tagInterracial LoveSon's Best Friend's Dad

Son's Best Friend's Dad


Copyright 2017 by Stormbringer

Note: This story is based on the comic script by Stormbringer and the art of Kaoscomics.


"Bye! Catch lots of fish," said Kate waving as her husband and son drove off on their weekend fishing trip.

She waited impatiently for them to drive out of sight before spinning around and racing into her house. The belt on her short robe came loose as she ran into the house, but Kate didn't care. She had one thing on her mind and that was getting her son's best friend's cock inside her again. Tyson's teenage black cock had taken her to sexual highs she hadn't known possible and she thought about it constantly. She dreamed about him the night after they had fucked. She was thinking of his cock last night while her much less endowed husband rutted on top of her until she pretended to orgasm. Most of all, she was thinking about sharing her bed with Ty for the entire weekend. A young bull like Ty could probably get it up for her a dozen times before he had to go home Sunday afternoon. Maybe more.

Kate ran up the stairs, large breasts leading the way, her yellow robe flapping behind her like a cape. She didn't glance at the family pictures hanging on the wall nor did she glance at her wedding picture. When she reached the second floor and the master bedroom, she let the robe drop to the floor completely.

Kate walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on to let the water warm up before turning back into the bedroom to grab her phone. They've left for the WE. Can't wait to C U again stud! XOXO, she typed onto the phone before sending the message off to Tyson. She was sure the young black teen was as eager to get his wonderful cock in her again as she was to have it inside her. Her thighs were going damp in anticipation just thinking about him.

Kate slipped into the shower and let the hot water run over her body. She couldn't get the image of Ty's cock out of her brain. The hard nubs on her nipples were throbbing just as her pussy throbbed along with her pulse. Her heart was beating so fast she could hear it in her ears. Fucking her son's friend had awakened something in her that she hadn't felt since she was a teenager. Even as she ran her soapy hand down her flat tummy and over her strip of pubic hairs, her fingers slipped into the wet folds of her pussy trying to satisfy her needs. She bit her lower lip fighting the urge to satisfy herself, knowing that soon she'd have a tool much more capable of satisfying her then her thin little fingers.

Kate forced herself to focus on the shower, washing her hair and body with scented soaps. She wanted to smell good for her young lover. She expected this would be the first of many showers this weekend. Ty's huge testicles were filled with more cum then her husband could ejaculate in a year. Sex with Tyson was a messy proposition, yet she wanted him to cover her body with his seed. She hoped he would remember to bring condoms sized for his formidable cock. He'd cum so much in her husband's small sized rubber that it had looked like a water balloon and been quite painful as it inflated inside her womb. Plus, her state of arousal was usually a sign she was in her fertile cycle. She couldn't afford any accidents this weekend. She didn't like to consider Jack an accident, but her son was the result of her losing control during her fertile cycle.

Kate finished her shower and toweled her luscious body. She combed the water out of her long black hair. Dry, it was graying, but wet it looked darker making her look younger than her forty years. She noticed the light on her phone was flashing. She grabbed her glasses and checked it hoping it was a message from Ty. It was.

On my way. Gonna fuck you all WE long Mrs. H. He concluded it with an ASCII symbol of a long hard penis: 8=====D. Crude, she thought. Not like Ty at all, but the boy must be eager. She'd better hurry.

Kate walked over to her drawer and pulled out the little box. The lingerie had been a honeymoon present from her husband and she hadn't worn it since. Her breasts were a prouder DD back then, but her heavier EE breasts still fit in the cups. The material was sheer, and her entire areola were clearly visible as was her pubic strip through the panty. The sheer lingerie was lavender, the nylons were darker with purple rims, toes, and heels. She pulled the one up her long leg. It stopped at mid-thigh. It didn't have a garter to hold it up, but then she didn't need it. Kate wasn't even sure why she was putting it on, she didn't expect it to be on her body for very long. She hadn't primped this much for a man in nearly fifteen years.


The doorbell startled her. Dammit! She'd told Ty to use the back door. She didn't want any nosy neighbors to see him, but the young black man had been a common sight at her house since he was ten years old. No one would be suspicious of him stopping by for a visit.

