Sophie's Ultimate Fantasy


They had thrown the rest of the bottle away and put the other two in the basement 2 years ago, deciding they would never touch them again, but Sophie had had enough of Ben and Josh arguing tonight about stupid things like who cold drink the most, so she had decided to teach them both a lesson.

As she walked through the kitchen, Sophie realized that her hornyness had calmed a lot, she put it down to the fact she was irritated with both of the guys. Her plan of fucking Ben had gone right out of the window when she had got irritated and came up with this drinking game, but she didn't care at the moment anyway, it was just going to be fun watching them both suffer trying to look big drinking this stuff.

Sophie smiled to herself as she walked through the glass doors into the lounge.

Ben and Josh were sitting on either sofa as she had left them and not saying a word to eachother. "They were both so childish," she thought to herself, "right time to teach them both a lesson." And she smiled at both of them hiding the bottles behind her back.

"Right boys are you both ready to prove what big men you are?" She said smiling and without any sarcasm at all.

"Sure babe, I got a couple of glasses." Josh said to her with a smile, then he turned to Ben and asked, "Not scared you'll lose some more tonight are ya?"

"No way," Ben replied quickly, "anyway, I bet I've had more than you've had tonight."

Sophie knew what Ben was referring to and before Josh could ask she quickly spoke up.

"Enough guys, lets do this civilly or we can call it a night."

"Ok, ok," Josh said

"Sorry Soph," Ben answered

"Good." Sophie nodded at them, they were so childish she couldn't believe it, she had never seen them like this. "Well, I've got you something special and you're both gonna drink it or you'll lose ok?"

Both of them nodded and said that they weren't frightened of drinking anything she could put in front of them, looking at eachother as if the other couldn't handle it.

"Good. Sit on either side of the table then with your glasses in front of you." Sophie instructed and watched as Josh sat in front of the TV and Ben in front of the sofa he had been on. Sophie knelt down in front of the other sofa to the side of both of them.

"So, what did you manage to find?" Josh asked her

"This!" She replied and placed both bottles on the table.

Ben looked at the bottles and asked, "What's that?"

It took Josh a little time to realize what they were but then all of a sudden it seemed to click in his head.

"Oh no Soph, you've gotta be joking!" He finally said with a look of disbelief and revulsion on his face.

"Why? What is it?" Ben asked again.

"No babe, I'm not joking. You two kept on arguing and being childish and all manly with eachother, now you have to learn your lesson."

"But Soph," Josh said with that look still on his face. Sophie could hardly contain her self-satisfaction at how he must feel.

"Serves them right though." She thought to herself.

"What is it?" Ben asked for the third time.

This time, Josh answered, completely forgetting his annoyance with Ben in his revulsion at the bottles in front of him.

"It's some weird moonshine her granddad makes," He answered without taking his eyes off the bottles, "It's like drinking petrol."

"Doesn't sound too bad." Ben replied and reached for a bottle

"It's about 90-somethin' percent, or not far off anyway." Josh said shaking his head a little

"It should be alright," Ben said as he unscrewed the top and took a sniff.

Sophie almost burst out with laughter at the change on Ben's face when he inhaled the smell of the drink. He quickly put the bottle back on the table and began coughing and rubbing at his nose with his arm.

"Arrrrghhh," He exclaimed loudly, "That is petrol, or some kind of acid. You really want us to drink that stuff?"

Sophie nodded and replied, "You both agreed to it, or are you wimping out now?"

Sophie could see the looks on both of their faces, the look that said they were thinking about it. But stupid male pride got the better of them in the end and they both wouldn't back down.

"Alright then." She said and took the bottle Ben had opened and poured a little in each glass.

They both gingerly reached for their glasses, trying to look calm and cool and like they both wanted to do this and reluctantly lifted the glasses up halfway to their mouths.

"Drink up boys." Sophie said with a small cute smile on her pretty face, and both of them took the shots.

The clock chimed 11 and Sophie was still sitting on her knees at the side of the table. Half of the bottle was gone and both Ben and Josh were pissed out of their heads.

The first shot they had taken Sophie couldn't help but laugh at their reactions, coughing and spluttering, even almost being sick. Every other time they were the same but more drunk.

"Do you remember...." Josh was mumbling to Ben in a drunken state.

