tagIncest/TabooSophie's New Perversions Ch. 03

Sophie's New Perversions Ch. 03

byBjorn Wild©

Sophie's New Perversions Pt. 3

By Bjorn Wild

This fantasy story is based very loosely on the adult comic "Sophie's Curious Perversions" by Erich von Gotha. That story took place in 1958 London. This one takes place in 2002, in Portland, Oregon. If you have not read the first two parts, you may want to in order to get some background on Sophie and the other characters. The Halloween chapter though should be able to stand on its own.

Background for those that have not read parts 1 & 2. Sophie was a na‹ve girl who was something of a prude. She attends a small private school with her best friend Tracey. Even though she is a beautiful young redhead, she doesn't realize the power she can have over men and the power that sex can have over her. On her 18th birthday she was nearly mugged and raped, but was rescued by the mysterious B.B.Wilde. Over the next few weeks, Sophie thinks she is helping him with an investigation, but in the process discovers her own sexuality. At the conclusion of part one, she joins POVES and loses her virginity in the initiation ceremony. In Part 2, Sophie and Tracey explore their sexual freedom together after Sophie learns that Mr. Wilde is Tracey's uncle. When they misbehave in front of his guests, they are punished in the basement below Mr. Wilde's mansion. Now they get to attend the annual POVES Halloween Bash at the mansion.

Chapter 20: Preparing for Halloween at BBW's

I worked hard in school all week and only got online on with the webcam while I was doing my homework. Even while I was studying, as long as I would remove some clothing once in awhile and eventually play with myself, people were logging in and watching. I did manage to keep my homework caught up.

I also spent some time reworking my Halloween costume. Uncle Brad (Mr. Wilde) or BBW as he was known, had invited Tracey and I to attend the annual Portland Oregon Virgin Elimination Society (POVES) Halloween Bash at his mansion. Everyone was to come as a character from a children's story and bring a book to give to a children's group. The children would be there to receive the books and the costumes had to be convincing.

Now when the children left, Uncle Brad had hinted that the party might get a little wilder. As he said, "You might want to construct the costume in layers so that some key parts can be removed. As the evening progresses, parts of the costume might change or disappear, but until the unmasking at midnight, everyone is to remain in costume as an identifiable character." It was the last thing he said that gave her hope for a wild evening. "After that anything goes."

My mother had wanted to help. She found a beautifully illustrated version of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red had red hair like me and was wearing a white dress with a brick red hooded cape. So, on Tuesday, I got her to go with me to Nordstoms and we found a lacy white wrap-around skirt and a white peasant blouse. I assured her I could take care of the rest of my costume. But she did insist on buying some pretty white high-heeled open-toed shoes.

On Wednesday, while my parents thought I was at a school club meeting, I danced at Harvey's. Of course the only costume I needed here was my regular school uniform. I never have really understood why that's a turn-on, but it sure works. I did three sets on stage and several table dances and gathered all my tips. Then I hurried out to stop and pick up the rest of my costume on the way to catch the bus home.

Again I caught up my homework. Tracey came over to study with me so we could both be on the webcam while we worked. Two-girl shots attracted a lot of viewers, even when we were mostly studying. I guess there's something about two young girls in school uniforms gradually exposing themselves that keeps somebody interested. When we finished our homework, we 69ed until we both came. Then we shut off the camera.

On Thursday, I couldn't wait for the day to get over. It seemed like Friday would never come. When Mom came home, she had a little picnic basket. She said, "Little Red Riding Hood can't go to Grandma's house without a basket of goodies. I thought this would work great." It was a small bleached white wicker basket with a brick red and white checked cloth liner.

After dinner, I went to my room and made sure I had everything I would need for the party. I put the book and my white mask in the basket so I wouldn't forget them. I packed whatever else I thought I might need into an overnight bag so it would be ready.

On Friday, school seemed to last forever. It seemed that it would never end. Mr. Randall, my last period history teacher talked about the origins of Halloween - All Hallowed Eve and how the Christians substituted All Saints Day for a Druid festival on the same date, but modern Americans continue to celebrate something closer to the original than the newer version.

At the end of class, he asked Tracey and I to stay after. He just wanted to check to see if we would be there since he had been invited to the party as well. He was glad we were going and said he would see us there.

