tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSophie's Adventures Ch. 08

Sophie's Adventures Ch. 08



Just about every part of me ached and I felt quite sick with dehydration and too much alcohol the night before. My wrists and ankles hurt from where I had been handcuffed the previous night plus my back and thigh really hurt from where Sophie had whipped me a few times. I could feel bruises in all those areas plus a general ache in my limbs that comes from holding uncommon positions for prolonged durations.

I looked over as the sunlight blazed into my face. Sophie would always open the blinds if she woke first but the shutter hadn't been closed last night so It wasn't the usual indication if she had got up or not. As I rubbed my eyes I could feel movement next to me. Sophie slid out of bed and walked toward the bathroom still naked. Her ass shook beautifully as she left my sight. I continued to dose and lost track of time, it felt like a minute but could have been thirty, when I opened my eyes again Sophie stood above me with her hands on her hips.

"Hey... I'm up, I'm up.." I groggily said.

"Good because wether you are or not the bed sheet is coming off in ten seconds!" She sternly replied.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes and just as I moved my legs Sophie pulled hard and the bed sheet flew from covering me revealing my naked body. It felt a bit strange, not to be naked but for once Sophie was dressed and I was not. She wore one of her fishnet dresses over her tiny bikini, it was the shorter of the two leaving her long brown legs on full show but the weave of the material so wide you could completely see through the short dress. It had very little back to it and tied around the neck in a halter neck. Sophie had her smallest bikini underneath that just about covered her nipples and pussy but little else. Still, by her new standards this sexy attire was more than I had become accustomed.

"You're wearing a lot?" I stated. "Yeah for this holiday I am, back home you would love me to be wearing all this!"

"True. But can't you lose the bikini or the dress?... Please?" I begged. "Aww aren't you cute. I could, but tonight is the competition and I want you to want to see my body as much as the crowd do, so you wont see as much as you have been used to today." Sophie explained gently. I felt sad but she was right, the less I saw the more I wanted to see.

"What time is it?" I asked as I headed over to the bathroom. "Its nearly 1pm. We really slept in." Sophie answered slapping my ass and giggling as I passed her.

I put on one of my pairs of swimming shorts and a T shirt, Sophie grabbed some towels and put a few bits in her bag and we agreed to head to the beach and get some food whilst down there. We ate at one of the local restaurants and before we knew it it was mid afternoon with the peak crowds at the beach. Sophie and I rented some loungers, stripped down to our swimwear, applied sun cream and lay on our towels in the sun making the most of the weather while we could. I was feeling really tired and kept dosing back to sleep, Sophie was reading a book while her body glistened in the sun. Her micro bikini revealing plenty of flesh but keeping her goods covered.

"You're going to get tan lines." I stated to her. "This is a tiny bikini. No one will see them." Sophie firmly replied.

"Well with some of your dresses they might see straps lines if you don't wear anything underneath?" I continued. "Why wouldnt I wear anything underneath?...Who is they? They might, but I'm pretty tanned from the week it wont be bad, and when I do my back in a mo I'll untie my top."

"Well you didnt bring any underwear with you just swimwear. Anyway you went topless from day one.. why not now?" I asked just getting to the point. "Because you want me too... And I want to wind you up." She said making her point equally clear.

I closed my eyes and went back to sleep in a mini sulk. I was too tired for her games right now, at least when I closed my eyes I could remember all the things we had done this week and how she had spent most of a day completely nude on this beach, even had a tattoo applied to her pubic area while lots of people watched. We skinny dipped in the ocean, we had been in a few bars and clubs where she ended up naked on stage with public eyes looking on. We had also had the most unbelievable sex throughout the days here. I passed out dreaming of Sophie's soft naked skin rubbing against my own.

I awoke with a jump, darting upright on my towel as some sand had been kicked at us. I looked to my side and Sophie was laying on her front seemingly asleep. She had her bikini top untied and hair out the way so her back wouldn't get those tan lines I had mentioned earlier, her ass was almost fully on display in her tiny thong but that remained firmly in place. I stood up to try and work out what time it was and what else was going on, several topless girls strolled along the beach basking in the attention, kids played in the water while various water sports took place in the distance. The pedalos with slides on them all sat by the water, it appeared that wasn't open today which puzzled me as hundreds of people populated the soft white sand.

