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Son's College Friend


I was getting ready for the return of my son, from college for the summer, I hadn't seen him in such a while, I really was looking forward to it, although he would only be home for 4 days, before he was off again to Munich, where he was meeting a friend who came from there, and is with Geoff at his college, he was going to be away for about 3 weeks, maybe a little longer.

He was arriving around Saturday lunchtime, and his dad Walt, was going to the Middle East for approximately one month with his work, on the following Monday, So he would only see Geoff for a couple of days himself, good organising hey?

But Geoff would be here with me for the rest of the summer holiday, so I had to be happy for a small mercy.

That night he called to confirm he would be home as promised, but that he had a request to ask of his dad and me, I asked him what it was, I hoped it wasn't more money; it was a stretch to keep him in college as it was.

'No,' he replied down the line, 'it would be to your benefit,' he said, if we were to do as he asked of us. 'Lovely,' I said to myself, that makes a change, 'okay, I said, what is it?'

He said that a good friend of his at college, had had his plans changed for going home to his parents, because they were having to fly half way around the world at a moments notice, he would have to stay in the college for all of the holiday, as he couldn't go home for the 10 weeks and be there alone.

'What's that got to do with me, and your dad?' I said to him. 'Well, I told him, that I would ask you both, if he could come and stay with us, I'll only be gone 3 weeks,' Geoff said.

'You've got to be kidding haven't you Geoff?' I asked incredulously. 'You'll be away, and you know your dads going away, I would be here with him by myself, and I don't even know him!'

'But mum, you wouldn't even know he was there, I promise you, he is a real bookworm, we call him the ghost, because we only see him drifting in and out of the library.' He laughed. 'He spends all of his time studying, and he also has the highest grades in school.' He said. 'I don't know honey,' I told him. 'I'll have to talk to your dad, but my feeling is its going to be a no, I'm sorry love.'

He said. Mum please, he really will be all on his own, and he is a good friend to me, he helps me with my work, and if it wasn't for him, my own grades would be lower too.'

'I'll talk to your dad, okay?' I told him. 'Yes mum, I'll call you later tonight, I love you mum.' 'I love you too baby.' I said, and put down the phone.

I talked to Walt when he came home, about request. He said he was fine with the request from Geoff, he told me it would be a bit of a relief to him, because there would be someone in the house, and I wouldn't be alone.

I wasn't really happy about it, and tried to think of a way to say no, but that decision was taken out of my hands by Geoff's dad, he answered the phone when it rang, they discussed it, Walt told Geoff, he was okay with it, because mum would be safe, I heard him say.

But, your mum said something, about it being beneficial to us, you know its tight for us to keep you in college, and putting someone up for 8 weeks isn't cheap you know.

I know, he told his dad, and his parents were quite prepared to pay you £100 a week for him, if that's acceptable.

'Wow,' said his dad, 'yes okay, that's fine, I'll have another chat with your mum, and call you back in 15 minutes to say, yea or nay okay?'

'Yes dad,' he said, 'and thanks dad by the way, I've met his parents and they are really nice, Nigel is a credit to them.' 'That was my next question,' his dad said, 'his name, okay; I'll get back to you ASAP.' 'Jenny,' he said to me,' it sounds a good deal, not only from my point of view of being away, but the money is extraordinary too.' 'Okay, I'll do it,' I said, 'but under a bit of a protest!' with a sigh in my voice.

Walt and I have been married for nigh on 20 years, we have a good life, and like many other couple's, we have worked hard for what we have, Geoff is our only son, I wasn't able to have any more after he was born, so we were more than grateful for him.

Walt has often had to work away, it's the only way to earn a real wage he would say to me, I was lonely sometimes, and even had an affair at a low time in my life, but it didn't last long, I wasn't happy with myself.

Me? I'm Jennifer Atkins, Jenny to my husband and friends, Im 39, 5'7" or so, keep myself trim, I work out, go to a gym once a week to top up my efforts at home, I have a good figure, nice boobs, waist, and hips, my body is symmetrical to each of the other bits, long legs, small feet, and am happy with the way I look.

My hair is dirty blond, naturally slightly wavy, down to my shoulders, but I highlight it too, just to make me look a bit younger, I have a nice, pretty face, and when I make the effort, I scrub up pretty well! Walt tells me.

