a climax he pushed her into with a long lick up her slit, a pointed tongue pushed as far as he could into her cleft, and a nipping suck on her clitoris, pushing her over the precipice of climax, so that her thighs clamped on his head and her belly quivered as she let the sensations wash over her.

Todd sat back, his mouth bright with her juices. Sue glanced down, almost gasping for breath, her smile broadening as she saw his erection. She reached for him.

"Fuck me, Todd, fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me!" She slithered down in the bed as he moved up to her, and she reached down to guide him into her, gasping as his hard length slid deep into her soaking pussy. She kissed him fiercely as he thrust, and as hard as he was thrusting into her, so her own hips were pushing back at him, trying to get him even deeper. It was too intense to last, it couldn't. And it didn't. With a primeval cry as old as man, Todd came, his hips moving in blind reflex as he emptied his seed into her, even as her pussy was milking him in the throes of her own climax.

Panting as if he'd just finished a sprint, totally anaerobic, Todd collapsed across her, then pushed himself up, onto his elbows. Sweat shone on his face, and Sue could feel the slither of sweat between their bellies, her own chest heaving in the effort of extracting oxygen from the air.

Eventually, their breathing was merely heavy, the gasps easing to deep inhalations, the smell of sex, good sex, thick in the air. A slow smile spread over Todd's face, and Sue could feel it mirrored on her own. She stretched up and kissed him.

"Enjoy that, honey?"

"Damned right, I did. You?"

"Best I've had in a long, long, time, Todd, I tell you straight."

He grinned. "Best I ever had, bar none."

"I guess some experience does help."


She sighed, but it was a sigh of content. "Todd, my love, your cock feels absolutely great in my pussy."

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