tagIncest/TabooSophia Ch. 01

Sophia Ch. 01



Chapter 01: Loving Mother


Clint stroked his cock faster now, as the memory of his mother bending over in front of the kitchen stove to clean the oven, rushed into his mind. Filling it with the steamy vision of his mother's bulging ridge, hanging out of one loose side of her panties. Clint had froze fast to the floor behind her in shock, not knowing if he should run, cut, or cry. One thing he did do without conscious effort, was grow the most enormous hard-on he had ever attained in his young life.

He had never seen his mother's pussy before that day; he had fantasized about seeing it, touching it while she slept, even fucking it. But nothing in all his fantasy's equaled seeing the real thing, it was hot, and her ass was just too gorgeous.

Sophia Dupree was a very well preserved 36 year old who owned the smooth, fit body, of a woman in her early twenties. She had blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and an ass and breasts made for touching, and the sweetest disposition of any woman on the planet. Her legs were well toned, and highly defined, much like those of a working dancer.

He imagined her in his minds eye, lowering her hot mouth over his hard cock, as he pumped himself, and that was all it took. He shot his load into the tissue paper he held in his other hand, and nearly passed out in the process. Clint got up and headed for the shower, musing that it had been lucky for both of them that he had been able to exit the kitchen without his mom ever knowing he had been there in the first place.


Sophia smiled to herself, as she sensed her son's presence exiting the kitchen area, and she was sure that he had gotten an eye full, or hoped he had anyway. She remembered how shocked she had been, coming upon his bedroom door last week and seeing him stroke his enormous hard-on with his eyes closed, calling her name as he shot cum high into the air above him.

She had froze on the spot, mesmerized at the sight of his huge, thick cock, and his hand rapidly jerking up and down its total length, God, she had thought, it would never fit. Her breathing grew more rapid, as she continued to watch this hot, notoriously lewd scene in front of her.

She had never seen such a large cock before, nor had she ever witnessed a man jacking off until today. Her pussy tingled, as she watched the long dick swell up and become even larger while her son pumped it furiously.

"Oh mom, your so hot, God, how I want to fuck your pussy!" he had groaned.

Sophia was shocked when she heard him moan and call her name, it was then that heat flooded the area between her legs in abundance, and her nipples became so hard she thought they might explode right there.

She continued watching, unable to move her eyes off that large, pulsing cock, in her son's hand. All at once his entire body strained upward off the bed, and suddenly his cock began to jerk wildly in trauma, and spew white sticky fluid high in the air above his body, as he groaned out her name again loudly.

Sophia's body was shaking, her legs felt like silly putty, and her head was dizzy with the warfare of both passion and guilt.

"Oh fuck mom, how I want you baby!" he whispered.

Sophia was shocked to find her hand pressed firmly against her mound, and noticed immediately, the heat, and dampness, beneath her fingers. She jerked her hand away from her organ quickly, as she felt a trickle of fluid run down the inside of her thigh. Suddenly, filled with intense guilt, she abruptly turned away, and hurried away from her son's bedroom door.

She remembered how she had rushed to her own room almost in tears, upset that her son was fucking her in his mind while masturbating. But she also noticed how wet she was between her legs, and how she shook, as she sat there trying to dismiss this erotically sensual image from her mind, an image that simply refused to be terminated.

Later that night, unable to get the memory of her son's huge cock out of her mind, she had fist-fucked herself through the most intense orgasm of her life, as images of her well hung son ravishing her body had flashed repeatedly on the screen of her minds eye.

After several weeks of nearly sleepless nights Sophia came to the most monumental decision of her life, she was going to seduce her son.

She remembered, how she had lain there waiting, until she was sure he would be asleep, and then rising from her bed; she had quietly crept to his room. She stood beside his sleeping form looking down into his youthful face, with its broad, rugged features, and loved him.

She could see the outline of his penis under the top sheet, and was unable to resist reaching over, and giving it a gentle maternal squeeze that made her breath quicken, and her body shiver with excitement. She wanted him, right then, and there, and she could feel her pulse quicken just from being this close to that wonderful cock of his.

