Sons of the Evening Star


"We're here," Chase said quietly, interrupting her scattered thoughts.

"No," she said. "We didn't even mo-."

But, Frankie stopped in mid-sentence when she looked around and saw that they were in a different room.

The large bedroom had been decorated by someone who had gone way overboard and everything that she could see was covered in a deep blue, oriental silk pattern. The walls and the chairs, the bed and the drapes, even the carpet matched.

"Hideous, isn't it?" Chase said, echoing her own thoughts.

"Yeah, it is pretty horrible."

She looked around at the sparse furnishings of the room and her eyes came to rest on the very large four poster bed.

"Are you going to sleep?" Chase asked, following her gaze


"I don't think I can. I'm pretty wired." She answered honestly. "Are you?"

"No, I don't sleep very much anymore." He answered sadly.

Frankie walked away from Chase who was still standing in the doorway and sat down on the bed and turned to face him. She sat cross legged and leaned back, semi reclining on the propped up pillows. Chase followed her lead and sat in an over-sized armchair that he moved to the right of the door.

"Well, if neither of us are going to sleep, can I ask you some questions?" she suggested.

"Like what?"

"Well, this one is probably the most important one for me, since we are together." She began cautiously. "Do you always kill humans when you feed?"

"I did kill some humans at first, yes." He replied. "But I was young, and hungry and it was a lot harder to control myself then."

She swallowed and looked down. " don't kill them now?"

"I don't have to." He answered with a grin, which was more charming than alarming.

Frankie spent the next several hours, picking Chase's brain on all the things which no one had ever bothered explaining to her growing up. His honesty was refreshing. Even Alex had tried to shield her from the eventuality of her situation. But Chase didn't try to gloss over the gritty details, he simply stated the facts. During their discourse she noticed that he kept making a face every time she used the word Vampire and so she finally asked him why.

"Well, it's not accurate." He replied. "It's not accurate, because of everything that it implies."

"What term should I use?" she asked.

"I prefer, Immortal. It's accurate and true and it doesn't imply anything." He said simply. "I like that it doesn't convey that I'm a killer...because I'm not." He added fiercely.

She was quiet. She didn't know what to say, and she worried that she had upset him and she suddenly felt very tired.

"I'm just going to close my eyes for a minute, immortal beloved." She whispered as a smile crossed her lips at the atrocious play on words and her eyes fluttered shut.

The last thing she heard was his chuckle of laughter as she drifted off.


Francesca woke up from the first dreamless sleep she'd had in weeks. She felt refreshed, alert and hungry. She sighed and stretched lazily.

"Are you awake?"

Frankie jumped up ten feet, having briefly forgotten where she was. Chase gazed at her from the armchair.

"I am now!" She replied rather tartly and Chase chuckled. "How long was I asleep for?"

"Somewhere around twelve hours. You must have been really tired."

Chase got up from his chair and brought over a tray of sandwiches and a glass of juice. Then he sat down beside her on the bed.

"Francesca, I answered your questions yesterday. Would you answer some of mine?"

"Sure. I guess." She said between bites. "What could you possibly want to know?"

"I want to know everything about you." Chase said, looking her straight in the eye.

She blushed under his gaze and lowered her eyes to her food. Frankie had taken multiple moments yesterday to admire Chase. He was exceptionally good looking, he was in good shape, and he looked toned under his dress pants and collared shirt/sweater combination. Being under Chase's scrutiny caused her hunger for food to subside and after gulping down the remainder of the juice, she placed the tray on the table. Finally, she looked back up at him when she couldn't stand the silence anymore, and she cleared her throat.

Chase was still staring at her expectantly and then out of the blue, he said. "Your hair looks cute."

"Yeah right." She said, grimacing as she reached up to touch the unruly mess.

"Really," he insisted. "It looks kind of like you just finished romping around in bed. It's sexy."

But Frankie didn't feel sexy at all. It had been ages since she'd had a boyfriend and although she had found herself quite attracted to Alex, he hadn't touched her.

"I highly doubt that! Who would want me?" She added, letting bitterness taint the words.

"Me." Chase answered.

