Sorority Initiation Spy


My sister nodded once again, and told Mary Ann to get on with her penance. I expected her to bend over the desk, but instead she sat down on the armchair. Debbie moved away, again observing from a seat on a box.

Mary Ann reached down and lifted up her toga, revealing and then demurely removing blue cotton panties. She dropped them on the floor, and then spread her legs wide over the arms of the chair, fully exposing her snatch. Her pussy hair was tightly trimmed into a heart shaped design. She cautiously began opening the petals of her pussy lips.

“Sister Debbie, I’m sorry you caught be playing with my pussy in the room last week, and I thank you for not telling all of the sisters about my transgressions,” she slowly stated, as if reading from a prepared script. “Then you found out I slept with your boyfriend. I hope by doing this and other things in front of you I will have performed the proper penance for you to vote for my inclusion in this wonderful sorority.”

Mary Ann began playing with her pussy, slowly at first, with fingers dancing in the folds of her cunt. She became visibly excited after a bit, moisture emerging from her pulsing pussy. Her gentle touch brought gasps from Debbie and oohs and ahs from Richard. She fingered herself, slowly at first and then quicker, using one and then two fingers to excite her cunt. The girl was lost in her efforts, her face contorted and her thighs trembling. I had never saw another person masturbating him or herself, and this was red-hot erotic.

My high school prom date turned college freshman worked on her pussy with vigor, her head back and eyes closed. Her fingers worked overtime and soon her midsection was nearly bouncing as she brought herself higher and higher. Soon she reached her peak, and she groaned out loud orgasm.

Mary Ann calmed after her orgasm but her fingers never stopped playing with her pussy. Her eyes opened, and she looked around the room at Richard and Debbie. Soon she had a pronouncement: “I need to be fucked!” she said with a groan. “I need a cock.”

With that Richard walked over to her and dropped his pants. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but apparently this was part of the performance. Mary Ann reached over and grabbed his lengthening dick, stroked it, then began licking it from stem to stern. She kissed the hard cock, and then licked it some more. His hard cock was pulsing as it jumped at the girl’s face. Mary Ann wantonly rubbed the dick all over her lily-white face while still fingering her pussy.

She pushed the Richard away, put on the blindfold, and then wrapped the dark kerchief around her head. Then, laying back into the chair, she held open her pussy for her lover.

“Fuck me, please fuck me. I need your dick.”

Richard, however, had other ideas, turning and quietly walking out of the room and up the stairs, closing the door behind him. I quizzically looked on as Mary Ann continued her begging for cock while playing with her pouty pussy. “Oh Richard, please fuck me. I need your dick in my pussy.”

I looked over at my sister who had this Cheshire Smile gracing her face. She looked at me, and beckoned me out from behind the boxes. I did a double take then emerged from my hiding place.

“Go ahead, fuck her,” whispered Debbie, nodding at the girl who dissed me in high school.

“Yes, please fuck me, please,” pleaded Mary Ann.

It was music to my ears. When there’s a woman in need what can a gentleman do? I unhooked my belt, unzipped my pants, and let them drop to the floor. I moved closer to Mary Ann slid between her open thighs. It didn’t matter that she thought she was going to be fucked by Debbie’s boyfriend Richard. What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

I was still a virgin, but I knew what to do. The fact that Debbie was watching made it all more exciting. Here the girl who had been mean to me in high school was playing with her pussy and begging to be fucked. All due to the stewardship of my older sister. I looked back at her, dick in hand, and she nodded her head once again.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” begged the prone girl in front of me.

I moved closer and slipped between Mary Ann’s creamy thighs. I slid my dick up and down her wet snatch, bringing a gasp from the girl’s lips. “Give it to me, give me your hard dick.”

Mary Ann sounded like a porno queen with her insistent begging for cock. It was the hottest moment in my life. I pulled back a bit then thrust forward deep into her pussy. The feeling was incredible, like nothing I had ever imagined. I was in a girl’s pussy, all the way! And she did not have a clue it was me.

“Oh Richard, fuck me. I love your dick,” cried out the girl, slowly rolling her hips around my cock.

“Quiet down, Mary Ann, and let him fuck you,” said the voice from behind. Apparently Debbie wanted to remind the girl who was in charge. “By the way, you look like a slut.”

“Oh yes, I’m a slut. I love to fuck. I’m fucking your boyfriend in front of your eyes. What a whore I am.”

If only she knew it wasn’t Richard, but me, the guy she nearly spat on just a year ago was fucking her little pussy. Using it, like a John uses his hooker. Fucking her with nothing but lust in his mind and body.

I couldn’t help myself, I fucked Mary Ann hard and fast. Apparently too fast for Debbie.

“Pull out,” she commanded. It took a few seconds but I compiled.

“Rub your dick on her face!”

I put my hand behind Mary Ann’s head and pulled it against my rock hard cock. I rubbed my dick against her face, rubbing her pussy juices onto her cheeks. It was so incredibly hot, using the girl. I could probably have jerked off on her face and there wouldn’t have been a whimper of denial.

Soon Debbie made her next pronouncement. “Get on your hands and knees, Mary Ann, and make it snappy.

The girl did, and pointed her as high in the air at me. Debbie held her hand up at me as if to halt me from slipping back inside her moist slot. Mary Ann started to say something, but hesitated. She was having a hard time getting the words to emerge from her lips.

“Let’s hear it Mary Ann, you know what you want,” coaxed Debbie.

“I, uh, please, uh, oh shit! I need to be fucked up the ass! That is the only proper punishment for me.”

There, the words were out. I looked back at Debbie, questioning the request. I mean, just minutes before I was a virgin. Now I had a pretty girl on her hands and knees in front of me with her ass in the air begged to have a dick stuck into the naughtiest of holes.

I moved forward and began rubbing my dick up and down her ass crack, finally situating the tip against her ass hole. I pushed and pushed until the cock popped past the ass ring. First and inch, then two and finally three forced its way into Mary Ann’s tight little ass.

“Ooowwwww!” cried out the girl, my dick plowing into her virgin ass. I couldn’t believe how tight it was, and nearly lost it within a minute of gaining entry to the girl’s tight ass.

As Mary Ann cried Debbie stepped closer and told me to pull out. She then smacked Mary Ann’s ass five times. “Turn around, pledge, and lay back.”

Mary Ann lay back on the armchair and immediately opened her thighs. I stepped up to her again, and once again slipped my dirty dick inside her mouth. She worked on my dick, cleaning it of all foul residues from her backside. How I didn’t quickly come was a mystery.

It was obvious her mouth was well practiced in the art of a blowjob, because she brought me to the brink of eruption before Debbie commanded me to pull out of her mouth. She told the girl to lie back, and once again I straddled her midsection and played with her pussy.

After a bit of rubbing and caressing I slipped my dick inside her pussy. I reached around and grabbed her hot ass and began fucking. This time there was no stopping me, and I banged against the girl, hammering her wetness. It wasn’t long before I shot my load of cum into her pussy.

It took all I had not to scream out, but I didn’t want to reveal my identity. My dick finally stopped its first spurting into a pussy, and I turned and smiled at my sister. She knowingly smiled back. Mary Ann lay quietly in front of us, her breath still fast. She looked whorish with her legs spread open and cum sauce emerging from her pussy.

I quickly dressed and left the basement.

Later that night I called Debbie.

“Sis, that was so exciting, does she have any idea that I, uh, made love with her?” I questioned.

“Not at this point,” replied Debbie. “But if she ever speaks to Richard again she’ll learn that he wasn’t the one to bang her up the chocolate speedway!”

How hot is that?

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