Sophia was wet between her legs, and her nipples so erect they were nearly painful, her face was aglow from the internal chemistry of her burning passion. God, how she wanted him right now, how she admired the youthful power of his sex drive, his handsome body and unspoiled innocence.

It was not so horrible she thought, after all it was normal for a young man to get an erection and fantasize about sex, and Clint was after all, a healthy, normal, and very beautiful young man. He was better looking than his father had been, so much more considerate of her feelings, and she was very proud of him. His penis was also much larger than his father's had been, God, how her mouth watered for a taste of it right now.


After her decision was made Sophia had made sure that the bathroom door remained slightly open when she showered, and that her bedroom door was always cracked open a little when she dressed or undressed. She also made it a point to make sure her dresses were higher than before, and made an effort to keep the upper buttons of her top undone. It was harmless she thought, to make sure that Clint had a clear vision of her body to help enhance his youthful fantasy life.

Sophia began to reveal her charms to her son the very next morning. When Clint came downstairs for breakfast the next morning he found his mother in nothing but an old t-shirt, it's bottom hem notoriously flirting with the gusset panel of her brightly colored panties.

She sat lewdly reclined in one of the kitchen chairs her panty clad mound readily visible between her slightly parted thighs. Sophia's T-shirt pulled tightly at her ample breasts, her enraged nipples standing out sharply beneath the thin fabric of her garment.

He was surprised at her appearance because she had never been so casual in her fashion before, at least not in his presence. But he had to admit as he watched her move around the kitchen; she was the loveliest woman in the world, and he rather enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

"Good morning Clint, sleep well?" she asked.

"Um...yeah mom," he answered.

"Sit down, your eggs will be finished in a minute," she told him.

"Uh-h...Ok mom," he mumbled.

Clint paused before sitting down at the table, and Sophia could feel his eyes roaming over her body as he undressed her. She felt her nipples begin to firm up, and rise, then the heat in her pelvic region flared as her labia began to swell with blood. She was silently pleased at his reaction to her state of undress, feeling somewhat flattered by his attention.

Clint had been glad for the invitation to sit, as he was now beginning to grow a magnificent hard-on beneath his fresh clean skivvies. He continued caressing her with those hungry eyes of his visibly fondling her most sensitive areas.

"You look very nice this morning mom, even sexy, kind of," he told her as he took his seat.

"Why thank you Clint, its very nice of you to notice and say so," she replied.

Sophia smiled inwardly as she finished her son's breakfast, she could tell that she had surprised him this morning, sparsely dressed as she was. She had seen his erection as he watched her, and for some strange reason she couldn't explain, it pleased her tremendously that he found her attractive.

Sophia brought his eggs and toast to the table where he sat, placing them in front of him. She then turned moving to the refrigerator, where she bent over very low as she retrieved his orange juice. She knew everything behind her was wide open for his inspection just the way she wanted it.

Clint's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched his mother bend over, he could see her mound drawn up tightly by her snug panties, and plainly make out the crease of her pussy. He must be imagining it he thought, but he swore he saw a thin line of moisture at the top part of her crease.

Sophia placed the half filled glass of orange juice in front of her son then moved around behind his chair and placed her hands on his shoulders, and bending over a little, kissed the top of his head.

"Will you be using the car today Clint," she ask, as her hands softly massaged his shoulders. She'd promised to help him purchase his own after his eighteenth birthday, but they hadn't started looking yet.

"I hadn't planned to mom," he replied."

I was planning on sticking around today and getting the yard work finished," he said.

"Besides Donavon said he might drop by with a new P.C. war-game I've been waiting to try out," he told her.

"Well, next time you do would you please run it through the automatic wash and have it waxed please," she told him, as her fingers gently caressed his ear lobes.

"Sure thing mom, I'd be happy to," he told her. With each pass of her fingers a current of intense sexual energy shot downward to his crotch area and made his massive member lurch inside his clothing. He felt a little guilty about it, her being his mom and all, but Jesus, she was a sexy and very attractive woman, and he just couldn't help it.

