tagSci-Fi & FantasySorority Gift Ch. 04

Sorority Gift Ch. 04


The note said, "Have I got your attention. We need to talk, set a time. Leave this note right where you found it. Nigel."

"Who the hell is Nigel?" I ask.

"He was the protector before mother." Nan said.

I pulled a pen from my pocket, "Right here, high noon tomorrow." I wrote. I put the paper back where it had been.

"Now we wait, once I find out what this guy wants. We will go from there." I said.

I went inside the mansion; I still had four girls to train. Their training would prepare them for the men to come in their lives.

"April, get Tiffany, Peggy, Silva and Becky and prepare them for the night." I said.

"Yes Sir" April replied.

"One hour and I will be there." I smiled at her.

April left the room. Nan asks, "Would you like me to help. It's been a while since we trained a large group together."

"Yes, working as a team we might get some sleep before the sun comes up." I said.

"Ok, like always you're just going to pick one and work her over?" Nan asks.

"Always a good start, do you have something else in mind?" I ask.

"I was thinking we would share each one. Do one at a time together." Nan said.

"Let's pull them all onto the bed and just let things flow. I do need some tension release. You couldn't handle it alone today." I said.

"Ok, I will go get them ready, join us in the shower." Nan said.

"I will be along soon." I said. She started toward the bedrooms. I stood there watching the gates; I wandered where this was headed. Five minutes later, I come back into focus. I turned and walked into the house. I went into the kitchen, Esther and Mina were there.

"Master, would you like something to eat." Mina asks.

"Sure, a sandwich would be nice." I said.

"One turkey club coming up" Esther said. She fixed my sandwich and set it in front of me. I looked at her.

"Ladies, am I doing a good job here? I mean am I protecting all of you?" I ask.

"Yes, you are." Esther said, "We have never felt safer."

"Thank you" I said and started on the sandwich. I thought about what I would do with the new trainees. I finished the sandwich. April come into the room.

"Master, Nan has the girls ready." April said.

"Thanks, April; I will head down there in a moment." I said. I sipped a cup of juice before I stood. I walked down to the bedroom and went into the bathroom without speaking to anyone on the bed. I stripped and stepped into the shower. I started the water and stood under the spray. The hot water felt good, I started to relax a bit with the heat pounding my flesh.

"Are you alright?" Nan asks.

"I am weary of this battle; I need to find an answer soon." I said.

"Tomorrow, Nigel will tell us what is going on. He was a good man and protector according to mother's journals." Nan said.

"We'll see" I said. Nan rubbed my back under the spray, it felt good. She took a cloth and soaped me up. I stood there just out of reach of the spray. Once she scrubbed my body, I moved back into the water. It rinsed my body and removed the soap. I washed and rinsed my hair quickly. I turned the water off and Nan handed me a towel as she started drying herself off. I toweled off and stepped out of the shower. I finished in the bath and went to the bed where the girls waited.

They sat there smiling at me as I approached the bed. I smiled back at them. I looked around the room. There were snacks on the table by the door. The drapes around the bed were opened giving the room a larger feeling. The night before with the other young women the drapes had been closed making the one room into two. Tonight everyone was ready and waiting for me.

"Ladies, are we ready for a night of pleasure and pain?" I ask.

They looked at each other, one of them questioned, "Pain"

"Sorry, just a phrase, I hope there will be no pain for anyone here." I said with a smile.

They smiled back, not sure of my intent.

"Girls, there will be some pain but nothing you can't handle. I assure you, he will not hurt you." Nan said.

I looked at the blonde sitting close to my head, "What's your name, girl?" I ask. She was average build, with full breast. Her ass and hips were narrow, her legs a little skinny and long. Her tan sat off her blonde hair. Her crotch was shaved.

"Tiffany" She said.

"Tiffany, you can start by sucking his cock. I will lick your clit, so on your back." Nan said.

The girl lain down, I straddled her full upper body and guided my hard stiff cock into her warm wet mouth. Nan lie between her long tanned legs and licked her hard clit and wet pussy. The woman opened her full pouty lips to allow my cock in. She licked her tongue across the bulbous head as it filled her mouth. I slid my harden cock deeper into her tight throat. She gagged and coughed, I pulled back to let her recover. I heard her moan softly as Nan sucked her hard little nub. I pushed my rigid cock back into her hot moist mouth and down her throbbing throat slowly. I inched forward on her chest to get in deeper. Her throat opened slowly to my intruding dick. I leaned forward onto my hands, forcing my cock farther into her throat. She took the length of my dick with no problem this time. Once I was all the way in, she wrapped her arms around my ass and held me there. I let her have her way for a few minutes.

