Note from Slick: How many of you have played the game SORRY? Those of you who have know that it is a game of revenge and can get downright nasty at times. This story is about a nasty SORRY game but not the kind of nasty you might expect. If you've never played SORRY before then do a SORRY GAME RULES search. I hope you enjoy it. All rights reserved.


The three couples really didn't plan for the game to turn out the way it did. It was on a typical Friday evening on the screened-in back porch of Ted and Janet's modest ranch style house that the game took shape.

"Not trivial pursuit again," Bob Jenkins groaned when Ted tossed the game on the small table. "Anything but that."

"It's SORRY or Trivial Pursuit and since SORRY is only set up for four players it doesn't let all of us play." Janet said. They had just finished a nice cookout with hamburgers, a dip in the above-ground pool and lots of beer.

Lenny Henson had been staring at Janet's nice rack all afternoon and got an idea. "How about we play SORRY but as couples?"

"That's kind of boring," Linda Jenkins said as she adjusted the top of her bikini. She had lost weight recently and her breasts had shrunk so much the top kept loosening up.

"True but we could make it interesting," Lenny smiled.

"I don't like that smile," Janet quickly said. She had noticed Lenny's eyes on her plentiful mounds all day.

Ted sat up. "Wait let him finish."

"Well we could have a penalty if someone's token gets sent back to START."

"And what kind of penalty would that be?" Lenny's wife Kim asked. She remembered him talking about the possibility of getting their friends to play an adult game.

Lenny knew they were all feeling no pain from the beer. "If you get sent back to START you have to perform a dare from the player who sent you there."

"I don't think so," Janet said quickly. "I'm not going to do a dare from one of you guys." All three couples had been married seven years and most of their excitement had dwindled down to maybe once per week.

"Come on Babe," Ted said as he opened the SORRY game and folded out the game board. "I'm sure everyone will take it easy on each other."

"Let's go into the house girls," Kim smiled. "We need to discuss this first."

As the three women stood and walked into the house, the men stared at their bikini covered asses wondering if they could somehow get them to bare them during the game.


"You know they will dare us to remove our swim suits," Linda said first as they stood around the kitchen table.

"I'm not taking off my bikini," Janet said as she opened another lite beer.

"So one rule is that we don't remove our clothing," Kim smiled. She was actually looking forward to something besides a boring Trivial Pursuit game.

"They will want to touch us and have us touch them," Linda said as they thought about how their men thought.

"That's not so bad," Kim giggled. "On top of clothes right?"

"Are you serious?" Janet gasped.

"When was the last time you messed around with another man?" Kim asked. "I'm sure this will turn on our guys so much that sex later will be like it was seven years ago on our honeymoons."

"OK but if it gets weird we stop," Linda said opening another beer. "And we all get one bypass if we don't want to do something."


"Do you think they will go for it?" Bob asked as they peeked into the kitchen at the three women talking.

"Not Janet," Ted added. "She's about as conservative as women get."

"Kim might," Lenny chuckled. "Before we were married she had a lot of boyfriends."

"If they do we will have to take it slow or they will stop the game," Bob grinned. They sat up when the door opened and the three women strutted inside the porch.

"OK we will try this but with rules," Linda started. "First of all we don't take off our clothes. And we all get one bypass if we don't want to do something."

"Works for me," Bob said with a grin. "Same here," Lenny added. "Me too," Ted chimed in.

"OK we each have two tokens," Ted said as he put the twelve tokens in their prospective START areas. He grabbed a marker pen and put dots on the tops of two of each color. "The men are the ones with the dots." They all moved until they sat close to their START areas. Lenny and Kim were yellow, Bob and Linda were Green and Ted and Janet were Red. The blue tokens were not being used.

They rolled the dice to see who went first and Lenny won. They all agreed to let the men go first and then the women as they moved around the board. Lenny drew the first card and luckily got a TWO which mean he could bring one of his two tokens out on the board and then draw again. He got a 5 and moved five spaces.

Bob went next and couldn't come out and the play continued around until Linda got a SORRY card, which meant she replaced Lenny's token with her own and sent him home.

"Uh-oh," Linda giggled. "Lenny has to do a dare for me."

"Be nice," Lenny laughed.

