Sophie's 'Poke-Her' Game


Sophie walked downstairs and back through into the lounge. The room still had stayed much the same, except most of the winnings were going to Tyler. He sat back with a cigar and a large pile of cash in front of him.

"Hey, the game's just got a lot more interesting." He bellowed as Sophie walked back into the room. He openly stared at her legs, waist and tits.

Sophie glared at him as she walked past and through into the kitchen. He whistled at her as she walked past in her little black maid's outfit but she just ignored him. She wasn't in the mood for any of Tyler's stupidity anymore. She was annoyed now. Annoyed at Ben for being such an asshole and letting her suck him off then not satisfying her needs. Annoyed at Tyler for being who he was and not leaving her alone. Annoyed at Josh for not saying something to Tyler for saying what he had been saying. And generally annoyed at the fact she was incredibly horny and had no way of satisfying her lust. The only thing she could do was get revenge on Ben. Her plan was simple and would be in two parts. The first part she couldn't do tonight, that involved in not allowing Ben to have sex with her again, Josh's boss would be more than happy to take over satisfying her urges. The second part was to flirt with Paul and maybe Steve to some extent, but mainly Paul. He was the good looking one in there and had been the perfect gentleman when she sat on his lap. His hands hadn't wandered or anything. Yes, flirting with another guy, maybe two, and denying Ben sex would be perfect revenge.

She felt her mood lighten at the thought and made herself a drink with a smile on her face before going back through into the lounge to execute her plan. Yes, tonight may pay off after all.

Tyler watched the hot white girl walk around the table as the game played on. Well, she walked from Paul to Josh and occasionally Steve, but never to him. Or Richie and Ben. Something was going on there.

He didn't mind as much though, he enjoyed just watching her as she walked around during the game, staring at her exposed legs in those hot black fish net tights. He loved the view as she turned to walk to her boyfriend; the profile made by her large tits pushed up in that small garment was stunning. She looked like she had two balls attached to her chest. But his dick grew really hard when she would bend over to talk to one of the other guys and he could see straight down the top of her dress. Those ripe melons inviting his eyes into their cleavage. He wanted to fuck her right then.

He had loved the feeling of her sitting on his lap, loved the way she refused to let him touch her. He loved women with spirit and zest, not these meek women who did whatever he said just to get fucked by his big dick. No Sophie Harper was hot and in need of some serious action judging by what he had felt when she was on his lap, and he was the only man here qualified to give it to her. Even if her boyfriend was his friend and workmate, you just don't pass up the opportunity to get into an ass like Sophie's, or play with tits that big and firm.

He planned on getting her tonight. He smiled at her as she continued to flirt mainly with Paul during the game. Oh yes, he would be banging her hard tonight.

Ben watched as Sophie walked past him again, totally blanking him as she had done for the last hour. Something was wrong with her, but he didn't know what. He had noticed her flirting with Paul a lot during the last hour or so and he tried to keep the jealous look from his face. He couldn't let Josh see that look.

Looking over at his best friend, he noticed Josh not even paying attention to what Sophie was doing. He must be doing that thing where he let Sophie flirt to win. It had worked last time, although he didn't know about what had happened after he had gone to sleep. Ben smiled at the thought of fucking Josh's girlfriend right next to him as he slept. That was good, and tonight he would fuck her again, where he hadn't thought yet, but no doubt Sophie would come up with something good, she always did. He just wished she would stop flirting with Paul and come over to him. No he wouldn't let his jealousy show.

He watched Sophie place her arm around Paul's neck as she sat on his lap and took a swig of beer. No if she had been his girlfriend he wouldn't have let her flirt like this for winning money on a poker game however much he trusted her.

He watched her trying to hide his jealousy as the game and Sophie's flirting continued.

Richie continued to glance at the barely dressed girlfriend in her black maids outfit and couldn't stop his dick from raging in his jeans. Oh how he wanted to fuck her so badly. He had dreamed of her sucking his dick and riding his hard cock all night, as he watched her magnificent tits bounce up and down as she did on his hard pole.