So Saturday arrived, and I was looking out of the window constantly, wanting Geoff to appear, so I could rush out to meet him.

I missed him, didn't I? He arrived early, and I was in the damn kitchen, when I heard the door open, there was my son, my lovely son.

I charged at him, his dad got right out of the way, to avoid being knocked over, Geoff picked me up, whirled me around, and I kissed him, I was beside myself with joy to have him home again, I had missed him so much!

'Hey mum, I have missed you too,' he said into my ear, as I practically crushed him in my arms.

That's when I saw Nigel on the doorstep, it had to be Nigel, couldn't have been anyone else could it? 'Mum, dad,' Geoff said as he hugged his dad, and shook his hand tightly. 'This is Nigel, Nigel please meet my parents.' He stepped forward and bowed slightly to me, and shook hands with me and Walt.

My mouth was agape, I looked at Walt too, and I could tell he was as surprised as I was, Nigel was a black boy!

'Is there something wrong mum?' Geoff asked. 'No no no,' I stammered, it's just that that? And I didn't know what to say then. Walt recovered the situation, by saying to him. 'Please come in Nigel, you are very welcome here, isn't he Jen?'

'Yes, absolutely' I managed to say, I'm not a racist in any way, but I hadn't expected this, I hadn't even thought of anything, but Geoff bringing a college friend home to stay with us.

With the shock over, we all went into the kitchen where I busied myself making drinks etc, Geoff was right; he was a really nice boy, extremely polite, and deferential in his manner.

Things were going to be okay, I knew now, my reservations about having someone else in my house while they were both away, were groundless.

We spent the rest of the weekend going over old times, I really enjoyed myself tremendously, Geoff had said we wouldn't see much of Nigel, and he was right, he was in his bedroom at the front of the house most of the time., with the zillion books he had brought with him.

Monday came too soon, and Walt left, I kissed him goodbye at the door, he and Geoff shook hands, they gave each other a hug, promising to see each other in about 1 month, and off he went.

I didn't see much of Nigel, just as Geoff had predicted, so I was happy to have him to myself, but it was only for 2 more days, then he would be off too, I was feeling sad, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Wednesday arrived, it was time for Geoff to go, and I fussed around him, like mothers do. I got the car out, to take him on the 20 mile journey to the train station, it was lunch time, the weather was lovely, so I put on a thin summer dress, I had my hair up and heels on.

Nigel was there to say goodbye to him, and I said to Nigel, that after dropping Geoff off, I was going into town to do some shopping, and wouldn't be home until late in the afternoon.

Nigel, I had learned, was from Nigeria, his parents were very wealthy, and the reason they had had to fly home very quickly was for business reasons,

He was about the same height as Geoff, about 6ft, maybe a little taller, but while Geoff is a bit gangly, Nigel is quite well built, I'm not too sure if I can say he was good looking, because I have never really looked at a coloured person, I would say he was handsome though.

We set off, and about half way there the weather started changing, by the time I dropped him off, kissed him goodbye, and made him promise to call me 3 times a week, (a record!) it was positively dark, I got back to my car, and then it started raining and it got worse, so I decided to call off my shopping and go straight home.

I drove the car into the garage, got out, pulled the door down, and went into the house, no one around, not to be unexpected, I put my handbag down, and went upstairs, to change out of my light summer dress, into something a bit warmer.

I approached my bedroom which is at the front left of the house, on the left of the landing, Nigel's is on the front right, Geoff sleeps in the back bedroom, and the bathroom is next to his.

I got to my bedroom door, I happened to glance at his door, which was open by about 2 to 3ft, as I got to mine, I saw a brief flash of black, and for some reason unknown, I stopped and glimpsed through the crack in the door, I had to step closer for a better look, I wasn't sure why I did, but maybe it was the flash of black I had seen?

I focussed my eye into the room, and there on his bed, which is in the far corner opposite to the door, was Nigel, naked, he had on a pair of earphones, which was plugged into a player, dark wrap around sunglasses. A magazine in his left hand, his left leg trailed over the edge of the bed, his right leg was on it, and his right hand was wrapped around his cock! A big cock! His big black cock!

I was stunned to the core, mesmerised, I had never ever seen anything like it in my life, I was rooted to the spot, he was slowly wanking himself off, as he looked at the magazine in his hand. The head of it looked like a big purple mushroom!

