Sorority Submission Ch. 01-03



I thought I would ask for what I wanted. "Please Elaine. Would you lick my dripping cunt?"

She laughed. "Let me wake up Josie." She shook Josie, who was asleep on Elaine's shoulder.

"Josie. Wake up." Josie opened up her eyes, showing me a lovely pair of emerald green eyes. "Stay on your back. Now Dee Dee, straddle Josie's face with your knees pointed to the head of the bed. Josie was a good four feet from the end of the bed. I took off my pajama bottoms and straddled her face.

"Lick her ass Josie."

Josie obediently pushed her tongue upwards into my ass, and then swirled her tongue around the rim of my anus.

"Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes." Josie was pushing a button that had never been pushed. I was plunging headlong into a forbidden world that was inhabited by sexually deviant practices that spoke to me and resonated to my core. Eighteen years of brainwashing evaporated with a flick of Josie's expert tongue. There was a sexual predator within me that was emerging into the light of day.

I had also been told that masturbation was a sin. I was going to squash another taboo. I lowered my hand to the white hot inferno between my legs. As Josie continued to fuck my ass with her tongue I rubbed on my clit at light speed, wasting no time in seeking my release. I went higher and higher to a dizzying height as waves of pleasure crashed within me. I lost control of my legs as they spasmed and quaked with each rolling wave. I could feel wetness underneath me as my orgasm unleashed a torrent of my juices onto Josie's face. I fell into Elaine's waiting arms.

"I guess we found ourselves an insatiable slut. Dee Dee, is there anything you won't do for me?"

I wanted to do everything. I had been shielded from the real world and I had discovered that the real world had indescribable pleasures that were mine for the taking. I was going to make up for a lifetime of suppression. "I will do anything for you."

"That's my pet. You'll fit right into this house."

Chapter Three

It had been about two weeks since my late night rendezvous with Elaine. In that span of time I had sex with six other members of the sorority. I was quickly becoming voracious and insatiable.

Elaine called me into her room on a weeknight and gave me homework. After telling her about my sexcapades with half of the sorority she got to my homework assignment.

"You talk like a hick," she said matter of factly.

"Excuse me?"

"Case in point, most of the girls would say 'huh?' So we need to spice up your language."

"So Elaine, what would you like me to do?"

"First of all, in the sorority, you will address me as Mistress or Mistress Elaine. Is that clear?"


"Second, I want you to read and watch as much porn as possible between now and Saturday night. I want you to talk and scream like a pornstar. Am I fucking clear about this?"

"Yes, you are fucking clear."

Elaine spread her legs and pointed between them. "Good, now lick my pussy like a good pet."

I couldn't wait. Elaine lifted her hips off the bed so I could slide off her panties. She bunched her skirt back and I started planting small kisses on her thighs and saying "I love you Mistress" between kisses.

Elaine became impatient. "Lick it slut."

I swabbed her labia, her taste and fragrance creating an almost hypnotic effect upon me. I wanted to devour her. I planted my lips around her nether lips and thrust my tongue deep inside her.

"On God Dee Dee, go easy on me."

I didn't relent. I then started tracing my tongue across her pussy and ass and the sensitive skin in between. I was learning. I saw Elaine's anus clench and her pussy quiver at the touch of my tongue. Her mind could control me but I could control her body.

I clamped my lips down and created a suction, pulling up her little nub for my tongue assault.

"Of fuck Dee Dee, oh fuck."

Yeah, that's right, I am Dee Dee the slut. I rammed two fingers into her gushing pussy and curled them inside her.

"No ... no ... no ... don't stop."

I took those fingers out of her pussy, and before she could react, I pushed them all the way into her asshole.