"OK.......let's see........give your wife a wet kiss for one minute."

Lenny looked at Kim who smiled and leaned over. Their lips met and opened allowing them all to see their tongues intermingling. It was about thirty seconds into it when he reached up and cupped her left covered breast. At first she tensed up but then started giving him the best kiss in a long time.

"Jesus," Ted whispered as he watched Lenny's fingertips find Kim's hard nipple and toy with it.

"OK TIMES UP!" Janet yelled. They all were suddenly aware that the game was already more than they had thought.

"Now look what you did," Kim giggled as she pulled her bikini top upward making sure they all could see how hard her covered bud was. The men were already looking.

Suddenly the game was more than a game and as they continued playing they all were waiting for the next person to be sent back to START. As luck would have it Lenny drew a 1 and when he came out Linda was on the spot. "It's Linda's turn to do a dare for me," he grinned.

He took a few seconds trying to think of something not so bad but then Kim whispered to him. He smiled and looked at Bob. "Now this dare is not really mine."

"That's not fair," Linda said nervously.

"Let's hear it first," her husband Bob said.

"OK......the dare is to give yourself a wedgie and let us all see it."

Lenny really liked it because Linda had the nicest ass.

"But you will all see my......" She blushed and looked at Bob for support.

"Go for it," Bob grinned.

No one talked as she tried to get enough courage. Finally she stood up and turned around. "I don't believe I'm actually going to do this." She reached back to grab the edges of her bikini and then quickly pulled them upward until the material slashed together and then down into her ass crack. Her whole pure white buttocks were on display framed by a nice caramel tan. She quickly pulled it back out and covered her buns.

"One minute," Lenny said.

"Yes we need to do the dares for a minute," Ted added.

"God," Linda gasped as she once again pulled up her suit and felt the cool air on her ass.

Janet was thankful it was not her doing it because of the three women her ass was the biggest. And although she was looking at another woman she was getting turned on. "TIME!" She yelled.

The game again got serious and when Bob pick up a SORRY card he had his pick of who to take off and send back to START. He looked at he nervous faces and figured that if he picked a man to do something it would go over better. "I take off Lenny."

"I'm not doing anything with you," Lenny chuckled as Bob picked up the yellow token with the dot and put it back in the yellow START circle.

"Not me but Janet."

"Me?" Janet gasped. "That's not fair."

"It is honey," Ted said getting excited. If the game could loosen up his wife he was all for it. They all looked at Bob.

"I dare Lenny to give Janet a wet kiss for a minute."

"Ted?" Janet asked as she looked at him.

"It's just a kiss," Ted said hoping she wouldn't slug him.

"It's more than just a kiss," she said angrily. She took a few deep breaths. "OK let's do it."

"Come here and sit on my lap," Lenny grinned.

Again Janet looked at her husband and saw his smiled. She frowned and moved to the other side of the table and stopped when she saw the rise in Lenny's trunks. It was a lot bigger than what she was used to. At first she tried to sit on his lower thighs but he quickly pulled her up until she felt his hard passion. She closed her eyes and pressed her closed lips to his. Lenny tried to push his tongue inside but her lips were locked. He moved back.

"You said a wet kiss and she's not letting me in," he said to Bob.

Again Janet gasped and then moved her lips back to Lenny's. When his tongue pushed out this time her mouth opened and let him inside.

All eyes were on the lips and tongues as they rubbed and moved because this was the first contact with those not married. All pricks were now hard and all pussies were dripping as they anticipated what was to come.

Although Janet was conservative she knew how to kiss. With fifteen seconds to go she trapped his tongue between her lips and started sucking it like it was his cock.

"TIME!" Linda shouted but they continued kissing until Kim tapped Janet on the shoulder. Janet moved her lips off and smiled before wiping them with her wrist. It was definitely a wet one and his hard-on was definitely bigger than Ted's.


The play continued as the women played conservatively. Kim made Ted stand and do the hula dance and they all laughed as they watched the front of his trunks swinging back and forth from his woody underneath. Bob had Ted massage Janet's huge knockers and wished it was him feeling those babies. So far nothing really bad was happening. That is until Lenny picked up a SORRY card. "Oh my," he grinned. He looked at Janet. "I dare you to let me massage your titties for a minute."

