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Hi Everyone,

This story is a work of fiction etc, etc, etc! This is a long story so please bare with the first couple of chapters as they set the scene for the rest of the story.

Enjoy, love and licks, Lucy XXX

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1: Introduction

This story is set at the campus of Dolphin Creek University. Dolphin Creek 50 years ago was a beautiful picturesque town, but it had no jobs, no income and the area had started to seriously decline. That's when the state senate decided to build a university in the town on land they purchased from several local farmers.

What they built was a fully equipped university campus including student housing in the form of halls of residence. As the University grew so did the town around it, with a big student population requiring all sorts of services quickly shops, hair dressers, laundrettes, a motel, bars and many other new businesses sprang up.

Suddenly the once quiet little town was now a sprawling mass with a university at its centre. The town was still surrounded by the beauty of nature but those who stayed mainly on campus wouldn't realise that because of everything now surrounding the University.

Over 50 years the University continued to develop and modernise it's campus and the town continued to modernise and grow with it. By 2009 the University was taking around 80,000 students at any one time and naturally with it's reputation of being educationally top class and in the middle of the countryside the rich and privileged flocked to it.

As the University wanted to keep it's educational standards up as well as paying it's bills the management were careful to keep a good number of genuinely clever students as well as a fair few rich kids, who may not have met the same qualifying standards as the clever students but whose parents would happily pay whatever was necessary to get them in.

Harmony Lotus was 18 years old, 5 foot 6 and had blonde hair that hung in a pony tale to about two inches below her shoulders. She had a pretty face and a nice set of 34C breasts. There was nothing spectacular about the rest of her body but men had regularly told her she was cute.

She would rather have been thought of as beautiful but she'd take cute, she certainly got her fair share of attention from boys. She had had a few steady boyfriends and had slept with three of them over the past two years. She enjoyed sex but hadn't been that experimental, she had given her share of blow jobs and hand jobs but had never had a guy give her oral sex and she had never tried public sex or outdoor sex or anything exhibitionist like that.

When her application for Dolphin Creek University was accepted she was one of a small number of students who didn't really fall into either the clever or rich category. Her parents were of course hippies (how else would she have ended up with such a ridiculous name), her Mum had luckily for them been a decent singer and had made a surprising amount of money as a backing singer in the 80's and 90's.

Harmony wasn't stupid but wasn't overly intelligent either, when she failed to get the necessary grades to get into Dolphin Creek, the only University that did the specific course she had her heart set on doing, her parents paid the required extra entrance fee but as they had only budgeted pretty much that amount for her education they told her she wouldn't be getting any money from them whilst she was studying, it wasn't that they were being cruel or anything like that, they just didn't have the kind of money to give her any more.

Harmony was dismayed at first thinking she wouldn't be able to pay for anywhere to live and her savings from the work she had done over the past two summers was enough to cover food and clothes but not rent.

It was when she was looking on the University website trying to find a way around her problem she saw the section on the University's sorority's. She went through a number of pages looking over the entry requirements and realised this was the only way out of her problem. She found that if she applied for Zeta Sigma Omega sorority that she would have no rent to pay as well as no water or electric bills. She didn't understand how this deal worked but she saw the entry deadline hadn't yet passed so quickly filled out the form attaching a photo to her application as required. As she clicked send she hoped they'd accept her as this was her perfect solution.

A few days later she received an e-mail followed the next day by an identical letter informing her that she had passed stage 1 of the sorority's application process. At first she was delighted but as she read on she saw that she was only down to the final 30 applicants and there were just 10 places available in the sorority. The letter said she would hear in a week or so if she would be required to attend the on-site part of the application process.

Just over a week later a letter arrived informing a thrilled Harmony that she had been successful again and was now down to the final 20. She was told to attend the Sorority house on the Monday two weeks before classes were set to begin. The letter went on to explain that she would be given a room in the halls of residence for free during the selection process, but if she was eliminated then her room in the halls of residence would only be free for a further 24 hours then she would be required to either pay the normal price for accommodation or leave the room.

