Soonlee Ch. 02


Soonlee was wearing this skin tight red dress with a scoop neck that showed off her ample cleavage. For an Asian woman she was very well endowed in the breast department, not to mention the outline of the cock that ran up her abdomen to about where her navel was. She was tall too. Probably five feet ten inches without her pumps on. I lay on the bed as Soonlee stood over me rubbing her cock through the tight red dress and taking me in with her beautiful almond eyes. Her long, shiny black hair ran down to the middle of her back.

Soonlee reached down and pulled her dress up around her waist, revealing her huge cock sticking up above the waistband of her red silk panties. She pushed her panties down and stepped out of them, then stood over me stroking her still growing cock. As I watched her cock grow I was sure that she wasn't any smaller than Angel. Soonlee looked at me and said,

"I want to get something straight right up front. If you hurt me at any time during our little fun session, I'm going to make you wish you were dead. As a matter of fact I'll have you begging me to kill you before I'm finished with you. My father was an interrogator for the Chinese army and I learned a lot from him." Her threat was not lost on me. I looked up at her in fear and she looked down her nose in complete superiority. "You can struggle if you want, not that it will do you any good, but keep your teeth to yourself and don't strike me at any time if you want to survive this encounter. If you understand what I've explained to you nod your head." I nodded my head slowly. "Good," she replied, "let's get started."

Soonlee climbed on the bed and straddled my chest, pinning my arms down with her legs. Her cock was inches from my mouth and I could see a drop of pre-come at the tip. She proceeded to rub the tip over my closed lips with her right hand as she reached behind her and grabbed my balls in her left hand. She suddenly squeezed them tightly causing me to let out a yell that was cut short as she pushed the head of her big cock into my now open mouth. She continued to squeeze them enough to keep me yelling as she smiled at the other two women and said,

"This works just like a vibrator, but be careful not to squeeze too hard or they pass out on you from the pain." Soonlee squeezed and released my aching balls making me grunt and yell with the pain for several minutes as I tried desperately to gasp air through my nose. When she noticed that I wasn't responding very well to her squeezing she stopped and pulled back out of my mouth allowing me to pant and gasp for breath as spots exploded before my eyes.

I coughed a couple of times and as soon as I started to become lucid she leaned back over me, putting her hands on the head board, with her cock poised above my mouth. I was afraid she would squeeze my balls again so I quickly opened my mouth. Soonlee smiled and said,

"You learn quickly." as she pushed her hips forward shoving her cock back into my mouth. But this time she didn't stop until she was at the back of my throat and I was gagging on her. With her legs still on my arms I lay there as she began to thrust in and out of my mouth with deep firm strokes. My eyes were watering and it was all I could do not to throw up when she finally pulled back out of my mouth. I gasped and gagged repeatedly as she smiled down at me past her breasts and hard cock. After a minute or so I began to pull myself together again and that was when Soonlee repositioned herself so that her balls were hanging over my mouth and for the fist time I realized just how big her balls really were! There was no way I would be able to fit more than one of them in my mouth at a time.

"Attend my balls." She said in a haughty voice as she lowered them onto my face. They covered my mouth and nose and the soft skin made it hard for me to breathe. I opened my mouth as far as I could and sucked one of them in which caused her to moan loudly. I rolled it around with my tongue, sucking on it gently for a while as I looked at the underside of her cock and breasts. While I watched I realized that her cock was growing as I sucked on her balls. At the beginning I could easily see her breasts past the sides of her hard cock, but now her cock was filling more of my vision and it was still growing!

"Now suck the other one so I can reach my full size!" she announced. I obediently pushed the one in my mouth out and sucked the other one in. She moaned again and I watched this time as her cock expanded even more. Now the underside of her huge cock took up most of my vision and the weight of it pressed on my forehead.

Soonlee pushed back from the head board and scooted back so that I could get a good look at her cock. I had thought that Angel was huge, now I realized that Angel was big but still normal compared to the incredible monster that now stood out from Soonlee's crotch. Soonlee reached down and grabbed her cock in both hands and there was still enough sticking out past them to fill one of Helga's hands as well. She now had three feet; two to walk on, and one to fuck with! The evil smirk that was on her lips told me that up to this point things had been very tame, but they were about to make a change for the worst, at least for me. I glanced over at Angel and the look on her face told me that she hadn't known that Soonlee's cock got that big.