"What are you doing?" A muffled voice nearby asked. I looked down and it was Sophie talking into her arms as she rested her face on them. "I'm taking it all in."

"Wait 'til later and the contest, take all that in!" She giggled, back a bit more to herself teasing me in ways she knew would get my attention. "What's this bikini like you are going to wear? It's the only one I haven't seen and you have done well at keeping it from me. Considering how revealing all your others have been I am stumped." I asked sincerely.

"Well, I'm not going to give it away after all that hard work. But its about the most revealing thing I could ever wear without being nude. That's all I'll say."

People started packing up as early evening approached. I suggested Sophie and I head back and get ready for the evening to which she agreed. She re tied her bikini top and stood up, brushed off some sand and put her fishnet dress back on.

"Sophie you're killing me here.." I moaned like a child because just about every day she had walked back to the apartment at least topless if not more. "Ok.. I'll give you this much." She giggled and reached under her dress, slowly pulling her thong down past her long brown legs, the bottoms fell to her feet and she hooked it on her toes and kicked it up for me to catch. She then reached behind untied her bikini top and pulled it out from underneath. With the weave of the fishnet so large, up close I could see clearly her breasts as they sat free under her dress, her whole naked frame including her ass and shaved pussy. My heart skipped more than a beat and I was delighted. "Better?" She quizzed.

"Much." I simply replied as she handed me the bikini top.

We walked along the beach back toward the complex and all heads turned to Sophie. She was clearly loving the attention and her erect nipples stood out declaring how turned on she was. She didn't once look down or try and cover up, there was no sign of embarrassment and she just carried on as people gawped and stared. Once we got back to the apartment Sophie went off and showered. She wouldn't let me join her which continued to frustrate me. She dried herself before keeping a towel wrapped around her body, she then applied her makeup, straightened her hair, polished her nails and did whatever else women do to make themselves look their best. She applied thick dark makeup around her eyes and some bright red lipstick, it was kinda slutty but really hot and not her usual look.

"Could I please borrow one of your shirts? A dark one?" Sophie asked running a brush down her long dark hair. "If you like, what for though?" I asked a little confused by the request.

"To wear of course! I need to wear something over my swimsuit and want something I can open from the front. I also think it would be sexy to go out wearing just your shirt." Sophie explained, causing my cock to spring to life. I handed her my dark green shirt I hadn't worn yet. I gave her this one because I knew it was missing a button about where her breasts would be. Sophie turned her back, put the shirt on over the towel then let the towel drop while she connected the buttons up front.

"You're missing a button here... Mmm, how does this look?" Sophie asked as she turned around. The shirt was short and showed off her gorgeous long legs, it hugged her body tightly and just before her breasts started the material separated. I could see a lot of skin between her breasts and from the side you could see into the shirt revealing the whole round shape and skin of her tits poking out. There was no nipple on show but it was clear she wore nothing underneath as the gap in the material sat lower than her breasts.

"Theres something very sexy about wearing only a mans shirt." Sophie said with glee, twirling for me. Her ass crept out the bottom of the shirt at the back and I found my trousers all too tight now my cock was throbbing so hard. "I'll put my costume on later.." Sophie added as she winked at me.

I had changed while Sophie showered and got ready so by this point was ready to go, we headed out, I had our money and the key, Sophie had next to nothing. As far as I could tell she had only my shirt, it had no pockets and she didn't take a bag, she hadn't given me anything so where was her swimsuit? She didn't even put any shoes on as we left the apartment.

"Where is your swimsuit? Are you sure you aren't wearing it?" I asked legitimately confused.

"Well.. I might be wearing it, it might be in my pocket..."Sophie squirmed and giggled as she answered. I looked at her puzzled, there was a small pocket over her left breast, barely big enough to fit anything let alone a swimsuit. I shook my head as Sophie laughed.