Harmony was very pleased she now had a fifty percent chance of getting into the sorority but she knew if she failed to get in that was it, she would have to drop out and her parents money to get her in would have been wasted. She had seen stories on the internet of sorority initiations and she knew she would have to do some really embarrassing stuff, but heck she had no choice, she had to get in!

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 2: Zeta Sigma Omega at Dolphin Creek

Zeta Sigma Omega was a big sorority, it had branches all over America and counted amongst it's alumni at least ten women who had inherited over $500 million and at least the same number who had married into that sort of money too. Numerous other girls had gone on to become judges, senators, high ranking state officials or directors of some of the US's biggest companies. Although the majority of members didn't go on to reach those lofty heights, their sisterhood did give them all life long benefits.

The Zeta Sigma Omega sorority at Dolphin Creek opened in the early 1980's thanks to the fact that the University's then head of students was a former Omega herself. Using her old sorority contacts she was able to arrange the purchase of the land and the building of the house at no cost. In exchange the manager of the bank that purchased the land and donated it to the sorority got his daughter as President of the new sorority and the daughters of the directors of the building company that built the house all got admission to the sorority automatically. This was all easy to arrange as the bank manager and all 3 directors of the building company were married to former Omega's.

The Zeta Sigma Omega house was massive, it had 5 floors including the large, now converted, basement. The top 3 floors each had 10 spacious bedrooms, which all included a king size bed and an on-suite bathroom. . There was also a large lounge area and kitchen on each of these 3 floors.

The ground floor had two more large lounge area's, another kitchen, two games rooms (one of which featured two pool tables), two guest bedrooms (again with a king sized bed and en-suite bathroom included with each) and a large "party" room which included a proper working bar area complete with beer taps and everything! There was also the sorority presidents office, which was a basic office with a desk, computer, TV and phone as well as a sofa and two chairs in it. Only the sorority president and her two vice presidents were allowed in this room.

The basement had just 4 rooms, one was a large swimming pool area, one was a spacious gym, in between the gym and pool area's was a large shower block. The final room in the basement was one of the most important rooms in the house, it was the room in which important sorority meetings took place including initiation ceremonies and the annual election of a sorority president.

Harmony arrived at her room in the halls of residence on the Sunday as instructed. She moved her belongings into the small room and said a tearful goodbye to her parents. In her head she silently prayed that she wouldn't be calling them to come and pick her up again in a few days, but she knew if she didn't get into the sorority that was exactly what would happen.

At about 10 o'clock she was getting ready to go to bed when the phone in her room rang, when she picked up the phone a girl asked if she was speaking to Harmony Lotus, when Harmony answered yes she was told to be at the sorority house at 10AM the next morning and to bring a bag with clothes, a swimming costume and whatever beauty and personal care products she wished as she may be required to stay at the house for several days during the application process. As soon as the girl on the phone had finished explaining this she hung up without giving Harmony the chance to respond or ask any questions.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 3: Initiation stage 1

At 10AM on the Monday 2 weeks before the start of lectures Harmony Lotus reported to the Dolphin Creek Zeta Sigma Omega sorority house as instructed. Harmony knew she would be in for a rough ride as she tried to gain initiation into the sorority, but she knew she had no choice but to do whatever was required as she had no other way of staying at the University and she just couldn't let her parents down like that.

When Harmony got to the door of the sorority she was met by two girls wearing sorority medallions,

"Hi, welcome to Zeta Sigma Omega," Smiled the girl on the left,

"name?" asked the one on the right,

Harmony gave her name and the girl on the right ticked her off on the clip board she was holding.

"Okay, firstly hand over your bag," Said the girl on the left.

Once Harmony gave her the bag the girl stuck on a label with Harmony's name on it and put it with a large pile of bags already collected just down the hallway,

"I'm not late am I? asked Harmony,

"No, you're the 8th potential pledge to get hear out of 20." Replied the girl on the left evenly,

The girl on the right directed her friend to show Harmony to the meeting room, the girl said nothing, except to tell Harmony to follow her, until they reached the meeting room.