"LENNY!" Kim yelled. She too was excited but it meant a new line they would all be crossing.

"I think the game is over," Janet said as she stood up. She was feeling loose but not that loose.

"You can use your bypass," Ted quickly said. He glared at Lenny to let him know he was moving too fast.

"OK I'll use my bypass," she smiled before sitting back down.

Bob drew next and got a back 4 which allowed him to back up and take off Ted's token.

"Take it easy buddy," Ted grinned.

Bob had hoped to get Ted because if he could get Ted to do something wild then maybe it would piss off Janet enough for her to go further. And since Kim seemed to be so willing he said, "I dare you to caress Kim's titties for a minute."

"You guys don't stop do you?" Janet snapped. "You can use your bypass too honey." She looked at him but he shook his head. "TED!"

"Are you OK with it?" Ted said softly to Kim who smiled and nodded. He looked at her nice firm boobs and knew she was in the middle between his wife's big ones and Linda's tiny ones.

No one breathed as Ted moved behind Kim's chair and put his large hands on her shoulders.

"Not underneath," Kim giggled as she waited for Linda's signal.


Time stood still for all of them as the only movements in the room were Ted's fingers sliding down her bikini strap until the fingers opened and cupped both of her 34C titties.

Only deep and shallow breathing could be heard while he caressed, lifted and rubbed over her firm mounds and now rock hard tips. Kim had started with her eyes open and a big smile but her lips opened for more air and her eyes closed. It had been so long since another man had touched her like this and she loved every second.

"Ta........time," Linda announced. She found herself jealous of Kim and was wishing it was Ted touching her breasts.

"I...uh..think we need to take a break," Linda said feeling quite flush and somewhat dizzy. The three women stood and walked into the house.


After closing the bathroom door behind them Kim moved to the sink and rubbed some cold water on her forehead. "God that was so hot."

"Did you see how hard they are?" Linda giggled. The women had secretly measured the size of the men's bulges as they performed the various dares. "God Kim Lenny is huge."

"It took me a while to get use to it," Kim giggled. "Your guys are nice and big too."

"This is getting out of hand," Janet said also feeling hot and flush. She had prided herself on keeping cool and in control but the game was breaking all of that down.

"You really disappointed Lenny by not letting him touch you," Kim said looking at Janet's knockers with long hard nipples.

"I should have," Janet said. "After all Ted didn't hesitate to touch yours." She looked at Kim.

"So how far do we go?" Kim asked as she fixed her top which had loosened from Ted's touches. "I wouldn't mind touching some of them."

"Me neither," Linda giggled.

Janet had never touched another man besides Ted. "I have a bad feeling about this."


"Shit can you believe this?" Bob laughed once the women were out of the room. "Who would have thought that they would let us go this far?"

"Not me, but I'm not complaining," Ted grinned. "Thanks for letting me go at Kim."

"No problem but you know how much I admire Janet's tits," Lenny joked.

"So whatever happens we are all agreeable right?" Bob asked. He too wanted to feels some soft boobs.

"Yes," Ted and Lenny said at the same time. Again the women walked back in and they all sat back excited and ready.


"Hey you should have taken Kim," Linda said to Ted as he split a 7 between his two tokens.

"I'm taking her too," Ted laughed as he completed the split and took off Kim.

"And now he gets to dare you both at the same time," Lenny laughed.

"Whatever," Linda giggled. The beer and the excitement had her ready for just about anything and Kim was already there.

"OK......I dare you both to stand up and give each other a wet kiss while.........while you touch each others butts."

"Why do men like to see women kiss?" Linda giggled. The beer had really taken an effect. "Do you want to?"

"Sure," Kim eagerly agreed. Her husband knew about her many boyfriends but not about the few girls she had experimented with.

"Oh BOY!" Bob grinned as the two stood up behind him and then pulled their softness together.

"We're ready," Kim said looking into Linda's deep brown eyes.

Before Janet could say go Kim's soft lips found Linda's and her tongue quickly licked across them until they opened.

"Shit they are actually doing it!" Ted said. It was when Kim's fingers started squeezing Linda's nice round ass that the men were almost ready to pop.

