Lenny too got a nice view of her breast and huge dark nipple before she put it away and at her pink glistening pussy lips before she covered it as well.

"Times up." As Lenny turned to leave she grabbed his arm. "Don't tell anyone about what we did.....and maybe we'll do it again."


The rest of them acted like nothing had occurred when they returned.

"Did you have fun?" Ted asked his wife as she sat back down next to him. It was then he saw a few wisps of pubic hair escaping out from under her bikini. He didn't remember seeing them when she left.

"No," she lied before turning around. Only Kim was grinning.

Linda couldn't play and forfeited her turn and then Janet pulled out an eleven. She counted the spaces in her mind and smiled. They all watched as she took her token and took off Bob's token. If they wanted to raise the bar then she would help.

"I dare you to touch your wife's vagina until she cums."

"Jesus Janet," Ted gasped. "That is definitely beyond what we are doing here."

"Is it Ted?" she grinned. "How do you know what Lenny and I did in the bathroom?"

"This is going too far," Linda said embarrassed that it was even being considered.

"I knew you'd chicken out first," Janet teased.

"But you were in the bathroom and no one saw what you were doing," Linda stared back.

"No one will see," Bob whispered. He, like the other men, wanted to keep raising the bar. "It will be on top of your bikini."

"Just let him touch me and forget about me climaxing," Linda pleaded.

"Nope you have to cum," Janet said firmly.

"Bob I can't," Linda whispered but when she felt his fingers drop to the top of her nearest thigh she closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair.

"Move back so we can watch," Janet instructed.

Bob and Linda lifted up and pushed their chairs almost back against the porch screen. All eyes were on his fingers as they teased up her tan thighs and then gently caressed over her flat green triangle. It didn't stay flat very long because as he pressed harder the material sank into her damp slit and the edges pulled inward. Soon they all knew that Linda was not a natural blonde.

Linda was about to fake an orgasm to stop this madness but her pussy wouldn't let her. To be exposed like this while others watched was a big turn-on.

The others could see the total shape of her lips and the thick bush resting above them. They watched as Bob's middle finger pushed the green material down into her depths until the whole tip disappeared and the bikini was only a fine green line with pink glistening pussy lips now exposed.

"Oh God," Linda moaned as she opened her legs more. Now she needed to cum and didn't care who saw it. "Please." She looked into his eyes.

Bob knew what she wanted and knew he was going to shock the hell out of the rest of them. His middle finger popped out and then hooked on the elastic side. As he pulled it over her pussy they all saw her most private secrets.

"Oh my God," Janet gasped when Linda's outer and inner lips were visible. She saw the hooded clitty and then the dark thick forest over it.

"Touch me," Linda begged again but this time grabbed her husband's wrist and jerked his hand and fingers into her need.

It was like watching a porn movie for Kim and Lenny. Never had they imagined that their next door neighbor would be finger-fucked by her husband while they all watched. No one saw Kim's hand move to her husband's lap or it pull down the waistband until she held his bare eight inch cock in her little fist. All eyes were on Bob's middle finger as it disappeared deep down into his wife's hole.

Linda's eyes were closed so neither she nor Bob saw the other two couples get up and walk out. They didn't see Ted and Janet going to their master bedroom and fall naked onto their bed. They didn't see Lenny and Kim hurrying to their home and stripping as soon as they entered the front door. All they knew was that he was finger-fucking her on the porch of their neighbors and it was hotter than hell.

A minute or so later. "Bob," Linda said as she grabbed his wrist to stop him. "Stop."


"Yes I need you to fuck me." She moaned as she pushed down and off her bottom.

"But they will see," he whispered.

"They're gone," she giggled as she helped him remove his trunks and then lead him to the small porch sofa.

"Where did they go?" He asked as she pulled his hardness to her dripping need.

"To fuck," she giggled. "Now fuck me and shut up."

Sex that night was indeed the best it had been for many years and maybe ever. All three couples fucked twice in one night which they had not done since their honeymoons. They all slept well until the next morning when they awoke and realized what had happened.


"How can I ever face them again?" Linda asked Bob as she sat on the close toilet lid watching him shave.

"Honey they were doing bad things too," he said trying to calm her down.

"They didn't show their pussy!" She said loudly.

"When we play again they will," he laughed.