She responded with a snort, which let Chase know how likely she thought that was. He was just being nice and she didn't need to be pitied. But her response had angered him, and moving quicker than she could see, he was suddenly over-top of her. Her feet were pinned under him and Chase's face was menacingly close to her own.

"Why, not me?" he almost shouted. "I'm not as good as your precious Alex?" He snarled, as if he had read her thoughts from moments ago.

"No... It's not that." She managed to blurt out, completely shocked. "Alex and I are connected but I do not love him." She emphasized.

He just glared at her unmoving. She hadn't realized that Chase might actually be legitimately interested in her.

"I just meant...I mean...look at you and then look at me." She stammered.

Chase was looking angrier and Frankie decided she had to explain faster and smooth over his obviously hurt feelings.

"Chase," She said his name softly. "You are a freaking male model for god's sake! You are ridiculously good looking and I'm...well, I think average is an overstatement."

Her soft words made his anger crumble away as quickly as it had sprung up and he started laughing hysterically. He rolled off of her legs and onto the bed beside her, his whole body rocking with laughter.

Now it was Frankie's turn to get angry. Her cheeks burned red hot with embarrassment. Chase didn't have to laugh at her mediocrity.

"Being plain and boring isn't that funny!" She said sourly.

Chase sobered up at her words and he turned to face her, leaning up on his elbow.

"Francesca, YOU are nowhere near average." He said with complete sincerity.

She cast her eyes down, shaking her head in disbelief and Chase continued, ignoring her silent protest.

"You have flawless creamy pink skin, your hair is a rich ebony and sexy as fuck even when it's unkempt. Your eyes are gold and green, and your ruby lips are full and look... delicious." Then he continued, "And if you make me keep this up, I'll start describing your body in vivid admiration and that will get embarrassing, because I have examined it, in far too much detail already."

She looked up at Chase and he smirked. She was embarrassed again, but in a good way. Chase had meant every word he had said, and it made her feel really confident, sexy and capable.

Just then, an idea popped into her head. If she had been a cartoon, there would have been a light bulb overhead.

Chase was still gazing at her, when she spoke. "Chase, can I propose a bargain?"

"What sort of bargain?" He asked suspiciously.

"I know you're very smart," She started cautiously. "I think you know, as well as I do, that Alex isn't going to take kindly to me being kidnapped. I am also pretty sure, that Alex is a leader, just like Michael and he does not have any misgivings about killing his enemies. He will kill Michael and anyone else who is associated with him."

"Yes, I am sure that is a possibility." Chase agreed.

"I am proposing a partnership," She began. "You get me out of here and back to Alex's house. And I will make sure that Alex does not kill you."

Chase did not speak for a long time. He was considering his options. This was Frankie's best chance and she had to hope that he would see the merit behind her suggestion. She silently prayed that he wouldn't start yelling and rat her out.

"I guess that I could get you out of here." Chase began, "But what's in it for me?"

"You mean besides your life?"

"Yes, besides my life." Chase answered. "After all, I'm not sure you can completely guarantee my safety if Alex is truly angry."

Luckily, Frankie had anticipated this. She knew that Chase would not think his life alone, was a good trade.

"Well," She answered looking into his emerald eyes. "I thought you might be interested in sampling my vintage, in a matter of speaking. I imagine that you could cover it up afterward, to make sure that it is kept a secret between you and me. After all, we wouldn't want to give Michael or Alex any reason, to be unreasonable."

"Well, that would probably be a decent trade." He said holding her gaze and then added, "But I would have to be in the mood first."

"What mood?" She asked.

"An amorous one," he added slyly. "Blood lust and regular lust, are very much connected."

"Okay...what exactly are we talking about?" She asked.

"Do we have a deal?" He said, avoiding her direct question.

"I have my limits." She said trying to sound firm.

"I'm sure you do," He winked.

"We have a deal."

Those words were all the permission that Chase needed. He moved his body over-top of Frankie's again as fast as he could, and that was fast. His face was within an inch of her own and then he slowly closed the space between them until his lips connected with hers.

Like the rest of his body, Chase's lips yielded as soon as they met her own. He started the kiss off lightly and once he felt the shock of his quick movements subside and Frankie's body relax under him, he coaxed her mouth open with his own and swirled his tongue around with hers, tasting her delicious mouth.

