tagLoving WivesSophie's Awakening Pt. 01

Sophie's Awakening Pt. 01


"What time is the reservation again honey?" Sophie called out as she pushed her blonde hair to one side and adjusted an earring.

Alex stuck his head round the bathroom door and allowed himself a second to admire her as he responded.

"Eight thirty, so we can put the kids to bed and head out when you are ready."

Despite being in her early thirties and having two young children, she was still as sexy as when Alex had met her at university. Her French genes and good eating habits no doubt played a part, together with the fact that she regularly went to the gym and enjoyed hiking.

The black dress she was wearing this evening was much sexier than what she typically wore. Tight fitting and short, it showed plenty of leg and hung off one shoulder. It was the sort of dress that would usually be seen on a young movie star or model hitting the latest nightclub. Alex's hunger grew as he gazed at her toned calves, up towards her petite derriere, slim waist and bare shoulder. Sophie noticed him in the mirror and smiled, catching his cheeky eye just as it disappeared to check on the kids and the babysitter one last time.

Finishing up, she gave herself a moment to be happy about life. After a hectic few years adjusting to the kids she finally felt balanced again. Alex had also outdone himself with the unexpected gifts that were now sparkling from her ears, not to mention the dress, which she couldn't believe was so sexy, and exactly her size.

Of course, she knew him well enough to know that he had an ulterior motive. He was always extra attentive and loving when he hoped to have sex. But tonight he had really gone the extra mile, which suited her just fine as she was also in the mood for a change. Although there were times it annoyed her that he had become a little predictable, and that she could forecast when he wanted sex by his attention level, this evening was not one them.

Sweeping into the bedroom she was surprised to see a small box on the bed.

The dress, diamonds and now this... someone definitely wanted to get lucky!

There was no card and it felt light in her hand. She opened it and removed the contents. She had to laugh, maybe her husband wasn't so predictable after all...


You could have cut the sexual tension in the back of the taxi with a knife. Alex was dying to know if his wife was playing ball, but he resisted asking directly, scared that he might kill the mood if she had taken offense by his final cheeky present. Instead he looked for signs, but so far couldn't be sure. As if his wife could read his thoughts, she decided to have a little fun.

So, with a sly grin, she allowed her knees to separate a little, forcing the short black dress to rise up and reveal more of her smooth sensual thighs. All the while pretending to be innocently peering out at the passing lights of the city. The cool air was a welcome relief, and she remained like that for the rest of the short journey, enjoying the effect it was no doubt having on her husband... and herself.

"Mr Marino, your table is ready, please follow me," the fashionably dressed young lady announced, before leading them through the trendy restaurant towards a spiral of light in the middle.

The diners either side were dressed to impress and enjoying the art like sushi dishes for which the restaurant was famous. Alex followed his wife and the hint of perfume that trailed her, all the while admiring the delicious body in front of him.

Sophie had been to the restaurant before, and knew that going up the brightly lit circular glass staircase in the middle meant she would be on display. Even though she was wearing something far more revealing than she would have chosen on her own, she wasn't nervous. In fact, as the stairs approached, she felt positively emboldened. For months she had been working hard, and had finally regained her pre-pregnancy shape. Why not show it off and feel desired again? After all, she was not just a mother, but a desirable woman.

Ascending, and without turning around, Sophie knew exactly where her husband's eyes would be focused. He had always been more about rears than fronts, and as she pondered that fact a cheeky idea popped into her head. Rarely did she feel like indulging his dirtier side, in fear of encouraging him, but tonight felt different. She was in the mood to play, especially given the effort Alex had already displayed, and how he had managed to make her feel sexy again.

'Pour quoi pas?' she thought. 'Why not?'

Before she could change her mind, and with a deliberately slow and purposeful motion, she reached around and pulled her black dress up at the rear, wiggling a little to help it rise. Bit by bit her cute toned bum came into view, completely bare except for a thin black strip of material wedged erotically between the delicious cheeks. But no sooner had her husband registered what was happening, than the black curtain of material fell back into place, ending the mini peep show.

