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Sorority Plaything


Editor: Llorelai


Though I did go to college, I was never in a sorority. I knew if I was ever going to have anything in this world, I would have to earn it; sorority girls would have the world given to them. Their sense of entitlement also makes them mean. I had no intention of spending four years with them.

I got my degree in education. I worked hard, and I built a comfortable life for myself. I was a well respected teacher at an elite private school. Then, in one senseless afternoon, it all came crashing down. A routine traffic stop while driving my boyfriend's car turned up drugs. A search of my house turned up more drugs. My boyfriend denied all knowledge; I was left holding the bag. The school I teach for decided their reputation trumped loyalty. Everything I had worked for was gone. Even my friends would have very little to do with me.

I placed an ad as a tutor in the local college paper. I was relieved when I got a call to schedule a session a day later. Shortly after I arrived at her home for the session, she made it clear she was not interested in a tutor. She had seen my ad and recognized my name from the news. A little digging told her I was scheduled to appear in her father's court for the drug charges. Sensing a golden opportunity, she and her sister blackmailed me. I have to do whatever they command; if I fail to comply, they exert influence on their father. I am hoping for probation, but the judge could sentence me to fifteen to twenty. I don't know whether they can exert that much influence or not. The way my luck was running I couldn't take the risk.

I spent the night with them as their personal plaything. I allowed myself to be humiliated in ways I never even imagined. I believed the nightmare would end when the evening ended. They informed me as I was leaving that I was to return the following Friday for a party they are hosting.

I was still trying to come up with a way out of this when the cab dropped me off in front of their house. It was time to quit trying to find a way out and steel myself to get through this. For the past week, my stomach had been tense knowing what was coming that night. After four years of avoiding them in college, I was about to spend my first night with a sorority. I wouldn't be a pledge though; no, that night I was to serve them as their plaything, living entertainment provided by their hosts and my Mistresses, the twins Raven and Rose.

Mistresses Raven and Rose are typical spoiled brats who take great pleasure in degrading others. Add a roomful of young, equally cruel girls for them to show off for, and I knew I was in for a night of abject humiliation. My mistresses enjoyed the fact that at 35, I was twelve years older than them; yet I must still obey them, cater to their every whim. They missed no opportunity to rub my nose in that fact. I would spend the rest of that evening catering to an entire group of women who would normally refer to me as "Ma'am.

They were already at the door when I reached the landing. I have to admit, they are a stunning pair. Raven with her long jet black hair with crimson streaks, Rose with her bright red hair. They were dressed elegantly in evening dresses. I had dressed simply...I had an idea I would not be spending much time clothed that night anyway.

Raven greeted me with her normal condescending smile.

"I am SO glad to see you, Princess," she said "the evening just would not have been complete without you. You must come in and get ready as our guests will be arriving shortly, and we need still to give you instructions for the evening."

As soon as I was in the door, they led me down the hall to the bedroom where we spent the last evening I was here, and as I suspected, there was a small box with my name on it waiting on the bed.

"Be a good girl," Rose told me as they leave the room "get changed, and meet us in the living room."

The door was still open, but I went ahead and stripped; there would be no need for modesty. I got to the bed and opened the box, removing the few items inside. A pair of patent leather high heels, which I think of as 'hooker heels', and a two-piece lingerie set in shimmery purple and black lace. Tight corset and a pair of skimpy lace panties, very little in the coverage provided, but that is about what I expected. There was nothing for it but to get dressed. The shoes were a perfect fit, and I was amazed at the amount of information these two had about me. Once I had on my little costume, I headed for the living room to meet them. I did not want to be slow and start the evening off giving them a reason to be angry.

I was aware this will be a night of humiliating experiences in front of these young women. I had prepared myself for that as much as possible. I had not prepared myself for the surprise that awaited me when I entered the living room. There were three young men in tuxedos setting up to tend bar. At least that's what they were doing until I walked in. After seeing me, it was all they could do to try keeping their eyes from popping out of their heads. Raven and Rose are seated comfortably on the couch, watching intently.