Kate opened the door, standing away from the entrance to keep any of her neighbors from seeing her nearly nude body. "Well, hello stud," she purred posing sexily. "OH SHIT!" she cried when she finally saw who was at her door. She crossed her arms over her chest, but failed to cover her oversized breasts. The man in her doorway wasn't Ty, but his father. "Mr. B... Brown, what are you doing here?"

Jerome Brown looked much like an older version of his son though meaner. He towered over her, one hand hooked in ratty sweats, the other hand holding a brown paper bag up to his face as he drank deep from the bottle hidden inside. He wore a stained white tee shirt, the black arms coming from the sleeves had bulging biceps larger than his son's. He lowered the drink from his mouth revealing his white goatee. The hair on his head was still dark for a fifty-year-old man, but the sides were gray with stripes that made him look distinguished. His dark eyes looked in her the face moving down to her soda can sized areola, the nipples, poking out through the sheer bra, hard from thinking about his son's cock. His eyes shone with approval, moving down her belly resting a second on the pubic strip beneath her panty before moving down to her nylons and back up to her breasts. "I'm here for the whore who been fucking my son," he growled.

Kate's heart skipped a beat. She couldn't look him in the eyes and glanced away demurely. "I don't know what you mean," she lied.

Jerome leaned on her door jam, glaring down at her. "Don't lie to me, slut." He said harshly.

Kate's body started to tremble, and she fought to remain still and calm. No one had ever spoken to her like that before. Yet, the lingerie made her feel like a slut. Yet, she was wearing it not for her loving husband, but for her son's best friend whose huge cock had her lusting after it again like a bitch in heat. She was a slut. "I'm not a slut," she whispered.

Mr. Brown snorted. He held up his phone, no not his phone, but Tyson's. She saw the picture from twenty years ago of her lips wrapped around her husband's penis. The video that Tyson had used to blackmail her into fucking him. "Can't say I blame you for seducing ma boy, seeing how pathetic your husband's penis is," said Jerome.

Kate's cheeks flushed red. "Tyson stole that from my bedroom and tried to blackmail me into sex, but I refused," she yelled angrily wagging her finger at him before clamping her mouth shut and hoping she hadn't attracted the attention of any of her neighbors.

"You as big a lying whore as my ex-wife," said Jerome. He was sneering at her. Kate couldn't believe this big lying negro drunk was treating HER like he was superior to her. He flipped the image and Kate gasped in horror. Tyson had snapped a picture of her on her knees sucking his giant black cock. He flipped it again and there was a video. Brown held it right in front of her face. "Fuck me Ty. I love your big cock," said her voice coming from the phone.

Kate's hand came up to cover her lower mouth as she stared at the video that clearly showed her and Ty on the bed. Oh no Ty, what have you done," she thought. She sighed resigning herself that this was going to cost her some savings. "What do you want? Money?" she asked. "How much?" And how would she explain it to John? Invent a gambling problem?

Brown snorted and leered at her. "It's not what I want, whore." He paused. "I'm here to give you what you want. A weekend fucking some dark meat. Now get dat white ass upstairs."

Kate stepped backwards away from him in horror. "No," she gasped. Ty may have blackmailed her, but he was a handsome really fit young black man and previously he'd always been respectful and polite to her. Mr. Brown was kind of handsome and had bigger muscles then Ty, but he was older then she was, an unkept smelly slob and even worse in her eyes, a drunk. She found him disgusting and he certainly wasn't polite and respectful. Kate spun around before she tripped over the lower step upstairs. She began to climb the steps giving him a great view of her bare ass cheeks as they flexed with each stair she climbed. She passed the picture of her happy family.

Kate heard the older black man guzzling at his bottle. He gasped afterwards and said. "This is yo lucky day, slut. Tyson's just a boy. He don't know how to treat a woman like you yet."

Kate had never been called names before. Her nipples throbbed beneath the bra. She passed her wedding picture. How dare he call her a slut. She felt a weird fluttering in her stomach.

"I'm gonna show you what a real man has to offer."

Kate heard his heavy footstep on the first stair as he began to climb. Mr. Brown was very dominant and forceful, so unlike her rather timid husband who let her make all the decisions to avoid conflict. She wasn't used to a "take charge" kind of man. A fresh dampness formed between her legs soaking the bottom of the thong panty. Kate reached the top of the stairs and walked into her bedroom.

"Lose the bra," he ordered, following her.

