Sorority Initiation


"No. No, I can't be. I didn't complete my task. I didn't bring you back to the sorority house so that the other pledges could treat you like a whore. I couldn't do that to you! I wouldn't do that to you!" I babbled.

"And that is why you have become our sister, little one." Jaclyn said with a smile.

"What?" I asked, totally befuddled.

"By choosing to follow your heart, and your conscience, you proved to us that you are indeed everything that an Omega Pie Kappa sister is. You are sexual, you are sensual, you are beautiful and you definitely give and receive the most exquisite of all human pleasure. But you also are compassionate, kind, warm and full of love. You listened to your heart before you listened to your carnal nature. And the only true treason in the world is betraying what your heart tells you." Dominique explained.

"I don't understand." I roared, practically on the verge of tears.

"Had you brought me back to the Omega House last night and turned me over to the other pledges, you would have been saying that I meant nothing to you. It would have said that you cared only for yourself and you were willing to corrupt and humiliate another human to get what you wanted. And that is not what an Omega Pie sister would do. We humiliate no one; we fulfill everyone."

"So, this was a test then?" I asked.

"Yes. And a very complicated one. One that very few are able to pass. But you did, my love." Dominique told me.

"What about the other pledges?" I demanded.

"They weren't pledges. They were sisters from another chapter sent to play the role of pledges for your benefit. You see, Omega Pie Kappa takes only one pledge at a time. We have since we were chartered. I know. Because I was one of the very first." Dominique explained.

"You're an Omega Pie, Dominique?" I asked completely dumbfounded.

"Of course." She replied.

"So, you all planned this? You set me up." I nearly shouted.

"Not exactly. Let's just say we like to keep things in the family." Dominique said.

My mind was spinning as thousands of questions and thoughts tumbled about like clothes in a dryer.

"Are you okay, Alicia?" Jaclyn asked after a long moment.

"I think so." I mumbled. "How did you know that I'd select you?" I asked Dominique.

Dominique beamed her beautiful smile, clipped my chin in her fingers and kissed me softly.

"We know and can sense our own kind, love." She replied.

"So what happens now?" I asked.

"Ladies? Is the room ready?" Dominique asked to the other sisters.

"Yes, Mistress." They all replied in unison.

"Very good. Then shall we proceed with the induction ritual?" Dominique stated.

"What's going on?" I asked as two of the sisters stepped forward and took me gently by the arms.

"Now that you are our sister, we must welcome you properly." Jaclyn replied.

The two sisters led me back upstairs while Dominique, Jaclyn and the other four ladies followed in our wake. They took me to a room at the opposite end of the house; a room with its windows shaded and was illuminated by dozens of candles and a fire burning in the fireplace. In the center of the room was a bed made out of soft pillows; it looked somewhat like a sacrificial altar.

The Omega Pie sisters laid me down comfortably on the bed of pillows and spread me out completely naked like Marilyn Chambers in the opening scene of the classic adult film "Behind the Green Door." Gently restraining my wrists and ankles, Dominique, Jaclyn and the other six sisters of Omega Pie Kappa Sorority spent the rest of the day welcoming me to their family by loving and savoring me as I had never been before.

God, I love college!


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