Sophie's 'Poke-Her' Game


However she couldn't escape that easily. Everything was going fine until Ben won a hand and Josh made the mistake of saying to Sophie that maybe she should sit on his lap as he had won the hand. Sophie knew that e only meant it as a way of distracting Ben, but she also knew what would happen, as soon as he opened his mouth to say it.

"Hey man, if that's the prize, I'll win the next hand." Tyler exclaimed and Richie looked greedily at his cards.

Sure enough, Tyler won the next hand and Sophie reluctantly left Ben's lap and his obvious hard on at Josh's request and gingerly sat down on the black man's lap.

His hand instantly was around her waist, holding her back close to him.

"See honey, you just get comfy, cuz Tyler's gonna keep on winnin'" Tyler said to her with a large grin.

He was true to his word and he won the next few rounds. Although Sophie had to gently and inconspicuously push his hand down away from touching her tits, as he tried to touch her up. Sometimes he even tried to put his hand up her skirt. He began slyly but each time he grew in confidence and tried less to hide his actions. Josh didn't notice any of it.

Sophie had kept herself calm, thinking she didn't want to ruin the night but each time she got more and more pissed off.

Finally when her patience was just at an end he lost a hand to Josh and she quickly moved to sit on his lap instead.

Over the next half and hour, Sophie would end up sitting on everyone's lap, the worst of all was Richies, and even though she had to sit on Tyler's lap next, she moved quickly to be away from the rat-like man.

Ben had a look of jealousy quite a lot; he didn't seem to like her sitting on other people's laps. It was like he thought she was his, that he was her boyfriend.

Josh smiled at her a few times and didn't look the least bit worried or concerned about his girlfriend being passed around like a toy. He was winning more often than not now, but after the last time Sophie was on his lap, he had whispered to her not to sit on him, that she was the reason he was winning so much and that when she was on his lap, they all tried so much harder to win. So Sophie had to sit on everyone's lap whether they won the round or not. That way they didn't try to hard to win.

She was getting really fed up with it all, especially after Richie had tried to push his hand up the bottom of her dress.

After a short while, she found herself once more sitting on Tyler's lap. Paul and Steve had become more vocal now and far touchier, running their hands on her legs under the table when she was on their laps. But this time when she sat on Tyler's lap he laid his hands on her thigh and kept on trying to push his hand up her dress. He put his mouth to her ear, but making it look like he was just looking at the other people for 'tells'.

"You can feel my big dick can't you white girl?" He whispered to her

This surprised Sophie, and only then could she realise that she could actually feel a bulge underneath her, and not a small one either.

"Ah, and now you're starting to enjoy yourself eh bitch?" He continued

Only then did she realise that she wasn't pushing his hand away from under her skirt and his fingers were touching her tight and panty covered pussy.

Sophie shivered slightly under his touch, and he began pressing harder. The moment passed and immediately the anger flooded through her.

She pulled his hand out from under her dress and whispered, "Fuck off" and stamped on his foot as she stood up. He winced but didn't make any noise at all.

Annoyed, Sophie walked away from the big black man and went out of the room up to the bathroom.

She was boiling with anger and fury over the nerve of Tyler when she stormed into the bathroom. She didn't need to be there, but she had to be away from the guy.

She was standing looking at herself in the mirror when there came a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" She called, trying to act calm

"It's me" Came the muffled reply of Ben's voice.

Straightening her dress, she walked over to the door, unlocked it and let her boyfriend's friend in, promptly locking the door after him.

"He's such an assho….." Sophie began but was promptly cut off by Ben's mouth attaching itself to hers and his tongue darting in and dancing with hers.

She kissed him back for a little while, feeling her anger subside as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tightly to him.

Anger quickly turned to lust as all of the thoughts of fucking Ben with the others downstairs came racing back. He pushed her hard against the bathroom door creating a loud bang on the impact.

She raised he leg so that her thigh was rubbing against his, trying to pull him to her. She needed to fuck, she had been horny all day dreaming about this and now it was going to happen, she could finally feel herself losing control.

"Mmmmmmm oh" Sophie moaned into his mouth

His hands left her waist and moved to grab hold of her big tits. Roughly he squeezed and mauled them, mashing them together, biting her cleavage.

