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Sort of Legal Ch. 02


Dear Reader,

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the first part of this little tale, Anonymous notwithstanding, here is the second part, its set some fifteen years before the beginning of Three Square Meals. I hope you enjoy it and, please, vote and rate, it means the world to me.


Dididothat xx


Fifteen years before the start of 3SM

Congratulations on passing the JMC individual education package! Welcome to your future. Please see below for a range of interesting job you could apply for at JMC Red River 4!

Ginger sat alone in her small room reading the computer screen, she scrolled down to see what exciting opportunities the JMC had to offer now she'd finished her education.

Current vacancies that match your skill set - 0

Ginger snorted derisively and ran her hand through her short bob of dark brown hair. She shook her head.

"Well that was fucking pointless," she muttered to herself leaving the claustrophobic bedroom.

"Did you pass?" her mother asked as she stepped into the kitchen.

"Yeah for all the fucking good its worth," Ginger said taking a cup of the cheap coffee and sitting at the small table.

"Well you passed so I got you something," her mother said, putting a plate in front of her.

"Thanks mum," Ginger said, looking at the expensive piece of sweet slice her mother had got for her.

She sat quietly looking at it for a few moments before taking a small bite. She chewed enjoying the sweet flavour.

"Happy birthday anyway," her mum said, taking a drag on her stim.

Ginger wiped up some crumbs with her finger. "That's not till tomorrow."

"What are you going to do for a job?" her mum asked.

"Cory says he might be able to get me a job in admin," she said groaning inwardly as she finished her sweet slice.

"Seriously? When are you going to wake up? He's a fucking mill rat, he hasn't got any pull," Her mum said sharply.

Ginger sighed and looked away. "Do we have to do this? His Dad knows people, he'll ask around."

"His Dad's a shit kicker too, for fuck sake, get your head right, you're not going to get a job there!" her mum yelled.

Ginger bristled with anger, but bit back her reply, trying to keep her temper under control. Her mother glared at her, then her gaze softened and she sat down opposite her daughter.

"Look, I have a couple of good clients, nice guys, clean, not into anything freaky..." She gently brushed her fingers through her daughter's short hair. "You're pretty... I can help you, give you some tips. Maybe you can audition and get a job with your sister? She's got her own room and makes good money..."

"That's your advice?!" Ginger yelled, not able to believe what she was hearing. "Get fucked by your creepy clients and try for a job in a fucking brothel? Are you fucking sick in the head?! You want me to be a fucking whore, like you and Amber?"

"You stuck up fucking bitch!" her mum screamed, standing up. "You've got nothing to sell, nothing anyone wants except your body! You think I should pay for everything?!"

"Fuck you! I don't want to be a fucking whore, I can do stuff! I've got Cory, he's not going to marry a whore!" Ginger yelled, jumping to her feet.

Her mum pulled back her hand, slapping Ginger hard on the face.

"Stupid ungrateful bitch!" she screamed, as Ginger stood holding her cheek, "He's not going to marry you, you're not going to get a job anywhere, you have to pay to live here so wake up and realise we're all fucking whores here! You're no better than me, just because you're a fucking virgin!"

"I thought you'd want something better for your fucking daughters than whoring!" Ginger yelled.

"There's nothing better for us, you'll see," her mother spat.

"Fuck this, and fuck you," Ginger yelled, grabbing her battered leather jacket and London Jets baseball cap she forced her way out of the tiny rooms into the corridor. Leaning against the door she took deep calming breaths getting her emptions under control. Pulling her hat down firmly to hide her face she set off into the common areas to get lost.


Hours later Gingers phone buzzed in her pocket as she walked down main street, the eight wheeled mining tucks rumbling past with unerring automatic regularity.

<Hey babe where are you? X>

<Just getting lost> she texted back.

<I got you a birthday present, want to come and get it?>

<sure, usual place?>

<you know it babe, love you xxxo>

Ginger smiled to herself as she made her way deeper into the less used sections of the mining colony. They'd found this when they were just kids, a place away from everyone else. She smiled, remembering when they thought they were the only ones who knew about it; only later did they realise everyone knew.

It was the only place to go to get some privacy, the old red ship docked forever onto Red River 4, an oasis of serenity for those that found it. She made her way up to the accommodation levels, past the old derelict equipment, spotting the odd face of the real down and outs hiding from everything and everyone. They all left her alone, it was an unwritten rule of the place, a sanctuary for all. Anyone breaking the rule was thrown out, and that was usually fatal.