"Oh God Bob this game is going too far," she whispered as she reached up under his towel and grabbed his semi-hard cock. It didn't stay semi very long. "Don't you care if I touch Lenny or Ted like this?"

Bob released the towel and turned towards her with half of his face covered with cream. He pushed his tip towards her lips.

"Maybe I'll kiss them," she giggled before planting butterfly kisses around the ridge and then on the tiny hole on top. She looked up into her eyes and saw how turned on he was. "What if I do this?" Her lips opened wide and she engulfed about four of his six inches.

As she sucked and licked she imagined it was Lenny's hard-on and he was imagining that it was Kim's tiny lips quickly bringing him off.


Kim and Lenny remained naked in bed until around noon. The phone rang and it was Janet.

"Good morning," Kim smiled. "How was your night?"

"Great," Janet laughed. "Ted was like a teenager."

"Lenny hasn't moved for about two hours," Kim laughed.

"I'm so sore," Janet giggled.

"Not as much as me. You should know that," Kim whispered. She had finally got out of Lenny what he and Janet did in the bathroom last night.

"He promised not to tell," Janet said. "Ted is away for a few hours. Why don't you stop by and I'll try to get Linda over here?"

"I'll be over after a quick shower." Kim said before hanging up. Lenny turned over. "I'm going over to Janet's house."

"Can I come with you?" He smiled.

"No, I'm jealous of those titties enough."


Janet had just put her coffee cup in the dishwasher when Kim tapped on the back door and walked in. She turned to see her thin short neighbor in a semi-sheer nightgown. "Being naughty this morning?"

"We don't have many secrets after last night," Kim giggled. She noticed Janet was wearing a long terrycloth robe. "Is Linda coming?"

"I'm not sure," Janet answered. "She seems pretty shook up by what happened."

"I couldn't believe it myself," Kim smiled. It looked as if Janet was braless. "So what happened in the bathroom?"

Janet turned. "I thought Lenny told you."

"He did but I don't believe him," Kim said as she stood up close to Janet. "Why don't I show you want he told me?"

As Kim's hands moved upward Janet moved back against the table. "What are you doing?"

"Just doing what Lenny said he did to you," Kim answered. Her fingers lightly caressed over her large mounds until she cupped them.

"Stop this is crazy," Janet said as she tried to move by Kim but she blocked her path.

"Then he said he did this," Kim pulled open the robe until both naked and pink boobs were on display. "Did he?"

"Yes. He saw me but...."

Kim cupped the right breast and rubbed the nipple between her thumb and index finger. "Then he said he did this."

"Oh God," Janet groaned when the shorter woman's lips found her hard nipple. "Kim don't." She pushed Kim's mouth away but then felt the woman's fingers finding her bare pussy lips below. "Oh....don't!"

"You don't want me to stop do you?" Kim whispered while she played with the little man in the boat. When Janet didn't answer Kim knew she had her. "Lie back on the table."

Janet did as she said and looked down between her thighs as her neighbors lips kissed up towards her love nest and then tasted where only Ted had gone before.

"You see I love sex with a woman more than I do a man," Kim whispered. "Women know so much more about what a woman wants."

"Yes.........please......don't stop," Janet begged. Her hands captured Kim's head and held it in place while the magic tongue licked and flicked in all the right places. Neither she nor Kim saw the figure in the doorway.


"I've got to face them," Linda said as she walked across the back yard to Janet's kitchen door. "They will understand." She took a deep breath and peeked into the kitchen door window.

"Holy shit." Janet cracked open the door and was totally quiet as she watched two women making love for the first time. Now she knew why Kim was such a good kisser last night. Since Kim was busy between Janet's legs and since Janet had her eyes closed they didn't see her walk up to the table and sit in a chair a few inches away. From this view she could see Kim's tongue as it moved rapidly back and forth over Janet's clitty.

"I'M CUMING!" Janet cried out. She opened her eyes and saw Linda smiling. "OH SHIT!"

Kim heard her and figured she was just excited. As she licked the passion button she rammed three fingers in and out of her opened gash.

"NOW....AHHHH!" Janet's eyes never left Linda's as she exploded.

Finally she tapped Kim on her head. "We have a visitor."

Kim looked up and smiled at Linda. "Hi."

"Hi," Linda giggled. "And I was worried about what you two thought about me."

