tagMatureSophie Ch. 10

Sophie Ch. 10


This is a series and will make a lot more sense if you read them in order.


Doc opened his eyes as he felt the soft touch on his shoulder. He looked up to see Lacey standing there next to the bed. She had on a white t-shirt and jean shorts. Thank God, he thought. He had seen enough young breasts today to last him a while. He smiled and chuckled a little, he was complaining about breasts, that was a first.

"Wake up, sleepyhead." Lacey whispered.

"Dinner's almost ready." She added.

Doc then noticed Sophie was still nestled on top of him. Her head was on his chest and his arms were wrapped around her. Her right hand was resting on his neck and her left on his shoulder. She felt warm and her breathing was steady. He also noticed she was still naked. He felt her breasts squashed against his chest.

"Yeah, we have to get sleeping beauty up too." Lacey giggled.

Doc looked at her pretty face and he felt another wave of happiness roll over him. He loved this house, this family. Lacey was leaning over next to Sophie's face and kissing her cheek.

"Wake up, baby girl." She whispered in Sophie's little ear.

He felt Sophie stir and her arms hugged him harder. She scooted up and buried her head in his neck. Her warm little body felt so good as it moved up his.

"No, I wanna stay here. So warm." He heard Sophie mumble.

"You have to eat sweetie. You know you can't process the heat without food." Lacey said and Doc felt the familiar confusion hit him again.

"Ok, but only for a little while. I need more." Sophie said and lifted her head.

He saw her green eyes and they sparkled, not as bright as before but still sparkly.

"Turn it down, Sophie, he's here. We're here. It's ok." Lacey said.

He watched Sophie's eyes dim until they were just green and pretty. He was speechless. She smiled at him and kissed him quickly on the lips. He kissed her back and she jumped up and sat on his chest. Her breasts hung off her chest, well hung was not right, they sat on her chest, there was absolutely no sag at all in them. Her nipples were small but the cutest he had ever seen and they fit her perfectly. He wanted to reach up and just squeeze them.

"Doc, did I ever tell you that you are wonderful?" Sophie said.

He just looked at her, unable to answer. Lacey laughed and started to walk out of the room.

"Can you put some clothes on silly?" She said as she left the room.

Doc felt Sophie grab his hands and pull them to her chest. She placed them directly over her breasts and he felt the soft young flesh in his large hands. They were firm and wonderful, the little nipples punching into his palm. He squeezed them gently and thought they were the best breasts he had ever seen, much less touched. She was leaning back and smiling at him.

"Ready to go eat, Doc?" She asked.

He put a frown on his face as he felt he could give up food for the rest of his life for just a couple of more minutes holding these beautiful breasts. Sophie giggled at him and took his hands off her chest.

"They are yours now Doc, you can have them anytime you want them. Let's go eat." Sophie said and hopped off his chest.

His mind was flailing trying to process what she had just said. He looked at her and she was digging in a dresser drawer. Her little butt was waving at him as she moved the clothes around. She pulled out a yellow t-shirt and slipped it on. It was very little and only came halfway down her back. He saw her fish out a pair of blue panties and slip them on. Her butt was just as cute with the blue material hugging it. She pulled out a small pair of black mesh shorts and slipped them on. They were loose but very short, he could still see a slight curve of her butt.

She turned around and her nipples were screaming at him. He felt his large cock twitch again.

"Get up goofy." She said and picked up his shirt.

"Wow, we are going to have to get you another shirt eventually." She said and held it up.

He noticed most of the buttons were missing.

"Hold on a second." She said and bounced out of the room.

He watched her leave. He loved watching her move. She was a delight and made him feel so good. He took a deep breath and was amazed at how much his life had changed in the last few hours. He heard her come back in and she was holding a white t-shirt.

"Here, put this on. My daddy is way smaller than you but it should stretch and you can wear your shirt over it." She said and threw the shirt to him.