Alex couldn't believe his eyes and quickly scanned the tables below him. It was obvious that more than a few men, and women, were staring. After all, a blonde like Sophie stood out, especially when walking up a glass staircase in a dress like the one she was wearing. But if they knew the full truth, they would have been more surprised still. Although it looked like she was wearing a black G-string, the single strap running down between her cheeks was in fact two thin straps, which, as they came round the front, separated, leaving her nicely trimmed blonde pussy completely exposed.

Sophie was light headed, adrenaline pumping through her veins as she continued towards the table. Not since university had she purposefully exhibited herself for a bit of fun.

"Wow, I can't believe you did that," Alex enthused as soon as the waitress had left.

"Do you think everyone enjoyed the view?" she giggled, still shaking a little.

"You were spectacular."

"Well, now you know, diamonds and a little 'out of the box' creativity on your part can get me to do all manner of things. Now, after that, I need a Mojito to cool down."

"I need more than one."

As they settled into enjoying the meal, Alex confessed that he hadn't been sure if she was going to wear the crotchless panties, especially given the dress was already a stretch. What he didn't tell her, though, was that his inspiration had come from a story he had recently read on Literotica, about a wife feeling horny as a result of secretly wearing crotchless panties to a fancy dinner (he wasn't prepared to share his new Literotica habit with her just yet). Luckily his plan seemed to be having the same desired effect on his wife.

'It's all going according to plan... actually better than planned,' he thought to himself, struggling to find a comfortable way to sit.

"You know, I am even wearing the matching open bra," she whispered at one point.

Alex had to adjust his bulge yet again as he looked hard across the table and could just about make out her hard nipples under the tight fabric.

As dinner was winding down he began to think about what would come next, running through how he was going to play it out to maximize his chances of success.

"You look distracted honey, what is it?" she asked

Staring straight into her blue eyes, he smiled confidently "I am thinking of what I am going to do to you when we get home...now let's get the bill."

Sophie shuddered. "Me too..."

Walking hand in hand they left the roof terrace. Unexpectedly, Sophie guided their locked fingers to her rear, giving it a gentle caress.

"Is this what you want Mr Marino, for your wife to lose her inhibitions?" she whispered into his ear, the sweet smell of rum, lime and sugar still lingering on her breath..

Before he could answer she pushed him away playfully and walked off laughing. Alex just smiled, she was playing with fire and didn't even know it.

On the short taxi ride home, Sophie scooted over and looked deeply at him. Her blue eyes sparkling through the strands of blonde hair that had tumbled loosely across her face as she leaned forward. The feel of his eager lips reminded her of their youth, when they couldn't get enough of each other. That uncontrollable passion that had been lost along the way with the pressure of kids and work. Sophie felt it all rushing back. Total uninhibited desire.

All night Alex had imagined his wife's pussy and nipples, teasing him, exposed, so close and yet so far. Not caring they were in a taxi, he pushed her skirt up and traced his fingers across her thigh until he reached the warmth between her legs. Loving the fact that there was no material, he ran a finger up and down her already moist folds, each time pressing a little harder, slowly easing his digit into her hot depths.

Sophie knew she could have stopped him, that she should have stopped him. But her rational mind was no longer in control, instead all she could do was moan and enjoy the sensations emanating from deep within. They spread through her body like a drug, and the addict needed more.

She leaned back and let herself go, allowing her legs to fall open, giving her husband's probing fingers better access. Knowing full well that there was a pair of greedy eyes ogling her in the rear view mirror, and a small safety camera mounted next to it that was recording every detail.


As soon as the taxi stopped she bolted out, leaving Alex to pay. In the lift they were at it again, kissing like teenagers until they finally opened the door to their flat and stumbled into the living room as a blur of entwined activity.

Louise froze on the sofa as she saw Mr. and Mrs. Marino tumble into the designer living room, their hands roaming all over each other. She wanted to speak, but was transfixed by the sight. They seemed oblivious to the fact that she was there.

'Oh My God!' she thought. He was raising the rear of her dress.

Louise could see the black G-string that didn't cover anything. 'Holly shit!' she could see his fingers running over her bare bum and down to her... 'Jesus!' look at the size of that bulge in his pants.