Elaine went absolutely berserk. She first was screaming at the top of her lungs in a nonnative tongue and then started pounding her fists into the bed yelling "Fuck" over and over. She didn't ask me to stop so I didn't. Finally my hand got tired and I stopped. Elaine slumped over on top of me. I managed to keep my two fingers in her ass. While she was recovering I moved my fingers around in her relaxed anus, enjoying the smooth walls and then the tight ring of muscle that would occasionally flex.

Elaine looked at me in amazement. "Dee Dee. That was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. You have a skill for this. I can't believe you hadn't eaten a pussy until you came here."

I smiled. Then the thought occurred to me that I would get a report card from college in "Pussy Licking" where I was awarded an A+ for my lab work. That brought a broader smile to my face. But I didn't think I would share my achievement with my parents.

For the next three days I watched a ton of porn, and when I was in class I would bring an issue of Penthouse Variations or access Literotica on my phone to read it. I learned a lot about what to say, but more importantly I got to see everything, including everything with a dick (which at that point I had not seen in person). I saw pussy fucking, butt fucking, mouth fucking and tit fucking. And more than two people made it exponentially more fun. And then there was the kinkier stuff. I liked it, no I loved it. The verbal humiliation, spanking, caning, whipping and even pissing. Elaine had set a boulder rolling downhill. I found a new love ... porn.

Elaine gave me a simple direction for Saturday night. Dress like a slut. I went to a second hand clothing store with Josie. We had a great time trying on clothes. I first found a set of black platform heels. Five inch heels. I had never worn heels that high so I was a bit wobbly on them. I found a short black leather skirt and a sheer black crepe top. I already had a black lacey bra and panties so I just had to go to a specialty store to buy a set of black fishnet stockings and suspenders. Josie had access to a lot of make-up so she took charge of making me up.

We went downstairs to the living room to wait for Elaine. All the shades were drawn and the doors were locked. All fifteen of the sorority members and the five pledges, including myself, were present. The other four pledges were dressed in slutty attire as well and must have been given the same instructions regarding watching and reading porn for the last three days. The girls had changed out the bulbs in the living room to red so it looked like a whorehouse.

Elaine came downstairs wearing an unbelievably sexy outfit. I knew it was out of character for her so this must have been a very special occasion. She was wearing what I later found out is referred to as a cat suit, which was a skintight leather and latex outfit that was partially unzipped in the front so you could see most of Elaine's breasts and her belly button. She was wearing black thigh high boots with four inch stiletto heels. She was brandishing a device that had a number of leather falls attached to a braided leather handle. Each of the falls had a small knot tied at the end. It looked foreboding. All of the pledges, including myself, were shivering even though it was warm in the room.

"Evening ladies," said Elaine cheerily. "We are about to embark on your next level of training. We are going to see if you girls are really the sluts you think you are. Those of you who wash out of this will not be pledging to this sorority. Is that clear?"

The pledges replied in unison, "Yes, Elaine."

And from now on, in this house, you are to refer to me as Mistress Elaine. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Elaine."

"Good." Elaine pointed at Vicky, one of the pledges. "Vicky. We've nicknamed you CumSlut because you are always begging to cum. Are you a slut?

"Yes, Mistress Elaine, I'm your slut."

"Sluts need to be punished. Bend over and grab your ankles." The CumSlut complied. Her legs were shaking and she was teetering on her high heels. Elaine reached forward and lifted the CumSlut's skirt over her back and pulled her panties down to her ankles. I was fearful for Vicky. She seemed so innocent and Elaine clearly had a serious sadistic streak.

Elaine took a practice swing with her cat, popping the tails of the cat in what sounded like a rifle shot. Everyone in the room flinched at the popping sound.

The room fell quiet but for some whimpering sounds from Vicky.

Elaine pulled her right arm back and then brought it forward, snapping the tails of the cat on Vicky's defenseless bottom.

"Crrraaaccckkkk," went the cat. Vicky fell to her knees sobbing. There were numerous bright red spots that appeared on her bottom.

Elaine stepped forward to admire her handiwork. She slid the palm of her hand across both cheeks of Vicky's bottom.