He smiled to himself as he thought about having her fuck him in her and Josh's bed while everyone else was downstairs, about cumming in her mouth and inside her belly after she rode him to orgasm.

The thought turned him on even more and he fidgeted as he moved his dick around with his hand to stop it stretching at his jeans to come out.

He pushed back his greasy black hair onto his head and stared at the cards in his hands. Maybe he could find a way to get what he wanted; he just needed to wait for the right opportunity. That was how he worked, sneakily. There was no need to show yourself in the light if you were going to get burned. No, he would wait patiently and find a way. He didn't care whether she wanted him afterwards; he just wanted to fuck her. Although maybe he could take some pictures and blackmail her into letting him have her when he wanted. Now that was a thought. He idly asked Josh if he had a video camera and was thrilled when he said yes. Now all he needed was that chance.

He greedily ogled the beautiful blonde white girl as her tits bounced as she clapped for Paul winning. He would have to find a way.

Steve glanced quickly at the blonde sitting next to him on his friend's lap. She had been flirting with him too; he was sure of it, earlier and still was occasionally. He had to readjust the way he was sitting as his dick wanted to get out and into the hot blonde girlfriend of his friend and co-worker but he couldn't think of a way to get her. She would never cheat on Josh, he was sure of that too, and he wouldn't have sex with her if she offered, she was his workmate's girlfriend after all. Although the thought of having her heaving those wondrous legs around his waist and fucking back at him made his dick rage that much more. No he couldn't do that to his friend, or could he? Suddenly he was confused. What would he do if she offered him that drop dead gorgeous body? If she begged him to fuck her? If her big tits weren't covered in that skimpy dress?

He shook his head to try and clear his thoughts and tried to concentrate on playing the game. His concentration slipped as time went on though, especially when she sat on his lap.

What would he do?

Paul held his legs steady as his workmate's hot blonde girlfriend resettled on his lap and placed her arm around him. It wasn't that she was heavy or anything, it was just that she was so hot that he was nervous. That was odd in itself, he was never nervous around women. He was always surrounded by beautiful women He knew that he was attractive to most women, however he wasn't arrogant about the fact, he was just honest. That was how he was. He was always honest. He had never lied in his life as far as he could remember. He had been bought up in a strict religious home, but had left when his father found out that along with other women liking him, including the ministers wife, his own mother and sister did too. He was just that handsome. He had fucked his sister many times, at home and at church, but it was when his father walked in on him and his mother having sex that everything blew up, it wasn't the best of partings. His mother had claimed possession after he left but he knew she still wanted him and although he had had many women since his mother and sister were still both hot. But neither of them could match up to this girl sitting on his lap and that was the problem. She was hot. Although he didn't lie, he had fucked other people's girlfriends, fiancées and wives before. But again, none as hot as this Sophie, his work mate's girlfriend. The shivering came from the fact he was trying to hold his composure. He was a calm man, one who took his time and let women come to him, but this was too much. He could see straight down the neckline of Sophie's dress and could feel her thighs pressing against him and her pussy was resting right on his dick.

He stopped that line of thought quickly as he realised that the girl on his lap was now sitting on his very hard cock, and it was only half caused by the memories.

He tried to refrain from slipping his hand under the hem of her dress. Calm and cool he had to be, but he needed to find a way to get his dick inside this girl, and soon.

Josh studied the cards in his hands and looked then looked up at the other guys sitting around the table playing the game of poker with him.

Sophie was sitting on Paul's lap again, which surprised him, as Tyler was the one who was winning, next to Josh of course. Although, judging the way Sophie felt about the big black man, it wasn't surprising after all.

She had been flirting mainly with Paul, Steve and himself, leaving Ben, Richie and Tyler out of it. The last two he could understand because she didn't like either of them, but she hadn't even looked at Ben since he had gone upstairs to speak to him in the bathroom. And Ben was third in the winnings stakes.

