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Son's Nasty Girlfriend


I am amazed at myself for taking the time and putting this recap of some juicy life experiences to paper. Never intended to, but I enjoy reading the exploits and conquests of other authors. And, I don't actually know how it all started within the past year. Hopefully, the relationship will continue to be just that, and not go further to where it could destroy my marriage and family.

As far as background goes, I am in my early 50's, big and athletic. Married 30-years, college daughter and senior high school son. Graying hair, heavier than I wish to be, but running my business takes most of my time. I do keep active, playing lots of tennis, some golf, and occasionally get to the club. Not as much as I would like, always next week.

Growing up, I was a star jock at my high school, playing the major sports, quarterback on the football team, center on the basketball team, and pitched during the baseball season. We are from a smaller school, rural community in southern Wyoming. Plenty of college scholarships were available to me. Seemed I was always part of the main activities both in high school and college.

My girlfriend was popular, petite, prom queen, and has a great personality. Quick smile, a truly nice person that everyone enjoyed being around. Funny thing is, we started dating when she was a freshman, I was a sophomore. Dated all through high school and college. Finally, after I graduated from college, we were married. Both were students for the first year of our married life. We moved from the rocky mountains to follow my graduate school ambitions at UCLA, where I received my MBA in 1978. Lived the great life near the ocean.

Then on to a career in corporate America. Management. Rising star. Fast salary increases. My own business. Have had it all.

But I must recap my past 30 years starting with high school. My buddies were mostly a year or two older than I, and rather tough crowd I guess. Sort of the hoods, but not in a bad sort of way. I was big by any standards, standing 6'6", weighed 210 lbs, definitely jock.

Throughout my life, I had always had my share of sexual encounters. I was able to identify girls that had great interest in sex. Starting at age 13, had my first time experience. Girls flocked to me. Best part, never turned down a second time. The good lord blessed me with broad shoulders, narrow waist, tight ass, and a cock that measured 9 ½ inches long and 7 ½ inches in circumference. And starting at such an early age, I got an experience level that could get the bodies of the ladies to say yes in most all opportunities.

By the time I left high school, I had put down about half of the girls in the school, from freshman to seniors. Not bragging, but just a great time. We were not a large school by some of the schools today. Only about 500 kids in the whole school, half girls. Experience gained!

During college, not much changed. I had my share of experiences from cheer leaders to classmates. Always on the prowl I guess. And I could read the wants and needs of the ladies.

Honestly, my girlfriend was one of the biggest prudes ever when I started dating her. And I, with my desire for sex, pursued as quickly as possible to get her down. Many times, I thought, today would be the day for popping the cherry. Always to be denied final fucking. Or having sex that is, she could not say fucking. It was nasty.

All during this time, my girlfriend and I had not had sex. She was adamant that we should wait and share that experience when the time was right. Talk about hard. Many times, we would go out on our property, or to the barn, and play. Necking, petting, sliding my cock between her legs but absolutely no penetration. That was the rules. Other times, we literally rolled in the hay.

Many times, my cock was inches from her pussy. Many times, after cumming, we would slide the head of my tool between her pussy lips, just to feel the softness, moisture, God it drove me nuts. We necked, dry humped, got naked so her tits would flatten against my chest. Sucking her nipples, heaven. Firm, pointed tips reaching up, begging to be kissed, sucked, teased. And boy did those nipples get hard. I swear her nipples stood ½ inch off the tit. She had enough tit to touch nipples, but firm enough not to sag. It was heaven to slowly run your cock through as she wrapped her globes around my tool, and with each stroke, she would try to lick the tip, teasing me to enter her mouth.

Mouth, that's another story. She had the softest mouth. After 2-years of dating, and heavy petting, she finally got the nerve to give me a blowjob that I can still remember. It was parked in my car, out along a rural road. To set the stage, the day before, I had had a evening with another girl in my class. We went to the drive-in to see Barbarella. If you have seen it, you know for the late 60's, it was a great flick. And my girl for the evening wanted to do everything Jane Fonda got to do. I lost my blowjob virginity that evening. And it was great. Also the first time I had eaten pussy. Always before, it was make the girls cum first, beg to fuck, stick your dick in, and pump. Missionary style, doggie style, make the girls cum, often. More times the better. Lots of anal sex. Great times.