This was how it had gone on for a while, both of them reminiscing about the past. Sophie's horny feeling had come back now, but by the state of both of them she wasn't going to get anything tonight. At least they had made up with eachother though.

Another hour later and one of the bottles had been finished and although he hated the stuff mostly, Josh had been the one who had drank most of it.

Sophie was sitting on the sofa with her arms folded beneath her lusciously large tits and her smooth long legs crossed, smiling at how stupid both of the guys looked as they constantly fell off the seats.

Ben and Josh burst out laughing when one of them said something that Sophie had missed and then Josh reached over to get the other bottle, but before he could, he fell forward off the chair and hit his head on the coffee table.

Sophie jumped up and went straight round to Josh, who was just lying on the floor laughing.

"Baby, are you ok?" She asked him concernedly

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine baby. Come and give me a kiss." He mumbled back at her from the floor and raised his arms up for her.

"Come on get up." She said to him as she helped him up. Ben was in a fit of giggles still from when Josh had fallen forward, Sophie now knowing Josh was ok, also found it quite funny, but only let out a slight chuckle.

"I fancy another drink. What bout you old friend?" Josh said and looked at Ben whilst still swaying.

"I think you've had enough." Sophie said to Josh before Ben could answer.

"No, I'm fine babe." Josh said as he tried to stand and fell backward on to the seat.

"See you can't even stand by yourself." Sophie said to her boyfriend, "I think you should go to bed."

"Bed? Bed! Yeah, lets go to bed!" Josh exclaimed and grabbed at Sophie's ass under her skirt.

"To sleep Josh. I think you could do with it." She replied to him sternly and removed his hand from under her skirt.

"Fine Fine. I'll go, I'll go." He said as Sophie helped him up.

Sophie held on to Josh and he leaned on her. She hadn't realized that he weighed so much, he must have been putting all his bodyweight on her and she could barely hold him up without falling herself. There was no way she could help him upstairs like this.

Ben was sitting on the chair looking as if he was about to fall asleep where he was.

"Ben" She said, but there was no answer.

"BEN!" She shouted a little and kicked him in the leg, that woke him up.

"What what?" He said looking around.

"Help me take Josh upstairs to bed, I can't carry him on my own." She told him.

"No, no, I'm fine right here." Josh said

"You're going to bed. Ben come on." She said a little more impatiently.

Ben got up as quickly as he could and put Josh's arm around his shoulder and helped walk Josh up the stairs to the bedroom.

They lay Josh down on the bed and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was fast asleep.

Sophie turned from the side of the bed to walk out of the room with Ben behind her. "Josh'll be out for hours now he's drank that much. It's a good job he's got the day off tomorrow." Sophie thought to herself.

Just as she was about to walk away from the bed, Ben grabbed her wrist and turned her around to face him.

Looking up into the face of her boyfriend's not so good-looking friend, she asked, "What did you do that for?"

"Well, you still owe me something and Josh is asleep now." Ben replied with that cheeky smirk on his face.

"Ben, I'm not in the mood now." She replied and turned to go but Ben turned her around again, "What?" She said a little frustrated.

"I said, you still owe me something." He told her and pulled her hand to the slight bulge in his jeans.

Feeling the bulge in Ben's jeans Sophie knew that he wasn't very hard but a slight tingle ran through her body when she touched it.

Ben undid the zip and button on his jeans and pulled Sophie's hand away, then using his other hand, he pulled his semi-hard cock out and placed Sophie's hand on the shaft, holding it there with his own.

Sophie's hand instinctively closed around the piece of meat in her hand and she realized then that she hadn't taken her eyes from it since Ben had placed her hand there. The tingle ran through her body again at the feel of the warm cockmeat in her hands.

"I know you want it Soph. You're a little cock slut." Ben sneered at her.

A shiver ran down her spine when he said that.

Slowly Sophie tightened her grip on Ben's dick and started to move her hand up and down its length, feeling it grow harder with every motion of her hand. The harder Ben's dick became, the faster Sophie moved her hand and her eyes never left the cock that was almost fully hard now.

"Ahh, yeah that's it Soph." Ben said as he exhaled and looked from Sophie's hand to her face, "How does it feel to be jacking my dick off while your boyfriend is asleep on the other side of this bed?"