We hurried home and each went to our own apartments to get dressed. There was a note from Mom telling me to enjoy my party and letting me know they would expect a call from me on their cell phone before midnight.

I went to my room and stripped and showered. I took some time to fix my hair. Then I went and dug out the pieces of my costume and laid them out on the bed. I had to think about what to put on in what order. I picked up the silk and lace bustier and put it on first, cinching it up with the front laces. Then I put on the frilly white thigh high stockings and attached them to the bottom of the bustier with garters. The next article was a pair of panties with lacy frills all over them. This was followed by a shorty petticoat and a white pleated mini-skirt. I checked it out in the mirror and was pleased that the petticoats caused the skirt to stick out and my frilly panties showed both front and back. There was a three inch gap of skin between the stocking tops and the panties.

Then I had to put on the long calf-length wrap-around skirt and the white blouse with the poofy sleeves. I put on my red cape and the effect was what I had been looking for. I did look like the Little Red in my book. I sat and put on the white shoes and picked up my basket and checked my image once more in the mirror. I looked great.

I took off the hooded cape and went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. It had taken me almost and hour. I grabbed my basket and my overnight bag and called Tracey to see if she was ready. It was ten minutes 'til five.

We met in the elevator. Tracey was dressed in fur from head to toe. She was a calico cat, her blonde hair dyed in smatters of black, orange, and brown cascading over her shoulders onto a full body suit of calico fur. Cat hears stuck up from her head. Her face was all fur and makeup with her nose painted black and feline whiskers sticking out from her cheeks. Her eye makeup had been applied to give her eyes a long wide look and even the pupils looked catlike. She was however wearing her hip length black boots. She turned and showed me her long tail and said, "What do you think?"

"It's marvelous Tracey! But what book are you from?"

" 'Puss in Boots' of course," she laughed. "I figured that's a title I can dress for even if all I have are the boots."

I hit her lightly. "You would think of that."

"We'd better get downstairs, Little Red. Uncle Brad's car will be here at 5:00."

We headed down in the elevator. Kevin, the doorman, stared at us and looked us up and down. "Well are you two lovely ladies going Trick or Treating?"

Tracey answered, "We're on our way to a party, Kevin. We hope for lots of tricks and treats once we get there."

"Have a great time ladies," he said as he held the door for us. Uncle Brad's limo was out front, the chauffer holding open the door for us and greeting us as we entered.

The house finally loomed into site and Uncle Brad greeted us at the door in a sweatsuit. "Glad you're here girls. Check to make sure everything's ready in the ballroom.

Bruce came into the foyer. He wasn't wearing his butler uniform, but was dressed as the Cat in the Hat. He looked like he and Tracey shared the same tailor, except he wasn't wearing boots and he was wearing a tall red and white striped hat.

He greeted us with, "A cat wearing boots and a girl with a hood? Not sure what it means, but I'm sure that it's good." We laughed at his lame attempt at poetry as he picked up our bags to take them to our room.

Tracey and I headed into the ballroom. The band was setting up on the stage. They were all dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz. The lion, tin man, scarecrow, and Dorothy were there of course. So was the wicked witch, Glinda the good witch, and the Wizard. A flying monkey was setting up the drums. There were even some Munchkins warming up their horns.

The catering staff were all dressed as pioneers and were laying out a buffet on tables near the doors to the kitchen. I asked one of them what the costumes signified. "We donated the whole "Little House" series", said the girl in gingham.

The balconies were festooned with spider webs including one that spelled out "She's a very smart pig." " 'Charlotte's Web' I commented to Tracey."

Tables and chairs were set up near the entry with long padded benches along each side of the room. There was a small stage with a dais and microphone near the left stairway. Corn stalks and intricately carved jack-o-lanterns decorated the room. All of it looked fantastic.

Tracey and I went to the book table in front of this small stage and placed our books on it and sat in the chairs to await the party. The band was warming up and doing some sound checks. They played some sixties rock and roll and then a swing number. Dorothy had a fantastic voice and Glinda was an amazing trumpet player, blasting out "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." The scarecrow even did a passable Elvis on "Blue Suede Shoes"

Then Uncle Brad came in. To my delight, he was the Big Bad Wolf. When I had decided on Little Red for my costume, I hoped he would dress to his BBW initials. His costume was as amazing as Tracey's with thick brown fur and a long snout that muffled his voice.