As they entered the large meeting room the girl made a bee line for another medallion wearing girl,

"Sister Taylor, this is Harmony Lotus," the girl introduced her and then hurried back upstairs to join her friend at the door.

"Ah, Harmony, hi, okay according to my list I need to give you a number, just let me see hear, okay this is you," Smiled Taylor softly as she handed Harmony a large piece of card with a big number 3 on it.

She told Harmony to hang on to the number and directed her where to sit.

As Harmony took her seat she took a minute to look at her surroundings, this was a big room and was very strangely laid out. There were 5 separate sets of chairs all in different parts of the room. Directly opposite her on the other side of the room were 17 pink chairs, the first 15 were filled by girls wearing sorority medallions and she correctly guessed the other two were for the girls who were at the main door at present.

In front of her were 10 dark blue chairs, all these chairs were side on to both where she was sat and where the sorority sisters were sat and some of these were already filled. Harmony herself was sat on another row of 10 chairs, her row were white and again some were filled. Everyone else in her row she noticed was also holding a card with a number on it.

To the right were 3 golden chairs that looked much grander than the others, Taylor and two other girls were sat on these and Harmony correctly guessed these were for the heads of the sorority. The final row were 10 green chairs, these were directly opposite the gold chairs and were to the left of Harmony's row. She realised that the dark blue chairs were actually in the middle of a square with the sides formed by the other 4 rows of chairs.

The room itself was brightly lit, the walls were draped on 3 sides with dark green coverings with golden symbols on them. On the 4th side, directly behind the gold chairs, was a pink covering with the Zeta Sigma Omega symbol emblazoned on it.

As Harmony focused again on what was happening around her she noticed the room was almost full now, there were only 2 chairs in her row and one dark blue one still empty as well as the two seats left for the girls at the door.

Harmony thought there was something she hadn't noticed yet, something important, then it struck her, all the girls in the room were very good looking, some of them were even incredible looking. As she looked around thinking this she gasped, she realised to her shock she knew two of the other girls here. The two girls were both sat on the dark blue chairs, they were Cindy and Rebecca, the two were seriously rich girls she had met on summer camp a few years previously. Harmony had hated them and they hated her back, she had always tried to beat them at any games and get one over on them, it would have descended into a physical fight several times but the camp councillors had always interrupted it and it was Cindy and Rebecca who had always got punished as there were two of them and only one of Harmony. She couldn't believe she might have to share a house with these two bitches.

As she thought how much easier things would be if they didn't remember her Rebecca suddenly raised her hand to her mouth to muffle her own gasp, she was looking straight at Harmony and she quickly leant over and whispered to Cindy, pointing in Harmony's direction. She was sure they recognised her and that definitely wasn't a good thing. She was startled back to being aware of the rest of the room as she heard a door slam and the remaining girls were herded down the stairs into the room by the two girls who she had met earlier at the door.

As everyone sat down the girl who had the clip board walked and stood in front of the 3 girls seated in the gold chairs,

"That's everyone now Sister Ashley and Jenny and her two assistants are setting up in the party room." She informed the girl who was clearly called Ashley before hurrying over to her own seat.

Ashley said a few quiet words to Taylor and the other girl on the gold chairs before standing and addressing everyone.

"Hi Everyone and welcome to the start of this year's pledge process"

The sorority sisters cheered and clapped this,

"For those of you that don't know, my name is Ashley and I am President of Zeta Sigma Omega at Dolphin Creek"

Again the sorority sisters cheered and applauded her. Ashley was a beautiful 5 ft 6 blonde, with a startling pair of 36D breasts. Her hair hung loosely to two inches below her shoulders and she had a tattoo of a dolphin on her left ankle, although it wasn't visible at this point.

