tagTransgender & CrossdressersSophie. Black Master's Pet

Sophie. Black Master's Pet


I shiver and shift my weight, the straps bite into my flesh in all the familiar places. As I move the frame rattles. He likes it to have a little give so that it makes noise when he gets vigorous.

I'm waiting. He'll keep me waiting. I hope it isn't too long.

I'm on all 4's, strapped firmly in place. I'm wearing the school uniform that he likes, my bum up in the air, quivering in my 'innocent' white panties. The uniform belonged to his daughter before she left home, now it's mine. Sometimes he makes me walk the streets in it, and although I'm convincing as a woman, I don't look like a schoolgirl... I look like a slut.

Suddenly I feel the quality of the light change. I shift about, trying to peer through my blindfold, see if he's in with me.

Footsteps approaching. Taking their time.

"Hmmmm hey baby... You look so pretty like that" His voice is deep and strong. He reaches out and I feel his fingers lightly dance over my panties, teasing where the fabric stretches over my smooth opening. I try and wiggle back against him, but he pulls his fingers away.

"Hmmm... Keen aren't you slut?" He asks.

"Yes sir" I reply.

He walks around, gently trailing his fingers up my body, sending electric crackles lighting up my pleasure centres.

"Kept you waiting long enough haven't I?" He asks.

"Yes sir" I reply.

From his voice I can tell he's directly in front of me. I try and peer through my blindfold again, but it's for nothing. I just see dark. He chuckles.

"I don't want you to see baby... I want you to taste"

I hear the sound of a zip and a scent of musk hits me. I lick my lips, getting them moistened and ready.

"Good girl... Here it comes..." he says.

I feel the tip of his cock brush against my lips. It is already slick with precum and I feel a jolt of pride that I've already got him so horny. I push my tongue out to its full extent, tasting the saltiness of the slit. He taps it against my tongue and I feel the warm weight.

"lick me" he commands and I set to work, swirling my tongue around and around the rapidly thickening head. If I could see now it would be getting shiny and slick, raising upwards to meet my lips.

"Ok... Open wide bitch" he commands, the words thrilling me as much as they did the first time. I lick my lips again and stretch my jaw as wide as it will go, bracing myself.

He slides it into my oh-so-willing mouth, my tongue gently swirling the underside of my cock, already huge but still not fully hard. With the skill of a genuine cocksman he pulls back just before hitting my gagging point, giving me time to adjust but keeping the head in my mouth.

"Mmmmm Babygirl... Don't you just get better at this every day?" he sighs. I wiggle my bum to show I'm pleased with the compliment and he laughs.

"ok... Suck it good baby, 'cos here it comes" he says, voice now thick with lust.

He pulls back, saliva rushing into my mouth, replacing it. Then he thrusts, this time going beyond my gag point and filling my throat. I swallow, trying to keep from choking too much. He moans.

"I'm going to fuck your face so hard... You look so sexy trapped like that, a big black cock forcing it's way down your fucking throat" his voice is virtually a grunt now. He's picking up pace, sliding in and out of me, using my throat for his pleasure.

I can feel my panties getting sticky with my own precum, but cannot reach down to touch myself. I can only wiggle, enjoying the friction on my cock and the tightness of the panties on my desperate hole.

"Mmmm Baby... I'm gonna have to let my dudes use this mouth sometime..." He says and I shiver all over. I've seen his 'Dudes'. huge guys, fireman who work in the same station. What would they do to a bound little sissygirl like me?

Suddenly he stopped.

"Damn... I'm gonna have to stop... Don't wanna be coming down your throat when I still got that tight little ass to destroy." he said with a shaky laugh, drawing his cock out of my body. I try and grip it with my lips, reluctant to let it go, whilst equally keen to have it pushing against my eager hole.

"You ready to get bred bitch" he didn't say it as a question, but I nodded as best I could through the restraints.

Without sight all my senses are super charged, my skin crackling with sensitivity. I sense him walking around, behind me. He pauses and sighs.

"Damn baby... That is such a fine ass... No bitch ever had finer" he says and I give him an appreciative wiggle.

His fingers trace up and down the thin white fabric that covers my hole, leaving electric trails of sensation. He hooks his fingers into my panties and pulls them down slowly.

Suddenly his hands leave, returning with a stinging slap that jolts my whole body. I let out a muffled yelp. Again and again the stinging blows rain down on me.

"Nothing better than seeing a little white Ass turn red" he says.

Suddenly I feel his moist tip touching my tight hole, he moves it up and down slicking me with his precum. I try and push backwards, back arched and practically purring.

"now... Please sir... daddy... Now" I say, my voice a whimper.

"Better use a little lube... Don't wanna damage it... Too much" he says, laughing darkly.

I feel cold fluid drip between my cheeks and then he's back, pressing against my entrance. I grip tight an brace myself, no matter how many times we do this, how relaxed I get, you can never 'Get Used' to this.

My whole body tightens as he starts to work it into me, slowly at first, he makes soothing noises. Then just as suddenly I relax, my body accepts this huge invader and opens up to him. He draws back and I gasp, suddenly empty.

"Ready now bitch" He says, not making it a question.

"Please Daddy... Fuck me hard" I gasp.

He surges forward, filling me completely and forcing me forwards against the restraints, knocking a girlish scream from me. The frame clatters but holds, as it always does... Although one day I'm sure the violence of his fucking will simply disintegrate it. I can feel his wiry hair scrape against the smooth skin of my buttocks.

"You love that hard cock don't you?" he asks, but I can make no noise save shallow gasps and pitiful mewling sounds.

He's pulling back and thrusting, my most intimate passage stretched and on fire. There's so much of him that I can't speak, my eyes are useless so all my senses are united in one, concentrating on my insides and where he's opening me wide

He speeds up now, Taking his pleasure, 'owning' me. I buck back against him as much as I can through the restraints. He's roaring now, his thighs slapping against my butt with the sound of a thunderclap.

"That's it bitch... Ah... Ah... Take that fucking cock... Go on slut... Try and tighten against me" he commands and I obey, tensing those intimate muscles against his slick length. It doesn't slow him in the slightest, but he moans satisfaction.

"oh yes.. That's it... That's it bitch... Grip me with that hot cunt... Suck the cum out of me" he snarls.

I try and grip against his thrusts, he batters away at my hole. I can feel his cock throbbing in the familiar way.

"Do you want my cum, slut?" he gasps.

"yes sir... Please" I say, my voice nearly a shriek.

"Beg me then cunt" he demands, not slowing... Pounding at me like a machine.

"please daddy... Please sir... Fill me with your hot cum... Fill me up... Breed me like the sissy cunt I am..." I plead.

His hands grip my waist like a vice and he thrusts forward, forcing as much of himself into me as he can. My hole shrieks electric sensations and my body jerks as he pumps cum, cock swelling with each spurt... 1 pump, 2, 3, 4... Finally he slows...his voice is ragged. He slumps forward against me. I can feel his hard, sweaty body press against my back.

"hmmm baby... Nobody takes cock better then you" he says and kisses the back of my neck. I say nothing, concentrating on massaging the last of his cum out with my tightening muscles.

Eventually he pulls out, his spent cock slipping out with a quiet pop. I can feel his cum inside me, and running down my legs. I can feel his eyes on me, admiring his handywork.

"Mmmm that's beautiful babygirl..." he says, and something in his voice tells me he's leaving again. He might come back later and let me out, he might fuck me again first... Or even take me out on 'The lead'... But that's for later.

I thank him quietly and he puts a kiss on my buttcheek, followed by a light slap.

Without a word he leaves the room, snapping the light off as he goes.

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