Sophia moved back to the stove and grabbed the cookware from the top of it, and then bending down she opened the oven door to place the pan inside and out of sight. She bent down very low, and moved exceedingly slow, to allow her son ample time to view her ass.

She was nervous about all this flashing activity, this being her first attempt at it ever. But she was so hot, and wet now, she couldn't stop even if she had really wanted to, and she didn't want to.

That shivering sense of excitement in the pit of her belly told her this would soon lead to her son fucking her, most likely, and she couldn't wait. It was strange she reasoned, that she had no profound guilt over her desire for him, or her present peek-a-boo game.

Sophia moved her trim shapely body to the counter, then turned placing her elbows on the Formica top. She extended her legs outward in front of her and parted them just a little; making sure the front of her t-shirt rose up over her panty covered mound.

She knew that in this pose his eyes had clear access to her prominent high pubic bone and pussy. She was hotter right now than she had been since her husband Bill had left her nearly eighteen months ago. She could tell from his reactions that he loved the show she was putting on for him.

Sophia looked away, allowing her handsome son to view her body unhindered by guilt. She then very slowly slid her hand down the front of her t-shirt, until her fingertips were at the waistband of her panties.

Then she slowly slipped her first finger under the sheer fabric and left the other three outside, and continued moving her hand down until it rested at the top of her pubic bone.

Clint's cock was hard as stone as his eyes were held fast to the languid movements of Sophia's sinful hand. He thought for a time that perhaps she was on the verge of rubbing her cunt in front of him.

"Well, I suppose I should dress and get decent before your friend arrives," she said as she began to move toward the exit.

"He wont be around until later this afternoon, so relax mom, and take it easy, it is Saturday after all," he suggested.

Sophia had paused directly next to his arm, her mound facing directly at him. As she leaned over to hug him she parted her legs slightly and captured the side of his arm between her legs. She then hugged him gently and kissed his cheek.

Clint's cock became as hard as stone when he felt the heat of his mother's organ on the side of his arm, and her soft breast resting at his shoulder. As she kissed his cheek, he quickly turned his lips to hers, and found her mouth.

She moaned deeply in her throat, and it was the opening note of her first love song of the day.

Sophia kissed him back, her tongue entering his mouth lashed at his with all the force of her pent-up frustration. With a shaking hand she lightly raked her long nails down the side of his strong neck as they kissed.

She whimpered as his hand found her breast, the heat from his touch made her body shiver again, and she moaned loudly as he firmly squeezed her hard tit. Her expiration had quickened substantially, and her pussy was oozing fluids at a phenomenal rate.

"I love you mom," he told her as he turned facing her on the chair. He seated Sophia on his knees facing him; he could feel the heat of her cunt on the top of his legs.

Sophia broke the kiss and paused, she was shaking all over and her pussy ached with need for him, she rested with her arms over the top of his shoulders as she looked into his eyes.

"Oh baby, I love you too," she whispered breathlessly.

"Do you ever imagine me naked when you masturbate?" she ask him point blank.

"Uh...MMM, well, maybe, I really don't know," he stuttered, as his face went deep red, and his eyes bore a hole through the floor.

Sophia smiled, knowing the correct answer already, and though it may have been wrong of her, she was truly flattered that her son found her attractive enough to fantasize about.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you Clint," she said softly as she leaned forward to kiss his cheek. She would insure from now on, that she did indeed provide her son with the rich fantasy life he deserved, she decided.

"Mom, yes I do," he finally answered.

"Don't be ashamed Clint, it's normal for a young man of your age," she replied.

"I do too Clint, I have since your father left," she told him.

"You, you're kidding... right!!" he responded.

"No son, I'm not," she said softly. "Would you like to watch me sometime?" she asked him.

Without a word Clint slid his mother's body forward until her crotch rested directly next to his hard cock, and humped upward against her heated pussy. Then placing his hand at the back of her head he forced her face forward, and kissed her again, it was longer and deeper than before, with more intense feeling.

Sophia went wild with passion, and quickly unfastened Clint's belt and pants; working feverishly she freed that enormous cock she had been unable to forget. She whimpered again, as her small hand began to stroke his hot smooth shaft.