Their tongues met once again as they passionately kissed against the door. Then Ben moved back a little. Sophie was still leaning against the door, her breathing heavier and her tits rising and falling noticeably.

She almost jumped out of her perfectly formed skin when another knock came on the door she was leaning against. Surprised more than frightened, she was just about to ask who it was when Ben said, "Who is it?"

She looked at him quicically and then heard the reply,

"It's Josh." Came the answer to his question

Sophie smiled at Ben now, and knew what he was about to say before he did. Quietly he mouthed the words, "On your knees." And Sophie bit her bottom lip and smiled wickedly as she slowly sank to her knees in front of him. Her boyfriend was outside the bathroom door behind her, and she was here, on her knees, looking straight into the eyes of his best friend, ready to suck his dick. This was even better than she had imagined.

Josh knocked on the door, expecting Sophie to answer, but instead he heard Ben's voice. He knew that Sophie obviously didn't like Tyler, but she must have been more pissed off than he thought if he couldn't find her. He wasn't worried too much though; he knew she could handle herself.

Little did he know though, that at that time, his beautiful blonde girlfriend was down on her knees, giving his best friend a perfect view down her very low cut neckline, undoing his jeans, ready to suck his 10-inch dick into her mouth and suck him off until he came down her throat, while he was standing on the other side of the door. She was about to give him a mind-blowing blowjob.

Ben looked down at the beautiful girlfriend on her knees before him as she reached forward to undo his jeans.

"What's up mate? He asked his best friend, her boyfriend.

"Just wonderin' if you know where Sophie is man? She seems to have stormed off." Was the reply of the unknowing boyfriend

Sophie reached into his jeans to grab hold of his big dick. All the time never taking her eyes from his. She never even pulled his jeans down, just pulled them apart enough for her to pull his big rod out. It was already fully hard.

He loved the idea of Sophie on her knees holding his dick in her hand, the hand that bore the eternity ring Josh had given her, kneading it and rubbing it up and down, preparing to give him a blowjob, while her boyfriend, his best friend, was standing on the other side of the door. His dick throbbed in her hand.

"Na man, sorry. I'm sure she's around here somewhere though." Ben answered

Sophie was gently massaging his hard cock, jacking it slowly up and down its 10-inch length as her boyfriend spoke.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. She seems a bit pissed with Ty though." Josh continued

"She don't li.." Ben cut off with a jump as Sophie squeezed the head of his dick and began jacking him off faster and harder. Clearing his throat, Ben finished what he was about to say, "She don't like him much I think."

Sophie smiled up as she looked into Ben's eyes, pumping his hard meat faster with her hand.

"I'm sure she'll be around here somewhere." Ben said smiling down at his friend's blonde girlfriend.

"Spose. Are you coming down cause we wanna carry the game on and you're the one who deals next?" Josh said.

Sophie smiled wickedly at Ben before he could answer and she then slowly opened her mouth and placed her mouth around the large head of his dick. Still she was looking into his eyes, never breaking the gaze and never slowing, as she slowly lowered her beautiful mouth down the length of her boyfriend's best friend's 10-inch member.

Once her face was completely impaled on the throbbing cock, eyes still glued to his. Ben finally caught his breath and answered the patient boyfriend outside the door.

It had taken him a little while. No matter how many times Sophie gave him a blowjob, it always felt better than the last time. And it never ceased to amaze him that she could take all of him now without slowing her descent. He remembered how she had a little trouble the first time she had sucked him off, in her kitchen, but since then, she went down like a pro. Better than a pro in fact.

Finally bringing his head forward again, he looked down at Sophie as she looked up at him, her mouth and throat stuffed full of his cock, and remembered he hadn't answered her boyfriend.

"Sorry man, what did you say?" He asked

Sophie began sliding her mouth back up the length of his rod, tongue slashing along its length.

"You drank too much already?" Josh asked with a little laugh.

Ben thought that he wouldn't be laughing if he saw his girlfriend on her knees in front of him, sucking his dick.

Sophie was lowering her face again downwards, still with her eyes staring into his.

"Na man. I just have other things on my mind right now." Ben answered through clenched teeth.