Doc pulled the t-shirt over his head and it was tight. His chest was sculpted through the shirt. It was like a second skin but not uncomfortable. He took his shirt and slipped it on. There were no buttons left so it just hung open.

"It looks nice." Sophie said and ran her hands across his chest.

He looked down at her and she was looking more like herself. Her skin still looked a little pale but much better than before. He noticed her eyes were still green but they did not shine. They were pretty but not nearly as bright as before. He tried to remember them but he couldn't. They looked perfectly normal now. She turned and walked out of the room. He followed. He figured he would follow her anywhere. The little black shorts swayed in front of him, he felt his large cock twitch again.

They entered the kitchen and he heard Sophie squeal immediately.

"Daddy!" She said and ran into her father's arms.

Well, he assumed it was her father. He was a skinny man, strong-looking but no fat whatsoever. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. His features looked chiseled. He was definitely not a soft man. He scooped her up and hugged her hard. He had his eyes closed and he had a big smile on his face. He put her down and put a hand on both sides of her face.

"Baby girl, momma told me you had a little episode. We talked about that. You can't do that, you scare us. You are too special to lose. It would destroy us." He said.

Doc noticed he was scolding her but it the sweetest loving voice he had ever heard.

"I'm sorry daddy." Sophie said in a small voice.

"Oh baby, I can never be mad at you." He said and kissed her forehead.

He picked her up again and gave her a bear hug. Doc watched her pretty legs and feet just dangle in the air as her father hugged her. He put her down again and pulled her head into his chest. It looked like he was having trouble letting her go. Doc thought he could feel the love coursing through the room.

"Daddy, he saved me. I told you he would. He is wonderful." She said and pointed at Doc.

The man looked up and stared at Doc. He pulled Sophie to his side and walked up to Doc, holding out his hand.

"So you're Doc Smith. The one who has my little girl acting crazy. I am Jacob." He said.

"Daddy!" Sophie said and slapped his chest. Doc held out his hand and shook the man's hand. It was small but powerful. A definite man's handshake.

"Thank you so much for being there for her. She has a lot of faith in you and obviously you are not disappointing her. She can be a handful, but you have probably figured that one out." Jacob said and released Doc's hand.

"You're welcome." Was all Doc could think of to say.

"Let's eat!" Jacob said and turned to the table.

Doc then noticed the table was full of wonderful-looking food. He had never seen a spread so nice even in a restaurant. They all sat down and he noticed they were all holding hands. He felt Sophie take his left and he looked to see Lacey take his right. They all closed their eyes and Hannah uttered a small soft prayer. Doc felt a small surge run through his body. It felt like heat and it ran from his right to his left. Hannah finished and Doc looked at Lacey. She was smiling at him and then she let go of his hand and grabbed a dish.

Doc ate more than he had in a long time. Everything was wonderful and he felt more at home than he had in a long time. The only thing that seemed a little off to him still was watching these three young girls around the table. They were all beautiful and all wearing t-shirts that did nothing to hide their breasts. Their nipples were all visible and Doc could see their young breasts jiggle every time they moved to grab a dish to pass. Hannah and Jacob acted as nothing was amiss but Doc was struggling to keep his thoughts in line. His cock was now pushing hard against his pants and he was thankful he was sitting down.

Hannah stood up and walked over to the refrigerator. He saw her pull out a dish and place it on the counter. She then pushed a button on the coffee maker and Doc heard it whir into life.

"Girls, can you clear so we can serve dessert?" Hannah said.

"Sure, momma." The girls answered in unison.

Doc groaned silently as he watched them jump up out of their chairs. It was bad enough that Sophie was wearing incredibly short shorts but Lacey's jean shorts were almost negligible. The pockets stuck out at least three inches below the edge. Her ass was perfectly framed and her legs were long and beautiful. He looked over at Holly and he almost passed out. Her shirt was small, showing a pretty little tummy and a perfect belly button. She was wearing a little jean skirt that was riding incredibly low on her waist. Doc was amazed, it looked like there was 6 inches between her bellybutton and the top of her skirt and it was so short it looked like it was only about 5 inches of material.