She made her way to 'their' room, an old machinery space, they'd cleared it over the years and made a false front; it was as close to true privacy as the teenagers were likely to get. She pushed her way in past the swinging section of pipework. Cory was sitting on the cushions they'd managed to find.

"I missed you," Cory said pulling Ginger down into his lap kissing her.

"I missed you too babe, I passed, any news on a job?" she asked stroking his face.

"Sorry babe, Dad's been asking, but there doesn't seem to be anything, short of me pushing someone down the stairs there's not much I can do," he said holding her tight.

Ginger planted a row of tiny kisses along his jaw "Okay, just... I'm going to need some money soon."

"I know, I know, I'll give you some, but I need to do three more courses to get to the next level and you know how expensive they are," Cory said running his fingers though her hair.

"I had an argument with mum," Ginger said resting her head on his shoulder.

"Ah forget it, parents can be shit. Hey, do you want your present?" Cory said.

"Yeah, mum got me some sweet slice, haven't had that for ages," Ginger said.

"Did you save any?" Cory asked.

"Sorry, I ate it, I stormed out, there may be some left though," she said.

"Don't worry," Cory said disappointedly, "here you are birthday girl," handing her a small gold tube.

"Oh, wow lipstick!" Ginger said excitedly.

"Not just any lipstick, it's from Terra," Cory said proudly.

"Really? Shit," Ginger said examining it minutely.

She looked up at Cory her eyes full of love. On the verge of tears, she moved to kiss him but stopped at the last moment. She giggled playfully and opened the lipstick, applying it using her phone as a mirror.

"What do you think?" she asked, pouting.

"You look even more beautiful," Cory whispered.

Ginger smiled coyly, leaning in she kissed him with all the passion she felt. Their hands explored each other as the passion rose, Ginger liked how her soft lips could glide over Cory's his stubble scratching her the way she liked.

Ginger pulled Cory's overalls off him, running her hands over his smooth chest as she pulled off his wife beater vest. She giggled as Cory removed her t shirt and she didn't stop him from removing her bra. Gently he kissed her nipples, eliciting a throaty groan from Ginger. Cory helped her remove her baggy cargo pants, they giggled as he pulled off her boots, untangling them from her pants. She blushed as Cory removed her plain white panties, he touched her pubic hair making Ginger gasp.

"This shows you're a woman to me," Cory said.

Quickly she pulled his shorts off him, his cock bounced into view.

"I want this so much," she breathed "I'm scared though."

"Don't worry babe, I know what to do," Cory said softly putting his hand on the side of her head guiding her forward.

"Wait, what?" she said looking up at him.

"It's ok, just put it in your mouth and suck," Cory said. Ginger stopped herself being drawn down onto his cock.

"What do you mean you know what to do?" she demanded.

"Nothing, I'm going to make you feel so good baby," he said trying to pull Ginger onto his cock.

Ginger put her hands on his thighs and shook her hard free from his grip.

"You fucked someone didn't you?"

Cory blushed deep red not meeting her eye.

"It wasn't my fault," he mumbled.

"Not your fucking fault?" Ginger yelled.

"Dad and the boys all chipped in and paid for it."

"Oh Cory, how could you?" Ginger said coving herself self-consciously.

"This doesn't have to be a thing," Cory said trying to pull Ginger closer.

"Not a thing? Are you fucking kidding, we were going to wait, so it was special!" Ginger yelled moving further away.

"It will be special, she didn't mean anything!"

"You fucking asshole! I loved you Cory, how could you do that to me?" Ginger said pulling her clothes on.

"Come on don't be a fucking bitch, we can still have fun," Cory said moving towards Ginger.

Ginger picked up a length of pipe as she pulled her pants back on.

"Keep away from me asshole," she said.

Cory shook his head and pulled on his clothes, lacing up his work boots as Ginger stood tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Give me the lipstick back," he said standing up with his hand out.

"Was it my sister?" she asked coldly, Cory looked away, telling her all she needed to know.

"Cunt," Ginger said throwing the lipstick at him.