Soonlee let go with her right hand and held it out to Helga who squirted a healthy glob of lubricant onto her palm. She started to spread the lubricant up and down the shaft with both hands but she left the head and first few inches untouched. She looked at me and said,

"You're going to have to lube the head up real good with your mouth or I'll drag too much when I enter you for the first time. And I'm sure you don't want that." As I looked at her monster cock, my mouth went dry and I knew I was in trouble. Heck, I wasn't sure I could even fit it into mouth, let alone be able to get it lubed up! Soonlee leaned up and started to rub the massive head against my mouth. I turned my head trying to avoid her but she just reached down between my legs and gave my balls a big squeeze that made me let out a yelp and turn back to her with my mouth open.

"That's better." She cooed, "Besides, you should know by now that I'm going to do whatever I want to you, so there is no sense in resisting. But if you feel you must resist, please do. Nothing turns me on more than taking a man against his will. It makes me feel so powerful. Before my cock got so big, I used to get guys alone at parties, bars, or anywhere, just so I could rape them with my cock. The look of surprise on their faces, quickly followed by a look of pain, as I forced myself into them was so intoxicating. But now I need to have a guy stretched out a bit before I can even get started into him. That's where Helga and Angel come in quite handy. Of course, once their cocks get this big they'll have to get stretchers of their own. But enough of this talk, let's get down to the business of me being inside of you." As her cock moved toward my mouth I opened it as far as I could and it was just enough to allow the head to enter. My teeth dragged across the head of her cock as it forced my mouth open further than it had ever been before. The corners of my mouth felt like they were tearing as I stretched to accommodate the head of Soonlee's incredibility huge cock. Once the head was inside my mouth she steadily pushed her way to the back of my throat, but she was so big I couldn't move my tongue to try to lubricate her cock or keep my teeth from dragging across it. In just a few seconds my jaws were aching and as my mouth slowly began to close. Soonlee looked down at me and said,

"I told you to keep your teeth to yourself. Open your mouth up wider or I'll start squeezing your balls again to help inspire you." I tried to open my mouth back up farther and pain exploded through my jaws. I was making whimpering noises as she began to pump her cock slowly in and out of my mouth. Between the pain in my jaws and the lack of oxygen from trying to pant through my nose, my world became nothing but blackness and pain. I couldn't tell you how long she kept fucking my mouth with what was basically just the tip of her cock, but it seemed like days. When she finally pulled it from my mouth it was almost as painful to close my mouth as it had been to keep it open. I panted and gasped, moaning from the pain she had inflicted upon me and she hadn't even started to fuck me yet.

"Well," she said, "I hope you have me lubricated well enough or it's going to be a real bitch to push this big cock into your ass. And I'm bitch enough to do it, no matter how much it hurts you." I looked at her huge cock as she slid down my body and I couldn't see a whole lot of wetness on the head. That didn't bode well for my ass.

Once she got far enough down on my legs she grabbed them behind the knees and pulled them from under her, then continued to push them up against my chest. For how huge her cock was, it amazed me that it stood out from her body, bouncing and swaying with her movements. With her hands still behind my knees, she proceeded to line her cock up with my hopelessly small ass hole, using only her hips. Soonlee adjusted her knees closer to my butt so that once she started into me she would be able to go all the way in without stopping. I felt the head of her huge cock drag across my own small cock and balls as she lined it up with my quivering ass hole. Once in place, she started to push and I could feel the tip begin to force me open. She kept applying more and more pressure, but even with the lubrication that was there, the skin of my rectum began rolling in with the tip of her cock. After the skin pulled tight I started to whimper in pain, but Soonlee showed no signs of stopping. My ass quickly went from hurting to being on fire as she pushed against me even harder. I knew the only way I would get any relief was if I did something myself, so I pushed against her with my rectal muscles as if I was trying to shit her out of me and that allowed my asshole to open up. When that happened my rectum quit rolling in with the tip of her cock and I felt the head slip into me a little. Soonlee smiled at me and said,

