tagIncest/TabooSoren and His Sisters

Soren and His Sisters


When Kyle first saw Cynthia Caine sitting at the quaint little cafe at the side of the tree-lined street she took his breath away. He thought her so beautiful that his head hurt. She had sat there, quietly engrossed in the book that she was reading and seemed only vaguely aware of the world around her. Kyle had noticed her idly while waiting for his friend Ricky, but she had looked up and smiled at the waiter who had come to offer a fresh roll, just as his eye surveyed the street for the umpteenth time, and that was what had hooked him.

He could see also that she had had a similar effect on the waiter and the two men who sat at the table next to hers. The waiter actually took a step closer to her.

"There you are, Darling!" he exclaimed as he plopped himself into the chair opposite her at the table. "I am sorry to be late, the traffic was murder." He glanced briefly at the hovering waiter, "I'll have a cup of coffee and a sweet roll, please."

The man did not move, glancing disappointedly at the woman seated opposite Kyle. He had noticed that Kyle had been sitting at another table and guessed that this was just a ploy to cheat him of his prize. A struggling actor, his movie star good looks had won him bedding rights to several of his employers' patrons and he could see no reason why this dusky delight should not join his list of conquests.

Kyle gazed at her, beseechingly. He wanted to reach for her hand, but knew that that would be overkill.

"Don't think that I didn't notice you sitting over there watching me, Brian," the woman said, smirking at him, her voice unbelievably low and sexy with a trace of a foreign accent. "What were you playing at? Do you want people to think that I'm available for a pick-up by strange men in street-side cafes?"

She grinned at him openly now and, believing them to be a couple engaged in elaborate foreplay, the disappointed waiter shrugged and left to get Kyle's order.

Cynthia looked directly into Kyle's eyes, an amused smile playing on her lips.

"So," she said after a while, "what is your real name, Brian?"

Kyle felt his cock stir slightly at the way her voice caressed the word "Brian". He tried to clear his throat.

"It's Kyle. Yours?" he almost croaked.

She ignored his question.

"So why did you want to sit next to me so badly, that you had to invade my brunch, Kyle?" she asked quietly.

The word "Kyle" sounded even better on her lips and the young man found himself watching her mouth move.

"I thought that you looked nice.... Actually, I thought that you were incredible. I saw you smile at our waiter and I had to meet you," he managed to blurt out at last.

Cynthia smiled that smile again, and again, Kyle saw the two men at the table near them turn to look at her appreciatively. He was mesmerized and found himself grinning back at her like a happy fool. God, he wanted to marry this woman, she made him feel that all was right with the world; and that was truly saying something.

"Thank you. That was very nice of you to say!" she said shyly. "My name is Cyn."

"You're kidding!" Kyle exclaimed, drawing a curious glance from one of Cyn's admirers.

Cyn looked at him uncertainly.

"There is not a single thing sinful about you!" he explained hastily.

The girl laughed outright this time sending a sharp tug straight to Kyle's rapidly hardening cock.

"It's short for Cynthia. My parents went for unusual names for us. I have sisters called Savannah-Mijanou and Mara-Viviana. My brother is Soren-Ishmael."

"You didn't get a hyphen too?" was all that Kyle could think of to say to that.

The girl giggled.

"Actually I'm Cynthia-Anastasia, but I think that Cynthia is quite enough. Wouldn't you agree?"

"That depends; though Cynthia-Anastasia Kantorowicz is quite a mouthful."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Cynthia Kantorowicz. I'm Kyle Kantorowicz."

Realization dawned, and Cyn laughed out again, delightedly; attracting stares from several of the patrons. Kyle felt like a celebrity.

"You're very sure of yourself, aren't you, Kyle Kantorowicz? How do you know that I'm not already married?" she asked archly.

"No ring. I checked that out the second I came over."

"Ahhh. I could be living with or seeing someone..."

"Then you wouldn't have shooed the waiter away." Kyle said gently; hopefully.

Cynthia's smile gentled into a broad grin. She seemed amused by the game that they were playing.

"Okay," she conceded. "I am single at the moment; but how do you know that you're my type?"

"Because I am. You didn't ask me why I thought that I was your type. You asked me how I know that to be true; so I suspect that it must be true. I really am your type!"