Wiping the rest off her lips, she turned and ran from the room, dashing back to the main colony. Finding a dark corner, she pulled her hat down once again and wiped her face heading out onto main street. She stood watching the mining truck roll by for a few minutes collecting her thoughts, she had never felt so betrayed.

Ginger pushed open the staff entrance to the Meat market, the brothel her sister worked at and made her way to her room, she watched, head down, as the john left her room still buttoning his pants, the smell of stale alcohol, stim and sweat strong on him. She waited a few moments and knocked on Ambers door.

"I'm on break," came the muffled reply.

"It's me," Ginger called, she heard the door lock open and she pushed in, Amber disappeared into the bathroom as she entered.

"Help yourself to a drink," she called over her shoulder. Ginger stood in the red room the tousled bed, two chairs strewn with clothes, a large tub of lube half tucked under the bed. She shook her head wondering if this was her future. Finally, she sat down on the cleanest looking chair waiting for her sister to finish cleaning up.

Amber walked out of the bathroom naked drying her hair.

"Happy birthday, lil sis," she said.

Ginger snorted with barely suppressed anger. "Did you fuck Cory?" she asked, eyeing her sister coldly.

Amber stopped drying her hair and looked at Ginger. "What do you want me to say?"

Ginger shook her head in disgust.

"It's not like I have a choice," Amber said sitting down on the bed.

"Of course you had a fucking choice," Ginger hissed.

Amber looked back at her steadily and shook her head. "You're a dreamer, Ginger, you always have been you don't see the shit we live in."

"Same old fucking bullshit," Ginger said standing, "I'm using your shower."

Amber shrugged throwing her wet towel to her. "Go ahead..."

Ginger stood in the shower fresh tears running down her face, wondering how much worse today was going to get. She stripped quickly and let the scalding water burn off the stench of the day.

Ginger tried to dry herself with a wet towel, while glancing at herself in the mirror. Should she go see the owner, let him take her virginity, hope that that would be enough to get her a job her, let god knows how many guys fuck her every day?

She glanced back at her reflection looking deep into her own eyes. Her reflection gazed back, her eyes becoming harder as she watched.

Picking up the clippers she removed the comb and switched them on, brutally she shoved the clippers into her hair and grimly she shaved her head.

Better ugly than a whore, she thought, as the dark brown locks fell.

Stepping back into the bedroom she watched Amber pull on her stockings and clip them to the garter belt before stepping into her heels.

"Oh shit, what did you do?" she gasped.

"Who fucking cares?" Ginger asked.

"I can't get you an audition like that! I'll see if one of the girls has a wig you can hire," Amber said.

"I'm not going to be a fucking whore!" Ginger yelled.

Amber stood facing her and said coldly, "I've got a line up, get out."

Ginger shrugged, leaving the room she was jostled by the available girls heading for the line-up, she couldn't believe how eager they were as they hurried off, Amber looked back at her once before turning her back.

Ginger found herself back on main street again. She watched the trucks pass, she watched the gaudy advertisements scroll by offering her things she could never afford, one advert was for the Meat market, her sister grinned down as she jiggled her tits for the camera. She shook her head again. The next advertisement came up, a smiling handsome T-Fed marine came on "We can't do it alone." Chanted the slogan. Ginger watched the whole advert.

Checking her phone, she found the nearest recruiting station was on Keffe, she groaned inwardly knowing she wouldn't be able to afford travel there, no one wanted 'Reds' as the locals called the JMC currency they were paid in, and the few she had saved wouldn't pay for much.

"You've got nothing to sell but your body," Her mother's words came back to haunt her already, she squared her shoulders knowing she was going to sell herself for a ticket off this shit hole, and all it was going to cost was virginity and her dignity.

She pushed her way into the crowded bar, the flight crews obvious in their clean looking overalls, the locals, men and women, most of them also looking to get of Red River 4, looking pale and malnourished in comparison watched each other.

Ginger made her way to the bar regretting shaving her head and throwing the lipstick back at Cory, she needed something to help her stand out. Desperately she hoped to find someone who wasn't going to be too much of a pervert, she shuddered wondering about the abuse she was going to face.

"What can I get you?" asked the barman.

"Soda water," Ginger replied fishing out a few Reds. The barman smiled kindly and poured her drink before taking her money.