Doc sat in his chair, his cock rock hard and tried to figure out what was going on. One minute he saw these girls as non-sexual, the next he was ready to explode with lust. Sophie looked at him from the sink and smiled. She was incredibly cute with her hands in the sink and her hair flipped over half her face. He smiled back at her. She whispered something to Lacey who was drying and then wiped her hands on a towel. Doc watched her walk over to him slowly. She walked up behind him and put her warm hands on his shoulder.

"Doc, did you enjoy dinner?" Sophie said in a small voice.

"Oh, yes, Hannah, it was wonderful. Thank you so much." Doc said, embarrassed that he had to be prompted.

He felt her hands move over his shoulders. He started to feel happier from just her touch. His heart felt lighter and he smiled just because. He heard a giggle and looked up to see lacey and Holly looking at him. They looked incredibly cute and he couldn't move his eyes from their angelic faces. Their smiles seemed to light up the room. He looked over when he heard Hannah's voice.

"Thank you so much Doc, I am glad you enjoyed it. You have room for dessert? We have banana pudding, it is Solvia's favorite." Hannah said.

"Goodie." He heard Sophie's little voice behind him.

"I am so full but I could probably fit a little more in." Doc answered and he turned to look at Sophie.

Her eyes locked onto his and he noticed they were sparkling. They dominated her gorgeous face and he remembered from before in the room that they were pretty but not sparkling. She leaned over and kissed his forehead.

"The pudding is really good Doc, you will love it." She said and moved away.

He watched her move over and join her sisters. They snickered like schoolgirls, well they sorta were he thought and chuckled to himself. He then noticed that his erection was gone. He was aware but his mind could not generate anything sexual. He looked at the girls again, the long legs, the little shirts, the young breasts jiggling but all he could think of was how pretty they were. He shook his head to clear it and became instantly confused.

Hannah served everyone their dessert and Sophie was right. It was great and now he was stuffed. He felt suddenly very tired and couldn't help it when a huge yawn escaped his mouth.

"Doc, you must be exhausted. Putting in a full day's work and then having to put up with all of us." Hannah said.

He laughed when he thought of "putting up with us". Like that could have ever been construed as anything but pure pleasure. He would put up with them forever if he could.

"Doc, it is still pouring outside. Can you stay the night or do you have to get back?" Hannah asked.

He shook his head by instinct. He saw the girls all with a sudden pout on their faces and they were all mouthing "please". He thought of his empty apartment and decided what the hell.

"I have absolutely no plans, I would love to stay if it is not too much trouble." He answered. The girls all let out a little cheer, Hannah and Jacob smiled.

"Don't be silly, after what you did for our little girl it is no trouble at all." Hannah said.

"Doc, let's go take a load off in the living room, the girls will be done pretty quick." Jacob said and rose from his chair.

Doc got up and followed him into the room. He plopped down on one of the softest couches he had ever experienced. He hoped he could stay awake. Jacob started talking and proceeded to tell him all about the project he worked on that day. Something involving flooding and sandbags. He was so tired he felt his concentration floating in and out. He tried very hard not to be rude and worked to pay attention.

Just as he was about to succumb Sophie and her sisters scrambled into the room. Sophie jumped on the couch next to him and plopped her wonderful legs across his lap. He instinctively put his hands on her knee. Lacey and Holly sat on the floor by his feet. Hannah walked in and sat next to Jacob.

"Solvia, let's put Doc in your room. Can you sleep with the girls tonight?" Hannah asked.

"Sure momma, no problem. It will be fun." Sophie answered.

"No, you don't have to do that." Doc said.

Sophie looked at him with a pout. "You don't want to sleep in my room?" She said in a little sad voice.

"No, that's not it. I just..." He started and her face broke into a huge smile.

He shook his head, this girl was a minx. She had him under her spell.

"It would be fine, thank you Hannah." Doc said.