Cynthia's eyes focused on Kyle speculatively for the first time. Kyle was right. He really was her type: her large, clean-shaven, friendly, corn-fed, boy-next-door type. She glanced at the waiter as he brought Kyle's food and set it down in front of him. She accepted, with thanks, another coffee at the man's offer of more service.

"Okay," she said when they were alone again. "I'm listening. Tell me all about yourself, Kyle Kantorowicz."


Kyle didn't even notice that Ricky hadn't shown up again, to pay him the two hundred thousand dollars that he owed him. He found himself exchanging childhood stories with Cyn, and when he invited her to come with him for a walk in the park, it was only her hesitation that reminded him that she was not, in fact, a lifelong friend of his, but rather a stranger that he had met only two hours before.

Kyle felt a pang of bitter disappointment and a sharp sense of loss at the realization that their time together would end. He didn't want to freak her out though so he tried to be cool about it and allow her to leave without him.

"Same time next week?" he quipped.

"I'll be here again on Friday," Cyn said quietly. "Same time?"

"Okay, Friday it is," Kyle agreed, reaching for her hand and squeezing her fingers. She squeezed back and smiled at him, her endearing shyness returning.

Kyle met Cyn again on Friday and she was just as enchanting to him. He met her twice during the following week and three times the week after that. He dreamed about her at night and thought of her as he rubbed his painfully turgid cock to relieve himself of the frustration of waiting to see her again. She really didn't talk very much about herself or her childhood in Jamaica, but listened fascinated, to his stories about his early life in Oklahoma. She wasn't in any way evasive if he asked her a direct question, but she seemed to put him at the centre of the universe and made him feel that it was his rightful place in life. She encouraged him to pursue his dreams and spoke very optimistically about hers. Kyle felt that he was truly invincible when Cyn was near him, and it was an addictive feeling.

It took him six weeks more, and all the strength that he could find in himself to decline her first offer of sex, before he took her to his bed. He had had to shoot his load to take the edge off before collecting her at their cafe; but when he saw her he realized that it didn't matter; he was excited, and it showed. He was not accustomed to such a lack of self-control, but he found that he did not care.

She surprised him. He had imagined a passionate woman, but he would never have guessed at the playful kinkiness that she displayed. She brought her own scarves with which she tied his arms and legs and blindfolded and cleave gagged him. Kyle was just about to put a stop to that shit when she swallowed his cock whole for the first time and nursed at his groin while massaging his balls firmly. She brought him to a blinding orgasm in under ten minutes, rendering him unable to remember his own name and too physically sated to offer to reciprocate immediately. After that, he could not have denied her anything that she wanted from him sexually, even if he tried. And she demanded a lot. She gave him only fifteen minutes to recover before she started again though she took things more slowly this time and allowed him to savour the sensations of her lazy assault on his body.

She had an adult nursing fetish that delighted Kyle, and allowed him to lose himself between her 34DDs and suckle her to his heart's content. She used her teeth on him in ways that he didn't realize he enjoyed and he could never have believed that such a sweet-looking girl could be so filthy of speech, or so physically flexible in bed. He was no prude, but he had never tried anal with any of his women and was mildly shocked but delighted to learn that that was where she wanted him to take her more often than not. He had never been asked to fight for it before either, but he found that the simulated non-consensual forays in which they engaged were among the most satisfying sexual experiences that he had ever had.

Yet, her physical prowess and sexual creativity were not the only attractions. Kyle found himself wanting to impress her mentally as well and so he Googled some of the books that he had noticed her reading so that he could have something to say to her about the ones that were in English and German, his father's homeland. He did not think it prudent to let her know that he understood French, Chinese, Arabic and Russian as well since he didn't think that she would ever have a need to know these things about him; and certainly she did not need to know them now.

She seemed genuinely impressed by his literary efforts, but not as impressed as he was when he realized that she actually understood and enjoyed football and baseball and that they were fans of the same team or when he learned that she knew all there was to know about Formula One racing, that she had run two marathons and that she was a fifth degree black belt in karate. Kyle could not believe his good luck to have met Cynthia and he began to wonder seriously if they could have a real future together.