Kate unhooked it and let her top fall to the floor. She spun around embarrassed by how swollen her areola and nipples were.

"Dems some big ass white titties," he said crassly, gazing at them with lustful approval.

Her breasts had always attracted a lot of attention from men, especially when she wore a bathing suit to the pool or beach and one Halloween she'd shown them off in an Elvira costume. Most of the time all the unwanted attention annoyed her, but lately with the lustful way Tyson and his dad stared at her bosom had her taking some shameful pride in her tits especially at her age. "What do you want?" she asked, trying to sound like she wanted to get this over with. She did want to get this over with. Hell, Jerome Brown was a fifty-year-old alcoholic, maybe he'd have erectile trouble and leave in shame.

"Let's give you a taste of some cock," he said, pulling his shirt off.

Kate was a bit taken aback by how impressed she was with his chest. John had a bigger gut then Jerome Brown had, and her husband rarely drank. Brown was all muscles and abdominals all much bigger than his son's. He was hairy compared to the smooth chested Tyson with a lot of hair under his navel, running up defined rock-hard abdominals and spreading across his broad chest. She didn't care for chest hair, but it looked good on Jerome making him look a little bestial. He put his hands on his hips, one still holding the bottle of alcohol. Kate knelt before him, crinkling her nose at the stench of alcohol from the bottle. She grabbed his sweats and slowly pulled them down. She crinkled her nose again as his underwear appeared. At some point they'd been white, but they were so dirty now stained yellow with wispy pubic hairs sticking out through holes in the top. She wondered if he'd be as big as his son. Her eyes widened in surprise as his pants slid down his thighs and she saw the immense bulge that the dirty underwear was straining to contain.

Kate was filled with a strong desire to see what Mr. Brown's black cock looked like. She reached up and pulled his underwear out and down. His huge cock flopped out, sticking out and angled downwards. The head was lighter than the shaft. Precum dripped down from the urethra in a volume that matched one of her husband's entire ejaculation. She pulled the underwear down under testicles sized to match the massive cock, each ball as big as her fist. Kate reached up and grabbed the shaft. Jesus! She thought, he's as big as Ty and it's still growing.

"That's it girl. Get to work."

Kate slid her hand down to the base as the shaft continued to swell and grow. The head rose up towards her mouth and she leaned forwards to lick it. She couldn't avoid the copious amount of precum leaking from the tip, but it didn't taste bad. She licked around the bulbous tip as it kept growing. Her jaw stretched out as wide as it could as she began bobbing her head over it. Her free hand came up to massage his balls. One testicle filled her palm as she massaged the nut trying to coax the semen out of it, so she could hurry up and get this ordeal over with. MMMMMMM! She moaned feeling the head push against her cheek before it pushed into her throat.

Stop it Kate, she willed. Fight it. You're not enjoying this. Remember whose cock this is. She released his testicles and focused on sucking him. She grabbed the veiny shaft tightly, bobbing her head as rapidly as she could. Her jaw ached with the strain, but she could still only manage about a third of his cock. Her saliva poured down her chin as loud slurping sounds filled the room.

"That's it girl. Now ya getting into it."

Don't enjoy this, she thought. But it's so big? Stop it. So good. Stop it, Kate. I hope his sperm tastes as good as his son's. A happily married woman wouldn't be having feelings like this. She didn't even like oral sex, well until sucking Ty's cock off anyway. She was a decent married PTA mom, but she was acting like some sort of cock crazed...

"SLUT! You is a great cocksucker. You didn't get this good sucking that little white dick. Been practicing a lot on my son." Brown groaned. "You is sucking the cum right out of my balls. Here it cums."

No, only once, she argued in her mind even as his cock head expanded to the point she started to choke. She released his shaft and placed both hands on his thighs pushing back so that the head filled her mouth. Her eyes crossed behind her glasses as she stared down the shaft watching the base of his shaft inflate, the swell moving forwards towards her lips. His cock head jerked once, her mouth filling with his hot seed almost instantly to the point it shot out around her lips before she could swallow it down. Kate began gulping even as her mouth filled repeatedly with his cum. Kate moaned as she swallowed his hot seed. It was so good! She looked up his muscular body. Mr. Brown was smirking down at her. The asshole knew she was enjoying this. His sperm was thicker and richer than his son's and there was a lot more of it. It was fucking delicious. Kate continued staring into his eyes as she gulped down his seed.