At first Linda was doing it as a joke but Kim's experienced tongue and soft fingers soon had her sex dripping. The softness was so unlike Bob's hard body but it was nice as they rubbed their legs and stomachs together. She began moving her own tongue until Kim's tongue moved back and Linda's followed.

The men and Janet were so shocked they lost track of the time. Linda's fingers were now caressing Kim's buns and her tits were rubbing back and forth across Kim's bigger ones. It was when Kim's middle finger moved down and under Linda's ass and touched into her covered and very wet pussy that Linda pushed back. "I........I think...we better.....stop."

"Wow!" Lenny exclaimed.

"Are you OK?" Ted whispered to Janet who was just staring at Kim.

"Uh yes.......I'm fine."

It was then Kim's turn and she moved out with a 2 and then got her own 7 to split. She saw both Janet and Lenny on the slide and giggled. "Looks like I get to take two tokens off too."

"But......but he's your partner," Janet gasped.

"That's the breaks," Kim smiled. She moved one token two spaces and the other one to the end of the slide and then removed Janet's and Lenny's tokens. "And now you two have to do a dare."

Janet bit her lower lip because she knew Kim would make it nasty and she had already used her one bypass.

"I dare you two to........," she hesitated. "To go into the bathroom and touch each other all over."

Janet's mouth gapped open in disbelief. "There's no way you will allow that to happen," she said looking at her husband.

"It's just a game," Ted said wishing that he would watch.

"Come on Janet," Linda whispered. She too wanted the game to go further.

"A minute right?" Janet figured they couldn't do too much in a minute.

"A minute for each of you since it is basically two dares," Kim grinned.

"Go on," Ted whispered.

"I don't believe this," Janet said to no one as she stood and led Lenny into the house.

The others watched as the disappeared down the narrow hallway and then heard the door close.

"Give them some time to get ready," Ted said to Linda.


"We don't have to do anything," Janet said as she looked at Lenny in the mirror behind her. "We can just pretend and tell them we did it." His smile told her that he wanted to complete the dare.

"Do you want the light on or off?" Lenny asked.

"Off," Janet answered before turning and waiting for his hands.

The light went off but not before he saw where her wonderful tits were. She gasped when he cupped them and then sighed as he lightly caressed their softness. When he gently toyed with her raised tips she moaned.

"You like it don't you?" He whispered.

She wanted to lie but couldn't. "Yes."

He knew she would object but decided to try it anyway. As her body pushed out her chest he slid his index and middle fingers of his right hand down under her right cup. He made it to her rigid nipple until she realized what he had done.

"Lenny no," she moaned as she grabbed his wrist but his strength prevented her from pulling out his fingers until she wanted them to stay there. "You shouldn't touch my bare breast." But she dropped her hand and let him have his way. Seconds later he pulled off her shoulder strap and then the whole cup until her whole mound was his to touch and then suckle.

"Oh Lenny," she moaned. Her body was now in control and wasn't going to let her mind stop him. She felt his right hand slide down the front of her tummy and then tickle over her navel until it crossed over her bikini waistband and then down into her soft covered monds.

"God........I'm so hot," she moaned while opening her thighs and allowing him down into her damp and really swollen pussy lips. Being in the room gave her the confidence so as he explored over and into her slit she reached down his front until her fingers curled around the long and hard bulge she had sat on before. "You animal," she gasped.

Lenny smiled and pulled her bottom to the side enough to curl his fingers underneath until he touched the hairs and then the dripping lips. "God your pussy is so wet."


"It's time," Linda said. "Should we stop them?"

"Wait. Let me see if she is killing him first," Kim laughed. She moved alone into the house and listened by the door. She gasped when she heard her husband.

"God your pussy is so wet."

"Why that slut," Kim grinned. She tiptoed back to the porch. "Give them a few more minutes."


"It must be at least two minutes," Janet whispered while Lenny's fingers fucked in and out of her hot oven.

"I want to fuck you so badly," he whispered as he pushed down his trunks with his free hand and aimed his cock head up under her bikini that he had pulled aside.

"No we can't," Janet said now smiling. Her fingers touched another man's bare cock for the first time. "We can't cheat."


"The game," she whispered before cupping his taunt sac. "If we do it in the game it won't be cheating." She reached behind him and turned on the light so she could see what she was holding in her hand. "Save it for me."

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