tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSophie's Pale Parts

Sophie's Pale Parts


It was her little sister who was standing there when I opened the door, her white breasts and loins facing me. She was just stepping out of her bikini bottom, which held her ankles and stopped her moving far. When she heard the door open she froze a moment in shock, then turned away so that I could see her bare white bottom too. It was long enough for me to mutter an apology and back out.

But I had loved what I had seen. Tans do nothing for me, and while they're inevitable on a beach holiday, I love the privateness of the pale parts, never exposed to anyone but the most intimate. My girlfriend Judy had several times set me on guard duty while she had stripped off to sunbathe in a secluded hollow of the beach. She was trying to get rid of her tan lines, and I didn't have the heart to tell her how much they turned me on. Little Sophie's appearance was perfect.

I don't know why I had expected Judy to be in the bathroom. I didn't know who was in the house: it could have been Sophie, or even their mother, that I had heard. All I had known was that their father had been fiddling with the car, then a few minutes later it drove off.

'What do you want?' Sophie called out. The bathroom door was open a crack. In this holiday cottage she knew I could hear her wherever I was.

'Just a towel,' I answered. I was in my trunks, damp and salty, just up from the beach; the beach towel was too sandy to be of use, and I wanted a clean one. Actually I wanted a shower, but Sophie was evidently about to use that. I approached the door and she handed out a good big linen one, stiff and fluffy. The gap was a little wider open, enough to see the entirety of her slender bare arm and a part of the shoulder and breast it adjoined, as she curved round the door-edge, and fine uncut armpit hair. I thanked her gruffly and stepped away with it. The door shut gently, and I was expecting to hear the lock snib to, but the next thing I heard was the shower starting.

Sophie was a good girl, shy but honest. She had not shown any panicked modesty, and knew I would not follow her in and harm her. We had a good relationship, and she and Judy were close friends, though to her virgin mind Judy's obsession with sex was always a bit of a mystery. She was quite as pretty as Judy too, in a similar way but with more remnants of a child shape, and a slight plumpness that Judy would have exercised away as soon as it appeared. Naturally I fantasized about her often.

And now I lay on my bed reviewing what I had seen: the unruly fluff of golden-brown curls, the dark nipples, probably dark only as smudges compared to the paleness of her breasts, assuming her colouring was the same as her sister's everywhere. Naked and stiff on the bed, I wondered what her wet, hot showered body would be like pressed on mine, the hair caverning my head, the slit brushing my erection... when the shower turned off.

I was not so far gone that I could not, in the minute or so of silence, allow myself to detumesce. When I felt my flush and hardness were both down enough to be presentable, I wrapped the towel around myself and stood near the door. After a moment footfalls padded past, and I opened the door.

'Oh, sorry, I thought it might be...' I stammered in false innocence.

'Gone down the shops with Mum and Dad,' she said. She was lovely, quite unselfconscious. A bottle-green towel firmly wrapped around her and her breast-length hair swept back wetly behind together revealed the magnificent slopes of her shoulders and neck and upper chest. Her face was glowing and she had a smile for me.

'Sorry about... earlier,' I muttered. I didn't want to lose the vision, so I said something. She'd scuttle into her room at any moment.

'No, that's fine. Accident. Don't worry.'

'It could have been your mother!'

'Ah. Then you'd have been in trouble,' she laughed. 'Oh, well, maybe she...'

'Don't go there,' I said, and we both laughed.

'Only fair anyway, I've seen you.'

It was true, she had twice seen me naked. The girls' freedom meant that doors were not impermeable barriers, and she had caught us once lounging on the bed lightly canoodling, and once in the very act. I don't know how she really felt about these incidents; Judy had been amused by them and Sophie had treated me no differently afterwards. In each case I'd had a brief mention of it with her: her first sight of a flaccid penis was 'interesting' but I could get no more commentary out of her. Then seeing a hairy bottom pounding downward apparently making her sister cry had been disturbing and embarrassing, but a few hours later she laughed wryly at it as she recounted that description to me. It must seem a silly business from the outside, to someone like Sophie who was old enough to have sexual experience but had chosen not to be very interested in acquiring it. So that was our history.

Was there a tiny bit of embarrassment in her face as she said these last words? It was unlike her to bring up those incidents, and when they were mentioned it was Judy who began it and Sophie who changed the topic. But I suppose I had started it and the flash in the bathroom was as vividly in her mind as in mine. She was lingering here, not fleeing off. After a moment of silence I realized that the air of embarrassment was from a slightly downcast gaze, and that just might bring a bump under my towel into her view. The very fact that I had thought of this made it more likely to become visible, and if she was going to stand in the corridor with me I had to talk to her to keep her there.

