Sophie's Last Night Out


Her heart pounded in her chest and her big tits heaved in and out as Sophie began to move to the music. She could feel the heat rising in her body as images of all of the guys flickered through her mind. Tyler. Riley. Billy. The bouncers at the door. They all flickered through her mind, turning her on more and more, her horniness raging inside her as she slid her slim, white hands, over her large 36C tits and down over her flat stomach to rest over her pussy. All the time her body moving to the music and her eyes tightly closed. She could feel the pounding of the music as her hands ran slowly over her luscious body.

Then suddenly, as Sophie's hands reached up under her hair, another pair of hands rested on her slim waist at the same time another pair reached round from behind her to cup her large, firm tits. Sophie groaned as she let her head fall back onto the chest of the man behind her as he pulled her back against him, his hard bulge pressing firmly against her tight ass. The guy in front of her swayed forward to press his hard bulge against her crotch, his hands still holding her thin waist, All the time, Sophie moved in rhythm with their swaying with her eyes closed. Just then, the guy in front pressed his lips against her mouth and Sophie responded by opening her lips and welcoming his darting tongue as her own slashed against his as their lips locked tightly. The guy behind her squeezed her big tits roughly as he began to gently kiss her slim neck, bringing a loud groan into the guy in front's mouth.

For what seemed like forever, the two guys kissed and caressed her hot body, until finally the guy who was kissing her broke the kiss and moved back slightly. The guy behind her, still continuing to grope her tits, then kissed along her neck until once more her head fell back against his chest, then his lips locked onto hers and his tongue shot into her mouth, slashing in time with the grasping of his hands into her soft but firm tit flesh.

The kiss was passionate, but didn't last very long, but this time, when the guy broke the kiss, Sophie opened her eyes. As they burned hot with lust, Sophie looked for the first time at the two guys who had just felt her up and kissed her on the dance floor on her bachelorette night. She didn't know either of them, but now she felt even hornier, and her eyes must have been glowing.

"I guess you didn't mind," The guy who was standing in front of her said, "But we just saw you dancing and you looked like you needed a little company."

Sophie smiled teasingly back at the guy, as she stood on the dance floor, only slightly moving now, as the guy from behind her moved in front of her.

"Not at all, it was fun." She replied with that cock-stirring playful smile of hers

"Good, maybe you'd like a bit more fun?" The same guy said

"We have an RV outside, maybe we could show you some of our specialty moves?" The one who had been behind her said

Sophie's heart beat faster. Here she was on her and Josh's last night out before their wedding, and two random guys had just felt her up and kissed her on the dance floor, and now wanted her to go to their RV outside to screw her. Her pussy tingled furiously, and cried for cock, even more so now she had the offer of two at once; she remembered just how good that had been last time.

Smiling playfully again at the two, and trying not to look desperately horny, Sophie said, "Sorry boys, but I'm engaged, and my fiancée's over the other side of the room. We're getting married tomorrow see." And she lifted her hand up to show them her 3-week-old diamond engagement ring.

The pair just smiled as they looked lustfully at her. They were both very attractive guys.

"Well, you seemed to enjoy our moves just, and your fiancée should be here taking care of you now." The one who had been behind her said

"And, besides, we would love to give you a present for your wedding." The one from the front said, "What do you say?"

Sophie's stomach turned flips and her heart continued to pound in her chest. She needed this so badly, and how hot would it be to screw two guys she didn't even know the night before her wedding, outside, while Josh was in here with all their family and friends.

Sophie's smile broadened on her beautiful blue-eyed face, and she was just about to agree, when she saw Billy making his way through the crowd towards her.

"Sorry boys, that's my brother-in-law-to-be who's coming." She said as gestured towards Billy.

Billy reached the three of them, just as Sophie gestured at him, and the other two glanced from him back to Sophie.

"Well, come find us if you change your mind." The guy from in front said with a smile.

"Maybe later then eh guys?" She replied with a playful look before they walked away and left her alone with Josh's younger brother.

"What did those guys want?" Billy asked as he watched them walk away

Sophie couldn't help but smile, as she looked up at Billy's handsome face.

"They just wanted to dance Billy Bull, why, are you jealous?" She cooed playfully as she moved closer to him, her hand reaching down to grab hold of the hardness showing in Billy's pants.