Back to her mouth. Parked on that dark road, we crawled into the back seat, slowly undressed each other, all the while necking. She enjoyed kissing, softly, often. Hands slowly roamed down her torso, sliding under her sweater, freeing her tits from the confines of her bra. Quickly, the nipples harden. More slow kisses, rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Just enough squeeze to almost hurt, but enough to get the blood moving. Kissing, sucking her tits. I remember taking as much as possible into my mouth, nipping lightly on the nipple. One, to the other, and back. Down her belly, hand slowly moving down to the vee in her panties. Fingers lifting the material away from her pussy, lightly touching the lips. Middle finger parting the lips, sliding gently along the slit from top to bottom. Her clit, hardening under my touch. Body arching, wanting more. We played like this all the time. Great big blue balls.

Tonight would be different. Told her about the movie, without telling her about the other young lady that practiced on me for the evening. Coaxed her into trying it. And she did. Slowly at first, licking the underside of my cock, sucking each of my balls into her mouth. Back to my cock. Finally, she was licking the tip, putting her tongue on the slit, lips surrounding the head. Slowly, down my cock. Back up. Pop sound, what the heck was that? She was laughing. Said the crown head made her suck funny, and that she could make a sound when pulling back quick. Oh boy I thought. But try some more. Let me feel you do that again, and again!

Slowly, again down on me. Further each time. I could see her turn her head to the side, back to the front, and down her throat. Relax, down further. I was in heaven. And she kept going down further. I tried to imagine where my cock was going. But it just does not make sense. What the hell. Keep going down. Moaning, that was me. A kid in a candy store could not have been as happy. Whole world wrapped up in this heavenly moment. Down, slowly back up, a look into her eyes. And down again. She is grabbing my balls with one hand, the other at the base of my cock, pulling it into her mouth. I begin to feel the balls tightening. I know soon, very soon, I will be exploding, sending cum all over the place. My hand instinctively reaches for the back of her head. Holding it there. Her hands reach around me, each grabbing a cheek, pulling me deeper down her throat. I am exploding, cumming in her mouth, throat. She is there, cheeks filled out, swallowing each spurt of cum and suddenly, she is up, door opening, and gagging from the bottom of her stomach. Puking.

Many, many times since then, she blows me, but I am not allowed to cum in her mouth. I can wait until the last second, but she pulls off. Heaven forbid precum, if that happens, time to fuck. I can cum on her tits, into the bed, but not in her mouth. Oh well. Better than not getting any!!

Now, over the years, I have continued to have other ladies whenever possible. I justify it because of her limited desire to experience new things. Example, in 30-years of marriage, she has only let me eat her pussy half a dozen times. I love eating pussy. She has never let me play with her asshole. I enjoy fingering and buttfucking a hot ass. She can not even consider voyeur activities. I love the thrill of sex in public places. Over the years, I have had probably two hundred experiences outside of my spouse.

Many stories could be told, however, the jist of this story is what has happened in the last 6-months.

My young son is a big, strapping young man. He is dating, so life is good. Finally, he brought the current young lady over to the house. Sharon is all of 5'4" tall, about 110 lbs. She is a college freshman, one year older than my son. Nice, pretty , petite, with a great pair of tits and even better ass. One look at her, I am back in college, knowing that this girl will be one for me to conquer. Read it in her body movement, the way she pulls her shoulders back. Listens to me talk, hips thrust forward, slow, deliberate gyration. What to do?

And my son. He does not have a clue. This girl is made for nasty! And I think she knows it as well. Poor son, he does not see the signs. Begging for a touch, a soft caress. Mostly, hot fucking sex, raw, doggie style. I mind my thoughts. Must keep them away from her.

And then it happens. High school starts before her college classes begin. Sharon stops by my office at the end of the day. Wants to chat about a function that she and my son are off to the following weekend.

She is wearing a short pair of denim cutoffs, frayed around the edges, but mostly short! High heeled sandles, making her legs firm. She is in a soft white cotton top, scooped neck, tops of her soft tits clearly visible. Hair pulled back, face innocent. Lips highlighted with lip stick, soft blush on her cheeks. She sits in the chair in front of my desk. Just nasty. Keep my thoughts on track. Focus on her questions. That's it. Avoid any look that may get me busted. But she is 19 now. No, no, keep it cool.