"Anyone looking for company on a flight to Keffe?" she asked when he returned her change. He nodded towards a guy sitting alone a few places down the bar, he ignored the girls that kept coming up to him. Ginger hoped she had what he was looking for, the other girls seemed much prettier than she felt. Nervously she approached him.

"Looking for company on your flight?" she asked, her mouth bone dry. The man looked round at her, she smiled hopefully at him.

"Maybe'" he said sipping his drink, "you know the deal, right?"

"Yeah," she said, her thin and dry.

"Ok, let's go out back, I'll try you out there," he said tossing down the rest of his drink.

"Nope, not till were on the ship and out of local," she replied holding his gaze.

"Blowjob then," he said.

"Hand job."

"Ok, but you eat what I give you," he said leering at her. Ginger shuddered, terrified at what the next few days would hold.

"Deal," she said offering her hand. The man looked at it questioningly.

"Ain't my hand you need to shake," he said laughing before pulling her to a dark booth. He sat dragging Ginger with him. She looked at him fearfully.

He sat back in the booth and spread his legs "Well, do your fucking job, worm."

Ginger couldn't believe she was going to have to do this here in the bar. Hesitantly she unzipped him and pulled his cock out, he hardened in her hand as she stroked him.

"Is, is that good?" she croaked.

"Shut up, hole, I don't want conversation," he replied, but he smiled as she gripped him tighter. Ginger watched his face closely as she tried hard to get him to cum, he seemed content to make her work for it, suddenly she felt him twitch in her hand and his hips rise, she watched in fascination as his cum shot out of the end, it splashed on her hand making her jump.

She stroked him a few more times as he softened. The man watched her intently and raised his eyebrows questioningly. Ginger sighed slightly and licked the cum off her hand, the taste was not nearly as bad as she feared.

"Ok you'll do, I'm Gian," he said, "let's go, I have clearance."

He pushed Ginger out of the booth and they made their way to the docks.

"Welcome to Pricilla," Gian said as he led her into the small living space, the rest of the ship was just a spine with cargo pods attached and an engine at the back. Ginger watched silently, her nerves growing with each passing moment as the ship lifted away from Red River 4, she wondered idly if she would ever see it again. The ship passed out of local space and Gian engaged the faster than light drive. He checked everything and sat back turning to face Ginger.

"You know London jets are a shit team," he said motioning towards her cap.

"Oh come on, they have the best roof attack in the league," she countered.

"Maybe ten years ago," he snorted.

"Gian, look, I know why I'm here, and I'm cool with it, just, well I'm a virgin," Ginger said looking up at him.

"So?" he asked.

"Just please, the first time, like don't make it hurt? Please? I'll be real good to you, promise," she said.

"Do you think anyone was kind to me the first time?" He asked quietly leaning forward.

"Yes?" Ginger offered hopefully. Gian sat back roaring with laughter.

"Ok well, yeah, actually the first time for me was special," he said, Ginger smiled, "your cool, apart from the London jets thing, obviously."

"Thanks," she said laughing for the first time in a long time, "ah crap, you're a Manchester Eagles fan aren't you?"

Gian spread his arms standing to do the traditionally squawk the eagle's fans used. Laughing uproariously.

"ok tell you what, go make us a nice dinner and I'll do what I can to make this good for you ok?" he said.

"Thanks," Ginger said standing and hugging him.

"Just don't tell anyone I was good to a Jets fan, what's your name by the way?" He growled.

"I'm Ginger, I'll say you were an absolute brute," she said heading back to the galley to see what she could make.

She found the galley was surprisingly clean and well stocked, she found so many foods she didn't know what most of them were. She stood in the middle of the small galley overwhelmed at the choice painfully aware of her own short comings tears rose in her eyes as she realised she had no idea how to cook any of the food in the galley.

"What's up chicken?" Gian asked putting his hands on her shoulders.

"I don't know what any of this is," she sobbed gesturing round the galley.

"What have you been eating then?" he asked.

"I don't know mainly slim slice of one kind or another."

"Shit, that's hardly eating,"

"It's full of nutrients amino acids and vitamins, everything everyone needs," She laughed quoting the advertising slogan of slim slice.

"No, it's crap, ok I'll show you half of how to make a man happy," Gian said putting Ginger in the corridor and stepping into the tiny galley himself.

Gian pulled out two brown objects and held them up.

"Potato's," he said slowly. He put them in the microwave and started cooking them.

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