It took Cyn until Christmas to introduce Kyle to her family. Although she was close to her brother and exchanged e-mails with him on most days, she didn't speak of her sisters very much, but they had had such a good time getting to know each other that he hadn't even thought to question this. Then Cyn brought the e-mail that she'd received from Soren, requesting her presence at a family reunion that he and his wife, Margaret, were planning for their joint families in Jamaica. Soren knew about Kyle and had extended the invitation to him as well.

Kyle was excited. Business was slow and two weeks in the beautiful, tropical paradise that was Jamaica at the height of the North American winter seemed like a great deal to him; certainly not something that he was going to pass up. He packed his bags and was ready to go even before Cyn was.


Soren-Ishmael Caine met them at the Norman Manley International Airport himself. It was the second time since knowing her that Kyle felt genuinely intimidated by Cynthia; and in truth, she had nothing to do with his angst.

"Soren's a neurologist," Cyn had whispered hastily as they left arrivals to wait for their ride. It had seemed a pointless comment since Kyle didn't think that he would have had anything much to discuss on the topic of neurology in any event.

"He's great!" she gushed. "Nothing to be afraid of."

Kyle's eyebrows raised at that. He didn't have any time to ask her about her last comment though when he saw the man glide through the parting crowd and he felt the first chill of self-doubt. It had to have been him. He saw an unmistakable family resemblance.

Soren-Ishmael Caine stood about 6' 9" tall and looked, and moved, like a male supermodel. He had the calm confidence of one born to affluence but who had also added to his impressive credentials by dint of his own hard work and his talents. For all that though, there was something surprisingly humble about the man. He didn't seem to want to attract attention.

"Cyn," Kyle whispered, awed.

She turned toward him, looked in the direction in which he gazed and saw her brother.

"Soren!" she shrieked and ran to tackle hug the huge man.

"My baby girl!" the giant exclaimed scooping her up and hugging her. "How are you, Sweetie?"

"I'm great! How's Maggie?"

"Never better!" He paused briefly, for effect, "We're expecting!"

Cyn shrieked again and hugged her brother tightly. It was clear that this was possibly the best news that she had had all year.

"Sor!..." words failed her. "Sor!" she tried again. "Jesus Sor! I am so happy for you! Congratulations!" she managed at last.

"I know baby. I know. We haven't told anyone yet. You're the first. We thought to say something at the brunch so mum's the word, okay?"

Cyn hugged him again Kyle thought that he heard her sniff. The giant put her on the ground and she stepped away from him and seemed to remember Kyle for the first time.

Cyn dried her tears and turned toward Kyle, dragging her brother by the hand the few steps toward him.

"Sor, please come to meet my friend, Kyle!" she gushed. "He's great too," she added more shyly.

"Ahhhh, Kyle! I'm Soren. It's wonderful to finally meet you," the man smiled brightly at Kyle while shaking his hand firmly.

"My little sister is very impressed by you, so I am as well. Welcome to Jamaica! I hope that you'll enjoy your stay with us. Have you ever been here before?"

"No, but Cyn has been telling me how not to behave like a tourist."

They all laughed at that before Soren went to get his Prado from the parking lot so that he could stow their luggage. Cyn had actually hefted her bags ready to accompany her brother to the parking lot, but she put them down on the pavement when she noticed that several persons, including Kyle and Soren, were staring at her.

"Okay, Cyn! It's a good thing that you told me that he was a doctor," Kyle said when they were alone. "I would have thought actor or model or basketball player or something like that. He could even sing! He sounds like Barry White!"

Cyn looked impressed. Her corn-fed boyfriend had soul. She had to keep an eye on him since there was more there than met the eye.

"I didn't know that you knew about Barry White," she giggled. "I know what you mean about Sor though, and you would have hurt his feelings if you had suggested that to him. He has had to work very hard to be taken seriously for his brains and he's most proud of that. Everything else is an accident of birth. He accepts them, but he's trying his best to do more in life. It's very strange, but he is very sensitive about people noticing the way he looks; and he works so hard! It's as if he's doing penance or something. I keep telling him to slow down, but he won't. It's like he's trying to out run his life. I can't explain it."

Kyle's eyebrows went up at that. He supposed it took all sorts.

"Alright, and what's up with your sister-in-law? You cried at the news that she was pregnant."