"You look fantastic girls. Remind me to turn up the air conditioning. It's already a little warm in this suit."

"I'm a little warm too," said Tracey.

Uncle Brad explained, "The children will arrive at 7:00, just twenty minutes away. The other guests should all be here by 7:30 as well. We will each present our books to the children and help them play some games at about eight. They should have all eaten by then. At around nine, the children will leave and the real party will begin. How's that sound?"

"Sounds great," I answered. "Thank you so much for inviting me. I've been wired all week just thinking about it."

Uncle Brad left to get the air conditioning pumping and very soon, the doorbell rang. I quickly dug my mask out of my basket and put it on. Then Bruce Cat in the Hat entered the ballroom leading a group of twenty children ranging in age from about six to twelve. They were all wearing homemade costumes. At least three of them were Harry Potter.

The band was playing a set of Halloween related songs, many of them simple little children's ditties.

Tracey and I went over to greet them and introduced ourselves as Little Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots. The children stared wide-eyed at us and then at the expansive ballroom with its three story ceiling and the mounds of food on the tables. I noticed one little girl right away. She was one of the smallest children. She had bright red hair and was wearing a red party dress and a hooded cape. She was also hugging the leg of a woman dressed as an old-fashioned pilot. The woman was wearing slacks and a silk blouse along with a leather bomber jacket, a leather helmet with goggles atop it, and a long silk scarf about her neck. She shook my hand and introduced herself as Olivia 'Amelia Earhart' Jackson, the librarian at the county library who had been contacted by Mr. Wilde about selecting children for the Halloween party.

I welcomed her and knelt down next to the little girl still gripping her leg. "Hi. Little Red Riding Hood. I love your hair."

The little girl looked up at me and smiled. She let go of her safe leg and came to me. She touched my hair and held it up to her own. "Hi," she said quietly.

"Would you like to come with me and have some food?" I asked her.

"Yes, thank you," she answered politely and the two Little Reds led the group to the buffet table.

By the time the children had all filled plates and gone to the tables to eat it, the room had begun to fill with every imaginable character. At 7:30, I heard the microphone crackle and Uncle Brad spoke through his muzzle welcoming everyone and starting the donation process.

"I am the Big Bad Wolf. I brought 'Little Red Riding Hood' and the Three Little Pigs' for your library. I also want to point out that the band has donated two copies of 'The Wizard of Oz' and the catering staff has given the entire Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder."

There was scattered applause.

"Now, I'd like each of you to bring your book to the table and introduce yourselves. Kids, try to guess who they are before they tell you."

The children immediately sat up and watched to see if the could guess the characters.

I got up to go and discovered the other Little Red was firmly attached to my arm. I got her to take my hand and go with me. "We are both Little Red Riding Hood and that's our book." Of course all of the children knew who I was before I got up there.

The adults were delighted when the kids all shouted "Puss in Boots" when Tracey headed up to give her book.

And so it proceeded. There were characters and books from the Harry Potter series and several biographies to go along with Amelia Earhart including Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill. Even George Patton showed up. Heidi was there in her Tyrolian clothes and Esmerelda the gypsy accompanied the Hunchback to donate a copy of the original novel as well as a Disney version. Most of the books though were aimed at the younger children. There was Pippi Longstocking and Amelia Bedelia. Captain Hook was decidedly female but convincing nonetheless and accompanied Peter Pan. A very large man even came as Clifford, the Big Red Dog. One woman had an excuse to wear a schoolgirl outfit since she came as Ramona from that series of books. Even the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were present.

Disney had a big influence on the adult party goers. They had found print versions of many of Disney's popular animated features. Donald and Daisy duck had amazing outfits with orange leotards for leg coverings and webbed feet. They were covered from head to toe in white feathers and were wearing the typical sailor outfits that ended above their feathered tails. Mickey and Minnie were there as well. They were followed by Aladdin and Jasmine, Tarzan and Jane, Esmerelda and the Hunchback, Jessica and Roger Rabbit, and even Mulan with a very handsome dragon. Pocahontas looked like a real Indian maiden in a buckskin dress and a beaded headband. Her long plaited hair hung across her shoulders.