Sophie was bobbing her beautiful face up and down his dick now, her eyes closed. She was starting to get into the action more now and was bobbing at a steady pace. The sucking and slurping noises were fairly quiet at the moment.

"I can guess, I don't really wanna know though." Josh responded as Ben's dick slid easily in and out of his girlfriend's throat.

"Yeah" Ben groaned lightly, "It feels good though mate."

Sophie released her grip on his dick and cupped her tits over the dark silk dress. She began squeezing her big fleshy mounds as she bobbed her head steadily along the hard member in her mouth. She still had her eyes closed, her hands groping furiously at her big tits.

"Yeah, sure it does. That's more than I want to know though mate." Josh replied

Ben laid his hand on Sophie's soft blonde hair and gently guided her pretty face onto his raging dick. She was so much better than last time. She had never sucked him this good before, he felt as if his knees were going to give way.

It was hot that she was sucking his dick when her boyfriend was behind the door only inches from the back of her head. He didn't know how long he was going to last this time. But he knew what he wanted to do.

"You probably wouldn't wanna know mate." Ben replied.

Sophie let go of her luscious tits and placed her hands on Ben's hips. He kept the hold on her head light and allowed her to guide herself using his hips. Her dark painted lips slid over and around his shaft tightly. They were stretched but slid easily up and down, never leaving the hot fleshy member. Her throat accommodated every inch of length and width as she began to forcefully bob her head back and forth, gaining more speed and intensity. Harder and faster she fucked her mouth, and Ben struggled to keep his breath and his standing position.

"So you'll be coming soon then?" Josh asked, not knowing how near to the truth his question was.

Sophie bobbed her head furiously now. Sucking for all she was worth. The slurping and illicit sucking noises were getting louder now. So loud that Ben thought Josh had to be wondering what they were. Her tits swung constrained inside their silk prison, desperately trying to pop out, and Ben couldn't resist himself anymore.

"Yeah, fucking suck my dick Sophie while your boyfriend is outside." He whispered and she responded, instead of moaning like he expected, by sucking him harder and faster She must have learned some self-restraint last time.

She was sucking him for all she was worth and he knew he couldn't hold on much longer.

"What was that?" Josh asked, referring to the whisper Ben had made

Sophie sucked as Ben answered

"I'll be cumming soon" Ben replied, not really sure whether he had meant that for Sophie or her boyfriend.

They both took it as for them, and Sophie began slamming her face back down on his hard dick. Swallowing all of his meat while slashing her tongue and sucking at the same time. She was better than a pro.

She had opened her eyes again and was looking straight into his eyes again, as she worked his cock back and forth in and out of her hot sucking mouth as fast and as hard as she could.

"Cool. I'll see you downstairs in a minute then mate." Josh said, then added, "If you see Sophie, can you let her know I was looking for her?"

"Sure" Ben replied through clenched teeth as he stared down at the lust-filled blonde girlfriend.

Ben heard Josh walk away and let out a loud groan of pleasure.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck!" He moaned, "Fuck Soph, you suck my dick good."

Sophie moaned lightly and continued staring at him. He was going to cum soon, and he could feel it would empty all of his seed. This was the best blowjob Sophie had ever given him; he couldn't believe how much energy she had literally 'sucked' out of him.

"Time for your reward you cocksucking slut girlfriend." Ben sad and roughly grabbed Sophie's head with both hands and began literally fucking her face. Sophie didn't move her head at all; he just held her still and fucked her mouth senseless.

Josh walked downstairs wondering where Sophie had gotten to and dreading to think what his friend must have eaten to produce those weird sounds from the bathroom.

He didn't know as he continued his descent down the flight of stairs that Sophie was on her knees in their bathroom, having her face literally fucked by his best friend's 10-inch dick. She was sucking hard and slashing her tongue violently across its length as it slid deep into her throat, slamming her mouth hard against Ben's crotch.

As Josh was entering the lounge, Sophie was staring into his best friend's eyes, filled with lust, cock in mouth, ready to be filled by all of Ben's cum.

Sophie tried to breath as best she could as Ben roughly fucked her beautiful face with his lust-engorged cock. She was just sitting there. Her tits were jumping within the small confines of her maid's dress, almost coming out.

Ben was picking up speed and intensity as he came closer to cumming. Sophie could feel from the way his muscles were clenching and the growing of his dick in her mouth that he was about to cum soon.