"Sor and Maggie have been trying for nearly ten years. I think that Maggie has had about thirteen miscarriages. They even gave up and adopted a little girl. She's beautiful. I love her dearly. They've called her Nicole. She's four now. This is really something big for them. I hope that it works out. Mags has never got beyond the first trimester before and for Sor to be telling the family this time then I know that she has. I know that Sor is going to treat her like an egg! She deserves this! They both do!"

Cyn looked as if she was about to cry again and so Kyle came to her and held her tightly. He kissed her dreadlocked head and cuddled her. He was seriously falling for her kind heart. That she would be so happy for her brother and his wife, and feel such profound joy at the thought of them having the much-wanted baby of their own, impressed him greatly. He had seen so much ugliness in the world that she was a breath of fresh air for him.


The drive into Kingston and beyond that to Irish Town where the Caine's lived was largely uneventful. Cynthia and Kyle would be staying with Soren and his wife but they stopped at her parents' home on their way there.

Kyle stepped out of the SUV and admired the magnificent scenery as he had been doing during the entire drive into the mountains outside the capital city. He and Soren had already become firm friends on the way in from the airport and so he took it in good stride when Cyn's brother kidded him about behaving like a tourist.

"Mara and Savannah came in last night," Soren said casually to Cyn on his way up the steps into his parents' home. "They're staying with Mummy and Dada. Mags couldn't manage the crowd."

Kyle caught the look that the siblings exchanged but said nothing. Family tiffs were common. This had nothing to do with him. He was just planning to stick by Cyn and Soren and stay out of trouble. It seemed funny that Mara and Savannah were considered a crowd but the couple was planning an event for over a hundred and fifty people without batting an eyelid.

The trio had just entered a spacious, tastefully-furnished front room when Kyle's heart skipped a beat.

"Cyn!" a young woman exclaimed and rushed passed, bumping into Kyle rudely, as she ran to hug the woman that he was beginning to think of as his girlfriend.

"Mara," Cyn smiled politely. "How are you? Mara, I think that you nearly knocked my guest over. Where are your manners? Please say hello to Kyle."

"Hello, Kyle," the woman turned to greet him, extending her hand regally. She was quite an eyeful. Her sexy, come-hither smile and magnificent cleavage were the first things that Kyle noticed before he managed to pull his bulging eyes away to look into hers. Mara noticed, and Kyle saw her suppress an amused smile as she stepped forward to give him a sociable peck on the cheek. It wasn't the start that he had hoped for.

"Kyle, please meet my sister, Mara-Viviana," Cyn said. "We're twins," she added as if it were an afterthought. "Mara, please say hello to my... fiancé, Kyle."

Kyle's mouth fell open. He would be proud of himself later when he realized that he managed to shut it quickly. One look at Mara would have been enough to bowl him over, but then from somewhere in the fogs of his mind to hear himself introduced as Cyn's fiancé was almost too much.

"You didn't remember to tell me that you were one of identical twins, Cyn!" Kyle exclaimed.

Then a young woman, who must have been Savannah, came into the room followed by two older people whom Kyle assumed to be Cyn's parents.

"Triplets?" Kyle asked faintly.

This caused general laughter, and Cyn came to claim his hand. For some reason Kyle was grateful. He had a distinct feeling of having stumbled into the twilight zone.

"No darling, Sav is a year older than Mara and I." she whispered. "I'm the baby of the family by three minutes," she added. "I'll tell you about it later."

"Come here Cynthia!" her mother chided. "You can't have your guest standing up like this. Come and greet your father properly and offer your young man a cup of soup!"

Kyle watched Cyn run to hug both of her parents tightly as if she never wanted to let them go. He saw them hug her back and knew that they had a very special relationship. He knew that she had no doubt in the world that she was loved so long as these two people were alive, and that this assurance was a large part of the quiet strength that she exuded.

"Daddy? Mummy? Please meet my friend Kyle," she said at last.

The two older people shook hands with Kyle and welcomed him into their home. Mrs. Caine insisted that her children and their guest remain for dinner. She ordered her son to call his wife and tell her to pack their daughter in the car and come over since dinner was nearly ready.

Kyle found Margaret Caine and her daughter just as delightful as her in-laws and all in all he was made to feel like a member of the family although he had known these people for only three hours. The undercurrent between Cyn and Mara was almost imperceptible and since he seemed to have been the only person to have noticed it, he convinced himself that he was imagining things.

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