Billy just smiled down at her as he wrapped his arms around her slim waist and let his hands slip down onto her tight ass and squeezed lightly. Oh, how she loved to be touched.

"I'm just looking out for my future sister-in-law." He said with that same charming smile that had set her heart beating the first time she had met him 3 weeks ago.

"Mmmm, if I remember correctly, you looked after me really well last time we were alone." Sophie purred up at him as she moved closer to press her body against his.

Her big tits pressed softly against his hard chest as her hand tightened on that hard bulge.

"And if I'm correct, you haven't had a good inspection since then." Billy said as he moved his lips closer to hers and gently began to sway in a dance. "And it's important to have regular inspections to keep things working to their best ability."

"Mmmm." Sophie moaned as his lips gently brushed against hers and her hand began to fumble at his pants. "And you're just the mechanic to inspect me. Who else would know what's good for Josh than his own flesh and blood."

Her and Billy were gently moving to the more gentle music now playing, her hand unzipping his pants and easily sliding in to find his big 9-inch dick. She groaned loudly as her slim fingers wrapped tightly around the rock-hard shaft of Josh's brother's cock.

"Mmmmmm, looks like you've got the perfect tool for the job, and I know that you know how to use it." Sophie purred at him as she looked lustfully up into his eyes. "I need this so badly."

"Then how about I take you outside and give you that inspection." Billy almost growled down at her

"What, the night before my wedding, you want to 'thoroughly inspect' your brother's bride Billy Bull?" Sophie purred back as she moved her hand slowly up and down his hard shaft.

Billy just looked down at her lustfully, all the playing leaving his eyes, He was horny, and he wanted to fuck now, not play.

"Let's go Soph, I wanna fuck my brother's fiancée again like I did 3 weeks ago. I've waited too long for this again" He growled before taking hold of her hand and almost pulling her across the dance floor, her big tits jiggling as she moved quickly.

She loved seeing Billy being dominant. She felt so turned on as she followed behind him, her hand in his, as he led her towards the entrance with every intention of fucking her thoroughly. That thought made her legs go weak again. Here was her fiancée's brother, almost dragging her by the hand towards the entrance so that he could take her outside and fuck her completely. Her fiancée's own brother was going to fuck her the night before her wedding while Josh was in the club. She didn't think that she could've gotten any hornier, but those thoughts proved otherwise. She was going to love this.

Just then, however, Sophie felt another hand firmly grip her left hand as it trailed behind her as she walked quickly and suddenly she came to a halt. The lust inside her cried out that she had to go outside and have sex now, but when she turned around, there, holding her hand tightly, was Tyler.

Billy came to stand by Sophie, her hand still in his, lust and impatience painted across his face.

"You can't hog her all night man, other people want to dance with the bride-to-be too ya know." Tyler said looking as arrogant as he always did. Billy looked ready to yell back, but Tyler hadn't finished. "Oh, and Josh wants to speak to ya, ok." That was most definitely not a question to Sophie's ears.

Billy looked a little while at Tyler before turning to whisper into her ear.

"Don't go too far Sophie, I've still going to nail you tonight." He said with a lustful, confident smile for her.

Sophie felt the familiar electricity run through her as Billy spoke to her. Damn she felt hornier by the second. But with one more look of defiance at Tyler, Billy walked away towards the side of the room Josh and everyone else was. And Sophie was left in Tyler's very big, very strong, and very capable hands.

"It's been too long Sophie." Tyler said as he smiled down at her, obviously enjoying the view straight down the top of her dress.

"Too long Tyler, and you were the one who wouldn't take me when I wanted you, so what makes you think I would want you now?" She asked trying to look as defiant and annoyed as she could with her entire body quivering for his enormous black cock.

"This is why girl." Tyler answered as he pulled her hard against his body, straight into the solid bulge in his pants.

Sophie felt her knees melt, and if it wasn't for Tyler's strong hands holding tightly to her waist, she would have been down on her knees in front of him right then. The feel of that monster cock, all of those 11 ½ inches, pressed hard against her body made Sophie groan loudly.