We chat for a few minutes. Being an art major, she has brought a recent drawings for me to see in a sketch pad. Quickly, effortlessly, she glides over to my desk, inches from my shoulder, places the pad on my desk, and begins to flip through the pages. Pictures of horses mostly, with one sunset type picture. She tells me they have started a live drawing class as part of the program. Then, when she reaches the next page, it is a drawing of a large, slightly bent cock. She hesitates. What is going on?

I nervously chuckle. Start to turn the page. She stops me. Next thing I know, she is explaining that she has tried to imagine my cock when the man was sitting in her class. What must it look like? How soft is it? How big is it? Have I ever had an affair with another woman beside my wife? Would it be OK for her to see mine?

I am flabbergasted! What do I do now? I stammer about her being my son's girlfriend. Yes, she responds, but that does not mean that she can not have a fantasy. My son has been the perfect gentleman. That is what she wants from him, but me she wants to fuck. My head is spinning. This girl, thirty two years my junior is talking nasty to me, my cock is chubbing. What to do? Can I get out of this situation. Of course, pull being an adult. Stop the sequence of events at this moment. God she has nice tits, leaning over me, tits just inches from my lips. Soft.....

No, I can not do this, but she is here now, asking me to teach her. "Virgin" she says. "Horny for me". "Knows that I can be the one that will provide great experience. She is willing to do anything I ask. As often as I want. Quietly, between us, will never tell my son. Besides, she loves him, but it is her first real boyfriend. And she expects there will be more in the future. He knows that. This is now" she says. And it will not hurt her relationship with him. "Don't I have nice tits" she says. Would I like to see them?

I turn slowly to her. Lean back in my desk chair. Alright, I want you, but you will do a show for me. Turn around, face away from me. I want to see you slowly bend at the waist. Down, slide your hands down your legs, slowly get down, grab your ankles, arch your back as much as possible. Look around the side at me. Spread your feet apart. Yes, now ever so slowly, shift your ass back and forth. Imagine that I see you naked, imagine what you want me to do. Mmmmmmmmm, feel good. Now, bend at the knee, lower your butt to the floor, bounce gently on your heels. Now, back up even slower, slight bend of knees, bounce about 6 inches. Feel my cock slide into your pussy. Suck it with your cunt muscles. Get your pussy wet for me!! Imagine being filled. She is getting flushed just from talking!

I ask her to face me, lean down, let her blouse fall loose around her tits. I see cleavage, tits held by her bra. Reach up, take the bra off, without taking off your blouse, keep the nipples hidden. Yes, slow, easy, sexy!!

Toss the bra on the floor. Now, lean down again. Mmmmmm, nice tits! Slowly undress for me. Blouse, make it nasty! Yes. Sway with your mind wandering. Make love to me in your mind while you undress. Think of what you would like me to do to you.

Now, drop your cutoffs slowly, push them down by the waist band, hold them as they slide down your legs. Bend at the waist, lift each leg to get your foot through. Now, same with your panties. They accent your shape, I can see your trimmed bush through the material. Slowly, down, off, back up. Leave the sandals on. I want your ass up in the air a little.

Come to me, lift my shirt over my head. Mmmmmm, your tits look great close up. Put a nipple on my lips, let me taste you. Nipples are hard, wanting to be sucked! Shape, firmness, I want more. A little suck, for each tit. A lick, a little blow of cool air. Your nipples harden more. I quickly remove my shoes and socks, all the time watching her caress those magnificent tits. Pulling the nipples out toward me, mouth open, eyes closed, pussy glistening with moisture. I stand from my chair, open my belt, zipper. Now, push my pants down I ask her. She steps forward, tits brushing my stomach, nipples teased by the hair of my chest and stomach. I hear a gasp, hesitation in her movements. She reaches for the waist band on my dockers. Down they go. She easily pulls them from my feet as I shift my stance. Back up, she again brushes my body with hers, wanting to press together. But not yet. Her hands go to the front of my briefs. My cock is definitely chubbed, head running up to the left side of my briefs, hidden from view. Her finger tips outline my cock softly.