"Ohhhh," moaned Vicky.

Elaine administered two more lashes. Vicky was crying and gulping air. Two of the pledges ran up to their rooms. My mind was telling my feet to run, but my feet stayed firmly planted.

The other remaining pledge Janice, was next. Nicknamed Pussy Galore, Janice was a tall cool blonde with good sized breasts and long legs. She bent over and gripped her ankles, giving off an air of defiance. Janice received her strokes in silence, with nary a whimper escaping her lips. There were tears streaming down her face. Then all eyes turned to me.

"My, my, Dee Dee cleans up real nice. Can you scream like a whore?"

I bent over and held on tight to my ankles. My legs were shaking and my ankles felt like they were going to give. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. The room was still and you could hear a pin drop. I could hear my labored breathing.

Elaine didn't give any warning. I heard the whoosh of the cat, the earsplitting sound of the snap of its tails, and then brilliant bursts of pain on my backside.

"Motherfucker, fucking shit!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I had never experienced pain this intense.

"Very good Dee Dee." Elaine apparently approved of my word choice.

She didn't give me a lot of time to recover before the next stroke. It hurt more than the first one.

"You evil cunt."

"Now now, that's you evil cunt Mistress Elaine."

I could barely see through the pain to correct myself. "You evil cunt, Mistress Elaine."

"That's better. Now ask me for the third one."

"May I have another you evil cunt Mistress Elaine?"

"You may." She must have put everything she had into the third stroke because it made a louder popping noise and it felt as if she had put a match to every nerve ending in my body. I wasn't able to say anything as my mind went completely blank, processing the pain. I used my forearm to wipe the tears from my face. I stood up straight, turned to look at Elaine, and said, "Give me another one, Mistress Elaine, you evil fucking cunt."

A smile curled up on Elaine's face. I bent over again and she accommodated me, this time hitting me lower across my thighs. My knees buckled and I fell forward with my face in my arms. Perhaps defiance was not the best course of action. I rocked back and forth on my knees, willing the pain to go away.

Elaine was giddy. "Three of our pledges made it through my cat. Let's see if they really are whores. Hands and knees you sluts."

All three of us got on our hands and knees. Endorphins were surging through my body. The pain had given way to a heightened sense of awareness and a powerful urge to cum.

Elaine got behind Vicky and dragged the handle of the cat across Vicky's cleft. Vicky shuddered at the touch. Elaine held up the handle, which was slick with Vicky's arousal. "Look girls, the CumSlut is wet."

She did the same to Janice, who was also dripping wet, and then came to me. I could feel droplets of moisture trickling down my legs. I was beyond highly aroused. Elaine put the handle of the cat between my legs and I instinctively clamped my legs on it. Elaine wiggled the handle while she dragged it across my clit. I had an immediate orgasm. My thighs clenched against the handle, preventing Elaine from pulling it further. I humped the handle, feeling a swirl of pain fueled pleasure. Finally the ripples died down and I let go of the handle.

"Impressive. Dee Dee was not only wet, the whore came when I touched her with the handle of my cat."

I don't know what possessed me, but I took the cat from Elaine and licked the entire handle, tasting the juices of the three pledges, including myself. I stared directly at Elaine and as we made eye contact I made an exaggerated motion to lick my lips. Elaine looked at me with wonder. "I don't think I've seen anyone as eager as Dee Dee. We're going to need to find out just how far she will go." That was a challenge I was willing to accept.

Elaine was beautiful to me, but in the same way as a panther is beautiful. She was a predator, sleek, powerful, graceful, refined, stalking her prey with premeditation. And I was her prey. Or so she thought. Until my inner demons were unleashed by her.

"You want to be a slut, don't you?"

"I do more than ever."

"And what will you do for me my little slut?"

"Anything Mistress Elaine. Please use me . . please show me that I'm owned by you."

"I will my pet, I will."

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