'Most girls would carry on.'

'I hope I'm not like most girls. I expect it's the same as you've seen before.'

'Well, yes and no. Everyone's different.'

'If you've seen Judy you've seen me.'

'Not true at all, really.'

'Our boobs are the same. Same body shape, same skin. What else is there?'

'Seeing a naked woman is just... special somehow.'

At this Sophie laughed hard, throwing her head back, so that I hoped her towel would fall off. 'How?' she said in amazement.

'Well... sex. Y'know. You think of sex.'

'But isn't... 'scuse my ignorance... isn't sex roughly the same whatever their body looks like?'

'Naked bodies are nice to look at. While you're having sex with one.'

'Hmm,' she said dubiously. I was secretly delighted that she was quite willing to stay here and talk as freely as we ever had before, though we were both close to nude. I knew we were close to nude; she must surely be just as aware of it, so did it really not make that much difference to her? Him downstairs was delighted not so secretly, and I was shifting uncomfortably to shut him up.

'See, you're not experienced in it, but--'

'Look, I'm pretty sure I've seen a lot more naked girls than you have, and a lot of them up close. Like, this close. In the next shower, for as long as the shower lasts. For years.'

'Oh god, don't set me off. You can't think what a frustration it is thinking about girls' schools.'

'Yeah well. And there's black and brown and my colour, there's tall and short, there's big boobs and flat boobs, fat and thin. What else. Some have got freckles. That's about it. You've seen one tall, brown-skinned body with small pointed tits you've seen them all.'

'I never have,' I murmured, jealously.

'Vicki, and Anita,' she said, numbering on her fingers. 'Hema, no wait, her boobs are as big as mine.'

'You're doing this deliberately. Getting me all worked up. What about their faces anyway?'

'Well you're the one talking about bodies! Like that's the big attraction! Everyone's face is different, and that's the only thing I can see that's really important. You can't tell what someone's like by what shape they are.'

'Look, it's a hormone thing, and you don't seem to have any of the right hormones.'

'What do you mean?' she said. She sounded a bit insulted, not taking it lightly for the first time.

'Sorry, I just mean, you know, at your age...'

'So are you supposed to lose your virginity at fifteen or something or you're a freak?'


'When I was fifteen I had no idea what my feelings were.'

'You do now?'

'Yes,' she replied. She did not elaborate, and there was silence again. I felt I had backed the conversation into an unfavourable corner, and she would make a move to get away from it presently. This fear was confirmed when she added, 'I'm getting cold.'


'You're fault for sending the wind. Come on.'


'Come into my room and watch me dress.'

'You serious?' I said with a broad smile.

'As long as you turn away at the vital moment,' she said mischievously. 'Can I trust you?'


'Can I trust Howard?' she said pointedly with a glance at him downstairs expanding the towel frontage.

'He's harmless really,' I muttered shamefaced, but he was enjoying himself too much to look trustworthy to a demure maiden. I desperately wanted to follow this up and see how much she'd let me see. It was not, after all, as if she had vowed her life to virginity. One day probably soon she would find a boy she wanted to explore. Or a girl, I thought with sinking heart. 'Did you ever get anywhere in those showers?' I added as we trailed into her room. If I was going to be let into her boudoir in this state I could allow myself a risque opening or two.

'Get anywhere?' she repeated with a mystified look over her shoulder. She sat down on the edge of the bed and pointed to a spot on the far side for me. I sat there half crosslegged, this being an easy posture to stifle unwelcome intruders with a casual arm over my towel. Actually I was cold too now, with all my upper torso exposed to the freshening late afternoon air, but there was no way I was going to let one aspect of personal comfort usurp the other. Sophie was facing away from me and I was feasting on the smooth undulations where her shoulderblades sculpted her back. 'Oh. Lesbian,' she said at last. One hand went to the fastening of her towel above the right breast.

'Mm,' I grunted.

'Do you mean, as in, I'm not interested in boys so I must be a lesbian? Or is it genuine interest?'

'Oh... genuine,' I suavely gabbled. A triangle of towel fell away from her shoulder, exposing a triangle of back and a shadow of a roundness hidden from me.

'I never have; but I've got nothing against it. Actually it can be hard sometimes being sporty and not a lesbian. A couple of girls were definitely interested in more than showering. I had to say no. Least, sporty until A-levels,' she added, slapping a bit of her pudge on the side.

'But you don't mind the thought?' I pursued, not minding the thought of the whole of her back, now completely exposed to me, with all the bony ridges standing out down to a visible cleft in pale flesh where she sat. As the towel also flopped off the front of her legs she was now completely naked, without letting me see any of it.