"You do learn fast. That's a trick that most guys don't learn until much later in a relationship with a woman like me. I'll be able to just slide right into you now." And with a mighty shove of her hips she forced the head of her cock into my ass. It felt like a bomb went off in my rectum and I passed out from the pain. When I came to I had no idea how long I'd been out. The pain in my rectum was still very intense and I could feel my insides moving as they tried to accommodate Soonlee's huge cock. I looked up into her eyes and the look there gave me a cold chill. Her look of superiority told me that I was insignificant to her. No more than an unwilling body for her to use for her satisfaction and pleasure. I glanced down to where our crotches met and was blown away by the fact that about three quarters of her monster cock was now inside me. Soonlee said to me,

"If I push anymore of my cock into you in this position, it could tear your entrails open, which could kill you. In that case, it would be considered that I fucked you to death." To drive her point home she pushed her hips forward and I felt something pull tight in my abdomen. I gasped from the new intense pain and she began to laugh at me as she said, "I guess that we'll just have to change positions, because trying to hide the body is always such a pain in the ass."

Soonlee pulled back a little, and then taking my left leg, she moved it across in front of her body, spinning me on her huge cock. I was now on my hands and knees. With her hands holding onto my waist she pulled me onto her. I felt my insides moving as they tried to accommodate her invading penis and within seconds she was buried in me to the hilt. Her big balls were lying against my much smaller ones and when I looked down my stomach to where my cock and balls were hanging, I could easily see her big balls beyond my own. Soonlee let out a low moan of pleasure once she was buried completely in me. I could barely breathe with her inside me and I gasped for breath as my whole world spun from the pain she was inflicting upon me. In a low voice she said to me,

"For such a small man you are remarkably deep. I have been with men who were bigger than you physically and I couldn't get my cock all the way inside of them. As a matter of fact, it has been some time since I have been able to get all of my cock to fit into any man I've been screwing." Her hands squeezed my waist tightly as she began to slowly pump her huge cock in and out of me. The pain didn't get any worse, but each stroke into me felt like it was going to knock the breath out of me. Her thrusts started off slow and deliberate. She would pull most of the way out of me, then return quickly into me. Once she was fully buried in my ass, she would hesitate as she reveled in the feeling of being completely inside me. As her tempo began to pick up her balls started to swing harder and harder, slapping against my own with enough force to make me gasp with pain.

Soonlee drove her cock into me as far as possible with each and every thrust, as she continued to luxuriate in the feeling of being completely inside me. She fucked me in a steady and unrelenting pace, and as much as I tried to relax I couldn't get used to the size of her cock. Every move she made caused me pain. I grunted and panted as she used me for her own pleasure, thrusting into me again and again and again.

I couldn't tell you how long she kept me on my hands and knees as she shoved her cock into me. I was so exhausted from the whole ordeal that I was little more than a rag doll made of flesh for her to fuck. She gripped my waist, pulling me back at the same time as she thrusted forward with her hips, impaling me on her cock over and over. She said to me,