She cried out around my stiff pole as she came shuddering. Nan was working hard on her wet hot pussy. I pulled back, taking my wooden dick from her throat. "Tiff, I am going to fuck your mouth now." I said.

She nodded her head, "Mmmmhhhh"

I slowly started back into her tight throat, my rhythm increased as I pumped my solid meat into her pouty lips. She laid there under me with her beautiful pink lips wrapped tight around my large stiff cock. She opened her mouth and screamed as she came again. I couldn't make out what she said.

Nan tapped me on the shoulder, "Her pussy is hot and ready, if you want to fuck her awhile."

I pulled my dick from her mouth. She tried to hold it in with her lips; it popped out with a slurppy pop. I moved quickly down between her legs. On my knees, I pulled both of Tiff's long legs up to my chest. I guided my stiff dick into her hot wet hole. Nan had her dripping with cum. I pushed my dick balls deep into her twat. She moaned loudly as she came again. Nan kissed me and threw a leg of the girl's face. She lowered her wet dripping cunt to the woman's mouth. Tiff stuck her stiffen hard tongue into Nan's hot wet pussy. Nan moaned as that tongue licked her cunt lips. I fucked the young woman's hot juicy hole, her cum was running out and over her ass to the bed. She was cumming almost non-stop now. She was humping up to meet me, her young legs pressing against my upper body. Her cries and moans could be heard in the room as I fucked her. I looked at the other three women sitting on the edge of the bed. Each was fingering their pussies and watching the sex in front of them. They seemed to be enjoying the live sex show.

She had not let up as I drilled her hot cunt, she humped back onto me. Thirty minutes of fucking her, I pulled out. I lifted her legs a little more. I put two fingers into her sloppy pussy and finger fucked her for a bit. I removed my fingers dripping with her juices and pushed them into her tight asshole. She reached around and pulled her ass cheeks open.

"It is virgin, but I have always wanted it taken." Tiff cried through Nan steamy cunt.

"I used her juices to lubricate her virgin rectum. I stretched her open some to prepare her asshole. I repositioned my long thick dick and guided it toward her dark hole. I pushed the head in and waited. She screamed and laid still. I waited for her to let me know when she was ready. I heard her mutter something.

"What my young one?" I ask.

She moved her mouth, "Go ahead slowly. That fucking thing is huge. It does hurt a little."

"Good, I thought I was being too easy on you." I laughed.

"Fuck you too." Tiff said.

I pushed in a couple of inches; she gasped and pulled at Nan's legs. She screamed into Nan wet hole. Nan's eyes grew wide as the sounds of the scream rippled her pussy. I bottomed out in Tiff's ass. I waited a few minutes; I pulled back and pushed forward slowly increasing my speed. Fucking her throbbing ass was a pleasure; she continued to thrust against me. I held her legs around my head. Nan facing me was rubbing Tiff's clit and fingering her pussy. Tiff was enjoying a good fucking.

"Nan, move off her, I want her on her belly. I want to top her as I fuck her young ass some more." I said.

Nan moved as I pulled from Tiff's ass. I rolled her over and moved over her.

"Tiff, spread your butt cheek so I can enter you again." I said.

She pulled her cheeks apart; I pushed my hard cock back into her ass. The girl moaned, holding her cheeks opened. Nan moved in front of Tiff. Nan slid closer to Tiff's open mouth. Tiff sucked Nan big clit into her mouth. I was pumping into the woman's tight sphincter. Tiff was thrusting up to meet my pounding. I fucked her hard for her first time. Tiff let go of her ass and grabbed Nan's thighs pulling her closer. Tiff sucked Nan's clit then worked two fingers up to the knuckles into her wet pussy. Nan moaned, she grabbed a handful of Tiff's blonde hair and ground her face into her own pussy. Time flew by, another thirty minutes of fucking her ass. I was building up my own pressure; Tiff was wiggling her ass hard on my pumping cock. She loved this, I finally lost my shit, I came. I filled her bowels with hot cum. She orgasmed again, Nan came seconds after. I pulled free; I moved up the bed and lay down. Tiff turned and attacked my cock, sucking it clean. Nan went to the girl's ass and licked my cum up as it leaked out. When they were done, Tiff said, "I need to sleep."

"Go, you did well." I said.

I looked at the other three; they had sat there watching the action on the bed. I could tell by the looks in their eyes, they were hungry.