He looked again and noticed that Steve and Paul had the lowest amount of money left. "Ahhh" he thought, "She's getting the one's with the lowest amount out first. Very clever my girl." And he smiled to himself.

Yes, tonight was going to be a good night. He was going to take all these guys money and with it, his surprise for Sophie would be that much better, then he would take Sophie upstairs and have glorious sex with her, she had become insatiable these last few weeks. Oh yes, this night was going even better than he had planned.

Little did he know that Sophie's night was just about to get a lot hotter and a lot kinkier. The party was really about to begin.

Sophie was standing in the kitchen making herself her third drink of the night. She hadn't drank much as she had been flirting so much with the guys in the lounge but now she had to take a break as she was getting way too horny.

She had seen all of the guys looking at her, ogling her tits, waist and legs as she bent across the table for whoever's lap she was sitting on's winnings, usually Paul's, although he only won a couple of times, he spent most of his time trying to avoid touching her, his innocence made her smile.

Tyler and Richie had also been looking at her but she gave them such flat stares or dirty looks that they should have gotten the message by now. Tyler had continued ogling her openly and Richie was almost drooling, but neither of them had made a comment since she first walked back in the lounge from upstairs.

Ben had had such a jealous look on his face she was surprised nobody had commented on it. Of course he must be thinking that no one would notice, that he hid it well, but he had never been very good at hiding things.

But the reason Sophie Harper was standing in her kitchen was she was trying to calm herself down. She had felt Paul's hard cock underneath her as she was sitting on his lap, and had been so tempted just to slyly undo his jeans and ride him in there with everyone else around, or just to fuck him right on the table in front of everyone, but the thought of Tyler and Richie put her off that idea.

Her stomach was all fluttering and her knees were weak from the sheer amount of lust that was flowing through her body, her pussy was on fire and she needed a hard dick to take care of her, and she had found the one who she wanted to do it.

She had come up with a plan to get him to have sex with her tonight. She needed it badly and she wasn't going to get it from Ben, he would have done anything for her now he was jealous but she wouldn't let him, it would serve him right for treating her the way he had. But Paul would be good.

Sophie downed her drink quickly, straightened herself up and walked back into the lounge; it was time to set her sex plan in operation.

She walked towards the table and stood staring at the guys sitting around it and their money piles, noticing Paul was almost out of cash, one more hand she figured and he'd be out. She smiled at Paul and walked behind Josh and rested her hands on his shoulders.

"You ok babe?" He asked

"Yeah baby." She answered and kissed him lightly on the head, "I'm going to have a game of pool though."

"Cool." Her loving boyfriend replied and returned his gaze back to the game

"The next one to lose is free to come and join me for a game if they want." Sophie said generally to the group, but looking specifically at Paul. Even if they all continued to fold Paul would still lose first.

"Ok." Was the general reply, no one sounding overly interested

With one more smile for Paul, this one far more teasing than any she had given him that night, Sophie swayed out of the lounge into the hall and across into the pool room.

Her heavy tits heaved up and down in the tight material of the black silk maid's outfit, showing her cleavage as they rose up and down at the neckline. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she realised what she was about to do. She was about to willingly fuck Paul, her boyfriend's work mate, while her boyfriend played poker with his other friend's in the other room. She realised that doing this actually made her into a slut girlfriend, a cheating slut girlfriend. The thought just turned her on even more. There would be no going back after this. She didn't even have to think about it, it was going to be hot and very, very good.

She moved to the pool table and picked up a cue, then began taking the balls out and placing them onto the table delicately.

She had taken them all out and was setting them up when she heard the door behind her, the door to the hallway opposite the lounge, open. She turned around with a smile on her face, which quickly disappeared when she saw who it was.

"What are you doing here?" Sophie asked as Tyler walked through the door to the hallway, gently closing it behind him.

As he turned to face her he smiled and spoke, "I've come for that game of pool you offered." He openly leered at her, looking down her body slowly as she stood there in shock, "Maybe I can teach you how to play properly" He said returning his dark smile to her pretty face.

