tagIncest/TabooSons of Seduction Ch. 01

Sons of Seduction Ch. 01

byGeorgette Glass©

My mom, Eloise, raised me from age 5 to present, barely 18, entirely on her own. Most single parents encounter insurmountable obstacles when taking on a challenge of this nature, but my mom is an especially stable and determined woman. Let me give you an example.

A while back she and I took a summer camping trip to a nearby park where we could pursue all of my outdoor desires. Things like fishing, canoeing, swimming, etc. Mom was like that. If Robby wants it, if she could afford it, and it was legal and safe, we usually did it. This adventure, however, developed into much more than we anticipated. Depending on the individual opinions, it was all good or all bad.

It was a typical hot summer day so we were both dressed accordingly. I was wearing cut-offs and no shirt. Mom was wearing very short shorts and a flimsy cotton knit halter. Had I been more alert and informed I would have noticed she was not wearing a bra. Her large nipples jutting through the thin top was a dead giveaway. Neither of us were aware of the other’s attire.

We loaded the car with our carefully selected supplies, and I pulled our vehicle out onto the road. Mom always let me drive when we were going somewhere together and time was not an issue. This stimulated my ego and did wonders for my manhood. This was going to be a great weekend.

“Robby,” Mom said in her ever pleasant voice, “did you get all of your fishing gear?”

“Yes, Mom,” I answered equally cordial, “I put it together last night so we could get an early start this morning.”

“Clever boy,” she said.

“Boy?” I challenged. “Mom, I’m a man now. I’m going to college in September; remember?”

“Sorry, young man,” she said in a patronizing manner. “You’re just growing up too fast for me to keep up with, Robby. I’ll try to do better.”

“I know, Mom, and I shouldn’t be so sensitive about it. It’s just that I’ve been waiting a long time to grow up.”

She just patted him on the leg and smiled. “I know.”

We had been to this park before so I knew just where to go, and what needed to be done to set up camp. Mom tried to help, but I was so determined to do it on my own that she just got in the way. Regardless, we were all squared away before lunch. We had lunch from a basket Mom had prepared before we left home, and then we got lazy and stretch out for a short snooze. When we woke up it was mid afternoon. We decided to explore the area around our camp.

We hiked up the mountain part way where we found a small pond fed by a stream that channeled melted snow to the valley below. I tested the water.

“Good for swimming?” Mom asked.

“A little nippy, but in this weather that should be just right,” I surmised trying to sound like an adult. “But we didn’t bring our swim suits.”

“Let’s be naughty,” Mom suggested with a sparkle in her eyes. “When I was a teenage girl your Aunt Millie and I used to go skinny dipping on Grandpa’s farm. Want to try it?”

“Sure,” I said excitedly. “But what’s skinny dipping?”

“Poor baby,” she said almost apologetically, “you’ve missed so much growing up in the City, haven’t you?”

“I’m okay, but I still don’t know about skinny dipping.”

“Well. That’s where everybody strips down to their birthday suits and jumps in the water. It’s wicked in a way, but it’s a lot of fun. Want to try?”

“I’m game,” I said eager to try something new. “Turn around,” I told Mom so I could undress. I was wearing only cut-offs.

“Yes sir,” Mom said secretly smiling at my shyness.

I slipped into the rather cold mountain pond, and expressed my surprise at the icy water enveloping my body. Then I suddenly warmed up. I watched Mom as she pulled her top over her head revealing her breasts. This was my first occasion to gaze upon her feminine charms without obstructions. The slight twinge I felt at my crotch surprised me. Not that my cock responded to the sight of my mother half nude, but because it was my mother – not some naked woman I spied through my neighbor’s bathroom window or a nude posing in a magazine.

Trying to cope with the realization that my mother was actually a very alluring woman, I watched as she slipped her shorts down her long legs and onto the bank of the pond. Her patch of pubic hair in broad daylight was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Even though she quickly slipped into the brisk waters of the pond and squealed at the shock of the sudden change in temperature, I got an unforgettable look at her pussy along with her jiggling boobs as she scurried into the water. Forget the twinge. My cock was hard now.

Harder even than when our next door neighbor’s daughter, Sally, and I played with each others privates in my tree house.I found it strange that her pussy got all sticky when I played with it, but we were both more excited when my pecker spewed white stuff all over the place when she teased. Even in this cold water, I was afraid I was going to do some more spewing at the sight of my naked mother.

“This is nice, isn’t it, Robby?” Mom said as she came closer to where I was treading water. She was also treading, and her ample boobs were floating near the surface of the water.

“It . , . it sure . . . is,” I stammered more because of the floating tits than from the cold water.

Mom instantly followed my gaze to her bosom. “Oh my,” she gasped. “Am I embarrassing you?”

“Not exactly embarrassing,” I said cautiously. “Seeing you like that is making me feel strange.”

Just as she started to speak a loud clap of thunder shook the country side. Instinctively Mom jumped and moved quickly to my side. Motherly impulse I suppose, but the naked woman clinging to my body was giving me impulses of my own. My cock was looking at the surface of the pond, and it was swaying in the water approximately an inch from Mom’s thigh. Her arms were around my neck, and her boobs were pressed against my shoulder. I was in deliriously exquisite pain.

“Mom,” I started.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m here.” She squeezed me closer to her.

“Mom,” I said again as I regained my voice. “I’m supposed to look out for you now. I’m not your little boy anymore.”