Then he really began to lose control. He began fucking her mouth so hard and fast that her head began to bang off the door behind her. Slamming against it. She was just glad that Josh wasn't still there, or there wasn't much of a way to explain that noise.

With her head slamming repeatedly against the bathroom door and Ben's 10-inch monster cock plowing ruthlessly in and out of her mouth, Sophie's mind swam with how hot it had been, sucking Ben's dick while her boyfriend was talking to him behind the door.

She would have moaned had she had time to breathe properly.

Then she heard him groan a little and he began to jerk rapidly.

"Fu..uu…c….k…I'm cumming." Her boyfriend's best friend managed to stammer out.

Sophie had just enough time to think how good it would have been for Ben to fuck her against the door while Josh had been there. Not to worry, the sex would be hot anyway.

Then Ben pulled his big dick out of her mouth and began jacking it towards her face and tits. Sophie only just had enough warning, remembering a few days back, before the familiar globs of hot white sticky cum shot out and hit her on the cheek. Another shot landed on her lips and she opened her mouth but the next blob of Ben's seed landed in her cleavage.

Ben must have cum for a few minutes without stopping; Sophie didn't think he was going to stop. She had never seen anyone cum so much in her life. He must have really got off on the situation of Josh being outside while she sucked him off.

Most of his cum was now splattered either on the floor or on Sophie's big tits. It ran down in between her cleavage and it covered patches of her face. He had really began to like cumming all over her lately. He must like the site of her, his friend's girlfriend, covered in his cum. Or knowing that she had to clean up and when he saw Josh he could smile to himself when they were all cuddly, knowing that he had came all over her. Sophie thought that the thought of cumming in her mouth and down her throat would have been a bigger turn on for him, especially if she kissed Josh afterwards.

But there she was in her bathroom, on her knees and covered in her boyfriend's best friend's cum, and Josh had no idea. The thought turned her on even more.

She reached for the towel and began to wipe the globs of cum from her face and tits, making sure that she got all that had gone down her cleavage. Finally she wiped the blobs on the floor and threw the towel into the wash bin.

After the illicit blowjob, Sophie was now feeling even hornier than she had earlier in the afternoon. She turned from the wash bin and smiled as she looked up at Ben.

Sophie Harper's smile quickly faded though as she saw Ben put his big dick, which was now limp, back into his jeans and zip them up.

"What are you doing?" She asked incredulously

"Goin' downstairs. Thanks that was one hell of a blowjob Soph, I've never came so hard before." He answered and had the audacity to smile down at her.

Standing up quickly, Sophie looked up at him, clearly angry.

"What do you mean you're going downstairs? Aren't you going to fuck me?" She demanded

"After that? How could anyone still be hard after a blowjob like that?" He said, still with that stupid smile on his face

"What? You've fucked me twice before after I sucked you?" She said a little startled

"Yeah, but not in a situation like this" He answered

"What?" She demanded

Ben kissed her lightly on her head and pushed passed her to unlock the door.

"Where are you going?" She demanded again, her hands on her hips

"I told you, downstairs. I have a game to play." He answered smugly

"And you're not going to fuck me?" She asked holding back her rage

"Not just now. Maybe later." He said and he opened the door and walked out, not bothering to close the door after him

"Fuck you Ben" Sophie said and he turned to look at her, "You don't get me whenever you want."

He smiled at her and turned to walk down the stairs.

Sophie was totally pissed off now. Firstly with Ben, she would make sure she got her revenge on him, but mostly, because now she was really horny and no way to satisfy herself.

She thought about phoning Charles Riley, but decided against it, it might look bad, she had no reason to see him on a Saturday after all.

She growled at herself. Fuck, she thought. She was hornier now because of what had happened, even if it had ended up pissing her off so much. She needed sex, and badly. She turned to look in the mirror and fix her hair while she thought of what to do. She decided not to fuck Ben again, however big his dick was, or however good at fucking her he was. She wouldn't be his slave. Who did he think he was getting what he wanted and not giving her anything?

As she fixed her hair, a thought came to her. He thought she was his did he? The perfect idea came into her mind and her smile returned as she turned to walk out of the bathroom.

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