"I really love to rape a guy. There's just something very appealing about a man with my big cock buried in his ass against his will. It sort of puts the world in a new perspective for him. I think it all goes back to my first boyfriend. He was very gung-ho about getting in my panties, but because I wasn't sure how he'd take what was there, I tried to put him off as much as possible. After about two months of resisting, I was so in lust with him that I finally gave into his passion. When he got my panties off of me and my cock popped up from my crotch and hit him on the chin, the revulsion on his face broke my heart. He started to get up off of the bed so I grabbed his arm, and with tears running down my cheeks told him how much I wanted him." Soonlee was starting to thrust harder into me as she spoke and I could tell she was getting angry, "But it didn't change the look on his face. I thought I was in love with him, but looking back on it now I was just very horny. At that time I was desperate not to lose him so I pulled him back down on the bed. I put his hand on my breast and started to kiss him as passionately as I knew how. He pulled his hand from my breast as he struggled, trying to get away from me. I put his hand back on my breast and rolled over on top of him to hold him down. I pushed at his lips with my tongue but he wouldn't open his mouth and kiss me back. Our bodies rubbed together while we struggled and I became more and more desperate to keep him. Since I was on top of him with my mouth pressed over his it was hard for him to breathe and soon he was struggling less and less. I was out of control with lust, and all I could think was that if I could just get my cock inside him everything would be alright. My cock was rock hard as I pushed first one of my legs, then the other, between his. Forcing them apart with mine. Without hesitation I pushed into him as soon as I felt the tip of my cock find his ass hole. I hadn't been with a man before that, and the feeling of his ass was pure pleasure for me! When his mouth opened as he cried out in pain, I shoved my tongue deeply into it as well. I fucked him with complete abandon. Thrusting my tongue in his mouth and pounding my cock in his ass in time with one another. I squeezed his body tightly against mine while I violently used him for my pleasure. In less than five minutes it was all over as I exploded deep inside his body. When I pulled my cock from his ass and rolled off of him, he couldn't get away from me fast enough. He yanked his pants on, threw on his shirt, and ran from my room. I cried myself to sleep that night, ashamed at what I'd done and sad that I'd lost my love. The next morning I went to his apartment to apologize to him. He wasn't there, and I never tired to see him again. On the bus ride home I stared out the window as I thought back to the night before and how I'd taken him, just having my way with him. As I ran the events through my mind, my cock became incredibly hard, and I had to admit to myself that the fact that I'd raped him turned me on. At the next bus stop a good looking man got on and sat beside me. He looked at my breasts and smiled at me. Later that night I raped him repeatedly in my bedroom. The power I felt as he cried beneath me while I used him for sex, hooked me forever."

By now Soonlee was pounding her huge cock into me, but I was so delirious with pain I couldn't respond. Just at as she came hard in my ass, I blacked out.

When I came to I was lying on my side facing the other bed. The room was mostly dark, but there was a small bit of light coming in through the crack where the curtains came together. It was the harsh light from the sodium vapor street lamp outside. I looked at the clock between the beds and it marked the time at 5:17 AM. My body ached all over, but my ass hurt the worst. I tensed my sphincter muscle and the dull ache became a sharp pain. I gently rolled onto my back and bumped up against someone. Oh shit! I wasn't alone! Icy fear gripped my gut at the thought of Soonlee still in bed with me. There was enough light on the other bed for me to see that it was empty, so whoever was in bed with me appeared to be the only one in the room. That person stirred, rolling toward me, throwing one leg and one arm over me as they pressed tightly up against me. I was trapped. We were both naked so I could easily feel her breasts pressing against my arm and her cock pressing against my thigh. Her cock was big and hard yet she seemed to be asleep. I didn't think it was big enough to be Soonlee, but then she hadn't really reached her full potential until I'd sucked on her balls. My heart was pounding with fear as I reached over to her head with my free hand and felt her hair. It was wavy and curly so it couldn't be Soonlee. I let out a huge sigh of relief and a shiver went through me as the tension left my body. I jumped when she asked,

"Are you relieved that I'm not Soonlee?" It was Angel! I couldn't believe my luck!

"Yes, very!" I replied in a rush. "Are they coming back?" I asked quietly.

"No." Angel said slowly. "We had a little difference in opinions. I don't have a problem being very dominant when I'm with some guy. Actually, the only way I can be with a guy is dominant. I'm a woman who is a dedicated top. If you're having sex with me, my dick is going to be inside you somewhere. But I don't get a rush out of hurting someone just to hurt them. Sex with me can be painful, but ultimately it will feel good. I told those two that if they only wanted to hurt guys, then I didn't want to have any part of being with them." She explained. I let out another huge sigh of relief. "I really enjoyed our little encounter, and if it hadn't been for Soonlee waiting for her turn at you I would have been content to spend the rest of the night screwing you in every position I could think of." Angel said softly. "As a matter of fact, I'm kind of horny right now." She emphasized this statement by pushing her hard cock against my thigh.

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