Sophie shuddered at the thought and let out a slight breathy moan, tightening her hand and beating her hand faster on the now fully erect cock of her boyfriend's friend.

"Ben," Soph began

"You've wanted this all night haven't you Soph? Well, you've had your fun, now it's my turn." Ben told her. And with that Sophie heard the words she had been expecting to here from him, "On your knees Sophie."

Sophie looked up at Ben, looking straight in his eyes. She could barely contain her lust now. The feeling that had died down in her loins was back a 100 times stronger now. All she could think of was what she was doing.

She was jacking her boyfriend's friend off while her boyfriend lay fast asleep on the other side of the bed. But not only that, she was doing it in their bedroom with the hand that she wore her eternity ring on, that her boyfriend had given her. And now, she was about to kneel down in front of her boyfriend's friend, and give him a blowjob, while she was only 2 feet away from her boyfriend! This was so hot and Sophie moaned, which brought a big smile from Ben.

"Let me see," Sophie said looking into Ben's eyes, " You want me to kneel in front of you and suck your cock while my boyfriend is asleep next to us?"

"Ohh, yeah Soph. Now suck it bitch." Was Ben's reply.

Sophie's lust had completely enveloped her, so still keeping her eyes on Ben's, she slowly sank to her knees in front of him.

Kneeling in front of Ben's large cock Sophie's eyes went straight to the hard member and she had flashbacks in her memory of the last time she had this piece of meat sliding past her full pink lips. She gently licked her lips and once again looked up into Ben's wanton eyes.

"You really want me to slide this big dick of yours into my hot mouth and suck your hard cock until you cum in my mouth while I'm on my knees?" She asked with her most innocent look and voice.

"Yeah, now suck it." Ben replied again in a more demanding tone.

Sophie smiled slightly and kept her eyes on Ben's as she reached up once again to clutch the thick shaft only inches from her pretty face, with her right hand, the hand that wore the eternity ring that Josh had given her. Looking at her hand with that ring on, a ring that meant she was Josh's girl forever, while it was wrapped around the throbbing shaft of his best friend's dick made her squeeze Ben's cock harder from the feeling of lust that ran through her.

Slowly, almost painfully slowly from Ben's eager expression, Sophie Harper inched her face towards the meat in front of her. Staring straight into her boyfriend's best friend's eyes, she slowly opened her mouth as she came close to the head of the hot cock. She opened her mouth only just wide enough to fit the head inside so that Ben would feel her mouth on every part of his dick.

She felt Ben shiver when her mouth first made contact with his organ. Sophie continued to lower her head down the shaft, never breaking eye contact with Ben, feeding more into her mouth.

When her lips reached her hand she slowly moved her head back along the thick pole until her mouth almost came off it. Then again, painfully slowly she lowered her head along the cock and lightly began flicking her tongue over and over as she moved.

Sophie slowly raised and lowered her head along Ben's dick, never moving her hand, only slowly and gently sucking. Then after a few times of this Sophie slid her mouth from Ben's dick and gently massaged the shaft with her hand, slowly moving her hand up and down the 10-inch length.

"Mmmmmm, you still taste as good as I remember." Sophie said licking her lips again.

"Don't stop." Ben said looking down at her, almost pleadingly.

Sophie couldn't help but smile. She knew he was gagging for a good blowjob and especially from her right then.

"Baby, I'm just gonna give Ben a blowjob ok? I hope you don't mind." She said to Josh as he slept on the bed, then turning to look back at Ben and feeling the ripple of excitement pass through her from what she had just said. She locked her eyes on his and slowly lowered her head back down on the now rigidly hard dick of her boyfriend's best friend.

This time though, when her mouth reached her hand, she stopped and flickered her tongue continuously over Ben's cock and then released her grip on the hard shaft and placed both of her hands on Ben's hips. She loved sucking cock this way as it allowed the entire pole to slide down her throat and have no obstruction like her hand. Also if she used her hand to jack him off he would cum too soon, and she wanted to savor this erotic situation of sucking her boyfriends best friends cock right next to her boyfriend.

Slowly she lowered her head to the base of Ben's cock while still looking deep into his eyes. She knew guys loved it when a girl stared in to their eyes whilst impaled on their hard meat, especially while it was in the girls mouth.