Chase's immortally experienced hands, were making it very hard for Frankie to concentrate and maintain some composure. Her mind and her body were at war. Her body wanted desperately for her to give in, and her mind wanted to make sure she didn't do anything that she would regret later.

Chase's hands roamed freely over her curvy figure, raising up goose bumps in his wake, while his lips and tongue moved up and down from her lips to her neck. She moaned a little, when Chase kissed the indent between her shoulder and collar bone. This seemed to excite him, and she weaved her hands and fingers up into his dark locks and pulled his body down closer.

Despite his desire for her and despite knowing how he could arouse her body, Chase hadn't expected Frankie to participate so overtly in their tryst, and she could now feel his very hard cock pressed up against her belly. His breathing was coming out in ragged gasps now, matching her own.

She smiled to herself and then realized that she wanted to please Chase. Frankie moved Chase's hands around to her ass and he obligingly grabbed two handfuls, pushing her body up, and she met his gaze for a moment. His eyes blazed with passion and lust and Frankie melted.

Frankie's whole body was shaking with anticipation for the moment when Chase would take his taste. She moved her hands back up into Chase's hair, and then ran her fingernails down his back, aggressively raising up red welts. He moaned in appreciation. She could tell that Chase was beginning to lose a grip on his own control. She was surprising him with her eagerness to please, and his body was betraying him. Frankie wrapped her legs around his waist and she pulled him up hard against her swollen sex. That was all that she needed to do. Chase moaned very loudly this time and his whole body went rigid. She arched her neck up and Chase bit down into the soft flesh between her neck and shoulder. Francesca saw stars. Then the pain turned rapidly into pleasure and she was swept under.

When she returned to her senses, Chase was licking her rapidly healing wound.

"I've used a couple drops of my blood to eliminate any evidence." He whispered.

Frankie was planning on lying there with Chase and basking in the afterglow of their make out session, in fact she was about to boldly reach for his belt to begin to divest them both of their clothes, but before she could blink he was at the door.

"Do whatever you have to do, to compose yourself, Francesca. Michael is on his way here, right now." He said rapidly, looking back at her.

"How do you know?"

"He just told me. It's a family thing." He replied. "I'll explain later." He added, after reading the confusion on her face.

Frankie barely had a minute to sit up in the bed and adjust her clothes. She figured that she probably looked like she had been sleeping, so she went with it and began to yawn and rub her eyes.

Chase opened the door and Michael walked in. He looked good, in a lethal kind of way. He wore all black, and everything highlighted his muscular physique. He had probably been a warrior, or had some other very physical job in his previous life, she imagined. He stopped directly across from her and stood staring. He glanced admiringly, up and down.

"You look very comfortable, I see." He said, referring to the way she way stretched across the bed.

"Yes. Thank you. I'm sure Alex will appreciate that you are taking such good care of me." She replied with a mild hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Chase smirked behind Michael's back.

Michael grinned too, but his was predatory and she shivered. "Speaking of Alex," he snarled. "He is offering a reward for your safe return. It's causing quite an uproar. After all, you're just a human. Or that is what everyone has been led to believe. Either way, I'm pleased that I didn't kill you right away. I DO think you will come in handy." He said and turned to leave, then he stopped briefly beside Chase. "Don't let her out of your sight."

"I'll watch her every move." Chase replied turning his head to look at Frankie.

Observing his gaze, Michael added. "This is one you can't have Chase. If anybody is going to kill her it will be me. I am truly looking forward to it, especially if she tastes as good as she smells." Michael said, looking back at Frankie. Then he smiled triumphantly at her look of horror and left.

Francesca stared at the empty space where Michael had been for a moment and then said angrily, "I'm going to enjoy when Alex kills him."

Chase laughed and came to sit down beside her once more. He reached up and stroked his fingers through her hair and she tried not to react. Watching her struggle for self-control, Chase leaned in and kissed Frankie softly on the lips. It took all the strength that she had to make herself pull away.

"Chase, I don't know what this is." She said, waving her hands between the two of them. "But I do know that I can't do this, any of this, not here. You have to get me out of this prison."

