tagInterracial LoveSoo-Jin's Lust Ch. 1

Soo-Jin's Lust Ch. 1


The last five years have been rough on me and that's putting it mildly. With my dad passing, the on-going family squabbles, my divorce, losing my job and getting myself into my current... "situation"... ; it's a wonder that I haven't lost it totally!

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. My name is Lauren Kwan-Wallace. My family calls me Soo-Jin (my given name). My folks are from Korea, but my younger brother, Mark (Chung Ju), and I were born and raised in Baltimore.

Since it was already decided by my parents, both Mark and I were sent to school to become lawyers like our father. And up until a few years ago, we all worked together at the small firm my dad started, Kwan & Associates.

Not long after I'd passed the bar, my dad was diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer. He passed away five years ago. That's when just a few of the problems started.

In some Asian families, it's customary for the eldest male child to assume the role of patriarch or take over any financial/business dealings. Mark jumped at the opportunity and was more than happy to "take charge" (despite the fact that he is, at best, an average attorney, and, at worst, a fucking idiot)! My mom continued with her role as the "supportive and subservient, Asian female" and backed up every asinine decision he made.

Since I am the complete opposite of my mother, Mark and I clashed on more than a few occasions. After two years I'd taken all I could stand of both of them and took a position with an investment bank in New York City. Neither of them has forgiven me for my act of "betrayal and abandonment".

I purchased a town house just across the river in Jersey City and joined in with the daily commute of millions of others into Manhattan. Soon after that I met my husband, John Wallace, and we got married a year later (neither mom nor Mark came to the ceremony). I had a nice house, a great job, a good husband, and as long as I didn't call my mom or brother, my life was pretty content.

But that didn't last too long...

I was initially attracted to John because I thought he was a lot like me: self-assured, confident, maybe even head-strong. But in less than a year I came to realize he was more like my brother: domineering, arrogant and a real prick! A few months later he'd moved back to his old apartment in Manhattan and our lawyers had started the paperwork.

Around that time I started engaging in some rather "reckless" behavior.

My neighbor, Richard Capretti (Richie), owns an auto repair shop in Brooklyn. He lives with his wife, Maureen, and his 19-year-old son from a previous marriage, Harry. Richie is just a few years younger than me (mid 30s) and almost ten years younger than his wife (mid 40s). The two of them seemed an even worse match than John and I. Richie is a very laid-back, fun-loving, hard working, blue-collar type of man, while Maureen is a constant nag and very uptight housewife. She definitely didn't care for Richie and I becoming friends.

And with good reason... Richie and I most definitely had the "hots" for one another.

The man is hard to resist: tall, tan, muscular and very well endowed! Although I've never thought of myself as much of a "prize" (5'7", 38DD-28-36, slighty heavy), Richie seemed to desire me too. Maybe it was the whole "Asian-white-interracial" thing, but who cares at this point.

I'd always hover nearby at their annual backyard barbeque or whenever he'd check my car. Maureen was never far away, ready to call him to perform some task she needed done "right away" if she thought I was getting too close.

Richie and I finally started jumping into each others pants not long after John moved out. It all started when we ran into each other one Saturday afternoon while out shopping. That led to a few drinks at the bar, some light and then heavy flirting, and within an hour we were in a secluded parking lot with his tongue down my throat and his fingers up my cunt in the cargo area of his SUV!

I remember that afternoon especially well because it took both of us less than three minutes to cum! Prior to that it had been months since another man had touched me and my dildo just wasn't doing it for me anymore. Maureen had banished Richie to their guest bedroom for committing some infraction. We were both on the verge of bursting that day!

Richie and I were 100% sexually compatable. I've always had a very active sex drive and a very vivid and creative imagination.

It was truly amazing! I can't describe what it felt like to finally meet someone who instinctually knew what I needed, when I needed it, and how badly I needed it! There wasn't an avenue or desire we didn't explore: bondage, anal, swinging; we tried it all. We were able to maintain our dirty little secret for a little more than a year before someone finally caught us.

That "someone" (or rather "someones") was Richie's son Harry (the other "someone" was Maureen's best friend, Francine). We weren't even aware of being caught by either of them until weeks later.

Harry is a geek; his life consists of computers, modems and all kinds of electronic gadgets. But Richie adores his son and spoils him rotten, buying him all the gizmos he'd ever want.

What Richie didn't know was his son is also a pervert and peeping tom! Harry wired their house with hidden cameras; especially Richie and Maureen's bedroom, and was able to see and record the rare occassions when they had sex. One of those cameras was aimed at my backyard, which is how Harry eventually caught us.

(Maureen's friend Francine saw us at a swinger's club. But on the night in question, she was also there with someone other than her own husband, so she decided to keep her "discovery" to herself. Besides that, she doesn't want Maureen to know that she's into that sort of thing!)

Everything finally came crashing down just four weeks ago...