'I don't know, I really don't. I suppose I can imagine doing it with a girl, though I think I prefer boys.'

'You do think about having sex then?'

'Yeah. Sometimes.'

'Well being a male I think about it constantly, and with everyone.'

'Including me.'

'Well obviously. I mean everyone, any attractive girl I see, any age. It's just hormones.'

'The ones I lack,' she said in a severe tone as she rose. I could see the cool fleshy pads of her buttocks and the dark mysteries of its compact division, and the flawless fall from her hips to the tenderness behind her knees. Dear Sophie was standing quite nude in my company, bending down to the rackety drawers of the white wooden chest. The effort of sliding one out made her buttocks quiver teasingly, and when she angled I saw a glimpse of a hanging breast. My untrustworthy friend downstairs was fully erect and begging to be introduced. In a minute or two it would all be over. Already she was bending further down, delicate pink pants in hand, to slip them over one foot. The sight of rounded pasty flesh rippling as the muscles changed was intoxicating.

'I love your bum.' Oops, did I really say that?

She turned round enough to smile at me. I could see the nipple on her breast, and wondered what it would be like in my mouth. The pants slid smoothly up her calves, passed her knees, billowed out round her full hips, and dragged across her inner thighs. At this stage I knew Judy would be wet within, perturbed as I was; but did little Sophie share the same physiology?

'That's disgusting,' she said, but her voice was airy and belied any real meaning.

'Bums are delicious. I can't get enough bum. Sometimes I feel I can just kiss it for hours and hours.'

'Lucky old Judy,' she remarked with a hint of disapproval for us both, but now that her pubic region was covered she turned towards me to talk naturally. Her almost globular, upraised breasts were fully open to me, and the offer to look was so clear that I felt only a little shame scanning them, pale blue veins seeming so vulnerable, and rosy areolae nearly free of dimpling, before looking up again into her lovely face. She took a bra from the drawer, white with forget-me-nots and something small and golden, then sat down on the bed opposite me, legs crossed and wide, a smile still on her face and the bra drooping from her hand. There was a darker hue visible under her pants and a few stray old-gold hairs peeped out from above and to one side on the milky thigh. She said gently, 'Last chance.'

'You're so, so beautiful,' I told her. I had to break my lustful gaze and look her in the eyes to say it. For the first time I noticed that hers were quite different from Judy's: aquamarine, a cool sea to Judy's warm sky. A faint amusement played on her lips and she was swinging the bra strap, higher each time. I didn't think any more would happen but I had to say something. 'If you ever want...'

'What? What would I want?'

'To try anything. If I can help you. If you... Judy wouldn't mind, we've talked about it. Not all the way, but just...'

She shrugged and considered momentarily. 'I know. I might one day, but not for a while. Thank you.'

'Might with me?'

'I like you as... as much as any boy. And I know I can trust you.'

'Both of us.'

'Let's see him. You can do that for me.'


'Look but no touch. Okay?'

With thumping heart and dry throat I unfolded the towel and pulled it away. My member was very erect, shooting to the vertical at its new freedom before settling under its weight to point straight at her. She bent in a little closer, not close enough to get my hopes up. I wanted her lips around it, her wet hair tickling my thighs, but knew it wouldn't happen.

'I didn't really see it properly last time,' she explained. A cloud descended on her brow: she was contemplating something, unsure of her own responses.

'Are you wet?'

She glanced sharply up at me as the meaning of the question resolved. 'A bit,' she whispered.

'I've made you wet?'

Sophie nodded in reply, twice slowly, then reached out a hand towards my penis. Those tapered pink fingers were splayed in the air so very near me, then she withdrew and looked up at me troubled. She held up the bra as if it was a sign of some kind, but let that arm fall again. She was going to put it on soon, but not yet. Wondering if I was reading aright, I extended a hand towards her breast. She was unmoving. When I touched it she looked down curiously at the breast as if it was unfamiliar, and my hand caressing its lower surface was bringing it alive for her. My rough thumb-pad stroked the nipple, and an indrawn sigh rasped her teeth. She let her breath out again heavily, and I let my fingers trace its shape. It responded.

'I'm getting wetter, so I'm going to stop there, and when you're gone I'm going to... you know.'

'Are you sure we can't--?'

'That's enough. I liked it very much but I don't want... Anyway, there's the car, get out quickly.'

'It's been lovely.'

'Fuck Judy for me,' she said with a naughty twitch of her nose.

'I'll imagine it's you. If you don't mind.'

'No. I don't mind. Now scoot, and... some other day. Maybe.'


'No. But maybe one day.'

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