The girls giggled again and Sophie kicked her legs on his lap. He moved his hand to her calf. "Solvia, can you go and replace the sheets so Doc has a nice clean bed?" Hannah asked.

"Sure, momma." Sophie answered and was up and gone before Doc could even open his mouth.

Holly jumped up on the couch and put her left leg across his lap. He looked at her.

"You only did my feet. No fair." She said and tossed the lotion to him.

He caught it and Hannah laughed. He squirted a little on his hand and started on her calf. She moaned and laid back on the couch. Her right leg slid off the couch and her foot hit the floor. He looked over and her legs were spread and he was looking right up her microscopic skirt. He turned his head quickly to look at Hannah.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality. This has been a treat." Doc said and felt a little weird in how that came out as he massaged the beautiful calf.

"You are welcome anytime. Solvia is smitten with you and I warn you, when she sets her mind to something she is hard to budge." Hannah said.

"Yep, kinda like a bulldog on a steak." Jacob said and he heard Holly giggle.

He looked over and her pink panties were staring right at him. She was smiling at him.

"Doc, that feels so good." She said, locking his eyes to her.

"You have to come back a lot. I am hooked on this." Holly said and shifted, her legs spreading wider.

Her skirt had pulled up and he saw her panties were a little sheer and he could almost see everything she had. He tried to pull his eyes away but he was glued to her. She giggled and slid closer to him, getting her thigh across his lap and moving the pretty panties even closer to him. He tried to concentrate on her thigh but that was difficult too as it was soft and firm. He loved the feel of her skin, so smooth and tight. He felt his cock twitch again and he panicked as her thigh was sitting directly over it.

"Momma, what do we have in store for tomorrow?" Lacey said, rescuing him.

"Well, I thought we could gather everything from the garden and start our canning." Hannah said.

"That's cool, can we do some preserves?" Lacey asked and Doc's fingered ventured very close to the edge of Holly's skirt.

He was looking at Hannah and didn't really notice until he felt a finger touch cloth. He pulled it back quickly and tried to keep massaging. He rubbed once more around and then reached for the other leg. He pulled her right leg up to his lap and he was thankful that her legs were now closed. She shifted and then bent her left leg up, getting it off of Doc's lap and putting her panties back on display. Doc concentrated on the soft calf and thigh.

"Momma, all done." He heard Sophie's voice and looked up.

"Hey, no fair hogging." Sophie said and sat down on the other side of him.

"He's almost done, Soph. They were so dry and he is so good." Holly said.

Sophie giggled and crossed her legs.

Doc finished Holly's right leg and she sat up. He was really tired all of a sudden. He felt like he could fall asleep sitting right there.

"Solvia, you need to put Doc to bed. He is very tired." Hannah said.

Sophie jumped up and took his hand.

"Come on sleepyhead." She said and pulled his arm.

He got up and she drug him out of the room. He said goodnight to everyone as he was yanked down the hall. They entered Sophie's bedroom and she sat him on the bed. She pulled his shirt off and tossed it over the chair.

"Can you sleep in that shirt, it looks really tight." She said.

"Yeah, it is a little." He said.

She yanked it off him quickly. She pulled him up to his feet and started unbuckling his belt. He tensed up and she looked up.

"Doc, it's ok. You trust me right?" She said, her green eyes sparkling.

He nodded and she slid his pants down his leg. She lifted his feet and pulled the pants off. She tossed them over the shirt. She ran her hands up the outside of his legs and all the way up to his sides. It felt incredible but he felt nothing between his legs. He didn't really get this girl, she was very strange. She pushed him back on the bed and lifted his legs to get him to lie down. She pulled the sheet over him.

"Comfy?" She said and he felt sleep already coming quick.

He nodded. She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. Her lips felt great. She pulled away and then kissed him again, a little harder. He reached up and held her head as their lips touched. She pulled away slightly, his hand on the back of her head. "Good night Doc." She whispered.

"Good night Sophie." He whispered back.

She stood up and his eyes closed. He heard her footsteps and then everything went black.

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