Jerome pulled it out, pushing his cock down so that the next couple discharges from his cock covered her chest and cleavage in semen. He released his shaft, the hard rod springing up and spraying her face with several strands of cum. "Here's the last of it," he moaned.

Kate reached out and caressed the underside of his shaft. The strong veins along his cock were still throbbing even though it was starting to deflate. "Give me. I want it all," she whimpered, squeezing his cock, and stroking upwards so that a final wad of semen flew out the end. It didn't go far, landing on her carpet between her knees. She licked the sperm around her lips while her hand caressed down his cock. Kate looked respectfully up at him though one lens on her glasses was covered in his seed.

Kate came to her senses and yanked her hand away from his cock. It was sticking straight out now, bending down slightly. A second later in was curved downwards. She stared at it as she pushed herself to her feet and ran to the bathroom.

Kate stood at the vanity and used a warm washcloth to clean her face. She washed her glasses off and returned them to her nose just as Tyson's dad strolled into the bathroom. He'd removed the dirty underwear. He walked up behind her and stood at the toilet, a steady stream of urine soon flowed out from his cock. He hadn't bothered lifting the seat. "You suck a mean dick, Kate," he complimented.

"Uh... Thanks, I guess," she answered, not sure how to take it. She turned her attention to the sticky mess on her chest. He shook his cock before turning around and leaving.

Kate finished cleaning herself off and brushed her teeth. She flushed the toilet for Mr. Brown before walking back into her bedroom. He was seated on her bed nude. The middle aged black man's dominant personality, his strong muscular physique, and especially the huge monster cock dangling between his legs exuded a powerful masculine presence. It made her stomach flutter and her instinct was to submit to him. The few times she'd met him before, he'd made her nervous for some reason. She hadn't recognized it as a natural feminine reaction to his pure virile masculinity at the time. Now she knew, and it scared her. She stepped up to him. "What now, Jerome?"

He smirked. "That's Mr. Brown to you, slut." His hand reached out and grabbed the hem of her panty, pulling out hard. "Let's get you out of these things." The thin fabric didn't stand a chance, ripping off her body. She was left naked, but for her glasses and her nylons.

"YIKES!" she squealed, panting with excitement.

Brown stood, placing his hands on her hips. He spun her around and pushed her down on her marital bed. Kate scooted back as he climbed on the bed and kneeled between her legs. His cock was already rising in anticipation. It settled on her body. The base lay above the opening of her pussy, the head snug between her breasts. She gasped realizing exactly how deep the monster would be penetrating her. "You want this, slut?" he asked.

It frightened her, but she still yearned for it. It filled the married wife and mother with shame how much she wanted it. "Yes, Mr. Brown," she answered truthfully.

He nodded smugly and looked at her lustfully and a little contemptuously. "Then put it in," he ordered.

"You need to wear a condom," she pleaded, afraid a man like Jerome Brown would refuse. She was right between cycles, the most dangerous time to risk impregnation especially with a partner as virile as Brown.

"Didn't bring any," he grunted. His cock fully grown once again.

Kate slid her hand over and under her husband's pillow. He usually kept a few condoms hidden there. She sighed with relief when her hand felt the square plastic packet. She pulled it out and ripped the packet open knowing it would be too small for a cock like Mr. Brown's. Ty had promised to bring larger ones since her husband's standard condoms were too small for his dick.

The huge black cock was rearing up between her breasts. She placed the rubber over the tip and stretched it wide around the head. "That little thing covers yo husband?" grunted Jerome, seemingly amused. "Pathetic." A part of her was starting to agree as the rubber stopped just under the flare of his cock head. She pinched and stretched out the receptacle, remembering how Ty had swelled the thing up like a water balloon when he came. It looked full already as Mr. Brown's precum continuously flowed into it. She prayed the thing would hold.

"Don't normally where the damn things." Brown pulled back on the bed so that his cock slid down her body. The head fell on the opening of her pussy. "XXXL Titanic sized rubbers are too fuckin expensive." Kate reached down and held herself open for him knowing this was going to be a tight fit. He wasn't even holding his shaft to guide it in, he was so hard and sturdy. He pushed forwards.

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