"It's okay, gentlemen," Raven told the young men "that's just our personal slut, Princess. She is going to be serving our friends this evening, and providing entertainment throughout the night. I do hope you like what you see. You will be seeing much more as the night goes on. Now, Princess, come over here so we may discuss your duties."

I knew I was still the center of attention as I moved across the room and sat in the chair across from them. Rose removes a small pad and begins listing my instructions. They were really very simple; although they were designed to make sure I have not a moment where I am not reminded of my subservience to them, and by extension to everyone who will be here.

I was to greet their guests at the door and take their coats. I was to ask each girl if she is a pledge or a Sister. If a girl was a pledge, I was to turn and ask her to give me a slap on my ass. If she is a sister, I was to kneel and kiss her ass through her dress.

When all the girls had arrived, I was to take and serve drink orders, and to pass the snacks.

When everyone was seated with a drink, I was to go to the pad that had been set up between their chairs in the center of the room, remove my costume, and kneel on the pad with my bare ass in the air, pointed toward the audience seats. I was to remain there while they conducted business, until I was told by Mistress Raven or Mistress Rose to provide entertainment.

I had walked in the door knowing I was not going to enjoy this evening. I had known that these girls could be cruel and hurtful. Even knowing all this, and preparing all week for it, I felt my heart seize with every new instruction that was read out. There was no way I could submit to this. I would act as their servant, collect coats and serve drinks. I had even accepted that at some point I would end up naked and probably be spanked in front of an audience.

I would absolutely not let these obnoxious little brats make me actually kiss another girls ass, especially some young sorority snob. Nor would I kneel there naked with everything on display, for who knew how long, and definitely not with those young bartenders watching.

I stood up, pointed my finger at them, and told them

"I don't care what threats you may think you can make, I will NOT follow those instructions. In fact, I am leaving right now."

I turned and headed down the hall to get my clothes. I had taken off their lingerie and was just pulling up my own panties when Rose stuck her head in the door. She pointed at the phone, told me I had a call, and then went back toward the living room. I had certainly told none of my friends that I would be here, so I hesitated before answering. I knew it could not possibly be good news.

I picked up the receiver and spoke.


A deep masculine voice greeted me.

"Hello, young woman, this is Judge DeMarcos. I am the father of the young ladies you seem to know as Rose and Raven. May I speak to you for a moment?"

With a sinking feeling in my stomach, knowing I had no choice, I answered weakly

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. I wanted to tell you that I love my daughters very much, too much perhaps. I have indulged them all their lives, making sure they have anything their hearts desire. I have no intention of stopping that now. My daughters are not happy now, and that makes me very unhappy. I tend to get testy when someone upsets my daughters. I am aware that you are scheduled to appear in my courtroom soon. You may not be aware that the maximum sentence you could receive is twenty years. I assure you, Miss, if my daughters cannot convince me otherwise, you will receive that sentence, and I will make sure it is served at a maximum security facility. Of course, if I do receive a recommendation for leniency, I feel sure a short probationary period could be arranged. Do you have any questions, dear?"

By now, my knees had become so weak, I was sitting in the floor, but I managed to croak out "No, Sir."

I waited for a response, but heard only the click as he hung up. There was nothing for it now. I realized that it was no longer a schoolgirl threat. If I did not follow every command of these two girls, I was going to prison. I had to accept it; I very literally belonged to them. I got to my feet and put the lingerie back on. I hesitated for a minute at the door.

I knew I was going to pay dearly for my earlier outburst and refusal. My only hope was that if I could humiliate myself enough, I could reduce the punishment I was sure they were devising. I went to the entrance to the living room and dropped to my knees. I crawled to the couch where they were sitting. I was aware that the bartenders were staring at the spectacle I was making of myself. I leaned forward as if bowing and placed my head on the floor. From this submissive position I addressed my Mistresses.

"I have been very bad, and I am very sorry. Please spank me in front of these boys so that I may be properly punished for disobeying my Mistresses."