Ten minutes later after Janet and Kim washed up they all sat around the table. "This is crazy," Linda started.

"Who would have thought that.......that........that?"

"Lenny has wanted to play adult games with you guys but I never imagined." Kim said looking surprised.

"So do we stop it all right now?" Janet asked.

"Yeah you got to touch another man," Linda said after hearing about the bathroom time with Lenny. "And had some fun with Kim." She reached over and took Kim's hand.

"OK so we want to keep doing it but how far do we go?" Janet asked.

"No fucking," Linda said quickly. "I mean even though the men say they want to do this stuff I don't think they can really take another man fucking us."

"True. I don't think Ted can," Janet added.

"I don't think Lenny would have any problems watching another man fucking me," Kim grinned. "He got turned on this morning as I imagined sucking Ted and Bob's cock."

"Yeah but do we want that to happen?" Janet asked. She had talked about it with Lenny but doing it was something else.

"It's been a while for me and I miss it," Kim giggled.

"I've always imagined how it would be," Linda said. "With another man or a woman." She squeezed Kim's hand and smiled.

"I don't know. I' scared because it might mess up our marriages and our friendships." Janet said as she watched Kim's hand drop off the table onto Linda's leg. "We don't have enough time for that because Ted will be home soon."

"Maybe later?" Kim whispered.



"You want to play the game again so soon?" Bob asked his wife when she came home. "I thought you were embarrassed."

"If you fall off the bike you have to get right back on," Linda smiled. "Don't you want to play again?"

"Well yes but...."

"OK, then hurry up and shower because they will all be here in an hour."


The men really didn't have time to discuss what had occurred or how they felt about it before the girls had beers in front of them and the SORRY game was spread out on the large soft rug in front of the fireplace in the den.

"OK same game but no rules," Kim announced. "The girls go first."

The men glanced at each other and watched as the play continued around the table. "No rules huh?" Bob asked when he pulled over a SORRY card. The women were all dressed alike in shorts, blouse and bra and panties. He picked up Kim's token. "I dare you to remove your blouse."

Kim didn't blink as eyes as she pulled off the tight shirt and tossed it behind her. They all looked at the semi-cup purple laced push-up bra and the tops of her tiny pink nipples peeking over the lace. "What is everyone looking at?" She asked as she turned over a 1 card and slid Ted off her Start entrance.

"I dare you to take off your shirt."

The play continued with only clothing removal dares until most of them wore only their underwear. Ted and Lenny sported hard-on's under their boxers while Bob's tighty-whities showed the shape of his six inch hard and very thick cock. Since they were on the floor nothing was hidden especially Linda's dark and thick bush through her almost sheer panties.

"The bra," Ted grinned when he removed Kim's token. It was time to finally show some privates.

'They are not very big," Kim giggled as she released the front clasp and slowly and seductively pulled it apart. The men's cocks jerked as Kim leaned over to draw a card. This time she took off Linda's token. "It's time for a real dare," Kim smiled. She knew the guys would really like it. "I dare you to kiss my nipples."

"Oh shit," Bob gasped. It was something the guys had not imagined or planned on.

"A minute each?" Linda asked with a giggled. She crawled on her hands and knees making sure that Ted behind her could see the bulge of her pussy mound through her legs.

"Yes," Kim said. She leaned back to allow them all to watch Linda's lips and tongue tease and play with the little hard buds. As she leaned down onto her back her legs opened showing them the wet spot that had been forming since they started the game.

"Time," Janet grinned. All the men were still and breathing heavily. Again play resumed around the group until Lenny took Janet's token.

"I think I know what the dare is," Janet giggled. She leaned over to her husband and twisted her back and bra clasp towards him. He released it and when it fell from her shoulders she leaned back displaying her biggest assets. The game was going nice towards where they all wanted to go.

It was when Lenny took off Ted's token that things picked up. "I dare you to let my wife jerk you off under your boxers."

The players all moved back from the board and watched as Kim crawled like the snake in the Garden of Evil to Bob's legs. Her fingers tickled up his hairy thigh and disappeared under the bottom of the hem until they saw him set upright.

"Shit," Bob groaned. Sure he had fingered his wife last night but this was another woman doing him. Her fingers explored his thickness and then started a slow but steady stroking motion.