"These are my two vice-presidents Michelle and Taylor,"

Another this time smaller cheer and round of applause was made for the vice presidents as eyes turned briefly to them. Michelle was 5 foot 7 with blonde hair which hung in a pony tale to 4 inches down her back. Like Ashley she had big breasts, hers a pair of 36C's. Taylor on the other hand had black hair, she was only 5 foot 4 tall and had 34C breasts. Her hair was also in a pony tale, it hung to 3 inches down her back and Harmony wondered if this was some sort of sorority rule that you had to have a pony tale judging by the amount of girls in the room who had them.

Ashley turned to face the girls on the dark blue chairs, before turning to look at Harmony's row too,

"Congratulations on making it to the final 20 candidates for this year's pledge class, only 10 of you will make it through to become sisters in Zeta Sigma Omega and we will be spending the next few days deciding who stays and who goes. Michelle, Taylor and I have the final decision on all girls, if we say you are out there is absolutely no appeal, our word is final." She nodded to Michelle and Taylor as she said this,

"Now you are probably wondering about the lay out of the room, as you've probably guessed the girls on the pink chairs are our current sorority sisters, 10 second years and 7 third years, we take 10 new girls every year and obviously the three of us on the gold chairs are the other 3 third years. Those of you on the dark blue chairs, you are the 10 potential pledges, with those of you on the white chairs being the reserves. Reserves you each have a number, that number is the number reserve you are, in other words the girl with number 1 is first reserve and the girl with number 10 is tenth reserve, so the lower your number the more likely you are to have a chance still."

As Ashley said this last part Harmony heard an anguished groan from the end of her row where the girls with the high numbers were sat.

Harmony was horrified when she heard that she was only a reserve but with number 3 she did at least feel she had a chance.

After giving a few seconds for this information to sink in Ashley continued,

"Now we are going to start in the next couple of minutes and this whole process will probably last at least a week before we know the final ten lucky girls. We don't do this like some sorority's who wait and let all the pledge class in as members at the same time, once you have earned your membership you will be officially initiated soon after." She smiled at this statement,

"We will use a series of tests to decide who is worthy of membership, the early tests are pretty tame but those of you who don't qualify early will have to endure a lot, the further through the tests you get the nastier, more embarrassing and more humiliating the tests will get. You may have to do things you'd never have imagined doing. You should know no photo's or video will be taken and only your fellow sisters will ever know about what you do in an attempt to earn your membership."

Ashley paused again

"The most important things you have to know though are two things I am about to tell you, firstly you must obey anything any sorority sister tells you to do, no matter what it is, the only limits are they cannot make you do anything that will leave permanent marks, that will mean you needing to go to hospital or that involves leaving this house. For the next two weeks all of you designated as potential pledges will be indoor kittens!" She giggled at this last part and subtly licked her lips.

"Now once a potential pledge becomes a sister then the other girls who are still pledges must obey her in the same way they do the other sorority sisters. Remember we can kick you out at any point pledges and if you are involved in another girl's initiation ceremony, which some of you will be, if you disobey anything you're told to do during this ceremony you will be immediately booted out. Failure to obey orders at any other point may mean you are kicked out too so you shouldn't risk it. I should also say there is no point in complaining to me or my vice presidents about anything you are asked to do, as long as it doesn't break the rules I set out earlier you have to do it." She laughed again,

"Now, if anyone isn't okay with this you may leave now, anyone," she paused,

"no, good, well let's begin."

The sisters gave Ashley another round of applause at this point,

"Now today we will do rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the initiation process, in round 1 and 2 nobody can earn their sisterhood but some of you may be eliminated. Two girls will earn their place in the sorority this afternoon in the third round and the 8 girls still designated potential pledges after this point will then be staying in the house's guest rooms. So during the process you could be classified one of three ways, a potential pledge which means you will stay in the house and have the opportunity to earn your place in this sorority, reserve which means you are still in the running but you will not stay in the house after the second round and will only be invited back in order of your numbers if another girl leaves or is thrown out, the final option is eliminated, if you are eliminated that's it, you leave, you don't come back, that's it!"

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