We had dinner down at the complex bar where Sophie took great delight in teasing the waiter with her outfit, she untied a couple more buttons so the material sat so loose on her breasts it left a gaping area of flesh on display between the two sides of her shirt. from almost her belly button upward skin was on show. We got up to leave and Sophie decided she would leave her buttons undone.

"You may as well not have done any buttons up!" I coughed as we walked hand in hand, her breasts quite visible through the gap in the material, though I never saw nipple I was sure there was nothing else under there. "I think I need at least one done up..." She giggled, stepping away from me to undo another button, and then another. Her belly button and stomach now on display up from the single button over her pussy. The shirt was a heavy material but it sat loose on her. Her legs, long and slender were of course on display but the shirt still covered so much of her, yet it was what it didn't cover that was driving me mad, showing glimpses of skin normally covered. She wasn't indecent but it was clear she didn't have much more than the shirt on!

We arrived at Michael's, the bar we spent our first few nights at where Sophie had put on some crowd pleasing displays, ending up naked for musical chairs, a wet T shirt contest and a couples strip contest. She had fucked me on that stage for the last of those games and we hadn't dared go back, or at least hadn't had reason to go back since. The place had always been busy but it was early evening now and the place was busier than we had ever seen it. There was a long line to get in but then we heard a man shouting competitors this way so we went toward that voice.

"Sophie!! Oui Oui! vous regardez de plus belle que jamais!" The man shouted kissing her on each cheek. It was Michael the bar owner who ran all the games that took place. 
"Mr Boyfriend of course of course!.." He called to me embracing me in his arms. I was touched by his warmth but felt a bit weird as I had never actually talked to the guy just had him comment on our actions as we paraded on stage. He led us through a door and told Sophie to go that way and I could go to another area backstage and get a drink. I felt like a VIP which was really nice.

The bikini contest was meant to be the biggest thing they did, and probably why so many people were there. They had set a stage up out the front of the building and this was clearly where things would take place, out into the beach. After what seemed like a lifetime Michael came and joined me in this room with a handful of others guys. He commented on the amount of people outside and said its a good job he didn't have to let everyone in. We joked a while as he asked about our holiday and what else we had been up to. He said he had very rarely seen a girl so beautiful as Sophie so willing to do so much in public. He asked what she was wearing tonight and when I said I didn't know he made a joke about a nice surprise for us all then. We then went outside where everything had changed slightly, there was the stage with steps leading up to it from a small tent. Then around the stage was a barrier blocking off a section that was quite small, I was told this was the VIP area and all the guys who had been in the room with me went into this area closest the stage. Then behind us was just a mass of people as far as the waters edge. This was without doubt a big deal, I had been to rock concerts that didn't have this many people. Michael then took to the stage with his microphone in his hand and did his French then English crowd speeches.

"Welcome to Michael's bikini body contest! The most exciting event in all of town!" The crowds cheered loudly and enthusiastically. "We have seven competitors for you today. Seven of the finest young women I have ever seen, who have each caused a stir this week in other games!"

This claim pricked my ears up, he clearly remembered Sophie and myself but we had been away a few nights and obviously missed some others doing things too, I wondered what we had missed.

"The rules are simple. Each competitor will come to the stage for one minute and reveal their sexiest swimwear to us. We will vote two girls off at a time at the end of each round until we have a winner.
However unlike our other games, the girls must remain dressed in their swimsuit at all times!"

As he shouted this in French a number boo'd and the rest of us remained unsure what he had said, when he repeated it in English the whole crowd boo'd very loudly.
 "HOWEVER!.." Michael paused, giving us hope. "We will have games inside afterward that all these competitors are welcome to take part in along with any other willing faces!"