Louise had always admired the couple and seeing them so hot and heavy made her flush. Without realizing it her hand started to drift to her own breasts which were now heaving.

"Shit! Louise!" Alex suddenly blurted out in shock. Everyone froze.

"Mr. and Mrs. Marino... hi... sorry, I was just... "

Sophie reacted and stepped away from her husband whilst lowering her dress. Louise quickly moved her hands to her sides.

"Louise. No, no, we're sorry, we forgot you were here," Sophie managed, doing her best to collect herself in front of their nineteen year old babysitter from three floors above. Since she was already hot and sweaty her embarrassment was not as obvious as it might have been. "How... how did it go with the kids? Everything alright?"

"Sure, ugh, no problem," Louise said, struggling to know where to look. Conflicted by her desire to look at the tent in Mr. Marino's jeans, but trying to hide her own embarrassment.

"Great, look, it's late, why don't you head on home? And here is a little extra for the... inconvenience. Maybe better not to mention it to your parents, you know, I mean... "

"Oh, no problem, really, anytime you need me I am here... you know, to babysit, I mean." She went to grab her things to leave, hiding her beetroot colored cheeks behind her long hair.

Despite the shock, Sophie's tipsy mind was returning to its immediate carnal needs. She could feel a light drop of moisture slowly trickling down her inner thigh. Deciding Louise was old enough to see herself out, she grabbed the nearest masculine hand and led it down the corridor, turning off the light as she went.

"Please see yourself out sweetie," she called back, not even waiting to hear the reply.

As soon as they were in the room, Sophie flung herself onto the bed and rolled onto one side.

"So, your plan worked, I am drunk and horny, now come here..."

But her husband just stood there smiling, ignoring her hand gestures.

"Sophie, get up and come here," he commanded loudly.


He raised his voice. "I said to get up. Come. And stand here," he repeated, pointing to a spot right in front of him.

His eyes were fixed on her with such intensity that Sophie realized he was serious, and slowly got up to stand in front of him. Her expression was one of curiosity laced with concern.

Now what he really wanted to do was put her on his knees, grab her blonde hair, and use her mouth like she was a worthless whore. But she disliked giving blowjobs, and he knew that would be going too far. He didn't want to spoke the prey as it were.

For years he had heard stories from his friends about their exploits with hookers, and all the crazy things they would do that their wives wouldn't. And Alex wanted desperately to experience those things. But he was committed to his wife, so if he wanted to spice up his sex life, he was going to have to bring her along for the ride. Maybe with some couples the husband could just ask, and the wife would do. But Sophie was not like that. He had to make her want it as much as he did.

Standing in front of him Sophie grew increasingly nervous, and she couldn't pinpoint why. Something in his manner unnerved her. Was it the command in his voice? The look of hunger in his eyes? The unexpected change of events? Whatever it was, for the first time she felt vulnerable around him. Then his hands were firmly on her shoulders, and she allowed herself to be slowly spun round to face the bed, her mind racing to figure out what he was planning.

In that moment the power dynamic between them shifted subtly. Whether Sophie would admit it to herself consciously or not, her emboldened husband felt it. He sensed that in her current state she could be made to submit, that his plan stood a chance. He reached over her with the blindfold that he had discreetly retrieved moments earlier.

She automatically raised her hands as soon she realized what was happening.

"What are doing Alex?" she protested.

"Sophie, come on, trust me" he whispered into her ear. They had experimented a few times with blindfolds over the years, but she had never been a huge fan.

He turned her back around and kissed her deeply, feeling her objection melt into his embrace. Gently he coaxed her to face the bed again, and this time the blindfold went on without any protest. Without vision Sophie's other senses heightened. She became more aware of the lightness of her mind, the quiet of the room, the smell of her husband, the feel of her dress, the heat of her body, and the pulsing between her legs that needed to be satisfied.

The zipping sound caught her by surprise as the black dress pealed down into a heap on the floor. Sophie inhaled deeply as cool air enveloped her body in the dark, and her hands instinctively went to protect her exposed pink nipples and pussy. Although it was only for a second, Sophie felt alone and scared as she waited, deprived of any sensory input. Standing there naked except for the matching black open bra and crotchless panties.