"Who's next?" I ask.

Two of them lifted their hands; Becky just scrambled forward and wrapped her lips around my dick. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my head. Her hot steaming cunt placed in my face. I fell to my side from the attack. Nan laughed as I licked the woman's pussy lips. Her mouth was sucking my dick into her throat; she was grinding her cunt on my mouth trying to get herself off. I locked my lips to that not so little nub of her clit. I sucked and flicked my tongue across her nub, her moans turned into a scream as she came. She forced my cock deeper into her throat with each thrust as she bobbed her head on my cock. Nan come up beside us and forced two lubricated fingers into the woman's ass. Becky rose to meet those fingers slightly. She didn't leave my lips for long. I put three fingers into her wet, sloppy hole, and pumped her hard.

I felt lips on my balls; I assumed one of the other girls had joined the fun. I reached out to find that other body, I found her. I cupped her asscheek and started feeling her butt. I moved my hand between her legs. Her pussy was running fluids down the front of her thighs and onto the bed. She parted those wet thighs; I found her juicy hole and drove three fingers into that tight pussy. It gave way to my fingers, forming around them, that velvety glove fit well. I pumped my fingers into her, someone moaned. My other hand was pulled away from Becky's back where I held her. They guided it to yet another pussy, the woman was on her knees. She pushed my hand between her legs. I shoved three fingers into her hot dripping cunt. She cried, "Oh fucking yes."

I fingered that woman as she lowered herself to a sitting position forcing my fingers deeper into her wet cunt. I couldn't move my hand as she started bouncing up and down on my fingers. She was murmuring obscenities as she rode my fingers. I was covered in female flesh, I loved it. Nan lowered her head down next to mine, "Peggy is sucking your balls and Silvia is riding your hand. I am going to enjoy Silvia for a while."

Nan moved to Silvia and kissed her. Silvia kissed her back; she wrapped her arms around Nan's neck. Nan encompassed Silvia's waist with her arms holding Silvia tight. The tongue tangle lasted a long time, Silvia broke the kiss. Nan lowered her lips to Silvia's dark brown nipple while holding the breast with her hand. Silvia threw her head back and moaned loudly. Nan dropped her hand to Silvia's hot crotch; she found her bud and rubbed it. Silvia froze as she came. Her moans stopped, Silvia just sat there with my fingers buried in her and Nan rubbing her clit. Silvia lay back on the back; Nan's tongue found Silvia's bud. She sucked it, Silvia screamed. My hand was free; Nan pushed three fingers into Silvia's cunt. Silvia's ass rose into the air offering Nan more.

Peggy sucked my balls while I pounded three fingers into her tight wet pussy. She laid there with one leg in the air. Once in a while Becky would kiss Peggy. I couldn't see it but I could feel the two of them engage in the act. Becky sat up; Peggy engulfed my cock with her warm, moist, hungry mouth. My tongue was penetrating Becky's twat, tongue fucking her as her juices ran down into my mouth. She was grinding her cunt on my face while fingering her clitoris. Becky's wide ass hid my head from everything in the room. I reached up and grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them. I moved my tongue to her rosebud hole. She moaned hard, I stuck my tongue deep into her asshole. She shook as her orgasm flooded her body. I licked up and down her crack. She wiggled her ass wanting more. I returned to her asshole and tongued it. She forced her ass down till she was sitting on my face. I could barely breathe, but I keep tongue fucking that tight little hole. She was screaming, "Yes, please, oh god. Tongue my ass. Please I'm coming again. Don't fucking stop."

I drove my tongue as deep into her ass as I could stick it. She rolled to one side and crawled away. I watched as she curled up and wept.

"You alright" I ask.

"I will be once I recover from the best damn orgasm I ever had. I never had anyone tongue my asshole before. Fuck that was good." Becky said.

Peggy was sucking my cock. I pulled her pussy around so I could lick her. She straddled my head; I found a steaming hot, juicy cunt. She was dripping wet as I licked her cunt lips. She tasted sweet, innocent, and ready. I pushed my tongue into her. She moaned on my cock that felt good. I tongued her harder, she started moaning continuously. That sent shivers through my cock into my body, I felt the blast building. I rubbed her clit with two fingers, she came on my face. She was moaning loudly around my cock. Her hands were playing with my balls. I couldn't stop it; I filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed the first few shots then held the rest. When I finished, she sat up. She motioned to Becky to come to her. Becky rose and met Peggy. Peggy kissed Becky and transferred my cum into her mouth. Becky took it, tasted it and swallowed it. They kissed for a time, savoring my cum between them.

