tagInterracial LoveSoo-Jin's Lust Ch. 2

Soo-Jin's Lust Ch. 2


On Tuesday morning I spoke with Harry to make sure he still wanted me to come by that afternoon. I wanted to also be sure that Maureen wouldn't be around. He told me not to worry about it.

It was my mistake to believe him...

I was actually looking forward to another "encounter" with the kid. He wasn't his father, but he was an ample substitute.

And the idea that I was "keeping it in the family" gave me a rush that I hadn't expected.

I walked over to their house around 3 pm. I didn't see Maureen's car in the driveway so I figured that the coast was clear. I wore another outfit of Harry's choosing: "Daisy Duke" cut-off shorts, a tank-top, sweat socks and sneakers; no underwear. I looked like a tacky video-ho!

Harry met me at the kitchen door, wearing his usual smart-ass smirk. We chatted and made a few drinks at the bar; a warm-up for what we already knew was coming. He took my coat after my second drink, blindfolded me again, and led me to the den. I was starting to like his little games; the whole "mystery" thing already had my juices flowing!

Without saying a word, he motioned me over to a chair to sit. I waited anxiously, listening to him move and shuffle about the room. I assumed he was arranging his camera equipment.

After a few minutes he led me to the middle of the floor and had me kneel on a large blanket that was spread out. My nipples were throbbing! I anticipated him pulling out his cock for me to suck.

But then I got the shock of my life: there was someone else in the room with us!

I smelled a very familiar scent, and it took me a few seconds before I realized what it was: a woman's perfume. That cheap shit that Liz Taylor wears, White Diamonds... OH MY GOD! Maureen wears that stuff; literally bathes in it!

I was scared shitless and pissed as hell! This little arrogant prick had just sold me out and told his stepmother! I couldn't move or breathe. Were they in on this together? What were they going to do to me?

"OK ladies, we're all gonna have a li'l fun!" Harry announced. "If we all just listen to Harry, I guarantee a good time will be had by all!"

Maureen didn't say a word either. I visualized her standing there; looking down at me on my knees, the woman whom she suspected was fucking her husband AND her step-son. I could only imagine what Harry had talked her into doing.

But he wasn't planning what I THINK he was planning... WAS HE?

Oh my god... HE WAS!

"Take off the robe. " He ordered. Since I wasn't wearing one, I assumed he meant Maureen. A few seconds later I heard the sound of clothe falling to the floor, and a few seconds after that the perfume scent got stronger.

Harry placed his hand at the back of my head and nudged it forward. My nose crashed directly into the middle of Maureen's thick unshaven bush.

"Eat her out!" he snapped at me, still holding my head in place.

I had been with a woman before on several occasions, (Richie and I were quite the "tag-team" at the swing clubs) so that really wasn't the problem. I really didn't LIKE this woman, first of all, and the "stench" of that goddamn perfume wasn't helping matters!

I was reluctant at first, but Harry kept forcing my face into her crotch. What surprised me most of all was the smell of her wetness. There was no mistaking that scent: Maureen was hot and horny!

I started slowly at first, kissing her thighs and nuzzling her hairy bush (my god! Had this woman EVER shaved her snatch?). I stuck my tongue into the folds of her lips, and it came back covered with her sweet nectar.

She let out a soft gasp followed by a long deep moan. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm...!" She almost sounded like she was drunk (or drugged).

Harry removed his hand and I went on auto-pilot. I figured: what the hell! I was determined to eat this evil-tempered, house-wife bitch like she'd never been eaten before! I imagined all the crap she'd put Richie through; all the nagging, all the pettiness. This was "our" revenge!

I forced my tongue deeper into her snatch, grabbing and parting her ass-cheeks with both hands. She clumsily shifted her weight, spreading her thighs and stooping against me. She rested her hands on my shoulders to catch her balance.

"Oooooooooohhhh...! Yeah! Oooooooooohhhh...!" she moaned, while grinding against my face. Maureen was really into this! Into me! I couldn't believe it.

"That's right, Mo. Fuck her face!" Harry ordered. His voice came from the other side of us. Probably walking around taking shots with his cameras.

"Mmmmmm...!" Maureen continued to moan. She was pressing forward into my face, forcing me to rest back on my hands for support. She tightly held the back of my head as she ground her pelvis into my jaw.

"You love this bitch eatin' your wet cunt, don't you "mommie-dearest"?" Harry was standing directly behind her now, snarling into her ear. He probably had his hand (or hands) wrapped around her tits, or his fingers in her ass. I wished like hell that I could get rid of this fucking blindfold!

"Uugnnnnnnnnhhhhhh...! Oh my gawwwd!" Maureen yelped in her thick Jersey accent. Her voice had gotten almost an octave higher, so I figured she was about to cum.

"Oh gawwd, oh gawd, oh gawd!" she screamed as she came in my mouth. I could feel her entire body quivering as she literally collapsed on top of me. I guess Harry grabbed her from behind as fell because her weight suddenly shifted and then she was gone.

I took the opportunity to get remove the blindfold.

My eyes took a few seconds to adjust as Harry half carried her over to the couch and dropped her. She lay there, completely naked, still quivering from her orgasm.

Maureen was also blindfolded.

There was a good chance that she had no idea it was me who had just tongue-fucked her.

At that moment I had another concern: blackmail or no blackmail, I was ready to rip Harry a new asshole!

I stood on slightly cramped knees, grabbed Harry by the wrist and pulled him out of Maureen's earshot.

"What the fuck are you trying to pull, you little prick?!" I snarled at him, "Are you fucking insane?!"

"Oh, chill the fuck out, babe," he sneered, "we're all just havin' a li'l fun here! No one's gettin' hurt by this, Maureen's got no idea that you're here. Besides, she's so friggin' stoned right now that she doesn't give a fuck anyway!"

I guessed right, she was "out of it". But that didn't matter, I still wanted to punch this little fuck's lights out, and I almost did!

"How the fuck did you get her into this?" I had to know.

He smirked again, as he walked over to one of the two camcorders he had set up to tape the action. He removed the tape and popped it in to the VCR connected to the TV. I could not believe what I was seeing: Maureen on their living room couch, partially dressed, eyes closed, her hands squeezing her 40DD breasts through her sweater. Kneeling in front of her was another man, definitely NOT Richie, his face buried between her outstretched thighs.

But wait a minute... that wasn't another "man"... the hair was too long and the nails were polished... it was a woman! And not just any "woman"... HOLY SHIT... that was her friend FRANCINE!! Maureen? And Francine? "Switch-hitters?!"

And as luck would have it, Harry, of all people had gotten it all on tape. Did he set the whole thing up or was this just something else he'd stumbled upon? For a brief moment, I greatly admired the kid... the little prick!

As I watched another edition of "Harry's greatest blackmail tapes" (getting hornier by the second), he made his way back over the couch where Maureen was still trembling, unzipped his fly, and shoved his cock into her mouth. This kid didn't miss a beat, did he?

(With any luck he might make a good lawyer someday!)

I stopped the tape and went to stand next to him. His cock had already swollen to it's full 9" length. Maureen hungrily deep-throated him, as she played with her enormous tits.

I could only shake my head at him as I proceeded to get undressed.

"You're a sly little fucker. " I whispered at him as I resumed my position between Maureen's legs.

"Thank you. " he smirked again, "Thank you very much. "


I soon forgot about Harry's craftiness and continued my "revenge" against his step-mom. I lapped at her still soaking cunt with my tongue and finger-fucked her into a frenzy. Harry continued to ferociously fuck her face.

Maureen was our "tool" and we were going to use her in every way we could...!

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