They did not reply to me. I could hear them talking quietly to each other as I kept my face to the floor awaiting my fate. Suddenly, Mistress Raven spoke as though surprised.

"Why, Princess, we thought you were leaving. We have decided we will no longer require your presence. You may go, and really, we wish you the best of luck with your legal issues."

She then returned to her conversation with Rose. I stayed there frozen. I had no doubt that they would let me leave. I had no doubt that if I did, I was going to prison. I was going to have to beg them to let me stay, let me be their toy. I had to do something dramatic to show them my submission; it would have to be something that would degrade me. Quietly, knowing the bartenders were right behind me watching this scene play out, I reached to my waist and pushed the lacy lingerie bottoms down my hips, baring my ass.

"Please, Mistresses, let me stay. I will follow all your instructions, obey all your commands."

I heard Mistress Rose shift on the couch.

"Why, Princess, I just don't think we can believe you. You have already defied us once, and we simply can't run the risk of being embarrassed in front of our friends. How would it look if we gave an order at the party, and you refused us? No, I just don't think we can take that chance with you."

I knew then that they would want proof of my submission, and that I must give it to them.

"Please, Mistresses, test me. I will do anything you tell me to do. I will never defy you again."

They returned to whispered conversation. Finally Raven returned her attention to me.

"Remain in that position as we tell you what we have decided. First, you will stand before us and strip naked with these young men present. Then you will tell us, out loud, that you will not only follow the directions you have already been given, but any other order you receive, from anyone at the party. Second, we have decided that you will not be allowed to put your panties back on as you greet our guests at the door."

I heard them moving; saw their feet as they moved to stand immediately by my head.

"Third," Mistress Rose said "you will now learn to give a proper kiss to a girls ass by practicing on us, but...this time you will be required to lift our dresses and place the kisses on our bare butts. And, finally, you will receive the spanking you requested, but it will be delivered after our guests have arrived. Think of it as learning experience, dear. You may not have thought this through yet, but you will belong to us not only tonight, but for the entire length of your revocable probation."

I had not thought it through, but I realized they were right. They were going to own me for my foreseeable future.

"Alright, dear," Raven said "if you still wish to prove your obedience, you may proceed."

I stood up and removed the remaining lingerie until I stood naked before them. Then I recited my instructions. As they turned their backs to me, I dropped to a kneeling position so that my face was in line with their hips. I knew I had no choice and I wanted this over with. I lifted Mistress Raven's dress to expose her butt, leaned forward, and placed my lips against her right cheek. Turning slightly, I did the same to Mistress Rose. I waited to be told to go get ready for the guests, but instead they spoke to each other.

"I think that was a fine way for her to greet our guests, but I don't think it was good enough for her punishment." Rose said.

Raven agreed "Yes, I think it should be a bit more intimate and demeaning, so that she remembers never to disobey again."

Raven leaned forward, placing her hands on the couch.

"Now lift my dress again." Raven ordered.

I lifted her dress, but I was surprised when Rose reached over to hold it for me. When I leaned in to kiss her again, she stopped me with a new order.

"No, Slut, spread my cheeks first!"

Now it dawned on me what was coming, my face flushed, and I struggled not to cry. This must be the worst thing they could do, and it was happening. As I placed my hands on her cheeks, I knew the order I was about to receive before she spoke.

"Now, kiss my hole, and I better feel tongue or you'll be doing this in a prison cell!"

Mistress Rose was already giggling as I pressed my face into Raven's crack, placed my lips against her little asshole, slid my tongue between my lips, and licked it. She moaned deep in her throat.

I had never even touched a naked woman before that moment. The first time I did, it would be to put my lips to the most forbidden place. I tried not to think about what I was doing, to let my mind go somewhere else while my body did what it had to. The intimacy of the moment prevented it. I could smell the soap on her body, the last lingering hint of her perfume. Under all that, though, I could smell something else. I realized I could smell her pussy, too; a rich, warm smell, the scent of womanly arousal. My lips were only inches away. I wanted to lick her there. I was about to lower my head to reach it when I was snapped back to reality by her comment.