The surprising bear market hit my company hard. I went in to work that Tuesday morning for the last time. I left that afternoon with a decent severance package and at least a portion of my year end bonus. I wasn't too upset, though. My home and car are paid for, I'd already cashed in a few stocks when the market started to shift, and I still had a modest inheritance from my dad. Finances were the least of my worries. I planned to take at least six months off before I looked for employment.

As I drove home from the train station, Richie called me on my mobile phone. He and Maureen had had another major blowout (he wouldn't tell me over what) and he was packing a few things to stay with his brother in Brooklyn. I was disappointed because after the day I'd had a quick fuck in my garage was definitely on my mind. He promised to give me a call once he got settled in.

I got home and had dinner, made myself a few cocktails and waited for Richie to call. When he did, we chatted for a while and then had phone sex for an hour. Before I hung up we made plans to get together that weekend. I used my dildo to get myself off again before I finally fell asleep on the couch.

The next afternoon I got a phone call from Harry. He told me that it was important that I come over because there was something that his dad had left for me. Maureen was out shopping with Francine. I was reluctant to go over, because I knew that if Richie had said anything to his son about us he would have let me know.

I met Harry on the backyard patio like he'd asked me, and he invited me in for the "thing" that he claimed Richie had left for me. He offered me a beer, I accepted, and we sat down in the living room.

"I know everything," he announced very smuggly to me. And before I had a chance to react he switched on the TV and VCR with a remote.

The picture was a little shaky and fuzzy at first but soon became very focused and clear. Richie and I had gotten careless! There we were in my kitchen; Richie was leaning against the counter with his jeans around his ankles, and I was on my knees in front of him wearing only a white lace thong. That was the first and last time we'd been daring enough to try having sex at my house. We were actually stupid enough to leave the curtains open!

Harry had everything on tape: me sucking Richie off, Richie eating me out on the counter, Richie fucking me in the ass on the kitchen table!

We sat there in silence and watched the entire tape, which must have been at least 40 minutes. I couldn't look at him, but I could feel his eyes on me, and I knew he was smirking. Harry and I never said much to each other prior to this. I didn't think I'd given him a reason to dislike or hold a grudge against me, but now I wasn't so sure.

"So," he finally said, "looks like you and dad have been havin' fun!"

"You haven't told your mother about this have you?" I had to know if this was the reason for Richie leaving so suddenly.

"STEP-mother!" he pointed out to me. I knew that the two of them didn't get along too well. "No, I haven't shared this little 'jem' with ol' Mo... it'd be more fun to see that bitch find out on her own!"

I let out a small sigh and took a long sip from my beer. I wanted to cause as little trouble for Richie as possible and as long as Maureen was still in the dark it gave me time to work something out with Harry. But I didn't have any idea what he might be after...

"How much do you want for the tape?" I asked trying to get to the point.

"Money, is definitely NOT the thing I'm interested in," he started. "In order for me to keep this under wraps, I need a much more "appealing" trade off... "

"What do you want from me, Harry?" I said trying not to sound impatient (although the kid was beginning to piss me off!).

After a long paused and another annoying smirk he finally answered:

"I want everything you gave my dad... I want you!"

"Wh-what?!" I stammered. I thought he was joking.

"Like father, like son," he continued. "I've been watchin' an' jerking off to these tapes for weeks now, and I realize I won't be satisfied until I get a taste of what good ol' dad's been gettin'!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Harry was blackmailing me! I was being blackmailed for sex by a skinny, teenage geek! Oh my god, what had I gotten myself into? And did he say "tapes"?

"I'll give you some time to think about it," he said pulling the tape from the VCR. "I'll let you hang on to this if you need some help in makin' up your mind. Just think about the kinda trouble Mo could make if she ever got a copy of this. And if you're thinkin' about snitchin' to my dad... don't!"

I took the copy and left. I don't know why but I watched the tape again when I got home. Twice. It made me horny. I masturbated and then spent an hour trying to figure out how and where Harry could have placed the camera.

Richie called but I just let the machine pick up. I wasn't sure about Harry's threat, but I didn't know him well enough to call his bluff either.

The next morning I found an email from Harry with a laundry list of demands and detailed particulars of what he was expecting me to do. If I wasn't so pissed off at myself for letting this happen, I might have been able to find it all a bit of a turn on.

An hour or so later I made up my mind: I had fucked my way into this mess, so I was obviously going to have to fuck my way out of it!

I sent Harry a one-word reply: OK.

We waited for Maureen to drive off on another one of her shopping binges with Francine. I met Harry at their kitchen door wearing a trenchcoat and a bag that held the other items he'd requested. He led me to the den.

Neither of us said a word.

He blindfolded me with a silk scarf from my bag and removed my coat. I stood there wearing only a pair of hi-heeled pumps and the same white-laced thong that he'd video taped me in before.

Despite being annoyed I was now also very turned on. The familiar tingle between my legs had started when I walked through the door.