This was the trick, he would make us want more and more from these women then have the real games inside where space was limited and he could charge whatever he wanted on the door to let people in. A very clever way of making his bar popular and profitable. After more hype and talk, eventually we were ready to begin. I was excited to see just what was going to happen. The first girl came out wearing a Michael's labelled T -shirt, Her arms weren't even in the armholes so her hands stuck out the bottom where her body was, she teased a moment before pulling the T shirt up a deafening roar. She wore a vey sexy red swimsuit, it was a one piece but had almost no back or sides and the front went way past her boobs and showed her naval. It wasn't quite a slingshot but it was close. The crowd approved as the very attractive blonde danced seductively for a minute before heading back down stairs into the tent. Next came a brunette with short hair. She too had a Michael's T shirt on but wore it properly, she pulled at the neck and as she started to tear the material the crowd erupted in louder noise. She pulled the material apart fully and stood with her back to us as she dropped it to the floor. No doubts here, she was wearing a slingshot and the material came out from the top of her ass straight up to her neck in a narrow line, nothing at all covered her sides or most of her back, she turned and revealed an even more spectacular view at the front. The material covered about 2 inches of her breasts and met between her legs like a huge V over her front. Everything yet nothing was on display. She danced around provocatively gaining cheers before leaving the stage for the tent. The next 3 girls each came out in similar fashion, all very attractive girls confident in their own skin and keen to show it off. They all wore small bikini's with thong bottoms, one girl's was almost completely transparent and gained a lot of crowd approval. Another girl continually tugged on her top and bottoms showing more and more flesh, I got a great view of her shaved pussy as she pulled the bottoms low at the front but she was reminded she could not take the bikini off much as she and everyone else wanted her too. The third of the girls wore a tiny black number, it looked as much like underwear as a swimsuit. She got a good cheer but not as good as any of the others. This was very interesting and the crowd was in an absolute frenzy after five stunning young women all danced about wearing very little at all.

Then a silence hit the crowd, the air was palpable before a figure walked up the steps onto the stage. I was surprised to see it was Sophie, I thought Michael would bring her on last but maybe he had something else up his sleeve. She, like the other girls wore a T-shirt with Michael's logo on it. She danced a little bit and smiled waving at the crowds, she then smiled at me before turning around and bending over to show her ass peaking out from the material of the T-shirt. Dancing and moving around she began to tear the front of her T shirt just as she had on the beach a few days back, before we could see anything she turned back around so her back faced the crowds. She held the T shirt open and slowly let it slip off of her shoulders. All this time and I still was't sure what she was wearing.. The T shirt fell and the crowd cheered mightily as she stood there with her ass on display, she held her hair above her shoulders before letting it fall back into place and turning around. She wore a bright blue bikini, not one I had seen before and not one that was as sexy as she had been teasing about all week. Plus she definitely didn't bring that with her.. something wasn't right here.
Sophie continued to dance around, yanking on the small stretchy material of the bikini, she pulled it low at the front and people loved her small butterfly tattoo on her pubic bone. The way she moved she seemed like a seasoned stripper, caressing her own flesh as she wriggled, gyrated and posed. Her face was a picture of sexual fantasy as she pouted and gasped, her eyes burned like a blazing forest fire as just about every man out there fell in lust with her.

Sophie then left the stage, and out came the final contestant. Michael described her as "The local girl we all love, Karina!"

She was tall and slender, long brown hair much like Sophie's, long brown legs and a face that had european twinge to it, she was definitely sexy and I liked her uninterested expression, she may as well have screamed "I'm too much for you!"

She danced around in her T shirt and began to pull it up over her hips, there was a thin white strip just about covering her pussy but looked like not much else, this was surely another sexy slingshot. With her back to the crowd Karina lifted the shirt up higher and over her head. The strip of white material left the top of her ass cheeks and went all the way up to her neck, there was nothing at the sides, but then as she turned I was shocked for a second. Was that her nipple? She held her hands over her breasts and turned to face the cheering crowd. The white strip of material went from between her legs straight up her body to a collar around her neck, there was no sign of anything over her breasts. She lowered herself spreading her legs, hands still clasped over her breasts. While she remained low, legs apart, she slowly inched her hands down her breasts revealing more and more before they completely sprang free. She was topless, the swimsuit didn't cover a single part of her breasts and I wondered how fair it was as they.. Then I remembered, they had to keep their swimwear on, there was no rule about how much it actually covered.
The crowd was now as ballistic as I had heard while Karina continued to dance around seductively, still seemingly not caring about it all while her body put on one hell of a show. Legs, ass, back, stomach, breasts, it was all out there, just a thin strip between her legs going up to her neck.

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