"Well, I think it's best if we wait until Michael is distracted before we go." Chase said and leaned in to kiss her again. "This is as good a way as any, to pass the time. Don't you think?"

She didn't disagree but she was also highly aware that she needed Chase to be alert, and right now he wasn't alert.

Frankie pulled away again. "Why don't you explain to me how you knew that Michael was coming? That might also help us pass the time."

Chase sighed loudly in disappointment, but answered her question. "Well, when you become a member of a family. That's what we call groups of immortals that live together. Living in such close proximity heightens some of our senses to each other. It's a kind of telepathic communication, which comes in handy when everyone needs to work together to protect the family."

She started giggling and Chase looked at her in confusion. "So it's kind of like when women live together and all their menstrual cycles align?" She said, but Chase looked annoyed and she laughed harder. "Oh come on." Frankie said giving him a playful shove on the arm. "I have to laugh or I'll cry."

After several silent minutes, Chase was still fuming from her bad joke and from her rejection about how they should spend their time, so Frankie spoke again.

"Chase, why don't you tell me how we're going to get out of here." Then she added, "And then we can pass the time ANY way you see fit."

Chase's face broke into a huge Cheshire grin. He was really milking the fact that Frankie needed him at the moment. She felt a little like she was bribing a small child with sweets. Except that Francesca was the sweets.


Chase's escape plan wasn't as elaborate as Frankie had thought it might be. They were just going to walk right out of the front door. Nobody would be guarding the door, because they would never expect Frankie to get passed Chase. After all, they all believed that she was only a human. Chase was waiting for most of his family members to leave for their evening hunt and then he expected that he should be able to anticipate accidentally running into anyone else, thanks to the mind connection that all his family members had.

While they waited, Chase made Frankie wish they were anywhere else but in his family compound. Her body was so ready to give into Chase and his masterful skills. Just the way he ran his hands up her side and across her ribs was enough to leave her breathless and needy. She was relatively proud of herself when they finally disengaged and Chase looked as frustrated as she felt.

"Just follow me," Chase said, as he took her hand.

They walked at a brisk pace. Frankie had a hard time keeping up, but she managed. She knew they were already moving much slower than Chase wanted, but she had insisted on seeing where they were going. Frankie didn't want to be completely unaware if they ran into trouble. However, just as Chase had predicted, they made it out the front doors without bumping into anybody. They walked a couple of extra minutes to get a safe distance away from Michael's headquarters and then Frankie pressed herself into Chase's arms and let him speed her towards freedom.


"Where are we?" Frankie asked, looking around at the garden laid out before her. "I thought you said you were taking me home?"

"I was...I mean I am." Chase stuttered his response to her query. "Alex's family compound is just a few minutes down that road," he added pointing to the road below the huge rooftop garden. "I was..."

"Planning to fuck me on this roof?" Frankie interrupted and finished his sentence.

Chase actually looked contrite and Frankie started to giggle. Then she brazenly stripped off her top and dropped her shorts to the ground. Chase stood, mouth ajar as he gloried in her semi nudity. His immediate arousal was very obvious, his shaft straining against the front of his pants and Frankie bit her lower lip and crooked a finger at him, beckoning him to close the distance between them.

Chase didn't need to be asked twice. He practically leaped the distance and grabbed a hold of her hips pulling her curvy frame into his hard body while closing his lips over hers once more. Frankie moaned as Chase slid his tongue around with hers and she ground her hips against his crotch. His hands moved down to her ass and he slowly lifted her from the ground, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he began to move down the garden path and into the darkness of the trellises.

A few steps later they fell into the cushions of a canopied outdoor bed. His weight pressed her into the soft cushions and his skin cooled the flush from hers.

Frankie's hands were trying to push up Chase's sweater so that her fingers could claw at the buttons of his shirt and after a few whimpering protestations at her lack of success Chase pulled away from her. He smiled down at her while he pulled the sweater over his head and began to unbutton his shirt. She watched him with an intense gaze. Their previous truncated make-out sessions had a bigger effect on her libido than she had ever experienced with any other lover in the past. She wanted Chase. She wanted to feel his naked flesh on her own, his body cleaving hers, until they both erupted.

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