"Hey Soph, I love the dress. I'm gonna love it more when I watch those big tits o' yours bounce around in that slutty thing." Tyler said as he smiled down at her. "Now, wrap that pretty white hand around my dick while we dance Sophie, I wanna see that engagement ring touchin' my big, black cock."

Sophie groaned loudly again as Tyler began to move slowly to the beat, and her left hand quickly opened his pants and wrapped tightly as much around that thick shaft as she could manage.

Oh it had been so long since she had held this beautiful cock. Sophie couldn't take her eyes off it as she instinctively moved to the rhythm. It was huge; 11 ½ inches and thicker than any cock she had ever seen, and the black skin was further emphasized by Sophie's white hand with a gleaming diamond engagement ring on her slim finger.

All she wanted in the world right then was to feel that wondrous thing inside her once more, to feel it pound her pussy or slam hard into her mouth and throat.

"Ohhmmmmm." Sophie groaned as she squeezed the thick shaft hard. Fuck, she needed that dick inside her right now.

"Now that's what I love to see," Tyler began as he looked down at his co-workers fiancée tightly holding his dick, "The beautiful white bride-to-be holding my big, black cock in her slim hands and moaning because she knows it's better than her fiancée's."

Sophie moaned louder before she looked up with lust-glazed eyes into the dark face of Josh's co-worker.

"Do you want me to tell you that the bride wants to be fucked by your big black dick Tyler?" Sophie said as she began to move her hand slowly up and down Tyler's beautiful big dick as the music began to pick up speed. "Do you like the idea of your friend's white bride on her knees, sucking you big, black dick the night before her wedding, or of her bending over and taking your huge black dick into her pussy hard before you fill me up with your black mans cum?"

Tyler's eyes had taken on the look of Sophie's own and all she could feel was the pounding heat flooding through her as her senses dulled and all she could feel was intense lust. She had to be fucked now and Tyler looked more than ready.

"How about the big black man picks up the slutty white bride, she wraps her hot legs around him, he shoves his dick roughly into her pussy and fucks her right here on the dance floor?" Tyler growled as he pulled her hard against him, her big tits mashing hard against his chest as his lips smacked hard against hers.

Sophie didn't resist at all as Tyler's tongue shot into her very willing mouth and his hands reached up under her short dress to grab roughly at her tight ass, pulling her hard against his ready dick.

"Mmmmmmmph!" Sophie groaned loudly into his mouth as their tongues entwined passionately.

She couldn't take any more of this, this was it, she just had to get fucked now.

Suddenly, Tyler broke the kiss and Sophie looked lustfully into his eyes.

"Sounds good, lets fuck!" Sophie growled as she pushed away from him and began to move her body to the increasing rhythm of the music.

Her hands ran quickly over her smooth legs and flat stomach to grab roughly at her thin, red, material covered tits. Her pussy screamed for attention, and she was ready to get it now. Her eyes locked onto Tyler's face as she seductively ran her hands over her big tits, and down onto her barely covered pussy. Lust covered her face, her eyes shone brightly as she turned around and pressed her ass hard against the solid bulge in Tyler's pants, as he had obviously put it away so no one else could see.

Sophie ran her arms up and around Tyler's neck, locking around him as his own hands reached round, one to pull her, by her stomach, back against him, the other roughly squeezing her big tit, squashing the soft but firm flesh between his thick black fingers.

"You want to fuck me right here Tyler?" Sophie growled up at him as she thrust her ass back against his hard bulge, "Then fucking take me black man! Take this fucking white bride the day before her wedding! Fucking screw your big black dick into my tight white pussy until you fill me up with all your cum! Yeah, cum in me Tyler!"

Tyler's hand mauled her big tit even more and was soon joined by the other hand, until Sophie stood there with her fiancée's black co-workers hands groping and mauling at her big 36C tits, in the middle of the dance floor, the night before her wedding.

Sophie's head was back against his hard chest, reveling in the immense pleasure that his hands gave her as they squashed her big tits together. Mauled her roughly as she pressed her ass back onto his solid bulge.

Then Sophie grabbed his hands and pulled them away from her before moving forward and spinning around to face him a few feet away.

Smiling lustfully, Sophie crooked her finger towards Tyler telling him to come and take her now, and she not only needed it more than ever, she was more ready to fuck now than she had ever been in her whole life. And that was when Sophie felt a pair of arms encircle her loosely around her slim waist.