It was the biggest cock I had ever seen, it wasn't 10 or 12" like you read about, but it was bigger, and thicker, than my husbands, bigger than the lover I had had, and bigger than boyfriends before I was married.

I just stared at it, it had to be about 8, to 9" in length, I couldn't take my eyes off it, that's when I felt my nipples pop like champagne corks, and my pussy liquefied, I felt it melting, and going squishy!

My left hand found a nipple, my right cupped my pussy, I managed to drag myself away to my bedroom, where I sat on the bed, and rubbed myself, I was in a state of shock for some time, I was in a really high state of arousal as well, that's for sure, I stood up to close my door, that I had left open, when I staggered in from watching Nigel.

But something made me go to have another look, I tiptoed quietly to his door, and looked in again, he was still there, pumping that black monster up and down so slowly.

I didn't see it, but he had removed the earphones and the sunglasses, the magazine was on the floor, I saw that, then as if in slow motion, he raised from the bed, cock still in hand, still going backwards and forwards, I just stared at it, he was walking naked now to the door, but I never noticed.

It wasn't until he actually appeared in the doorway, that I realised what had happened, he was stood right in front of me, waving that beautiful black prick at me, he let go of it, put his hands on my shoulders, then slid them down my arms, when he got to my wrists, he gently pulled them to him, my hands came into contact, with the hottest prick I had ever touched, my fingers just wrapped themselves around it, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do!

I was looking down now at my hands holding it, and just stared it the cock that was soon to be in me, though that hadn't entered my thoughts yet!

He replaced his hands on my shoulders and started guiding me backwards to my bedroom, I went like a rabbit trapped in headlights, I was the rabbit, his big cock was the light shining the way, and I went!

In the middle of the bedroom, I was still holding that cock, but had now started to squeeze and caress it, I was in a trance.

He reached over me, undid the hook on my dress, and pulled the zip down, then my bra was unhooked, he pulled them both off my shoulders, and down my arms, I was on auto pilot I think, because my hands let go of his cock, just long enough to allow my dress and bra to pass, and then they drifted to the floor.

His hand went to my hair and tugged the clip out holding it up, I shook my head to cascade it down.

I was now being laid on my bed, I suddenly thought to myself, we haven't even spoken yet, he hasn't said a word, and I'm going to be fucked by this very young, strong, and powerful black boy, and no words.

But I never let go of this monster cock in my hands, amputation was the only way to get my fingers released now, that was, until it went into my pussy, which was bubbling away, I could feel it.

He put his big hands on my waist and lifted me into the centre of the bed, my marital bed! This wasn't the quiet bookish Nigel I had known for the last 4 days, this was a young male predator, I was the prey, and I was about to be devoured.

He climbed over me, pushed my feet apart with his, I knew what my orders were, spread em! I did, and guided the thick black monster in my hands, to my screaming pussy. As the mushroom started its journey into me, I could feel the girth, I thought, my God, how am I going to get this fucking thing in me?

Answer was, I didn't, and he did! He was insistent but gentle, he kept up the in and out pressure slowly, until he had it all in me, I was split wide, my knees were now under his shoulders, my feet stuck straight up in the air.

I was filled to the gunnels, top to bottom, side to side. He gave me time to rest and adjust myself.

It was glorious, I came in seconds, it took be by surprise, I howled as I came, it was just marvellous, I had never ever cum like that before, I had never been filled like this before, I had never been fucked like this before, I had never had a prick as big as this, in me before. I had never been with a black man (boy) before; it was a string of firsts for me!

But there were a lot more firsts, to come as well for me too.

He started to get into his stride now, he knew he had stretched me enough to accommodate him, and he went for it, big time, he got faster, he got harder, the feeling of his mushroom, as it slid up and down the walls of my beaten, bashed, and broadsided pussy, was something totally new to me, I couldn't handle it.

I was a rag doll on the bed under him, I was in heaven, a few short days ago, I hadn't wanted him here, now he was fucking me out of my head, I came and came, and better came, it just gushed out of me,

When he shot his sperm into me, there was only 2 places it could go, up and into my womb, and body, or squashed out between his prick, and my pussy, it did both, it washed out of me, like a white mud slide, and down between my legs, and over the bed.