When finally she felt his warm moist lips on her delicate neck goose bumps erupted down her spine. Until, as quickly as they arrived, they were gone.

Next Sophie could make out the sound of her husband's clothes as they hit the floor, a lighter, a few candles being lit, a draw opening, the rustle of pillows, and objects being moved around her. Until finally she felt the reassuring presence of his warm bare skin behind her.

"Hmmm," she purred,

Leaning back into the sensory onslaught that her husband now unleashed. Kissing her neck, his hands roamed freely across her exposed nipples, tummy and between her legs. She pushed back into his warmth, grinding against his hard-on, groaning whenever he hit a sensitive spot. The foreplay was killing her and she desperately wanted more.

"Kneel on the ottoman," he finally commanded, guiding her forward, "then rest your upper body forward on the bed."

She felt the pillows under her knees as she followed the instructions. Alex looked down in awe. It was even more glorious than he had imagined it would be. His bossy and gorgeous wife was on her knees with her upper torso flat against the bed, unashamedly raising her derriere for him. Like a maiden being offered to the Gods, and Lord help him he was going to take it.

He ran a finger across her firm bum and then pealed the two thin bands of the G-string apart, revealing her cute little anus. He traced the sensual line of her arching back, eliciting a shiver.

Alex then knelt down behind her. His wife's familiar musky scent filling his nostrils. He nudged her inner thighs to separate them further, and she obeyed like a good girl, shifting her knees apart. Cupping her firm cheeks he squeezed before spreading them wide apart. The sound and sight of her moist pussy opening before him was the last straw. Like a bull seeing red, the animal inside him roared as he moved in to lick and suck. Normally he was gentle. But tonight was not about that. It was going to be primeval.

Sophie loved it, bucking her hips back against him, willing his tongue to do its magic. She felt dirty and sexy, and no shame in grinding back in search of pleasure. Her throbbing needed to be released above all else.

"I want you inside me," she panted.

But Alex had other plans. He wanted to build her up until she lost control... and then break her. Push her boundaries and try something new. So he stopped and leaned back, noisily wiping the juice and saliva from his chin, savoring the taste of her sex. Leaving Sophie's swaying hips searching out the source of enjoyment that had just disappeared.

"What are you doing?" she protested.

He didn't say anything. Instead he pushed a finger inside her pussy and watched it disappear between her pink folds. Eliciting a guttural moan. A second finger followed, and then he aggressively pumped in and out. Her rear wiggling as she moaned even more loudly.

"Yes... yes...now my clit!" she begged.

But instead his fingers disappeared, accompanied by a pop.

"Are you crazy?" She whined.

But nothing happened. Alex didn't say a word or return to her pussy. So in desperation the blonde reached back to continue working herself. Lewdly rubbing her enraged clit right in front of her husband's face.

"Please put it inside me," she gasped.

"If you want me inside you," he answered sternly, "you'll have to let me tie you down!"

Her hand continued, she was getting close and was not in the mood for this.

"Just put it inside me."

"Tied up or nothing," he responded firmly.

She considered it in her haze of lust and finally consented. "Fine. But you better not take advantage, no anal Alex. I mean it."

"Of course, now don't you dare move," he warned.

Quickly, before she could change her mind, he reached down to the restraints that he had secretly bought and prepositioned under the corners of the bed before going out. Sophie was dimly aware of the sound of movement but remained in the same position as instructed.

Her nerves were on edge as her wrists were secured in place using what sounded and felt like neoprene cuffs. With arms stretched to her sides, she tested the restraints. They were firm, and her torso was now effectively pinned down to the bed while her rear remained in the air. She had never been blindfolded and tied up before. It was scary, and yet exhilarating. It made her feel defenseless, and yet empowered. Above all it made her juices boil as she waited to be used.

Alex loved seeing his sexy French wife tied down in such a compromising position. He kneaded her flushed and sweaty skin with hard and reassuring movements. His fingers running up the curve of her spine until they reached her rear, briefly brushing against her anus.

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