"Oh, Rose, wait until you feel our slut's tongue on you. She was born to lick ass."

What had I been thinking? These girls were cruel and hateful. How could I have even thought about doing something so repulsive? My face felt hot with embarrassment. Was it from what I had been ordered to do; or, worse, was it from what I had wanted to do?

She and Rose were both laughing now, and as I leaned back, I knew I still had to do this horrible thing again, for Mistress Rose. Again, my mind betrayed me, kept me rooted in the present rather than flying away. I had hoped my senses would return, but, if anything, the urge was even stronger the second time.

Fortunately, they realized their guests would be arriving any minute. Mistress Rose ended my ordeal quickly. As I stood up, I noticed the look on Mistress Raven's face; she was looking at me questioningly, with a raised eyebrow. I thought she might be waiting for some response from me, but I had no idea what she wanted. When I made no response, she simply looked away, dismissing me. Mistress Rose sent me to the entryway to await their guests while they rearranged their dresses.

I had only been there a few moments before the door rang. As I opened it to invite the girls to enter, I realized I was also on display to the busy street. When the girls were inside, I suddenly realized to my horror that I recognized two of them; they had been my students. I silently prayed that they would not recognize me. I took their coats and hung them on the hooks, again realizing I was displaying my ass to them. They did not seem surprised by my presence or attire, so I knew my Mistresses must have told them what to expect. There were six girls in this group. They stood looking at me expectantly, and I suddenly remembered what else I was expected to do. I turned to the nearest girl, and asked if she was a pledge or a Sister. She told me they were all Sisters, so I knelt and asked them if I could please kiss their asses in welcome to my Mistresses home. They began giggling wildly.

"I'll be damned," one of them exclaimed "I didn't believe it until this moment. Are you really going to pucker up and kiss my ass?"

I wanted to scratch her eyes out. I wanted to knock that superior smirk right off her face. This girl had been a bad student, and a disruptive presence in my class. Instead I had no choice but to respond

"Yes, Ma'am, I am the slave of my Mistresses, and I have been ordered to kiss your ass."

"I remember you. You were my English teacher in eighth grade and you gave me a 'D'. The twins must really have the goods on you to have a woman your age standing in their foyer, bare-assed, asking girls our age if she can kiss their ass."

So they all knew I was being black-mailed into this, and they didn't care. They were still going to take advantage of the situation. They each turned, one at a time, and presented their butts to my lips as the others watched and howled with laughter. One of them, the one who had been in my class, decided to be cute. Before I leaned forward, she lifted her dress, exposing her tight young butt and a tiny thong. I knew I had best not hesitate, as Raven and Rose would be furious, so I pressed my lips to her bare cheeks as the others watched in delight. As my lips pressed against her skin, she told the others

"She may have given me a 'D' in English, but she gets an 'A' for being an ass-kissing slut."

My face burned in anger and degradation, but I could do nothing but accept their abuse. Just as I finished and got off my knees the bell rang again. I answered the door to a larger group, maybe twelve girls. This was a mixed group of Sisters and pledges, so I kissed five more asses and offered my own ass to be spanked seven times. Two more groups arrived over the next twenty minutes or so. By now, there were about forty girls present. My butt was becoming red and sore from the slaps it had received.

Mistress Rose came to collect me and led me back to take drink orders. Each girl had been given a piece of paper to write their order down on. I was required to go to each girl, turn, spread my cheeks, and allow her to insert her drink order. Then I had to take the order to the bartenders, and let them remove it from between my cheeks. I had forgotten the bartenders were males, and everyone got a good look at my ass and pussy. When I had finished delivering the drinks and snacks Mistress Raven announced it was time for business.

She shot me a hard glance, and I headed to my pad. As I reached it, I removed the remainder of my lingerie, leaving me nude except for my shoes. I knelt on the pad, and placed my head on the floor between their seats, leaving my hips up and my ass in the air. I had, at last, learned my place, and would never disobey my Mistresses again.

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