"I'm good at playing actually and I don't want to play with you anyway." She said

Conscious of his eyes looking all over her, she walked around to the other side of the table to hide as much of herself as possible. Although she felt annoyed at having to move away from him in her own home.

"You will." Was all he said, his smile broadening and deepening as he looked at her blue-eyed face.

Sophie let her annoyance at moving away from him get the better of her. There was no way she was going to be pushed around in her own home, especially by this disgusting arrogant boy!

She walked over to him, smouldering anger burned in her eyes. She was not going to be bullied in her own house.

Tyler just stared down at her as she angrily glared at him. After a little while his eyes lowered for an instance and Sophie thought that she had made him back down, he wasn't so tough after all she thought, until he raised his eyes and smiled even bigger at her.

"If you want me to have a good look at your tits, why don't you just take that dress off and let me look properly." He said smugly, never once taking his eyes from hers.

Anger flashed through Sophie as she realised what he had said and she quivered with anger. She also remembered how low cut her top was and how tall Tyler was. Standing this close to him, he must have had a clear view of her cleavage.

She held her tongue from lashing out at him. Instead she glared angrily at him.

"Fuck off" She said angrily and walked off again around the table.

He just smiled after her as she walked off. Sophie was furious.

"So do you want a game or what?" Tyler asked, not affected by her words at all.

"No." Sophie snapped, "Anyway, aren't you playing poker? I thought you were winning? I said the one who lost can play!"

That should get him, Sophie thought to herself. She just wanted him to go away. She was already fuming still over what Ben had done, and Tyler had been annoying her all night, now she was alone in a room with him and he wouldn't leave her alone.

"I thought I'd give everybody else a chance. I'm a nice guy see." Tyler said, still smiling.

"And you just thought you'd be a nice guy and come and bother me, huh?" Sophie said, finding it hard to control her anger and irritation.

"Yeah, well, you're much nicer to look at. And you're softer touch." He grinned stupidly at her

Sophie knew he was talking about when she had to sit on his lap. That thought annoyed her even more. She really hated this guy. She thought of hitting him, but just the size of Josh's black friend put her off, but she couldn't hold back anymore.


Tyler looked taken aback a little and that grin vanished from his face quickly, he must not have expected her to be this pissed off with him. He looked at her carefully and backed away a couple of steps.

She half expected Josh to come through to see what was going on but nobody did.

"Whoa, ok, ok! I'm goin', I'm goin'" He said and turned and opened the door.

The door closed quietly and Sophie leaned on the table's edge. She couldn't believe how angry she had gotten, but he just irritated her so much. Everything about him annoyed her. At least now he should leave her alone. Although something about the way he left made her think. He did seem shocked and taken back a little, but she could've sworn that there was a look of amusement or something in his eyes.

Sophie forgot the black man and realised that it wasn't only Ben and Tyler that were making her angry, she was so hot and horny and had no way of releasing it. That added to her mood as much as the other two did.

She turned to lean against the table to try and calm herself down; she had never been this horny in her life. She thought about giving Riley a call before this feeling got out of hand, when a light knock came at the door from the hall. She stood up and turned to face the doorway as it opened.

Tyler popped his big head through the opening and before she could tell him to fuck off again he spoke,

"Hold on, hold on, I'm not here to say anything, ok, just hear me out please."

Sophie kept herself composed as her anger boiled inside her, but hearing the please she thought she would give him a chance to speak before having a go at him again.

"Go on." Was all she said

He came in the rest of the way and gently shut the door again. He seemed odd, like he was trying to be meek. Trying.

"Well, I know you don' like me…" He said and Sophie cut in,

"It took you this long to figure that out!" She said in a more than annoyed tone

"Well, I'm sorry if I've annoyed you. I didn't mean to. It's just I believe in saying what I think, you know, so people know that I'm an honest guy, n' I thought you'd take it as a compliment, you know, a hot sexy woman like you." He said and cut off that line of thought as she glared at him dangerously," Well, yeah, so I'm just bein' me n' all, you know, but if you don't like it how about we make a deal?"

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