I could hear Harry walking around me, inspecting his new "prize". I was certain that he was probably video taping me as well. The anticipation was actually giving me a real rush. My nipples started to stiffen and small beads of sweat appeared on my neck and back.

Harry let his hand brush lightly against my left thigh and trail across my ass. I couldn't help but gasp and my knees went a little weak. As much as I hate to admit it I was so horny I would have fucked the pope! And Harry knew it!

He left me standing there again for a few minutes more and then I felt his hands on my shouders pushing me down onto my knees. I was literally slapped in the forehead by his cock. It was fully erect, and when I took it in my hands was almost as long and thick as his dad's cock. I wasted no time wrapping my lips around the head, as he grabbed my hair with his left hand and guided my head back and forth. I assumed (and correctly so) that he still held the video camera in his other hand.

I sucked that kid's cock for at least five minutes before he made a low grunting sound. That's all the warning I got before he shot his load down my throat. Warm cum spilled from the sides of my mouth. He held my head in place until he was done. I swallowed as much as could.

I usually wouldn't let a man cum on my face, let alone in my mouth. But I was determined to give this teenage prick the ride of his life. I licked the excess from my lips and fingers for show, knowing he was probably watching me.

"Get up and strip completely. " he ordered me.

I stood and removed my shoes and thong, taking my time to bend and spread my legs as much as I could. He led me over to the couch and had me kneel again with my back to him.

"Spread your ass. " Harry said.

I pressed my face to the back of the couch, took both hands and spread my legs and ass cheeks as far as I could. My anus can open pretty wide, compared to the average person. I'm sure seeing this made Harry's now limp cock spring back to life. It made me that much more wet to think that it was.

It didn't take him long before he explored my ass with his fingers and tongue. He started slowly at first, savoring my widely spread butt with his tongue, darting the tip in and out. It sent small tremors up my spine and I moaned softly, raising my hips to give him better access.

"Ooooooooohhhhh! Right there... mmmmmmm!" I purred; I couldn't help myself.

This encouraged him to go farther and faster. Inserting one finger, and then two. His other hand had found it's way to my cunt (which meant he'd put the camera away), spreading the lips as he fumbled around for my clit.

"You like my fingers in your ass, don't you bitch!?" he snarled at me.

Harry had just found my other weakness: dirty talk! Having him speak to me that way made me even hotter. I actually drooled a little. I was in heaven.

"Ye-yes!" I stammered, trying to catch my breath. "I love your fingers in my ass... in my snatch... please... don't stop!!"

He DP fucked me with his fingers at a quick, steady pace. The juices from my snatch and ass lubed his hands adequately enough to slide in and out effortlessly. Sweat poured down my forehead, soaking the blindfold, and also down my back and the crack of my ass. My toes began to curl; that usually meant I was about to cum.

And I did...

"Ooooohhhh! I'm cumming...! Oh my god... I'm cumming!!" I screamed through clenched teeth.

"That's right, you Asian slut-bitch!!" He snapped. "I want you to cum all over my fuckin' fingers! Right fuckin' now!"

My ass muscles instinctively tightened over his fingers, and my twat unloaded a steady stream of sticky cum all over his hand. My knees gave way and I collapsed into the cushions of the couch. There was an incredible light show going on behind my eyelids and when it was all over I could have sworn I'd just passed out.

This little prick asshole kid had just given me one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had.

Before I could get my bearings and pull myself together, Harry was ready to go again. He rolled me over onto my back and grabbed my ankles, spreading them wide and high. He easily slipped his stiff, revived cock into my soaking pussy, and began pounding away.

I dug my fingers into the couch to maintain my balance. Geek-boy was slamming away like I was his first piece of snatch (maybe I was). It didn't take him long to unload a fresh load of jism into me for the second time today.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah... shiiiittt!!" he screamed, "I'm fuckin' cummin'!!!"

He collapsed onto my chest when he was spent. We both took a few seconds to recover. I removed the blindfold and allowed my eyes to adjust to the light. Harry was already up and checking the video camera, which he had placed on a tripod a few feet away. He'd just captured me in another grand performance for his collection.

"That wasn't too bad," he smirked at me again. "that was a good start. Next time we'll try something a little different. "

"Next time," I thought to myself. But I wasn't too surprised. I had to know that this wouldn't be a one-shot deal, especially since he'd just gotten more video footage.

But for some reason, and I still can't figure out why, I wasn't upset or outraged. At least not as much as I thought I should be. Maybe I would get to enjoy this as much as Harry would. I guess time will tell.

We made idle small talk while I cleaned myself up. He told me he'd email me when he wanted me again and I left.

There was a message from Richie on my answering machine. I rested for a little while and called him later in the evening. We still had plans to get together on the weekend and we did. We booked a hotel suite in Long Island and fucked and sucked each other's brains out until Sunday morning.

There was an email from Harry when I got back to my place that evening saying he wanted me to come by on Tuesday afternoon.

I'm actually looking forward to it...

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