When her mouth reached the base of Ben's 10-inch monster cock and it had slid down her throat, only then did Sophie slowly move her head backwards along the pole until she reached the head and then she lowered her head back down the meat.

Sophie's head began bobbing up and down Ben's dick, sliding past her luscious lips and down her tight throat, faster and faster. She had began slowly but once the feel of that cock sliding in and out of her mouth had settled in, she began to lose control and really begin to suck.

"Oh Sophie yeah" Ben moaned as she worked on his big dick.

Sophie moaned a little and Ben let his head fall back. Sophie closed her eyes and held on to Ben's hips as she repeatedly sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. Using her tongue to slash across the hard meat in her mouth, Sophie sucked harder and harder. Her cheeks moving in and out as she worked on the 10-inch rod.

She was moaning more now and every now and then she was lifting her head from Ben's cock and moaning loudly, then returning to sucking cock like a pro.

The sounds of both of their moans soon filled the silent room and were only drowned out by the lewd slurping noises of Sophie's mouth sucking Ben's cock.


"Mmmmmmmmmm" Sophie moaned


"Oh yeah, suck it baby. Suck my dick good." Ben moaned.

With Sophie's head still bobbing up and down Ben's thick meat and her eyes tightly closed, all that existed in the world was this wondrous hard rod and all the pleasure she was getting from sucking on it.

Sophie opened her eyes as her head once again lowered back down onto the long thick member and she saw Ben look down at her. Then as she was staring into his eyes with her lust glazed own, and bobbing her head up and down his big cock, he reached forward and grabbed her big tits and began squeezing the soft but firm mounds in his hands.

"Mmmmmmmmmph" Sophie moaned and rolled her eyes a little from the hot feeling.

"Yeah, suck me baby! Suck my big dick while I play with your big tits!" Ben growled at her, "Your boyfriend sure does have a good girlfriend who's doing a great job of looking after his best friend."

"Oooohhh-mmmmmmmmmmmph" Sophie moaned the quickly went back to sucking Ben's dick.

She loved the feeling of it sliding in and out of her mouth, sucking on it.

Ben continued to mangle her big tits and then he released them and placed his hands onto her head, not pulling or pushing her, just resting on her long blonde hair as she worshipped his big dick.

She was loving it and as she continued sucking, all she could think about was her boyfriend lying on the bed right next to her sleep. The thought made her almost cum, but it also made her suck harder. This was so hot!

Ben continued to just gently hold his friends blonde girlfriends head as she worked his dick in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as her full pink lips were wrapped tightly around the thick hard shaft.

Ben just couldn't resist having Sophie suck his dick in the same room as Josh when they put Josh down on the bed. The idea had made his dick raging hard and now it was getting the loving attention it needed, from his best friend's girlfriend.

Looking down at Sophie's face her eyes still on his, her lips gliding up and down his hard member, she looked so hot. Her face moved all the way down to the base of his 10-inch dick and then slid all the way back to the tip of the head. He still couldn't believe how good her hot mouth felt and every time his dick entered her throat he moaned and thought he was just going to cum right then.

Taking his hand from her head he once again reached forward and grabbed Sophie's big tits. They felt so good. Large, firm but still soft. She was all natural too, which made it hotter. He had always loved Sophie's tits. He had watched her a lot and lusted after her for so long until that fateful day in the kitchen downstairs when he finally got to fuck the prize beauty. She had moaned, groaned and screamed as he had fucked her not 15 feet from her boyfriend, only this time it was his plan and he had an idea that was far more kinky than the last time.

Sophie's mouth tightened around his dick and Ben moaned louder. She began bobbing her head up and down faster now, still never taking her eyes from his. He let go of her wondrous tits and returned his hand to her head, not holding her head or pulling her to him, just resting his hand on her gorgeous blonde hair and let her do the work.

"Are you enjoying sucking my dick Soph?" Ben asked a little breathlessly, she was really working hard on his member, sucking and licking and he didn't know how long he would last.

"Mmmmmmmmm" Sophie moaned never taking her mouth from his dick.

He watched her gorgeous blonde head bob up and down his dick faster and faster now. He could feel the cum rising in his balls as Sophie tried to suck all of it out of him. She was moaning a lot more now as she impaled her face on Ben's monster cock. The slurping noises seemed loud in the quiet of the bedroom.


"Mmmmmmmmmph" Sophie moaned louder.

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