Still another component had opted for classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Mother Goose was there along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cinderella and her Prince, Snow White with her prince (but no dwarves I thought sadly), and Beauty and the Beast. Alice brought the white rabbit with her from Wonderland. Bo Peep even had a wooly sheep, though I couldn't tell if it was a ram or a ewe.

I recognized very few of the people, partly because of the costumes and partly because I didn't know many of them. Mr. Randall I recognized despite his dashing Robin Hood costume. I also spotted Ms. Simpson, my P.E. teacher dressed in an elaborate witch costume. She gave three different stories where witches were prominently featured.

After the books had been donated and all of the characters introduced, we were invited to assist the children in playing some party games. Since there were far more adults than children, many of the adults sat and visited quietly while a few of us stayed with the children. They bobbed for apples and played "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", musical chairs, Wrap the Mummy, and a few others.

At 9:00, an announcement was made that the children would be leaving. We helped round them up and gave each a bag of goodies. The books had been loaded on the bus and they all thanked us and left to go home.

After seeing the children off, Tracey and I returned to the ballroom to see people still visiting and many had started dancing as the band began to play some nice dance music.

Chapter 21: The Halloween Party Gets Going

We were quickly escorted to the dance floor, Tracey by the Cat in the Hat and I went with the Big Bad Wolf. Uncle Brad whispered to me, "In a little while, we will have everyone readjust their costumes on the stage. Then we'll play some other games with a decidedly adult theme. Sound good?"

I whispered back, "I am more than ready. I have been ready since last week."

As the song ended, he grabbed my ass with both hands and let out a long howl to the delight of those around us.

The next number was another slow dancing tune and Robin Hood quickly spun me onto the floor. "Why Robin, where is Maid Marion?" I asked coyly as his hand slipped down to cup an ass cheek.

"Well, what she doesn't know won't hurt me. Besides, I think she's out doing the Sheriff of Nottingham, anyway."

I giggled. "Well, watch out or the Big Bad Wolf might get jealous."

"Oh, I already spoke to him. I think he wants to see Little Red riding Robin Hood."

I giggled again and slipped a hand between us to squeeze little Robin Hood.

I danced several more dances and finally had to take a break to get something to drink. I met Tracey at the buffet table. She too was enjoying the dance-floor groping but was ready for more.

At a little before 10, Uncle Brad again got on the microphone. "Good evening one and all." The lights dimmed and a spotlight shown down on the small stage. "Though everyone seems to be having a good time, I know you all usually expect a little more from one of my parties." A lot of chuckling and agreement buzzed around the room.

"I want to thank all of you for the books donated to the library. I know they were appreciated." More applause. "To start the evening, we all had to meet certain requirements with our costumes due to the presence of the children. I would like all of you to now come up one by one and show us your costume as it was intended to be worn." Raucous applause ensued.

"As your host, I will go first." As he stepped away from the microphone, the band began playing some bawdy stripper music. Uncle Brad strode to the center of the stage, the spotlight following him. He had his wolf mask covering his face. He reached with a clawed hand and removed a Velcro strip at his crotch and sat on his haunches with his long dick hanging out. Then he howled with his head tipped up to the spotlight as if it were the moon.

Following the applause, he vacated the spotlight and others began to come forward. Pocahontas dropped her buckskin dress to reveal a buckskin loincloth and halter top. She spun to model it and then turned her back on us and bent over, flipping the loincloth across her back to reveal a large hole cut in the center, her pussy on display.

The show continued for over 40 minutes, with each person taking a turn to do their own version of a striptease. When my turn came, I had already removed my peasant blouse and stuffed it in my basket, then slipped my hooded cape back on. I went on stage and pirouetted, my skirt flaring out to expose my frilly panties between the stocking tops and bustier bottom. Then I reached up to the cups of my bustier. The covers on the cups were removable. I pulled them both off, exposing my boobs which were supported and made more prominent by the bustier. I then reached under my short skirt and, with my back to the audience slowly lowered the panties, bending lower as they went down until I could step out of them. I finished by twirling again, showing off my ass and pussy.

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