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This is when I was 20 years old and I stayed home with my mother and younger brother. My father works in England as a software engineer. It has been 3 years that my father Raj (that's his name) came home.

I cannot forget that summer when I had my final exams and my brother Sughand (brother's name) went to see my grandparents as his exams finished earlier. So mom and myself were at home.

Mom is 39 years old, that's because she got married at an early age. Her name is

Mrs. Kusuma, with a dusky complexion and her height is at about 5'5."

On that summer evening my uncle Mr. Sunder (Mr. Raj's own brother) arrived home from Mumbai where we lived (Hyderabad). He has quite a dark personality with a hefty body. Soon it was evening at about 8p. m and I asked uncle to prepare my favorite, chicken fried that night as he is good at it. He said, "o. k son I'll do it for you."

Mom said, "Sunder also tell me the recipe so that I can do it for Suraj (my name) the next time. "

Uncle Raj started to prepare the food and mom was standing beside him looking at the cooking

food. And I was sitting in the dining hall studying for my exam.

When I casually looked into the kitchen, to my surprise I found that, when my uncle was steering the spoon his elbow was touching my mother's boobs slightly. In the beginning mom moved back but later I could see mom that she was in thirst for sex as she had no sex for the past 3 years.

So she slowly she moved towards his elbow and this time his elbow was hitting her boobs like a person hitting a sand bag. This was also noticed by uncle and so he made a gesture move by slowly passing his palm over my mother's naked stomach as she wore a dark blue saree with a sky blue blouse which was transparent so I could see the white bra.

Mom felt a small jerk when uncle did that and she became numb and remained still as if nothing was happening there as to avoid my attention. Now mom was standing still looking at the cooking food uncle was smoothening her stomach. He slowly moved his hand upwards to press my mother's fat boobs when suddenly she pushed his hand back saying in a low voice, "no Sunder I can't do this. I am already married and this is absurd. "

Uncle replied, "this is not absurd. I'm just trying to satisfy you and I am sure that no one is going to know about this. It is also 3 years that my brother has come home and further it is going to take more 3 years. "

Mom said how will I feel when my son comes to know?

"Don't worry about that you better ask your son about this, I am sure he will agree as he is 20 now he can understand your feelings," said uncle.

I heard everything and my cock became hard, by then mom came to me. Then I said "i heard your discussion but one thing, you must allow me to see you both having sex. "

As soon as I said this mom slapped me and said, "get out of here how could you ask that. "

Soon uncle came near and said, "what's wrong in seeing, are you not satisfying yourself. He just wanted to see. Let him. " :to mom

Mom said o. k but not from very near.

After some time uncle caught hold of mom from the back and started kissing her on the back, neck and turned her and pulled out her saree. My cock hardened looking at her milky boobs.

Both of them kissed each other for a while and uncle slowly started to unhook her blouse buttons one by one and threw it aside. Now my mother was only in her bra and petticoat.

I never imagined to see my own mother so sexy. My cock was oozing out small amount of juices.

Her boobs were very hard pushing out her bra. Mom got up and pulled out uncle's shirt and his pant. Uncle was in his underwear. Mom slowly stripped his undergarment and was surprised to see his long cock. Its about 8" long. Mom pulled his skin up and down. Uncle asked to put his cock into her mouth and so mom started sucking his cock. Seeing my own mother sucking other man's cock I almost ejaculated. After sucking for a while uncle sucked mom milky boobs and then catching hold of his cock slowly pushed into my mothers small pussy. He pressed himself in order to send his cock in. Mom mourned with heavenly pain, "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...... aaahhh.. "

"theeeerrrreee.. aaaahhhhh.... "

"oooooohhhhhh.. slowly, slooowly"

And uncle pumped up and down. Soon I took out my penis and masturbated. Uncle fucked mom's pussy for at about 10 minutes and took out his penis and pushed into my mothers mouth and came into her mouth. She drank the whole cum and licked it for a long time.

After that I went to sleep. But uncle and mom fucked each other for that whole night, as I could hear my mom shouting.

From then uncle fucked mom now and then.

The next day mom woke up and I found mom in a very good mood.

Mom said "how are you son."

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