Just as she was about to apologize she shifted her body, and my hard on brushed her thigh. “Oooh,” she squealed. “Robby,” she said cautiously, “is that yours?”

“We’d better hope so,” I said half jokingly. “Some one would be in a lot of trouble if there were two of those here with us.”

It took a moment for my remarks to sink in, but then Mom burst out laughing. “Lord, Yes.” she laughed. “I’ve been without just one of those things for so long that I have no idea what I would do with two of them.” She clasped her hand over her mouth when she realized what she had said to her son.

“Forget it, Mom,” I said. Look at that weather coming in on us. The sky was getting dark, and the wind was picking up. I put my arms around Mom and drew her closer to me. My gesture placed her facing me with her big boobs pressed against my chest, and my now raging cock pressed against her belly.

“This is frightening,” she whispered.

“From where I’m standing, I think it is pretty great,” I said with a big smile on my face. “We’ve never been so close,” I couldn’t help adding.

“Robby,” she cried as she pretended to hit me on the chest with both hands. Her movement caused our bodies to shift allowing my pecker to maneuver between her legs. “Oh Robby,” she panted, “We have got to stop this right now.” Mother Nature answered her with another loud clap of thunder causing her body to flinch. Her swollen pussy traveled the length of my pecker and back. Now I was panting.

It started to rain. I spied a small overhand near where the stream formed a waterfall into the pond. I started to maneuver us toward the shelter.

“Wait, Robby,” her voice being hoarse now. I felt her carefully guide my rigid rod to her private place. A place I knew nothing about. I felt the head of my cock ease into the unknown, but it was a wonderful unknown.

Mom was using her hips now to power my shaft inside of her. The sensation was unbelievable yet overwhelmingly exquisite. I pushed to help the process. Mom was outwardly breathing heavily now, and she was kissing my neck hungrily. I pushed harder. She groaned and pushed back. Being underwater it was not apparent that our pubic hairs were mingling, but it was obvious that we had both bottomed out.

“Pump it, Robby,” Mom grunted. “Pump it all the way.”

I did as I was told, and in a matter of minutes I could feel my balls twitching, and I could feel that stinging sensation throughout my lower body. I pumped harder, and so did she. Even with the foul weather all around us, my world was bright and happy. I pushed hard against my mother’s pussy and squeezed her breasts to my chest. She responded with similar pressure.

“I don’t think it’s going to stop raining anytime soon, Mom. Shall we head back for camp?”

“Well,’ she sighed, “there’s not much chance that we will get any wetter, but my legs might betray me when I start running.” She laughed, and I laughed. We clamored up the bank of the pond, collected our skimpy wet clothes, and headed for our camp site. We were butt naked tiptoeing down the path back to camp, but considering the rain, who in the world would be out to see us? Upon arrival, we fumbled with the tent flap until we gained entrance, and immediately groped for towels.

At first we made a game of drying each other off, but as our contact became more obvious we slowed our motions. Our drying motions became caresses, and especially I became more curious about what I was doing. My libido was getting recharged as was my instrument of inquiry.

We were dry now, and Mom noticed my new erection.

“Robby,” she started to explain, “what happened in the pond was an accident and a mistake. It has to end here.”

“I thought you enjoyed it,” I murmured. “I did . . . but that’s not the point, Son.”

“So did I, and that is the point as far as I am concerned.”

“But I’m your mother, Robby.”

“You’re also the most beautiful and desirable woman I know, and you certainly know how to handle problems like this,” I said with a broad grin on my face as I pointed to my erection. “Take pity on me, please.” The big smile was still there, and gradually a lovely smiled formed on her beautiful lips.

“Robby,” she sighed, “I simply don’t know what I’m going to do with you.”

“I have an idea.”


“Take me over to that sleeping bag, and show me again what we did under the water. This time I want to watch so I can learn something.”

Mom slowly reached out and took hold of my rigid shaft. “There’s one thing going for us, young man.”

“What’s that?”

“It certainly is a nice one.” She headed for the sleeping bag with Robby in tow. When she reached the sleeping bag, she kneeled down. Robby kneeled down in front of her. “Now you did real good fucking my pussy, but there’s more to it than that. There’s a warm up we call foreplay, and I think it is almost as much fun as the actual deed.”

“I don’t understand, but show me. If it involves you and your wonderful body, I know I will enjoy it immensely.”

“I know you don’t want to do any heavy petting with your old mom, so come closer so you can caress and suck on my titties.” She lifted one of her beauties toward me, and I literally dove at the chance.

After a little titty fondling, she spread her legs and motioned for me to come closer. I still had the feel and the taste of her breasts in my mouth when she taught me how to lick her pussy slit, suck on her clitoris, and probe her inner sanctum with my fingers. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to stop, but my cock was throbbing so badly that I had to seek relief.

Mom lay back on the sleeping bag now, and spread her legs exposing the secrets of her valley. I was waiting for her to put it in like she did at the pond.

“You’re looking right at it, Robby. Do your own driving.” She smiled sweetly, and I almost shot my load then and there.

I quickly found the right spot for entry, and I pushed my manhood in gently but without pause until I felt the hairs of her pussy press against my crotch. Mom was already breathing heavily, but when I started pumping my rod into her juicy pussy, she began moaning and groaning making what I call beautiful music.

“I’m almost ready, Robby,” she managed between grunts and moans. “Fuck me harder, and we will come together.”

As always, she was right.

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