Lenny was turned on see his wife touching another man. It was like a fantasy come true. He wanted to rip off her boy shorts panties and fuck her right there but knew he had to let the game play out. He figured the end would be the same as last night where the couples would get so hot they would pair off with their mates and find a bed.

"Um nice and thick," Kim whispered. Of all the men she had none were this thick. She turned and looked at her husband. "Do you want me to make him cum?"

"It's up to Bob," Lenny laughed.

"Yes," Bob groaned through closed and clinched teeth.

"OK," Kim giggled as she started stroking faster and faster until his hips rose and he cried out. "NOW KIM NOW!"

"Here are some tissues," Linda said quickly. Kim grabbed them and held them over his crown until he filled them up.

"Well," Ted said still shocked. "I guess there are no rules." He watched Kim crawl back to her spot and realized he had not looked at her breasts for almost three minutes. He looked again.

"Let's take a break," Bob said somewhat embarrassed that he was jerked off in front of everyone. They all stood and stretched aware that they were wearing very little and Kim and Janet were standing topless.

After Bob moved upstairs for a new pair of undies they all sat back down anxious to go further. Linda lost her bra and then finally Bob lost his briefs showing that his recovery was pretty good for a thirty-year old man. Now it was Kim and Janet's turn to peek at another man's penis as they played the game.

"Off with the boxers," Kim grinned at Ted a few minutes later. He stood modestly and turned the other way before removing them. As he sat back down his hand covered his excitement. "That's not fair." Kim protested.

"It is," Ted grinned. He drew a card and smiled as he slid Kim's token off. "I dare you to take off the panties and to sit with your legs open for two minutes."

"TED!" Janet gasped. "That's bad."

"It's my dare," he said firmly.

"Why not?" Kim said. She was less inhibited than the other women but had never exposed herself like this before. She leaned onto down onto her upper back and pushed the boy shorts under her little ass and then teasingly off her thighs and legs. "Like this?" She was sitting directly across from him when her legs slowly opened showing her shaved pussy lips. It was something they were not ready for.

"Yes," Ted smiled as her pink little rose opened its pedals and showed them all how excited her clitoris was and how damp her pussy was getting. When her legs opened as wide as possible he said, "Now stay like that for a few minutes."

Everyone there couldn't take their eyes away from her opened sex and all were wishing they were touching and kissing that little flower. The way things were going they all knew it was coming.

"OK two minutes," Janet said wanting to get the game going.

Kim moved her nakedness back in a more modest position and the play continued. She managed to get one of her tokens home and then Lenny did the same. Both of their remaining pieces were close to getting home as well. "What happens if one of us wins?"

It was Linda who spoke up. "How about the winner gets to tell everyone else what to do?"

" long?" Ted asked.

"How about all night" Lenny threw out. No one objected. Suddenly the game got really serious and they all wanted to win. A few minutes later however Janet took Lenny's token as he was about to enter the safe zone.

"Take off your boxers and come here," she giggled.

"Sounds dangerous," he laughed as he stood and pushed off his underwear. He heard the intakes of air and smiled as his hard cock pointed at her head as he walked up to her.

"Is this what you've wanted to see from me?" Janet asked Ted as she grabbed Lenny's cock and started stroking it. "You've wanted me to be less conservative." She said before gliding her face forward and licking the pre-cum droplets off his purple tip. As she looked at Ted her mouth opened and swallowed the huge crown and about three inches below it.

"I should have warned you," Linda whispered to Bob as they watched it all play out. "We women have decided to take it all the way."

"All the way?" He said loud enough for everyone to hear him. No one objected.

Kim was now playing with her pussy as the others watched. It was now obvious where the game was heading and where they would all end up. However, she wanted to win so Lenny and she could orchestrate the festivities.

"But I don't want to waste it," Janet giggled after pulling her lips off and moving back down.

Lenny grunted and moved back down and a few minutes later he pulled a SORRY card which put his token again by his safety zone. The token he removed was Linda's.

"I dare you to.......lick my wife's pussy until I say stop."

Kim smiled and quickly moved back and spread her legs. They all expected Linda to do it so she didn't disappoint them. As her body shifted forward she felt her husband pull off her panties. She didn't mind because her lips found Kim's little clit and worked on it until the little woman was clutching at the rug.

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