This is now getting serious. I am about to teach this young, nimble, female the facts of life. Or is she giving me a refresher course in love making with the naïve college coed? I don't care. I want to bring her to an orgasm that will rock her for now to eternity. I move to my office couch, lay it out to make a queen sized sleeper. Thank goodness it is a soft cloth material. I would not want to rub her flesh raw on the carpet. Been there, done that. God do rug burns hurt. Slowly, I gently lay her down on the couch. I position myself knees on the floor about waist high.

She reaches for me. I tell her to relax. My turn to please her now. Slowly, I lower my head to her right nipple, gently sucking it into my mouth. Tongue flicks over the nipple, teeth hold the nipple firm. Faster my tongue moves, moving the nipple around, sending spasms of pleasure to her crotch. Her hips arch slightly. I begin to nibble around her breast, gently, leaving a trail of tingling, moving to the next breast. Moving up the side, I get to the nipple, focusing on its rigidity. It waits for me to devour it, taking as much of her tit in my mouth as possible. My hand squeezes gently, standing the tit higher, narrower into my mouth. My other hand travels down her body, caressing her tummy, leg, and moving toward it's goal, her mound, her warmth, her pussy. Teasingly, I play with the hair of her triangle, pulling softly the hair, moving my hand lower to tug on the hair of her pussy lips. Her body arches quickly, but to no avail. My hand also rises, not plunging into the depths of her pussy. My focus remains on her tits. Now back to the first one, nibbling around the sides, between them, sucking them into my mouth with great passion. Her breath is short, labored. She holds her breath as my hand, fingers reach down into the area of her pussy. Teasing. I stop sucking her tit, looking down her body, savoring every second that I can, wanting to make her orgasm memorable. I move her body over, laying down beside her on the couch. We intertwine our bodies, arms wrapped around each other. Her tits mash against me, my leg lays between her legs. Pressure on her crotch area, arch to meet me. My cock flattens against her body. Now I have access to her. I want to kiss her, devour her with my tongue, exploring.

As I kiss her, my right hand moves gently to her tits, feeling the firmness. Caressing. Tugging. Playing. Equal time for each. We continue to kiss, kisses getting hotter as we share each other. I break the kiss, lift a tit up and lower my head to suck the nipple. My hand moves down her body, fingers lightly reaching the lips of her pussy. I do not hesitate. I begin to explore her slit, running my middle finger up and down her slit, over her clit. Pace quickens. I want to make her clit scream. I want to make it harder. I want to bring her to the edge of orgasm. I continue to kiss my way back up from her tit to her neck, ear, and move to her lips. My finger slightly enters her cunt, bringing a quick shortness of breath. Her breath holds, her body arches and stiffens, I run my finger around the inside of her hole. Teasing all senses of her cunt. Back to her clit. I begin to rub the clit with purpose now. I need to make her cum, I need to see the passion in her face. Breath is short. Body is giving way. Cunt begs for pleasure. Fingers desire to please. Mind gives way. I feel her heat of the moment.

I see her need to cum. I continue to drive my finger faster, gently across her clit. She is wet, dripping juice out of her, begging to be pleased more. I continue my assault on her senses. I feel the orgasm build in her body. I need to share the intensity of the orgasm. I kiss her deeply, sucking the air out of her. Deep, passionate kisses, finger working its magic on her clit. Hips arch, higher, more intensity, her body begins to tense, rigidity sets in, body craves an orgasm, wanting, yielding, and finally, reaches orgasm. I continue to gently rub her clit through the orgasm, and with a quick touch, press my middle finger deeply into her pussy. Deeper, harder, deeper my finger slides in, and quickly retreats to the opening. Again, again, I drive my finger into her body. Now, just as swiftly, I add my ring finger to her cunt. Both fingers, in unison, enter her body, but once in, move in different directions, spreading, pumping, and retreating. Her breath is sucked from her. Moans escape her mouth. Her orgasm is subsiding slightly. I slowly begin removing my fingers from her cunt. Breathing again, her focus is else where, eyes closed tightly. Slowly, I again begin to tease her pussy lips, moving to make contact with her clit. Gently, the clit is sensitive, but begging for another orgasm. I again begin to bring another hard orgasm, reaching it quickly, entering a single middle finger deeply into her pussy again. Softer, gentler, I move in and out of her body. Orgasm subsides, hard kisses are delivered to me. She can not believe just what has occurred. And yet again, I begin to play with her clit. Time for her third orgasm of the afternoon. Soon, it is achieved.

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