I don't know if I just went dizzy with it, or feinted, but I do know that when I gathered my sense's, he was kissing me passionately, and oh so tenderly, he was loving me, I held him as tight as I could, I was in a twilight zone.

And he still had that black bull weapon of his in me too, I just couldn't stop myself from wriggling about on it, it felt so good. 'Nigel, please,' I said to him, 'just give me a moment to recover, let me lie still for a couple of minute's okay?

'You got it Jenny,' he said, lovingly and kissed me again, his kiss was sweet, I hadn't noticed that yet, his lips were thicker, (of course!) than my husbands, and his tongue as it entered my mouth, and licked my own, was overwhelming.

He was playing and tweaking my proud, hard thick nipples too, keeping me on the edge.

He was up on his elbows, giving me room, but that cock was beginning to twitch in me, I knew in a few moments, I was going to be fucked, African man style! And I was too.

He kissed me, and moved on me, I could tell, he seemed to be deciding where I was best for him, and where he would be best for me, I loved that, he was thinking of me, then it started, pulling his arse up, shoving his prick down and back into me.

I was looking up at him, in some fear and trepidation, I knew he could hurt me if he wasn't careful, but he was, I was to get a fearful fucking, but it sent me in to orbit, how could a boy such as this, be so sexually aware, and powerful?

We seemed to become one, I was so in tune with him, I felt I was a part of him, he fucked me with such intensity, the contrast between my white skin, and his black one heightened my own orgasm, and hopefully his own orgasm too, I came like a banshee again, he grunted, and roared, lion like?

I was under him, spent he slid off me somehow, I turned, and hid my face in his neck and chest, I saw my blonde hair against his black skin, it was gorgeous to see.

What had happened I thought to myself, a moment ago, I was entering the house, the next, I am been fucked into oblivion? How?

I fell asleep, I think he did too, but when I awoke, he was looking at me, I jumped in surprise, until I remembered what had occurred, it had been wonderful, but I was beside myself in shame and guilt, I turned away from him, what was I to do?

He moved, and spooned into my back, his arm went around me, 'I understand how you feel,' he said to me, 'but I loved every tender moment of loving you.' He whispered.

My heart just about burst, I was just going to tell him, that this must never happen again, when two things happened, he caught my nipples in his fingers, and his cock twiddled at my pussy somehow, from behind.

It immediately turned me on again, how could it not, we had just made fantastic love, or to put it another way, he had fucked me like there was no tomorrow!

My body gave in, there and then; I was his all the way!

I was on fire, not from the sensation of having a prick like his in me, but from wanting it again, I turned to him, cupped his balls, and held his cock, my cock now!

Kissing him, I told him I wanted it again, but this time I wanted it hard and I didn't mean his cock to be hard, that was already evident, I wanted to be fucked hard, very hard. 'But do be careful, this pussy girl,' I told him, 'still had some measuring to do, around this black weapon of yours, to ensure it fits it properly!'

He rose above me like a black cloud; I looked up into his ever so dark eyes, and knew I had taken a chance, when I had said I wanted it hard!

The mushroom was in my tiny hand, I headed it to its target, and in it went, oh my God, it slid right in, he stopped a bit from full insertion, he looked down at me, and said. 'Are you really ready for this Jenny?'

'Yes, I am, God forgive me, but I am' I whimpered slightly.

And he just hammered the last inch or so in, it blew the breath right out of me, I gasped, and my body tried to jump off the bed, that's when it was out and back in, before I even knew it, and he battered me, and my pussy with his wonderful beautiful prick!

I kissed him, held him, begged him to stop, begged him not to stop, I didn't know what I was saying now, all I knew was, I was experiencing a fucking, that every woman on earth should experience!

I came again, he did, and again it squirted out of me, there was no room in my pussy for anything other that his black meaty weapon!

I woke up the following morning, in a sticky wet, or should I say, damp bed, Nigel was beside me, snoring softly, I turned to the clock, 7:45am. Jesus Christ, I said to myself, what a fucking session that was, my body wasn't mine, it hurt, I would never look at a black man again, and not think about this.

I managed to get out of bed, and limped my way to the bathroom, ran a hot bath, soaked my beaten body, and carefully washed my aching pussy, I felt dreadful, my lips were bruised from kissing, and I hadn't even sucked his cock yet, my nipples were tender from Nigel's attacks, I felt alive. I was WOMAN!

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