Spinning to see who it was with lust still burning brightly in her eyes, Sophie was surprised when she saw Josh smiling happily back at her.

Josh could hardly see straight as the world swayed and turned in his vision; although he couldn't understand why, surely he hadn't had that many. But the one thing that his eyes didn't find hard to focus on was the gorgeous face and body of his fiancée.

Sophie looked so hot that night that he couldn't wait to get her back home and fuck her brains out. Her smile broadened as she looked at him and her blue eyes shone with horniness. He knew that he turned her on, and that look made him want her even more.

"Hey babyy!" Josh said as the world began swaying in the opposite direction

"Hey babe, are you alright?" She asked, the smile on her face seemed to change for a moment, but then it was back to happy again.

"I'm great babe, I just missed my gorgeous girl and I wanted to tell you how much I love you!" He told her, his eyes shining with a proud love

"Awww, thanks babe." Sophie said quickly, "How many drinks have you had?"

"One or two." Josh lied as he smiled

"One or two?" Sophie said disbelievingly

"Yeah, anyway, does it matter, it's the day before our wedding, we should be having fun." He said, trying to keep his words from slurring. Maybe he had had a few more than he remembered.

"Yeah we should." His gorgeous blond fiancée replied sounding a little irritated

"Are you ok babe?" Josh asked concernedly as he ran his hand down her smooth cheek

"Yeah I'm fine babe," She answered with her smile returning again, "But I think we should get you back to the table, I think you need to sit down."

Josh just smiled a large smile as he wrapped his arm around her and tried to walk steadily back to the tables his family was at. He couldn't help but sneak peeks down the top of his hot fiancée's low-cut dress and smile. This night was turning into a great night, and to finish it off, he was going to go home and have sex with his hot girlfriend before marrying her the next day.

Things just couldn't be better.

Sophie led Josh back to the table, supporting and guiding him as he walked uncoordinatedly forward. She couldn't believe how drunk he was, and how quick he had gotten that drunk. What had he been drinking? She hadn't planned on him getting drunk so fast. How could she get properly fucked if he got drunk this quick? She just wouldn't have time.

The thought irritated her more as the pulsing need for fulfillment burned in her pussy, she needed to be screwed good soon or she was just going to scream from sheer frustration.

"I love you." Josh said lovingly for what must have been the sixth time in a minute

"I love you too babe." She replied lovingly back. It wasn't his fault after all, he didn't know that she wanted to fuck another man desperately behind his back.

Just then they walked up to the table where everyone was gathered around and Sophie smiled at everyone as she sat Josh down on a chair a sat on his lap with his arm around her slim waist.

And that was where she sat for the next few hours, as the drinks continued to flow. Josh's arm never once left her waist, for all intents and purposes, keeping her there unintentionally. What could she do? She couldn't spend all night away from her fiancée and if she went away straightaway, being drunk like he was, Josh would no doubt come looking for her soon, and that would ruin any chance of getting laid that she had.

And so, Sophie Harper sat and smiled, drinking and talking to her friends and family as the hot need for satisfaction burned within her pussy. Her loins crying out for a big, hard cock to ram deep inside her. Frustration burned as need grew and yearned to be fulfilled, and Sophie tried as hard as she could to keep a calm and happy face as the drinks continued to flow.

Finally though, Sophie just couldn't take it any longer.

"Hey babe, I'm just gonna go to the ladies, then get me a drink ok?" She said as she turned and smiled at her sweet fiancée.

"Ok babe." Came Josh's slurred reply as she removed his arm from around her thin red material-covered waist

Still smiling lovingly, Sophie tried as hard as she could to remain calm as her pussy pulsed with need. But as with a quick kiss on the lips and a smile she was walking away from the table and headed straight for the bar, thinking intently as she walked on about how she was going to get her needs fulfilled.

"A vodka and red bull." She said as soon as she got to the bar and quickly downed the drink in one as soon as she got it. "Another please." She asked again. Her body almost shaking from the lust that was building up inside her.

"You should take it easy, or you'll be drunk in no time." Came the sound of a familiar voice from behind her.

Sophie slowly turned around, the newly filled shot glass in her hand and smiled as she saw the two guys she had danced with earlier.

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