"Clint, I need you baby, I need you inside of me!!" she whispered against his ear in a broken, urgent, tone of voice.

Placing his hand under her buttocks he raised up from his chair, turned, and placed her butt down on the table. Then quickly moved everything out of the way, and laid her flat down on top of it. He placed a chair beneath each of her feet and one in the center of them for himself.

Clint slowly liberated Sophia from the burden of her bright silky panties, and became dizzy with passion at the sight of his mother's labia. She was smooth, save for a small triangular patch above her crease.

"Yes baby, please hurry!" she whimpered.

He did as she asked him, and carefully slid the now, wet panties, carefully over her delicate high-heels, one at a time. He held the damp spot at the front beneath his nose as she watched, and inhaled loudly, then extended his tongue and softly probed the savory moisture that he found there.

"Your taste is spicy and pleasant mom," he told her without flinching. His eyes lowered to her cunt and saw that she was now slick with fluids, and her nipples were hard, high, and flushed with radiant color.

"You're such a hot looking slut... mother, would you like it if I were to fuck you right now?" he asked her.

"Yes baby, I want your cock inside of me when I orgasm," she cooed softly.

Her pubic bone was very high and sloped nicely to her well-formed tummy. The ridges of her labia at both sides of her crevice were high and well rounded. Her clit was protruding out slightly beyond the two sides of her beautiful mound, and though not having seen many woman naked before, he was sure that his mothers was larger than average.

Her vaginal lips were swollen and open slightly and very heavily covered with moisture; they were a beautiful shade of light crimson. His mouth drooled as he stood there appreciating the beauty of her body.

Clint sat down in the chair, and leaned forward without touching her. Then with his face very close to her cunt he loudly exhaled his hot breath directly against her swollen pussy.

Sophia groaned as she felt the warmth move over her exposed crotch and shivered sharply with anticipation. "Oh God baby, please eat me, please make me cum Clint?" she ask of him.

He was only too happy to comply with her request, and began making small bites all over her ridges. His hands were now teasing her hard nipples, twisting, and pulling at them, until she moaned out loud with the strength of her desire.

Sophia became in her imagination, a young maid bound securely to a cool slab of dark stone, her knees high, and her legs provocatively wide. A great serpent lay between her legs, its forked tongue rapidly stabbing at the tender region of her wet valley and thrilling her with its touch.

With every flick of its nimble tongue an explosion of pleasure coursed through her body from her clit to her nipples, then slowly it dissipated into gentle, sweet warmth, that filled her body with a deep sense of contentment.

Clint lightly flicked her engorged clit with the very tip of his tongue, and smiled as her hips bucked rapidly upward, he continued bathing her organ with his thick, hot tongue, until she was nearly delirious. He opened his mouth and sucked the hard little mass of flesh inside, then slowly, and very gently, raked his teeth over the nub.

"Oh God baby, oh God yes, eat my pussy baby!" she cried out, as each lash of his tongue, brought a fresh flurry, of warm sparks of pleasure, against her heated flesh.

Clint inserted two fingers into his mother's moist opening and began to slowly move them in and out of her wet cunt. He was lashing at her clit with increased speed and force now, and she was moaning incessantly, and the next time he raked her clit with his teeth she exploded.

"Ah-h-h-h...I'm coming...I'm coming... Oh baby I'm coming so hard!" she screamed. Her entire body shook violently, as shock wave, after shock wave, ripped through her consciousness with unbelievable force pushing self away from the writhing, heated flesh of her tormented body.

Sophia's mind was completely scrambled; everything was gone from her consciousness save for the warmth and tingling that enveloped her body like a snug glove of pleasure.

Clint smiled as her body quivered from the force of her orgasm, and her vaginal walls convulsed violently around his still moving fingers. She had grabbed his wrist with both hands and was forcing it deeper into her swollen cunt, rocking upward on it with all her power.

"Oh baby, that was beautiful," she sighed.

Clint stood, and paused to look at her as she rested, noting how heavily her upper cheekbones were colored by the flush of her release, and how large and hard looking her nipples were. Then he smiled, very pleased with him-self that he had a part in bringing her this wonderful feeling.

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