I thought it was time; I extended my tongue into Peggy's twat. I licked the inner walls of her cunt, she came. I spread my tongue around her pussy. She was moaning and squirming on my face. I heard, "Peggy, are you ok?"

"Hell no, damn, his tongue is huge, he is so deep inside me, fuck." Peggy cried.

She came again. I sucked her honey into my mouth and tasted it before swallowing. I tongue fucked her silly, she didn't want to move. I found that spot that drives most women silly. She screamed as I ran my tongue across it. Her cunt was grinding on my face as she came. She had hold of Becky, they were kissing. Peggy broke the kiss, and dropped across my body.

"Fuck, please, stop, I can't take anymore. Becky, pull me off him, please." Peggy cried.

I pulled my tongue out; she was still running her honey into my mouth. I swallow it up. I felt hands on her side as they rolled her off. Peggy laid there giggling madly; she was close to losing it. Nan turned to Peggy, "Are you ok? Peggy."

Laughing, Peggy said, "Just keep him away from me for a while." She moved from the bed to her hands and knees. She crawled shakily to a couch and up onto it. She stretched out on it and laughed.

Silvia moved to me and straddled my waist; she found my cock hard again. She lowered herself onto me. Her pussy was wet, tight and warm. She sheathed my cock completely before she started humping me. I grabbed her hips and bucked up into her. She was murmuring obscenities again as I fucked her. Nan and Becky were kissing. I was watching the two of them and Silvia riding me. The sight was erotic to say the least. Becky and Nan turned on Silvia. Kissing her and sucking her nipples, Silvia kept swearing as we paid attention to her. Silvia bounced up and down, driving my cock deep with each thrust. Her tits were flopping around, Becky was holding on to them as she sucked Silvia's nipples. Nan was pushing her tongue into Silvia's mouth. It was quiet in the room except for the sound of skin slapping skin. I laid there enjoying the show when I felt the bed shift, I looked to see Peggy back, she kissed me. I grabbed her hair and held her to me. Kissing her hard, she rubbed my chest, then broke away.

"Tongue fuck me again" Peggy said.

She straddled my face, she was facing me as I pushed my long tongue into her cunt. She stiffened as her orgasm slammed her. She went off instantly. She continued to come as my tongue felt the velvety walls of her wet pussy. She leaked that nectar down my tongue into my mouth. A few minutes of this and I pulled out. "Turn around" I said.

She turned around and restraddled my head. This time I was closer to her ass. I moved her and stuck my tongue into her asshole. It was fucking tight, it pressed against my tongue as I forced it in and out. She screamed with pleasure. I tongue fucked her ass. The rim squeezed my tongue trying to force it back out. Her ass wiggled over me, my tongue driving her mad again. I pulled out and licked her crack. I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of her tight asshole. She moaned, Nan turned to her, they kissed. I shoved my tongue into her cunt, driving it deep. Peggy grabbed Nan and held onto her.

"Fuck, he is maddening, how do you take it?" Peggy said.

"Why do you think you girls are here? I couldn't handle him alone." Nan said.

"Fuck, I can't stop coming." Peggy said.

She ground down onto my face, "Finish me, I am about done. Your dick will have to wait to taste this pussy and my ass."

I slammed my tongue back in, she screamed as it rammed the back of her cunt. She rolled off. She slid from the bed and disappeared. Silvia was still coming on my cock, she was not far from being done. I renewed my drive into her pussy, she flung obscenities out. Her eyes were closed, her cunt was leaking fluids all over my balls. She rode me hard as she came over and over. Suddenly she dropped to the bed and pulled away. My hard cock still standing upright, Becky climbed on after Silvia rolled away.

"Fuck, his cock is thick and long. I am going to enjoy this." Becky said as she began to ride me. Nan turned and bent down to kiss me. We kissed while Becky humping my cock. Nan broke the kiss and licked Peggy's juices from my face. I had my hands on Becky's hips driving my rock solid cock into her wet streaming cunt. She was bouncing up and down on my cock like there would be no tomorrow. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened like she was screaming but no sound came out. My cock slammed her cunt walls, she met every deep thrust. She was tight and wet, my balls were covered with juices from four women now. Becky eeked out a small sound and passed out. Nan caught her and lowered her to the bed. Nan pulled Becky around with Silvia.

Nan crawled between my legs, she sucked my cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly up and down my shaft. She pulled off, "Damn, young ones can't handle a man. Four of them and you only come twice."

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